You? Virgon?
You? Virgon?
Summary: A brief moment of connection
Date: Thurs Nov 3 10:10:00 2005
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A small section of cave, set up to treat injured people, somewhere under Minos.
AWD #301

The arm was pretty badly cut, really. but as the needle makes its last pass, the stitch tightening into the skin and Leightner straightens, carefully clipping the thread, and begins unrolling a bandage roll, wrapping the wound. The elderly man, a mass of leather, wrinkly skin, marked with tattoos, watches the young corpsman, stoicly.

"Right." The Virgonese accent goes to the tall, no nonsense man with the gun at the door, watching him. "I'll need him back tomorrow so I can have a look." The man frowns, this virgonese man has used his 'escort' as a translator since they met. The flow of Tauran passes through the small end of the cave.

The old man looks at Leightner, "You." The man says, his standard limited to single words, but a few of them. "You. Virgon. Dead." He nods, asking a question, "Virgon like Tauron?" The old man asks. He seems actually interested.

Leightner listens, nodding to the first part, yeah he's from Virgon, then listens to the question, and shakes his head slowly, "No. Not like Virgon." He looks around, and picks up a loose round stone of chipped rock. He brings this to the old man, holding it up.

As the Virgan Medic is off looking for a rock, the guard speaks to the old man, «You speak his language fine, why-» The old man scowls at the guard, «Silence, boy.»

Leightner holds up the rock "Tauron." He nods to the old man, holding the rock up, yes? This is your planet. He taps the surface of the rock here and there, "Nuke, Cylon, fire.. dead." He nods, as the old man seems to carry on playing he can't understand, but nods, showing that he gets it, yes, Tauron is a cinder.

Nodding once the man understands Leightner steps back, and lifts the rock. "Virgon." He waves the rock, yes? This rock is now my planet. The old man nods, starting to look like he's growing weary of this little game with the rocks.

The Corpsman nods, holding the rock, and turns, arm whipping out sending the rock to the wall of the cave. The loosely chipped, discarded rock hits the wall and shatters, little pieces of rock flying everywhere, pebbles and dust falling in a soft patter. The old man watches this, the guard frowning at the sudden action, but the old man, he's intelligent, and swallows, paling slightly. Virgon was destroyed. Completely. That he digests as he looks at the Corpsman.

Leightner is watching the old mans expression and as the horrific light of understanding of this burns in the old mans eyes, Leightner just nods, "Virgon." He then looks at the guard, "Again, tell him, I want to see him tomorrow, please. And I'm ready for the next one." He then turns to his medical setup, starting to prepare for another patient.

The old man watches the younger military Medic. After a moment, he slides to his feet, and puts a rough, caloused hand on the Medics shoulder, then releases him, and starts out in a gesture of tough sympathy.

Leightner looks to the side at the grip, and nods, accepting the gesture in the way it was meant, and continues working. Having no idea who the old man was, only knowing that his wound is likely to heal just fine.

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