AWD #076: Your CAG Has Been Upgraded
Your CAG Has Been Upgraded
Summary: A lazy Saturday at Charlie's turns into a party when Zachary gets his Lieutenant Colonel on.
Date: 23/03/2013 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: Probably a 'you are promoted' log that Zach needs to post.
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Checkpoint Charlie's — Piraeus
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
AWD #76

Arriving at Charlies, Zachary opens the door for Eden and they seem to be laughing over a story. " the next thing you know, I open up the curtain and there they are, all over each other like a couple of teens that just got caught in the backseat of her dad's car.. all I could do was close the curtain and wait until I was back in the corridor to break into laughter."

Eden is listening intently to Zach and his story, her amusement taking form in the smile that is just about ear-to-ear. "That must've been mortifying for you all," she answers at the end, unable to stop laughing. "But I don't know who it'd be more mortifying for. You or the ones you caught." The interior of the bar's inspected before she draws Zachary towards where the tables are, not yet noticing Cole or Phin.

"I guess I'm just not…up for it." Comes the lame excuse from Cole as to why he hasn't been back to temple since it was completed and blessed. Which might be odd seeming how religious Cole has been and the fact that he has been seen lip locked with Priestess Iphigenia. "But I get what you mean. It's even sort of symbolic, in a way, ain't it?" Ari's head swivels towards the sound of laughter, and he lifts a glass in greeting.

Phin is parked at a table with Cole. They're both enjoying a beer and the more sedate late afternoon atmosphere of Charlie's. Phin's scored 24 hours of leave which, judging by the backpack he brought with him, he intends to spend entirely on-planet. He nods in understanding to Cole. Phin hasn't been religious terribly, though he seems to be waxing in that direction lately. "Gotcha, man. I know how that goes. I'm just kind of…I don't know. Taking a spiritual inventory lately. Don't know what the tally is yet. Might be just a 'no atheists in foxholes' thing. Anyway. I got all day, in no hurry. Want to play some pool later?" His head also turns at the laughing. He raises a hand to semi-wave. "Hey, sir. Mrs. Sir."

" I have never seen two people making out before, Eden." Zachary looks amused as he rolls his eyes. "If I recall right, you wanted to drag me to Marine Porno night a couple of times.." he starts to say before he notices the others. "Hey Janitor, Dolly. You still haven't gone back from the wedding yet?" he asks curiously. Not that Zachary has himself, but still. "Room at your table for two more?"

Eden's cheeks color a bit at that, her eyes narrowing at Zach as if she might be glaring at her husband but whatever she might have to say is distrupted when they're greeted. "Hello… and please. Call me Eden," she offers warmly, forgetting to be put out upon by her husband. "How is everyone?"

Cole flips closed his manuscript, tossing it to the floor by his feet where several others are already stacked. In silent invitation, he slides his chair a titch to the left to make more room. "Not even then." He says to Zachary, hoisting up his glass and taking a drink. Not too surprisingly, Cole no longer wears his wedding ring on his finger, yet maybe that lump under his shirt is it strung with his dog tags. "You're on." Ari mentions of pool while he offers Eden a smile. "Ma'am. Good to see you up and about."

"Only popped down for the wedding long enough to see the ceremony, sir," Phin replies to Zachary. "Then back up for a CAP cycle and then some. I practically just got off the Raptor down here. I'm finally cashing in my leave time." He scoots over to make more room at the table. "That your action movie again?" he asks Cole, glancing down at the manuscript.

Zachary offers a nod of his head as he finds the table next to the two pilots for him and Eden to sit at. "Action movie?" the DCAG offers with a lift of his brow and orders a couple of beers for him and his wife as he listens to the others. "It was a nice ceremony, we just ended up ducking out early. It's actually a little surprising they went through with it. And Eden is currently collecting on the wager she made with me over it."

The smile Eden has had since their arrival turns a bit smug, becoming more of a smirk than a smile by the time she has seated herself. "You should know not to bet with me by now," she reminds him, a finger waggled at Zach. The teasing is stopped however as she falls silent, her chin rested upon her palm. Someone is pondering something.

There were some projects to be dealt with during the day down on the temple that Gen had to have her hand in, so she's now parched from the drive back from it. It's spring now, in earnest, so she can enjoy the luxury of being out of uniform, even while conducting temple business. How long's it been since she wore a casual dress, even with a sweater over it? Feels like forever since she's seen her own legs sometimes. And now it's as they will one day say, Miller Time. In she walks, heading for the bar at least initially.

Cole meant to make it over to the temple today, honest. But yet here he sits with CAG, CAGwife and Phin, drinking a beer and having casual conversation. "I used to have a thing for screen plays." Is the modest way Cole answers the question about the movie script in a stack of others by his feet. "This one was a love story. You know the type: boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy loses girl." Speaking of, a pair of legs walks in that distracts Ari from present conversation. A slow smile forms at the corner of his lips before he awkwardly looks down at his beer. "So tell me, Buzz. What was the over under on me and the Priestess?"

Phin shrugs at the 'surprising they went through with it' bit, but he has no comment on it himself. "Wager?" This he is curious about. He's brought along a backpack, is dressed in civvies, and looks very much 'on leave.' He snorts some at the description of Cole's screenplay. "Sounds…not my speed. Are there some decent gross-out gags, at least?" His head turns when Cole notes Iphigenia, and he raises a hand to semi-wave at her. "Hey, Sister. You're just in time to see Janitor get his ass kicked at billiards."

"We only bet on whether or not someone is going to marry, Janitor, not on the hook ups." Zachary rolls his eyes a little. "I foolishly took did not with Augustus and Ceres and now owe Eden a week's worth of work in the greenhouse and all the personal time I can muster with her." he says with a chuckle. "Having to spend time with a beautiful woman - such terrible punishment, I know."

"Y'know, half of all marriages end in divorce. So you might not've actually lost, sir." That is Phin's optimistic input on Zachary and Eden's bet.

Eden rolls her eyes and shakes her head before waving to the Sister, her smile warming. "Hello. How have you been?" There is a beer coming but the barkeep instead brings over a note for them instead. It is taken by her and she reads it only to blink once. "Seems the Admiral would like to see us." Why she's included in that is anyone's guess. "Please excuse us."

Iphigenia has just received her beer from the bartender when Phin catches her attention. "Really?" she asks with interest, brows lifting as she takes a sip. "I should like to see you try. Hullo, Eden. Zachary. Duty calls for you, it would seem, and the Old Man waits for no one." She gives them a cheerful inclination of her head as she moves toward the table.

"I dunno. I hear Phin is a shark." Cole pushes his chair back slightly, getting to his feet as Iphigenia approaches. Perhaps he's just showing good manners, but then again, he didn't stand when the CAG's wife joined them just a moment ago. "Nice gams, Sister."

"Later, sir. Mrs. Sheperd." Phin offers another wave as they depart. The 'Admiral' bit makes his brows arch a notch. "Wonder what that was about." Not that he expects either Cole or Iphigenia to have more of an idea than he does. He shrugs, sipping his beer, and craning his neck toward the billiards. "Wanna grab a table now? Or are you afraid to get shown up in front of your girlfriend?" Done with maximum juvenile needling.

"Eden's been putting a great deal of work in preparing Sheridan for inbound refugees. That may be what it's regarding." observes Gen, noting with a grin to Cole, "Why thank you, Captain." There's a flick of her gaze to Phin, her grin broadening. "I'm horrid at it myself, but I suppose I'll buy a beer for the winner."

"So have you." Cole doesn't need to remind Iphigenia about her involvement with the refugee effort, but yet he does. "But you do it with body armor and guns." He leans in to give Geni a kiss to the cheek as he passes, "Hot," muttered before he goes to grab a cue. "Ho ho ho. Using that 'girlfriend' bit to rile me, kid? At least mine isn't my palm." Let the pool smack talk begin.

"Don't dis Rosie!" Phin says as he gets to his feet, and strides over to get a cue. "She's a lady, and she understands me. Besides, man, I got ninety-nine problems, but a chick ain't one, if you know what I'm saying." Said with the confidence and sage wisdom one would expect of a 24-year-old dude. "I'll be nice and let you break." He leans against the table they've staked out, nodding to Iphigenia. "Are you expecting a lot of them? Refugees, I mean. Makes sense to get people off the colonies, even as touchy as the brass is about Piraeus."

The jokes flying make the priestess grin, as she takes up a chair, crossing one leg over the other and leaning against the table with beer in hand. See? She's staying nicely out of the way to avoid distracting the pair from their game. "My focus is mainly ex-fil. It seems that Eden's taken over getting them situated. It's just as well, really. It might not even be about that at all." She leaves it there, noting, "There are millions of people out there, and while it will probably seem like a bombardment, we'll only initially be getting the smallest percentile of one planet's population to start. But operations in earnest should be starting soon."

"I still can't fathom that we have enough of anything to be able to spread it around. Not that I'm saying we shouldn't try. That underground city thing they found? Think there are any plans to excavate that and use it for housing and what not?" It's probably already in the works, but Cole's been so stuck in his own head lately, it's a wonder he can get through shift. As the triangle is lifted off the little mass of pool balls, Cole leans over the table, getting a feel for his cue stick by take a few false starts at the cue ball. No jokes please. "Chicks aren't always problems. Just most of the time." A rueful grin is given the others.

"Any idea what's up with that place, Sister?" Phin asks, of the underground city. "It's seriously weird, to think it was under this planet all this time without anyone knowing." He's definitely intrigued by the place, though perhaps a bit uneasy as well. He sips on his beer as he watches Cole work his cue, shrugging at that last but not commenting.

"I understand that it's far too radioactive to be of use, and fortunately too far away from the settlement to effect the water table and the like." Her head tilts a little. Is Iphigenia checking out Cole's ass? To be honest, probably. Which actually may be a little weird for Phin. Y'know. Clergyperson, checking someone out. Or maybe she's just trying to watch the angle of the cue. "But I think you're both discounting the resources of the fleet, which grows every day, and the natural resources of Piraeus itself. The twelve tribes likely didn't make the great pilgrimage with everything and the kitchen sink. The temple was made almost entirely of local resources." Gen's grin is wry. "Mainly because we didn't have a choice in the matter. But there's still a great deal to explore on this world, you see. It isn't entirely arboreal. There are deserts. Mountains. Tropical zones."

There is a loud crack as Ari slams his stick into the cue ball, causing it to spin forward so forcefully there is nothing left of that triangle as all the balls go off in different directions from the kinetic force. One even pinballs at the corner pocket, but it fails to go in. "Count me out of the last." Tropical zones are probably a little too close to home for Cole. Phin, having grown up just nearby on Scorpia, might feel differently. "I have no doubt we'll be able to build what we need. It'd just be easier if it were ready made."

Phin flits a look between Cole and Iphigenia. He might blink at it. It is weird to think of a clergyperson scoping some dude out. Though he's at least unwound enough to make masturbation jokes around the priestess, so he keeps the weirdness slight. "I definitely want a look at the tropical zone sometime." The beaches are one of the few things he references fondly from his homeworld. Though he doesn't dwell on conversation about them. "We could always salvage. Just a matter of figuring where to do it that the toasters won't frak with us during pick-up. But, yeah. Whatever the security risk, I feel like we should get as many people here as we can handle. It feels weird sometimes, thinking about what's happening back on the colonies while we're all sitting pretty safe." He rounds the table, lining up for a shot. He sinks that easy ball in the corner pocket that Cole basically set up for him. He's solids, then. His next shot just scatters a few along the table, so he gets out of the way for Janitor's next turn.

Maybe it's her subtle way of throwing off Phin's game. "I wouldn't mind a tan." Geni admits ruefully, though given how fair her skin is, it may be hard to imagine her doing anything other than turning red as a lobster. Thoughtfully, she remarks, "I know that may seem strange, but I look at it this way. It would be stranger if we were simply sitting back on our laurels, but the truth is, we're not. We're fighting back, we're rescuing our people, and frankly, we need a safe place to fall back to. If taking the time to have a beer or two and play a game of billiards keeps us on our feet and fighting the rest of the time, so be it."

"I wouldn't mind seeing your tan lines." Cole says off-handedly, and yet there's a look when he realizes exactly what he's said. Thankfully it gets obscured when he weaves around the table to line up his shot to try and take on the stripes. His turn ends without any being cleared from the table. "I'm not quite sure how 'safe' we are."

"Don't be silly." Gen remarks, as Phin goes to make his own shot. "When I sun-bathe I don't get any tan lines."

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Phin leans down over the table to carefully line up his next one. A reasonably straight-ahead shot at a side pocket. Phin and Cole have migrated to the billiards table, where they are playing a game. Iphigenia is observing. And commenting. The bit about tan lines lands just when Phin is shooting. It makes him look up. And blush. And drill a poorly-aimed ball down the table to bounce off the side uselessly. At least he doesn't scratch, but that one goes nowhere. He clears his throat. "Uh, yours, Janitor."

Iphigenia smiles sunnily at Ari when Phin misses his shot and salutes him with her beer before having another sip.

A bit of time has passed but eventually Eden and Zachary return, the former looking a bit shaken by whatever has transpired while they were gone. She is quiet, mostly, only occasionally leaning in to whisper something to him as they find their way to where the others are.

"Damn right she is." Ari smirks back at Iphigenia when he says the words, construing Phin's comment about possession as he sees fit. A little shake of his head and he's circling the table to chase after eventual stopping place of the solid white ball. "And don't be so sure people stuck on the Colonies aren't getting quality downtime. They just choose a different kind of sport, like paranoid murder." It's the closest Ari's come to talking about what happened down on Aerilon, and that gets cut short as the CAG/CAGwife return. "Hey hey. They return."

Zachary remains her support, allowing Eden to lean on him as they walk and talk. The glint of the light may catch his new pins as he reaches to give her a tight squeeze. "If anything, it means I'm never getting out from behind a desk again." he admits with a small chuckle. "Though I will continue to try to find my way into the major missions, of course." the CAG offers as they walk along and he leads her to their previous table, a nod to the others as he takes out a seat for Eden.

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Phin will make some temple offering later as penance for picturing a priestess without tan lines. Cole's remark, about paranoid murder, is more concerning. He glances sidelong at Iphigenia, like he's unsure whether to encourage that line or not, since the man's mentioned it voluntary. The re-entrance of the CAG and wife distracts him, though. "Welcome back, sir. Everything all right with the Old Man?" He and Cole are playing billiards. Iphigenia is watching them. Zachary and Eden have just come in. It's a reasonably quiet Saturday afternoon at Charlie's. For now.

There is one languid blink at Phin, and she gives no encouragement to him pursuing the line of thought regarding Aerilon. She files it away, though. There's a faint upward twitch at the corner of her mouth at something else uttered, as her gaze goes to the re-arrivals. "Welcome back, Zach, Eden…ahh, welcome back, sir." Iphigenia salutes Zach with her glass, calling out to the bar, "A drink on my tab for the Lieutenant Colonel and his wife, if you please."

"You'll never give up flying fully, I know," comes a response given on a breathy, faux sigh from the doctor. "But it is alright. I will just have to resign myself to the fact that I'll always have a mistress to contend with." The greeting from Iphigenia and the others gains them a wave as well as a smile from Eden. "Hello, everyone."

"I thank you, Captain Sister." Zachary starts simply as he pulls out his barter pad. It's going to be one of those nights, he can feel it. "But it will be the second round. It is usually on the newly promoted to handle the first round for those that wish to celebrate with him." he offers up a smile and waves over the barkeep. One round, none of that last party insanity.

"OH SHIT SON." Ari leans his pool cue against he wall so he can approach Zachary, hand extended with the intent to shake the man's hand when he's through being busy with his barter pad. "Congratu-frakking-lations. Well deserved, well deserved." An aside to Eden. "Pardon my language ma'am. But good news. DAYUM. Good news."

Phin nods at Iphigenia at that look, shrugging. Zachary and his new pins take up his attention anyhow. "Whoa! Congrats, sir. Lieutenant Colonel sir." He finishes his beer, and will get another from that first round. And try to shake Zachary's hand once Cole's had his turn, as he heads to the bar.

He's stayed away from drinking since the mess he made of himself on Colonial Day. But now Jason makes his way into the bar room, heading in the direction of the bar, a bit slowly. He glances around, noticing the people present. Pausing a bit as he hears what's being said, he moves over to join the handshake line near Zachary. "Lieutenant Colonel… Congratulations, Sir. A well-deserved promotion," he offers.

Zachary finishes the barter for the drinks and rises to start accepting handshakes and returning them in kind, looking slightly amused. " least you don't have to worry about breaking in a new CAG anymore." he lets that other shoe drop as well. No more DCAG. The D is goooooooooone. Not that many people even considered him the Deputy anymore. "Help yourself to whatever you want to drink, just remember I don't make much more than the rest of you stick jockies and I have a wife to support." he teases.

Part of the three stooges, Maia follows in behind Jason heading for the bar too. This time she's not dressed in feminine clothing, skirts and heels, she's just wearing her off duties. When she notices all the familiar places, she looks over, then walks over, "Hey hey. Congratulations Sir, the whole air wing is buzzing with the news." Smiling at the others, "Doctor Sheperd, Sir (Geni), Dolly, Storm." Course Storm could have been Sir too, but it never occurs to her. "Didn't mean to intrude, just wanted to offer my best wishes for you."

"It is alright. I have heard much worse from Zachary. Swearing does not offend me." At the mention of drinks being on the newly promoted, Eden rises from her chair and makes her way to the bar. She's a big girl, can order for herself. "I'll have a Caprican Fizz, please." Not exactly a 'cheap' drink, that, but it's been a very long time since she's allowed herself such an indulgence. And besides, she can use it after the surprise she had sprung on her earlier.

Phin gets his new beer after he's pumped Zachary's hand, which he starts to sip on as nursingly as he did his first one. "Hey, Stand-Up." There's a more general wave to the others filing in, but he jogs over to say hello to the Raptor pilot personal. "Thanks again for saving my ass out there in the asteroid field. You've got like a permanent IOU from me so…be gentle if you ever need a favor."

"As you like." says Gen affably, perfectly willing to let her second beer be on Zach's dime. To Eden, "You must be so proud." The last may not be caught, as Eden's headed to the bar. She remains seated, but the table she's parked at is the one they were originally using, so there's plenty of room when people choose to sit.

Cole gives an elated laugh, suddenly ringing Zachary around the neck in the attempt to give the man a noogie. Janitor's never been overly close with Buzzkill, but the affection is genuine even if spontaneous. "Sorry Eden, ma'am. My momma raised me right. So I'll apologize again, because you're going to be pouring your husband into bed tonight."

"Get me whatever's on tap, love!" Zachary calls out to Eden, apparently as simple as always as he suddenly finds himself be-noogied and he laughs, trying to disentangle from the attack on his beautiful hair.

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"I think I'm taking it far more better than Eden is - I think she never expected me to make it past Captain." he says teasingly as Zachary tries vainly to fix his hair back into place. "..and I hope you don't make me too plastered, Janitor, she still wants me to be able to perform later."

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Zach's beer is gotten and then Eden rejoins the others, his drink set before him. "I am very proud of him, Sister," she replies to Iphigenia, having indeed caught the statement from the clergywoman even though she was on the move to another part of Charlie's. "Although I have to admit that there has never been a time when I haven't been." Settling back down, she takes a sip of her very fruity, overly-potent drink, her eyes closing in enjoyment. "I forgot how good these are."

Once her first sip is enjoyed she lets her gaze flick over towards Ari, laughing as she does. "Fair enough," she eventually says once she's able to get enough air in to speak. "I will let you apologize to your heart's content, then."

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Iphigenia drains her glass, because well, Zach's buying her next one. Maia gets a nod and a tilt of Gen's chin in silent invitation to join them - she seems in better spirits than the last time Gen saw her. To Eden, "We were wondering what took you back up there. I had thought perhaps the Admiral had something for you regarding refugee settlement. I'm doing work on the ex-fil end, so I expect we'll be coordinating a great deal." Her eyes flick to Cole noogieing Zach, leading her to huff a soft laugh. "Phin, are you two continuing your game?" she calls out in inquiry.

There's a brief pause as Phin makes his way over, before Jason grins a little. "Hey, it's all part of the service," he remarks, a bit lightly. "Beside, you helped me when I made a fool of myself on Colonial Day, didn't you?" A brief pause, before he adds, "But it's a good idea, to keep on saving each other, right?" Looking between the others again now, he smiles a bit. He offers a grin to Zachary. "No, we won't have to worry about breaking *in* a new CAG. We just have to worry about breaking the one we have," he remarks, before he adds, "Sir." Grin widening a bit as he finishes talking.

"Your whiskey dick? Ain't my problem. I'll get medical to lend you a splint." Cole makes a circle gesture with his finger above his head. "Chocolate Cake shots for the house. We can't bake our congratulations like you do, Sir, so I'll just do it in liquid form." Ari spend his first 20 months or so onboard the Orion collecting his drink tickets like others collect postage stamps, so he can afford to mail a round in. Janitor points at his eyes, then at the Raptor folks who are joining the party. "Designated flyer doesn't exist tonight, comprende? The real name for the Officer's Lounge is Officer's Crash Pad."

At the offer, Maia has a seat at the table, smiling a tentative thanks to the Chaplain. Since their meeting the other day the Raptor pilot seems to be in better spirits if her grin is anything to go by. "Looks like a party." Sounds like one too, looking over at Cole when he mentions chocolate cake shots and a whiskey dick. "A potent combination." If anything her grin just widens some, though she ducks her head just a bit. "I have the whole night off, I plan to just enjoy myself, put on a good drunk and sleep it off." No designated flyer here! Her gaze flickers over the others and she nods to them, but for the moment, she's comfortable where she's at.

Phin waves a hand at Jason at mention of Colonial Day. "No worries, man. Just sorry I missed the last of the dancing. But there's always next year." He snorts a laugh at the exchange between Cole and Zachary. A look to Janitor. "You want to keep playing, or you into doing serious drinking now that it's a party? We can always pick it up later." A nod to Maia. "Yeah, I was grabbing some leave time today. Seems like the right night for it, though I might have to skip hiking."

Chocolate cake shots? "Sorry, if I knew I was getting promoted, I'd already had the cake made. Hey Maia, Jason." Zachary offers to the new arrivals as he starts with the beer. It's a buffer beer, after all, before everyone starts trying to ply the CAG with hard liquor.

Eden blinks. It went from semi-rowdy congratulations to what promises to be a full on party in no time flat and she finds her head swimming. "Thank goodness my bunk isn't far from here," she muses mostly to herself before shaking her head. "Looks like I should call designated walker tonight." Not that she's any kind of drinker to begin with but she can at least offer to help anyone who gets too drunk to get to where they need to go later. As for Zach, she levels a look at him. "And if you get too drunk…"

When her new beer comes, and hears the call for a chocolate cake shot, Iphigenia's brows lift. She laughs lightly to Eden. "Oh, don't worry. He'll know when to cut himself off." A pause. "That was a poor choice of words, perhaps." Drink beer to hide the awkward, Geni!

Finally takes a step back from Zachary and Eden, letting more congratulations flow in, as well as the tray of shots to be circulated by a waitress. Cole plucks two from the conglomeration and offers one over to Iphigenia as he retakes her side. "We can finish our game later, Dolly. After you're drunk and I can take advantage." Ari was losing the game of pool, you see. "To the official CAG, to good drunks, and to whiskey dicks!" The man raises his shot glass towards the ceiling.

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Looking over at Phin, Maia can't help but smile, "I know after the ejection in the Bay you'd mentioned being sore. Hope you're feeling better Dolly." Plying with hard liquor is a good idea, but Maia has intentions on plying herself. "Hey Sir, congratulations. I could try and make you a cake, but I'm afraid it'd end up like a brick." With the all call on the chocolate cake shot, she collects one from the waitress and lifts it. "Agreed!" Tipping her head and downing the shot. Not usually a drinker, she has every intention on being one tonight.

"Eden, if you do not drink with me and we don't end up having drunken frakking in some random place that will be spoken of for the rest of our lives, I will be sorely disappointed." Zachary shoots back at his wife. And with that, he shoots the chocolate cake and quickly chases it with the remains of his beer. "Alright, we need to make up drinks for our callsigns."

Having gotten his own beer, Jason moves over to the others. "Room for one more?" he asks, a bit lightly, before he takes a sip from his beer now. Looking around the room very briefly, because his attention goes back to the others. "Drinks for our callsigns, sir? Sounds interesting. I hope someone will be taking notes." Spoken a bit lightly.

Phin eyes the tray of shots, though he does take one. And down it for Zachary. "To the official CAG." He's not toasting the rest of that. A snort at Cole. "Don't even think about trying to roofie me just so you can get your cue on. No means no." To Maia, he shrugs. "My neck was kind of funky for a day or two, but it seems OK now. Sickbay said I didn't do myself any permanent damage. Got off lucky, all things considered."

"Hullo." Gen murmurs to Janitor as he slides next to her. Matching his upraised toast, she knocks her shot back, eyes flaring wide but otherwise seemingly able to hold her liquour well. She starts to open her mouth at something Phin says, shuts it, and laughs instead.

Eden takes her own shot and downs it only to wind up almost choking on it thanks to Zachary. Face bright read, she looks at everyone else before angling herself to the side, her expression wry. "Alright." Alright to what? He'll know. Clearing her throat to keep from coughing anymore, she goes to grab another shot. "I'd rather stay sober though. One of us should remember it, at least."

Another CAP patrol that was luckily without any problems, just flying through the depths of space, looking around, hitting the waypoints, and then returning back to the boat. However, this time after hopping out of the canopy, Agrippa received the news about the new official CAG and also party down at Charlie's Checkpoint. So once more, instead of getting changed, the Viper stick comes directly down and steps into the bar in his flight suit, seeing a gathering already in progress.

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"Always, Superstar." Sliding her chair over, "Pull up a chair." Leaning forward, Maia regards Phin a bit, nodding solemnly at his words. "Lucky it was nothing permanent. Just glad you're alive and well." Having to eject is pretty serious stuff. Having downed her Chocolate Cake shot, she puts that glass in the beginning of what will be a shot glass graveyard by the end of her night. She gives an order to the waitress before looking towards the door, seeing Agrippa join she waves him over. "Welcome to the party, Grippa."

"Glad to know you came out of it fine, Dolly. Anyone know how Holtz is?" Zachary thinks to ask as he looks around. Leave it to the CAG to realize there was business being brandied about at the party as he frowns faintly and calls over to the barkeep. "Finger of whiskey, finger of vodka, teaspoon of honey. Top it off with ambrosia. A Buzzkill." See, he just made a drink on his callsign and had a batch of it made for everyone.

You know what news travels faster than that of a promotion? That of free booze. And Cole isn't too worried about keeping track of who drinks how many of those chocolate cake shots he's sprung for. Not like the bartender doesn't know where they all live. Instead of a proper answer to Phin, Cole extends his finger at the younger pilot, pointing with an amused, "Aaaahah." Comes the sound of amusement. A casual arm drops around Iphigenia's shoulders, "Alright. My drink would be…" He thinks. "The Mop Bucket! You drain off the over pours from the bar mats at the end of the night, and pour it into shot glasses."

Approaching the gathering, Agrippa shoots Maia a grin before waving to the rest of the group, seeing that alcohol is already being consumed and he's late to the party, "Thanks, Centerfold. Looks like it's already in full swing." When he hears the new CAG's questiona about Storm, Punchdrunk looks on with interest, wanting to know as well. He hadn't had the chance of running into his Squadron Leader since that recon mission, where he almost blew him up. At least from his point of view.

"Here, here." Phin semi-toasts his aliveness at Maia's words, sipping on his beer. As for Holtz he says, "He seems fine as he ever was." Not that that's a medically-sanctioned opinion. The description of Cole's drink makes him wrinkle his nose. "That's gross, man. Totally you." He totally does not speculate on what his own drink would be, raising a hand to wave to Agrippa. "Hey, Punchie. There might be some chocolate cake shots left. There was a tray going around a minute ago."

Iphigenia makes a face at the idea of Janitor's drink as described. "I concur." she says, leaning into Cole's arm casually and inquiring, "I'd be curious to know what a Dolly's made of, though. Welcome, everyone."

Eden shakes her head, any offered drinks politely refused. Two shots is enough for her and she still has her Caprican Fizz to finish, that being a drink that'll be nursed for quite a while.

Petra nudges the front doors open, slipping in on his own and craning his head around to see who's made it down here ahead of him. Spying new pins buying drinks off thataway, a smirk crosses the bald man's face as he starts that direction, weaving around a couple of other patrons enjoying their time off.

Pulling up a chair now, Jason seats himself, with a bit of a grin, "Sounds like an interesting drink," he offers to the CAG, before he takes a long sip from his beer. Thankfully, the beer is swallowed before he hears Cole's drink, or who knows where it would have ended up. "That's… unique," he offers, expression rather neutral at the moment. See, folks, that's acting. He shrugs a little at the mention of Holtz. "He sounded well enough when speaking to the ships we found, didn't he?" Offered a bit lightly now.

Far be it for Cole to turn down his very own taste of a Buzzkill, that one will surely be consumed when it makes the rounds. As the bartender makes up the CAG's shot (and likewise ignores Cole's) Ari idly toys with the fabric of Iphigenia's sweater. "C'mon. Out with the rest of you."

"Cholocate cake shot?" Agrippa asks with an arched brow, sounds more like a dessert than an actual alcoholic drink, which mean it's a girly drink. "Get me a bottle of rum and I'll be happy for the rest of the night." With that, the young Viper pilot turns his attention in the direction of the bartender and calls for rum before looking back to the group, "He may have sounded fine but you never know any after affects until you get checked out by the Doc." Though if one listens to scuttlebutt, Holtz does seem fine.

"That's frakking nasty, Janitor." Zachary points out to Cole as he picks up the fresh shot and lifts it up. "To the lack of tan lines!" he says rather randomly, and downs it.

"I think I'd be afraid to try one," Phin says wryly to Iphigenia, about the drink that would bear his callsign. "Sounds like something sorority girls shoot on Vernal Break. Which…appropriate, I guess. That'd make it peach schnapps, cranberry juice, and an ounce of seventy-proof herbal liquor." He does not order anything resembling this, continuing to stick with his beer. To Agrippa he says, "We're doing 'what drink would your callsign be.' Punchdrunk seems like…many." A "Hey, sir" is offered to Petra as the TACCO makes his way in.

Eden realizes that Zach had made a shot and she is quick to grab one, the contents of the glass first sipped and then downed. It isn't bad but man, that's it. "No more," she calls out after handing Zach her shot glass. "No more shots." Really. She means it. Petra is seen out of the corner of her eye and she waved to him, inviting her over.

Perhaps predictably, Gen admits to Dolly, "That sounds rather delicious." She of course, has no callsign, noting, "If we're supposed to drink all of these concoctions as people come up with them, I don't think anyone's going to manage three feet from the door."

Petra flags the bartender down for a a drink, then continues on over to the air group, well, group, offering a nod to his head at Phin before he addresses Zachary with amusement think in his voice, "Damn, they just give anyone colonel's pins now, don't they?" His grin warms up as he offers the man a hand, "Congratulations. You certainly deserve it."

"Here, Here," Maia belatedly agrees and drinks to Phin's toast to being alive. She awaits her next drink, just listening to the pleasant sound of conversation all around her. "A Buzzkill, maybe I should invent a Centerfold. Make you take your clothes off." Wrinkling her nose at the idea though, "It'd have to contain tequila and that's not my favorite."

"Just had to look in the right cereal box, Marcus." Zachary responds to Petra, shaking the other Colonel's hand firmly. "Not my fault that they had to slap them on you first before they finally got them to the right person." he teases right back as he hears his wife's call of no mas. "…really, Eden? If you're not going to drink, I at least demand a dance." to Dolly he wrinkles his nose and chuckles. "Maybe because the girl's all like to drink you up?" he suggests and then he turns to Maia. "Make it whatever you want it to be, Centerfold. Hell, it could be a body shot out of a sprawled out nude. Tada, Centerfold." See?

When Agrippa's rum finally comes, he scoops it up rather quickly and hungrily but before downing it, he looks around to try to find where the CAG is. Locating the other man with his eyes, he calls out with a grin, "Colonel!" Raising his shot of rum in the CAG's direction, "Congratulations sir!" The sir more just a casual address than anything formal. With that salute delivered, Punchdrunk takes down the shot before shaking his head once, a nice wake up hit. He then looks back to Phin and smirks, "Drinks being named after our callsigns? Hmm… mine may be temporary, the CAG had suggested to Centerfold, Blackbird, and Shoes to find me a new one if they wanted." Recalling the small gathering in the Head a couple of weeks back. Agrippa then looks over to Maia and laughs, nodding his head, "It would definitely have to involve tequila."

Iphigenia reaches out to casually place her hand on the back of Cole's neck, fingers curling and flexing into the hair at the nape of his neck. The Sister is definitely buzzed now. She's also in civilian clothing; dress and sweater she'd worn to go to the temple. "How sad for Eden and Petra and I, no drinks for us, with our lack of callsigns. If we were pilots, what would they be?"

Petra chuckles softly at Zachary's comment and 'mmhmms' softly under his breath, "You keep telling yourself that." He sidesteps over to the bar to retrieve the drink he ordered, taking a small sip from the glass before shifting his attention to Iphigenia and her comment about naming drinks, "I could suggest that one must be the 'Holy Sister' and have some sort of peppermint in it. But then, Im not that good with coming up with decent drinks, either."

"How about Holy Smokes?" Ari offers up, feeding off of Petra's suggestion. Janitor then leans over, muttering something quietly just for Iphigenia's sake. That said, he informs the rest of the crowd. "I gotta piss."

The banter is not something Eden's unused to but it still gets her to blush, her face going various shades of pink and red as the bawdy jokes and suggetive ideas get bandied about. "I'd love to dance," she answers her husband but she doesn't rise to steal him away to the dance floor just yet. "I guess my drink would have to be…" Hmmm. Distracted scientist is distracted again, this time thanks to Cole's little announcement. Goodness.

Phin chuckles to Zachary, snorting. "I was thinking more that it's a girlie name, and I came up in a Vernal Break tourist wastehole. Though all things considered, I think I could've done worse for callsigns." He wears 'Dolly' more or less proudly now. He doesn't try any of the other shots being passed around, though he'll finish his beer before he fades into the woodwork. And quietly reclaim his backpack and depart. He wants to see some of natural Piraeus while not completely hammered during his liberty.

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