AWD #289: You Will Not Regret This. Ever.
You Will Not Regret This. Ever.
Summary: Ensign Pertwii has bounced back from her earlier trauma and comes calling on Elias.
Date: 22/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Elias Pertwii 
Map Room
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
AWD #289 - Sat Oct 22 2005

The beehive of activity around the CIC has subsided into something more calm and orderly since the Orion returned to Piraeus and Condition Three. And the Map Room has, for the moment, reverted to Elias' personal office. The Intel Officer can be found sitting at one of the desks, a stack of reports and papers to one side, an ashtray near at hand, and a cigarette perched between his lips. The young Captain puffs fitfully as he reads, brow furrowed in concentration.

Ambush! The door opens and in steps a familiar face, though she looks quite different. Minus the baby and some of the extra pounds, Pertwii looks like a whole different person. The blues provide a subtle and lovely contrast to her full, dark hair and that youthful smile on her face just exudes energy. Dressed to a T in a pressed uniform, complete with sidearm, Rebecca makes her way into the Map Room with a folder tucked into the crook of her arm. Eyes survey the room on the approach before she stops ten feet from the Captain and goes to parade rest until she's greeted. If she's here to kill him, she's not doing a very good job of looking frightening before doing-so.

Elias lifts his eyes when he senses someone entering the compartment, and goes shock still for an instant when he first sees Pertwii. Is that uneasiness? With a touch of guilt perhaps? A quick glance looks her over, taking careful note the weapon at her hip, before Elias sits back in his seat to study her face. She's … happy? "Ensign," he greets Pertwii guardedly. "You're looking well." In contrast to the clean and pressed newcomer, the young Captain doesn't look like he's recovered from the sleep deficit of Picon, and his uniform is rumpled from a long shift. Or perhaps several long shifts.

Pertwii nods once. "Thank you, sir. I feel even better." She doesn't seem too concerned with the smoking or anything this time. Or the uniforms. Sensing the unease, she slowly brings a hand around and makes a gentle staying motion. "Its alright, Captain. I'm not here for a fight or retribution or even to make amends. I have business, but before I get there?" She reaches into the pocket of her pants and removes a small sheet. A few slowly steps over and its placed face-up on the desk. Its a photo of Rebecca and her baby standing out by the wilderness checkpoint. "That's Hope Elizabeth Pertwii, sir. I thought you might like to see the faces of two lives you saved. And I wanted to thank you for that, from both her and I."

Despite the Ensign's statement, Elias still doesn't look terribly relaxed as he watches her take out the paper and place it in front of him. Quizzical, he lowers his gaze to look, and then he goes still again, staring at the photo. When he finally turns his attention back to Pertwii, it's clear the normally glib Intel Officer is at a loss for words. He fortifies himself with a long drag on his cigarette before he finally manages a response. "Congratulations. You have a beautiful daughter." His tone is restrained, but genuine, and he makes no mention of her thanks at all. "I hope the war is over by the time she's old enough to worry about it."

"Thank you, sir. I'm quite a proud mama." She can't her prim clip to that, the grin spreading. "Oh I like to think she's got a long time to go. We all do. I plan to be around to make sure she doesn't marry a Viper pilot. Or Gods forbid become one." She steps back a few feet, watching him. "Sir, I wanted to let you know that the time in the brig did me some good. It helped me realize a few things. But more importantly it got me noticed. I was at a check-up on the hospital ship and the attending asked me if I'd been through any trauma lately. I mentioned I'd spent some time in the brig. Eventually I explained why. I felt a little silly at that point because I was already shopping for foster parents. But I got help, sir. I joined a support group and I did a few sessions with a psychiatrist. My official diagnosis was anxiety and depression brought on by a chemical and hormonal imbalance. My focus was just on Warday and my inability to deal. Six weeks later, sir, I'm here and I've volunteered to be a sponsor for someone on the Orion temporarily." She takes a long breath. "I know the last time you saw me things went badly. I'm not proud of the shape I was in. But you were right to brig me. In your position, I would have done the same thing. Right now, I would even do it."

Elias's answering smile is a pale imitation of Pertwii's, but he does seem to appreciate her new, positive outlook. "We all have our ups and downs," he says levelly, trying to dismiss any concerns about her condition before he ordered her confined. "And everyone has a breaking point." Elias pauses to look at the photo again before he continues. "I'm glad there are no hard feelings, Ensign, but I think you deserve most of the credit for getting yourself back on your feet. That took more than a trip to the brig."

Rebecca shakes her head. "As much as I appreciate the sentiment, it is singularly important that I be honest and forthright with myself and the situation. I was going to kill myself and my child, sir. I was convinced that it was the only way to protect her and myself. Half the time I was confused about my own rationale. It took someone stepping up and using a heavy hand. I took a lot away from it both personally and professionally. I may have wished you dead at the time but I couldn't have asked for a better example to be set." She holds herself comfortably at parade rest. "I found a foster family for Hope. While I'm away they'll be looking after her. They made me sign a notarized contract saying that in the event something happens to me, she will go to them. But while I am still alive and conscious she is my daughter and I am responsible for her — and that it includes providing for her. I love these people." She smiles warmly again. "They tried to adopt me as their legal daughter. It was… tempting. But I wanted to remain as the woman my parents raised. I think we'll raise a stronger girl if her mom stands on her own two feet but accepts the hand extended when its needed."

Elias's expression is starting to show traces of irritation, though his tone is still even and patient. "Well Ensign, you're not the first person to express … displeasure at one of my decisions, but you are the first person to come back and thank me for it later." He summons a wan smile. "So I will say 'You're welcome.' Once. But only if you stop thanking me." The story about the foster family is met with a few small nods, showing he's listening as she recounts the experience. And while it's clear he can appreciate what it means to her, it's business that he tries to steer the conversation towards. "So you're back on active duty?"

Pertwii notes the irritation and wets her lips. Yes, time to move on. "Sorry, sir. I yammer. Its been noted on like every fitness report I've ever had." She rolls her eyes a bit at herself. "But yes, I'm on active duty once more but I'm looking for an assignment." She extends the folder to him to take. "Ultimately I would like to return to Persephone Station. That's my goal. I know that's unrealistic given the circumstances. The psychiatrist has said that he would like to see me twice more before he will be satisfied that I'd be fully capable of returning to duty there. However, that is conditional that I have a fitness report prepared at the turn of the year evaluating me on my work. This report must provide positive reviews and a recommendation that I return." She resumes parade rest. "The Kings Bay said they would be willing to take on a Junior Tactical Officer position for the evaluation period. The Orion is my first choice. I'd like to prove to you, sir, that I am fit for duty and let your judgment speak for itself. I'm confident I can do it. If you feel you would rather have me elsewhere, no hard feelings. But I believe we're only as good as our dedication."

While Elias is relieved to turn the conversation away from Pertwii's past trauma, it's tempered by the immediate mention of Persephone. His mouth tightens slightly but the Intel Officer holds his tongue, hearing the Ensign out before he makes a response. And he looks mostly-satisfied by the time she's reach her conclusion. "And what is it you see yourself doing aboard Orion, Ensign?" Now that it's come down to a question of accepting her for duty or not, Elias looks her over more closely, trying to weigh the consequences of that decision.

Rebecca's expression doesn't change. If that confidence was false, she does an astounding job of keeping a poker face. "I graduated from the academy with a focus on naval tactics and applications, sir. Intel is not my strong point in collating, but I know how to use what I'm given. At least thus far, anyway." She dips her head in acknowledgment that yes, she is still an Ensign. "I'd like to work directly under the Tactical staff to study how Battlestars do it. That was my eventual goal before the war, but I feel I can do better elsewhere. But by gaining insight into your own operations I can increase my own effectiveness. If I use what I know there and also coordinate through you so you can keep your evaluations strong, I could work effectively and quietly to do what a my rating does best: Learn and apply, sir."

Elias listens closely until he is abruptly reminded of his cigarette, which has burned down near his fingers. He frowns at it and takes a quick drag before carefully ashing it out. "Tactical is short-handed, since we lost our last TACCO. He got his own ship." And he left a bunch of work in Elias' lap. The young Captain covers his eyes with one hand, rubbing them wearily as he thinks over the situation. "Let me ask you this. Suppose your performance convinces Command that you're more valuable here than on Persephone?"

"Goals are things we strive for, sir. But that doesn't mean we short ourselves to get what we think we want. We work as hard as we can. This isn't peacetime. Lives depend on everyone giving everything, no matter where they are. I know these are tall words from an Ensign who spent the last three months on leave, but they also come from the same one who defended the station." Pertwii wasn't kidding. By her tone, she seems to have done some serious growing up on her first assignment. While most Ensigns have, Pertwii had to effectively take command of a logistical goldmine. "If you all want me to stay, those are my orders. My goal is still eventually to return, but I belong to the fleet. You've got me where you need me, sir."

Elias lowers his hand and looks towards Pertwii as she speaks, then gives a slow nod of acknowledgement. "Alright, Ensign. I'm willing to give you your chance aboard Orion, but the only job I can offer you is in Intel. I'm not sure that's the best use of your talents. Why don't you wait until I have a chance to bring it up with Command. See if they're willing to give you any other options."

There's a big smile to greet the willingness. None of what he says seems to deter her. "I'm willing to wait a few days but I'll need sixty full days at the turn of the year. If you would prefer me in intel, its a weak point with me and I can learn there also. If you'd rather place me elsewhere, I'll wait. I just appreciate the consideration, sir."

Elias is rather business-like and subdued compared to Pertwii and her enthusiasm, but given their past encounter, he's not going to complain if she's upbeat. "I'll pass the word. In the meantime, you can always go down to the library and read the field manual on 'Staff Intelligence Section, Battlestar' if you're bored."

Pertwii nods her head slowly. "Absolutely, sir." She nods to the folder on his desk. "That's my personnel file. The transfer form is the first page for processing." She snaps a salute. "Thank you for the opportunity, Captain. You will not regret this. Ever." Once its returned, she'll turn and head for the door with her head held high.

Elias lifts a hand to return the Ensign's salute. Protocol is observed, and her assurance earns a thin smile from the Intel Officer. "Dismissed, Engisn." He watches her march proudly out the door, then turns back to his work, only to find the photo of Pertwii and her daughter still resting in front of him. Elias examines the two faces in the picture for a moment, sighs to himself, and carefully tucks it away inside his uniform jacket. Here's to hoping he never regrets it.

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