Lieutenant Colonel Zachary "Buzzkill" Sheperd
zach1.jpg Sheperd, Zachary E.
LTC Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position CAG
Age Sex
44 M
Hair Eyes
Black Blue


Before coming to Orion on its second tour of Piraeus, Lieutenant Colonel Sheperd was a CSAR pilot at CFA Leonis. He's one of the better raptor drivers in the fleet, and has served on numerous search and rescue and humanitarian missions. It was his wife, Eden, that convinced him to leave the CSAR station and return to duty on a battlestar. He now commands the 11th Air Wing.

Immediate Family

Name Relation Occupation Current Status
Father Owner - Another Broken Egg Cafe Unknown
Mother Head RN - Leonis Veteran's Hospital Unknown
Zana Sheperd Sister Manager - Another Broken Egg Cafe Unknown
Zelda Sheperd Sister Nurse - CFA Leonis Unknown
Savannah Sheperd Sister Student - Leonis A&M Unknown
Eden (Ackerman) Sheperd Wife Horticulturist On Piraeus (Staff NPC)
Ygraine Vashti Sister-in-Law? ECO On Orion

Recent Events

  • 4 February 2005 - Crash landed on Piraeus after his Raptor was hit by enemy fire. Spent 24 hours under the care of his ECO; 'Milkshake'.
  • 9 February 2005 - Callsign changed to 'Buzzkill' by request of the Wing.
  • 23 March 2005 - Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, becomes Commander, Air Group

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
1984-1986 Fleet Academy CFAB Leonis BSc Mechanical Engineering
1986-1998 Ensign Colonial Escort Carrier Tannerman Ocean VAQ-048 "Thundering Herd"
1988-1991 LTJG Hospital Ship Tranquility VRC-487 "Fleet Angels"
1991-1993 Lieutenant CFA Leonis CSAR School
1993-2000 Captain CFA Leonis 917-RQS CSAR "Aphrodite's Embrace"
2000-2003 Major CFA Leonis 917-RQS CSAR "Aphrodite's Embrace"
2004-2005 Major Hospital Ship SGT Joseph Kildare VRC-919 "Tophatters"
2005 Major Battlestar Orion Deputy Commander - Air Group

Recent Logs

Total (posted) log count: 82.


Total (posted) memoir count: 4.

LTC Zachary Sheperd

Dr. Eden Sheperd, Horticulturist

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