MD #157: You Saw Nothing
You Saw Nothing
Summary: Randy gets a visitor in sickbay, just to check she isn't actually dead.
Date: 12/09/2017
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Randy Toby 
Recovery Ward - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library, though tablets are common. Behind each bed is a small touchscreen for tracking vitals and is linked to Medical personnel tablets. A couple stacks of recent magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.

Being intubated in the fitness centre while somewhat conscious is a strange affair made stranger by the sedative they gave Randy immediately afterwards while they did things like put a shot in her neck to administer meds to keep the swelling down and keep her 'more comfortable' while they did things like stick a small camera down her throat to assess damage, conduct x-rays, and so on. The consensus of the nurses who are talking shop in sickbay outside the ward is that she was lucky the CMO was right there and that the response time was quick. She's settled back in one of the beds tucked in tightly as an alternative to restraints probably. Combined with a sedative it seems to be an effective combination. Near the bed is a small pad of paper and a pen that don't seem to have been used yet.

Toby had to fend a few queries about his 'fight' at breakfast, but has so far mostly just resorted to telling everyone to frak off until they actually frak off. Fed, exercised, showered, and changed he's now got about twenty minutes until he needs to be anywhere in particular. So, what to do? Well, how about visiting the lass he put in medical. The nurses make no particular move to stop him and as he approaches Randy's bed he grabs a chair and settles it so he can have a sit down. "I'm sure there are better ways to get out of skut work for a few days," he opens with, "you should've just asked, we'd've come up with something. Enlisted stick together and all that, stick it to the brass."

There's a bit of recognition in Randy's eyes when she sees it is Toby. Is he her first visitor? Her only visitor? She struggles to work her arms free. If she wasn't sedated this would go faster, but it's not entirely painful to watch. It just takes some doing. Then she reaches for the pad of paper to write, «No paperwork, no scrubbing toilets. I win.» She shows him her agreement. «Is daughter okay?» Before Toby might be able to read it, she adds, «Tell her I'm fine.»

Toby waits silently as she writes, then nods his agreement to what she wrote. "Exactly. And I reckon you'll get a pass from the suicide mission as well at this point. Just lie there and make groaning noises and they'll keep you in an extra day or too. Easy. Might still peg you for paperwork though, I mean, you just proved you can hold a pen." The comment about Rowan beings a different kind of reaction though, but he decides to break her in gently with this one. "You can frakking tell she's your daughter by the way, had a go at me with the same moves you tried twenty years ago. Fortunately she telegraphs her blows about a year in advance. Last I saw Ynyr was having words with her, but if I see her I'll pass that on."

Paperwork? Pen? «You saw nothing. It's easier to hold gun?» It's clear what part of the job Randy likes more. EODs already have mounds of paperwork. Toby is familiar with such things in his own job surely, what with handling ordnance and survival equipment, fire team stuff, etc. Seems the more scary something is, the more paperwork there is. She tears the sheet away to make room for more words as she listens to Toby's response about Rowan. Then she looks up as she's crunching the paper in her hand. A hurried scribbled response, «Frak. Sorry.» It's clear her daughter is hot-tempered, so she doesn't explain. Too many words. «Thanks. Stasis. Losing 20 yrs. Hit her hard.» And having an off the rails mum for the last week hasn't? Randy doesn't get into the obvious. «So she didn't get /any/ moves off on you?» Curiosity strikes and she underlines 'any' for emphasis. This is actually a mother's concern. And only a mother who is a Marine might be concerned for her daughter's effectiveness at landing punches. She looks mildly disappointed at the telegraphing.

"I saw nothing," Toby confirms, holding his hand out for the scrunched up paper, "need me to remove the evidence?" Then, at the remarks about Rowan he shrugs, "no worries, wasn't the best of situations to walk in on. If anyone deserves a clip round the ear it's Ynyr for pointing me out to her while she was stressed." He doesn’t seem overly bothered by it all though, right up until Randy asks if any blow landed, then he winces. "Not with her fists no, but she played placid, so when Ynyr came over and I let her go she got me square in the bollocks."

Randy looks left, right, then hands over the bunched up paper. «I don't remember everything» which is probably just a statement for she doesn't know everything that was going on at the time. Her interactions and vision were mostly with Sam and Toby, so it's probably nothing to worry about. Randy's brow arches a bit as she learns of the dirty blow. She presses her lips together and maybe a part of her is trying not to look amused and a part of her really isn't amused. She masks the mixed emotions well though and it just sort of comes across as inscrutable. «Ouch.» she writes. «She always played dirty.» There's a proper apologetic look that spawns from every parent who feels responsible for every little thing their kid does. «I'll talk to her.» She crosses that out and adds, «Eventually.»

Toby stuff the paper in one of his numerous pockets, casual as you like. "I still have two, so I suppose I can't complain too hard," he replies after a moment, "although it definitely does hurt more than being shot. I suspect you slept better than I did." With or without the sedatives. "Just tell that if she's going to end up in the brig, make sure it's over something that matters." He still doesn't know the entire story of Randy and Diaz, but he's heard the words 'lines aren't second class citizens' being banded about and he can get behind that as a general rule of thumb. "I imagine she'll swing by when she can," he continues, "not sure what Ynyr's plans are but I've no interest in asking anyone to press charges."

«Don't know how much she knows yet. Didn't visit me.» Randy clearly feels fine sharing this with Toby whether she should or not. Maybe she just doesn't care about her privacy for whatever reason. «Agreed. I will.» She gives Toby a look that suggests he hit the nail on the head for her. «Appreciate it. Don't want nailed in bullocks on report.»

Sadly the clock on the wall indicates that Toby needs to be moving for his shift in the Hanger Bay. He may only have a few more, but that doesn’t mean he intends to slack off and leave Niamh in the shit. "Well, if she's on CAP, or training I might see her and let her know. If not I'll hunt Ynyr down later and ask him what’s going on." Pushing himself to his feet he moves the chair back to where he found it and offers as parting wisdom; "just learn how to block in future would you?"

«Learn how to aim,» Randy retorts and grins slightly, as much as she can in her current state. She grimaces a little afterwards, balls up the second sheet of paper and tosses at him before he can turn and leave her with the evidence.

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