Lieutenant Zoya Olivieros
Zoya.jpg Olivieros, Zoraida
LT Medical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Nurse
Age Sex
28 F
Hair Eyes
Brown Grey


Zoraida Olivieros was born and raised on Leonis, growing up with an extended and close knit network of aunts/uncles/cousins working the same generational vineyard and all living on the same property. This worked out well for Zoya and her older brother Paolo, while their Papa Arturo Olivieros was a fine winemaker, their Dad Ilario was a navy corpsman and so was often away from the family for long stretches of time. Zoya learned about the winemaking business at Arturo’s knee, helped work in the tasting rooms and with the harvest and press almost from the time she was old enough to walk. Yet she was especially close to Ilario, and was the apple of his eye. He retired from the navy when she was in high school, and when she decided to enroll in the nursing program at the university, nobody was more proud.

She earned top grades at university, graduating with a 4 year nursing degree, and then was accepted for the masters program, graduating with honors to become a nurse practitioner. Given her especially close relationship with Ilario, she decided to enter the military. She passed all of her exams, and attended OBT, was commissioned, and then received her first posting to the 7th Fleet Anchorage. In 2004 she found out that she was receiving a PCS to Picon, and took some leave to visit her family. She was due to report in to her new duty station on January 14th 2005, but travelled to Picon early, to reunite with another officer she’d gotten to know on the 7th Fleet, a pleasant introduction to the planet. Her flight was delayed, and so instead of getting there on January 3rd, she arrived on January 4th, just in time for everything to shatter around her.

Zoya’s civilian transport, thanks to excellent piloting, somehow evaded the attackers though it was damaged and crashed a long way from its intended destination. She and the other survivors met up with others in the resistance eventually, and Zoya spent the next months serving in whatever capacity was necessary to maintain the fighting forces and stay on the run. Even when she was injured, she still worked treating others, until she and some of the most severely wounded were medevaced to Orion once their teams arrived; while her injuries were not life threatening, she helped stabilize those critically injured so that they’d make it to the battlestar.

Immediate Family

Name Relation Notes Status
Arturo Olivieros Father Vintner Unknown
Ilario Olivieros Father Navy Corpsman Unknown
Paolo Olivieros Brother Vintner Unknown

Recent Events


Year School Department Notes
1994 - 1998 Nemean Univeristy - Leonis Nursing Bachelors
1998 - 2000 Nemean Univeristy - Leonis Nurse Practioner Masters
2000 - 2001 Nemean Univeristy - Leonis Acute Care Additional Training Board Certification

Service Record

Date Rank Station Assignment
JUN 2001 Recruit Leonis Officer's Basic Training - Medical
DEC 2001 LT JG Leonis Commissioned
DEC 2001 LT JG 7th Fleet Anchorage Nursing Officer
JAN 2005 LT CFAB Euterpe: Picon Nursing Officer
APR 2005 LT BS-114 Orion Nursing Officer

Recent Logs


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