PWD #27: You (Hopefully) Know the Drill
You (Hopefully) Know the Drill
Summary: Condition 1 drill on the hangar deck and the air space over Piraeus. Hustle! Jamming! Shooting!
Date: 08/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Room Name
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
December 8, 2004 (PWD #27)

Phin is just getting off Alert Five duty, so he stretches gratefully as he makes his way down the ladder and onto the hangar deck property. Sitting for hours can leave a body stiff. The deck itself is humming along. Routine maintenance is performed, Raptors are prepped for trips down to the surface, or checked over after returning from a run to the planet. Typical shift so far, all in all.

If you are on the hangar deck the odds that you'll find the master chief are pretty good; he's almost become a sort of fixture. He's still learning the intricate details of the Orion's deck; it's coming along quickly. With a clipboard in one hand he is checking off the status of the various vipers in the area - the priority is on the alert vipers. He was making sure that the various crews had them ready to go - even though they were at peacetime he wasn't about to let the standards dip even for a moment. Moving around the latest viper that Phin is getting out of he makes a comment to the crew chief; "What's the status? Make sure this bird runs a diagnostic and then is ready to go immediately." He notices the ensign jumping down and he looks up and over to him giving him a nod. "Ensign," he greets.

"S…" Phin almost sirs Ariston, but manages to stop himself. He clears his throat. "Chief." He still doesn't look convinced that was entirely correct, but it's what he's going with. There's a moment where it looks like he might be trying to recall the man's name, but fails. The ensign is one of the very new personnel who came aboard at the anchorage. "How's it going? I did a pre-flight on the Alert bird they had me in, but other than that I just left it sitting there for the next guy. Man. I felt like I was sitting in that thing forever."

Looking down to his checklist and flight schedule Ariston reviews some data and then says, "Alright, the pre-flight is done on this bird. Ensign, this bird will be on alert for the next hour. We have another bird ready for pre-flight once you've had a break. Make sure to get a good handoff to the crew chief over there," he points to the nearest crewman and then adds, "before you go and take your break." He looks to Phin seriously; the chief doesn't have a lot of time for breaks or screwing around (or at least that might be the perception he's putting off). "Do you have anything to add for the forms?"

Phin shakes his head. "Pre-flight seemed fine, Chief. So far as I could tell, of course. I know just enough about the mechanics of these things to try and not die if something catches fire in my cockpit." He offers the tech a half-grin. More seriously, "Is there anything we should look out for, when we're using the birds? Like I said, I don't know enough about the mechanical stuff to notice something unless it's a problem already."

Ariston chuckles as he listens to the Ensign; he could tell the other man was really green - probably his first assignment. Putting a hand on the skin of the bird he says in response, "First thing is to follow the checklist. Don't deviate from it - there's a reason why it was written that way. After that, don't scratch the outside and don't mess up the inside. You puke in there? You may find yourself cleaning it out." Sliding his hand down the fighter he adds, "As far as the more technical stuff you just leave that to us; make notes of anything that is off, we'll write it up to make sure it doesn't become a problem."

Phin laughs. "Haven't puked since my first time in a sim, Chief. But I'll make an effort to keep it clean for you guys." He nods. "That I can do. I know some guys try to fix minor stuff themselves, but it seems like you'd just end up breaking it worse, if you didn't know what you were doing." As if it suddenly just occurred to him, he extends his hand to the other man. "Sorry, Chief, but I don't think I know your name. I'm Phin McBride. Er. Ensign McBride." Still getting used to the rank, plainly. "I came aboard with the new crop when we were at anchorage."

Ariston grins a bit as Phin introduces himself, then puts his hand out to give Phin's a firm shake. "Master Chief Rembrant, I transferred aboard recently. Definatey appreciate the help Ensign; just remember that treating your deck crew well will mean you'll have the best viper we can give you." As the pre-flight for alert five viper's was done without the helmet on another crewmember had in his hand Phin's helmet. It's important to say that as just overhead the intercom goes off throughout the ship.

"Attention on the ship, this is the duty commander. This is just a drill; set condition one on the hangar deck. I repeat, this is just a drill." Master Chief Ariston quickly steps back and takes the helmet from the crewman nearby and says to Phin, his expression rapidly serious. "This fighter is yours; we're launching you now!" There's urgency in his voice as he waves to the deck crew to pull the chalks and get the fighter to launch.

Phin has just gotten off Alert Five duty and is presently chatting with Ariston. He gives the man's hand a firm shake in return and is about to continue on something conversational, when the intercom goes off. "Oh. Yeah. Got it, Chief." He re-zips his flight suit, on that note. And skitters to retrieve his helmet.

Guess who shows up right on the heels of the Master Chief's statement? Theo is in his flight suit, preparing for a shift on call as the Raptor ECO. His co-pilot is a rather bland-faced man, Lt. Genner 'Gin' Eric. Get it? Generic? Har har har. "Howdy Phin! Later Phin." Theo chimes in on passing as he makes his way at an easy lope towards the assigned Raptor. The Master Chief is given a respectful nod as well, "Peacock and Gin on duty. Heading to Raptor-686 for launch, Chief!"

Oh fun! Ceres is already suited up as well, about ready to hit her CAP when the call goes out. The older jock takes the railings of the stairs down, taking more than two at a time, she propells herself forward and lands on the deck with a thunk. She reaches out, taking a waiting helmet and moves for her Viper. Eighteen months already under her belt on the Piraeus, the Captain doesn't wait for a call. Brushing past a few bodies, she begins the climb up and in. Glancing over towards Phin as he is given a helmet, she grins. "Ready to hit open space, Bird?" She calls to him, nodding to Theo.

Ariston puts his arm out and holds Phin's helmet in the other. "Ensign; up and in - I'll hand you your helmet. Quickly now!" He looks over to the other crewmen and shouts, "Get those pilots in their Vipers! Standby for launch! Move!" He looks back to the other side of the deck and shouts, "Get those raptors on the pad and prepare them for launch! I want that space opened up ASAP!" He continues to help Phin the whole time, the crew chief in charge already having unhooked the umbilicals and the launch doors open and ready to recieve.

Up Phin goes! He vaults into the cockpit of an available Viper, offering Ariston a quick "Thanks" when the man hands him his helmet. He grins some at Ceres. "Ready as I'll ever be, Captain," he replies. Though he sounds eager enough.

Theo confident and cocky as always, with that swagger that even being paired with the blandest (Gin. Sigh. Poor, poor anonymous Gin) or most surly (Thaddeus, god bless his dubstepping heart) of pilots couldn't knock out. Ceres is given a wink and a hint of a salute, before the ECO is settling on his station. In no time at all, his melodious, rich baritone rings out, "Peacock to Deck; Raptor-686 online and ready for lift."

Strapping in, she adjusts in her seat and drags on her helmet after a deckhand offers it back. Clipping it down, she gives a thumbs up and closes her canopy once the deckie is free. "Redux to Deck, all systems green and strapped. Ready to hit the shoot." She says and is clicking on a few systems, the display reflecting in her vizor. She keeps bird to bird chat down before launch.

As Phin jumps in Ariston steps up the ladder and hands Phin his helmet. He checks the flight status board on the Viper to make sure everything is working alright before he jumps off the ladder, landing on the deck with a thud before pulling the ladder and signaling the viper forward into the launch tube. Yes, it's going in before the canopy is closed but the Ensign should have it buttoned up in time. He waves to the cewman at the controls and shouts, "Don't close the doors until his canopy is closed!" He runs over to the sidewall on the deck and picks up the phone another crewman has manned. He speaks into it for a moment and then hangs it up. "Launch the alert five, this is a full up drill! Go for launch!" The other crewmen on the deck hear this and away they go; even the raptor is cleared for launch on the main deck.

Phin gets his helmet on and sealed, then gets the canopy good locked down over his head. He goes through pre-flight more precisely than quickly, but he doesn't take so long at it that anyone is going to need to yell at him. He probably had nothing to do while on Alert than go over the pre-flight checklist again and again and again. "Deck, McBride. System's green. I'm good to launch."

"Vipers need to get that boy a callsign." Theo murmurs to his co-pilot, who just grunts and focuses on his flying. Raptors are hard to fly, yo. "Peacock to Deck; Copy. Preparing for launch from Deck on your mark."

As her own bird is set to launch as well, she stretches her legs and takes easy hold of the stick. She waits then, her Viper adjusting and creating that seal. In the tube, she looks up at her launch crew and visually confirms all is well with a thumbs up to them. "Redux is green." This is added as she waits, set to launch. Her hand lifts adjusting her helmet with a light tap to the side. A few moments later and her Viper hooks and is thrown out, launched free of the battlestar in one amazing view of space as it opens up before her.

The launch tubes are triggered one by one right after Ceres launch. Within mere seconds the alert birds are out and ready for action. Ariston looks over to where the raptors are and signals the crew it's time to go. He looks about the rest of the deck and tells his crew, "Get the next set of Vipers ready for launch. Let's get a move on it; have those birds ready to go - now!" He jogs over to the control and watches the crews respond. There are a few areas they can still work on, but he'll give that debrief to them later.

Phin is loosed out into the cold vacuum of space. He forms up with Ceres' Viper, flying her wing on this little jaunt. "Redux, McBride. I am on your four o'clock. Mighty fine view out here."

And out comes the chuga chuga chuga little schoolbus that could. "Peacock to Redux, McBride. Launched and establishing DRADIS scans of surrounding space." Pause, and then dryly, "Gorgeous view. Taking a couple of high res photos if anyone wants some for their bunks. DRADIS is showing colonial transceivers, no unidentified or unauthorized vessels in my range."

Pulling her Viper up and around to find a tight formation with Phin, the Captain looks back over her shoulder. "Copy that, McBride. There is a lot to look at out here, don't let it overwhelm you." She is already adjusting the vastness, to the sense of sudden expanse. "Copy that, Peacock. Lets head in with caution though, on my mark follow my lead and keep tight for now." Pause. "I see the contact as well, set out wide range sweeps, Peacock. Keep us alert." Engaging engines, Redux leads the three forward as the vanguard for the others launching.

After the first wave is launched and the raptors are off the deck another announcement comes throughout the ship. "This is the commander, drill complete. Set condition three throughout the ship. I say again, drill complete." Ariston hears this and still shouts to the deck hands, "Get those vipers ready for alert, reset all operations and prepare for recovery. We've fighters out there that will have to come back. I want everything combat ready and reset right now. Prepare as if we're going to have to launch again right now. Go!" He walks about the deck now, reviewing the operations to eventually make his way to the elevators that will be a part of the recovery operation.

"Peacock, McBride. Save me a copy. Maybe make it sepia-toned, so it looks all old-school." Phin flares his engines and jolts after Ceres. He keeps his flight patterns simple, but he does them fairly competently. He passed all his flight quals honestly.

"Peacock to Redux; Initiating a wide-range sweep and sampling frequencies for potential jamming." That rich baritone delivery is confident and so assured it might just be cocky. I know, right? Someone named Peacock? Cocky? Perish the thought. "McBride, Redux. No sign of jamming. Ready to call the 'all-y all-y in come free'?"

<FS3> Theo rolls ECM: Good Success.

And then.. "Redux, McBride. Peacock. I've DRADIS contact on target drones." The ECO suddenly says, as the transceivers on them are activated. "Care to make with the pew pew? I've got three; One at 4, 5 neg y. Two at 4, pos y. Third is 9, 9 pos y."

"Peacock, start your jamming cycles, we proceed in together. Engage when close enough." Simple enough. "Remember, do not get disoriented." She engages her engines, pickng up speed as she unlocks the safety cap on her guns.

Phin grins broad at mention of drones over the comm, and you can practically hear the smile in his wireless chatter. "Copy, Peacock. Redux, McBride. Weapons online, will engage on your mark." He adjusts his coordinates to engage the drones, all eager for target practice.

<FS3> Theo rolls ECM: Good Success.

"Redux, Peacock. Establishing ECM protocols; Starting with general jamming algorithms on my mark." The ECO remains confident and calm, his rich baritone almost seeming to be /made/ for radio traffic. "Three, two…" Pause. "Mark. Protocols online. Jamming successful. Targeting systems offline and communications suppressed on the drones. You are in the clear for approach and engagement on your mark."

Waiting for Theo's mark, Ceres angles in and catches the middle one in her crosshairs. She lines up for her shot and then when she is given the go, "Fire at will." That is barked over the channel. "Engage." Redux keeps to the minimal and with a squeeze at her trigger, she lets loose upon her middle drone.

<FS3> Ceres rolls Gunnery: Great Success.
<FS3> Phin rolls Gunnery: Good Success.

"Copy, Redux. Engaging drone at 4-5." And Phin does just that, approaching it straight on. Which makes it easy enough for him to line up his cannons. Hey, it works. He opens fire and hits it square.

<FS3> Theo rolls Gunnery: Success.
<FS3> Theo rolls ECM: Success.

Poor Gin needs some luuurve too. The Raptor Pilot lines up for the third kill. "Redux, McBride. Gin. Taking third with missile." The quiet, bland NPC pilot says, lining up for the kill. Pew pew goes his missile and the widdle target drone goes bang. "Peacock. Showing no more UFOs on DRADIS."

<FS3> Phin rolls Piloting: Success.
<FS3> Ceres rolls Piloting: Good Success.

With each drone taking a hit, Ceres speaks up, "Peacock, McBride, Gin, well done. Back to the barn for no touch down landings. Don't disappoint the Chief. Let's get these birds back without dents." Wheeling hard, her nose lifts and she breaks from formation first to flip her viper over and direct herself back to actual. "Orion Actual, this is Redux. Returning to the barn."

"Redux, McBride. Copy. I'm right behind you." Phin might slow his speed a little so he can rubberneck what that missile does to a stationary target. He at least knows enough not to stray into the debris field of the fireworks, however, and he follows Ceres home. "Deck, McBride. Inbound."

"Deck, Peacock." Lt. Gin Eric is more than happy to let Peacock do the talking; He sounds so damn good over the radio, after all. "Maintaining DRADIS scans while the Vipers dock. Will park in the barn once they're all tucked in like pigs in a blanket." Pause. It /is/ about lunch time.

Across the comm comes a message from the CIC, "Vipers are cleared for combat landing passes. Do not touch down on deck."

Bennett makes her way into the hangar bay, perhaps having heard tell of a training exercise being conducted in Orion's airspace. Either on her way to or from some sort of briefing, the captain's spiffed up in her duty blues this evening. Her hair is pinned back in a neat bun, and she's got a couple of file folders under one arm, pen tapped against her lips as she weaves through the mayhem.

"Redux to Orion Actual, copy." The Captain goes in hot, keeping her engines fired as she takes the lead down and into the landing bay, slipping past the outter hull of the Orion and bringing her bird down close as if she might land. Her gear is extended and she looks like she might drag and catch something at any point, but she keeps the engines punched forward, passing the red mark and then pulling up before continuing through and back out into the depth of space once more as she begins to do checks on her systems, while she pulls around. "Peacock, McBride? How are we doing, good to go about?"

"Redux, McBride. Good good," Phin says. He might, just might, sound a little nervous as he makes his pass for a combat landing. The deck crew will be mad at him if he chips the paint. He follows Ceres and gets to more or less copy her form. Which, lucky for him, is quite good. His own is much more middling, but it gets the job done. He'll be able to bring it in without cratering or otherwise embarrassing himself.

A second message comes across the comm after the passes are complete. "All fighters you are cleared to land."

The lone schoolbus in space waits patiently. "Redux, Peacock. DRADIS is clear. We're all a go for landing on CIC's mark." And lookie-loo! There it is. "Peacock to Orion Actual. Copy."

On the hangar deck Ariston is apprised of the status outside. When the all clear is given to land he gives the signal to his teams to prepare for recovery. It wouldn't take too long but every recovery - even if it was training - was just as dangerous. As he starts the orchestration he sees a female officer straying to where she shouldn't be and he shouts to her, "Ma'am, clear out of that area. We have incoming craft that need to be right where you are."

"Peacock, Redux. Good to hear. Land and we will swing around and join you." Ceres pulls herself about, going to the aft of the ship to make a wide arc around and give time for McBride to adjust. "McBride, how are you doing? Ready to land the bird?" Its said with a sense of support behind it, the Captain slowing her thrusters in order for the Ensign to catch up.

"Redux, Peacock. We're a go for landing." And the bland, generic pilot does a bland, generic job at landing. No pizzaz. Sigh. "McBride, Peacock. Good luck, Dolly-boy." It's said teasingly, at the way Phin is being treated like a pretty, delicate little china doll. There's no malice there, though. Besides, a man that embraces being called Peacock has no room to talk.

Situational awareness, thankfully, is one of Bennett's strong points. She spots the Master Chief PO looking her way, and alters her course away from the pair of deckhands hauling in a fuel line right as he calls out to her. An apologetic smile is flashed his way, and she waits and watches from the sidelines for the birds to begin rolling in.

<FS3> Phin rolls Piloting: Success.
<FS3> Ceres rolls Piloting: Good Success.

The chief moves over to where Bennett is roughly and starts to direct the crews there for a makeshift spot for one of the vipers. There's a munitions loading happening across deck and he doesn't want the hot vipers interfering with the operation. Once it's done he'll move it over… He says to Bennett, "Sorry ma'am, last minute change with the vipers coming back." He waves a few others to get on the other recovering ships; teams were ready for the worst just in case.

"No problem, Chief," Bennett replies after a brief flick of her eyes toward Ariston's collar. A small smile brightens her expression, and lingers even after she's turned away to resume watching the landing party arrive. "No apology necessary. You're the boss here." Pause. "Was there any trouble?"

"Redux, McBride. Coming in for a landing." And so Phin does. It is nothing special but, again, no signs of crashing. So there's that.

Letting the ensign land first, she watches him take it down and then swings wide, easing her speed further as she brings the viper downward and towards the landing stretch. Gear down, she lifts her nose last minute to set the back end down, a quick burst of thrusters and she is in and sticks. Its done with a practiced ease, no flare needed and soon she is being towed in for recovery.

Ariston replies to her, "No, no trouble. Full up drill and I want to make sure the crews are ready just in case. Regular operations gets people a bit too complacent, this is to make sure we're all at our best." A few other crewmembers move about but he keeps at his job - a professional through and through. To the deck hands he shouts, "I want these vipers down, refueled and ready for re-launch ASAP! The faster we get this done the faster you all can get back to triad!"

Bennett nods her understanding, and briefly checks her watch as the vipers start touching down on the flight deck. Here, it's like a beehive: the scurrying and bustling of deck crew must look like chaos to the uneducated observer, but to one who's worked around aircraft for as long as she undoubtedly has, it's definitely a highly structured chaos. "I'm impressed," she asides to the man. "You seem to run a tight ship here. I'm sure giving them incentive doesn't hurt. Oh, I'm Captain St. Clair, by the way. Ghosts." One of the ship's raptor squadrons. She doesn't offer her hand, what with him being busy and all.

Speaking of the Gentlemen Ghosts, one of the Raptor crew sets down. Lt. Gin and Ensign Peacock set down and quickly make themselves scarce

Phin gets back to the barn in one piece, and he's still grinning broad as he's towed in. He pops the canopy open once they're safely back on a part of the deck with breathable air, then gets his helmet off. With that, he starts post-flight. Though he does try and catch Theo's eye, and mouth an 'Asshole' and get in a rude hand-gesture at the ECO. Probably for the 'Dolly' crack. Which hopefully nobody else heard…despite it being done on open comms.

Not far behing Phin in popping her canopy, Ceres is undoing the hinge at her helmet and freeing it. As she is parked, a deckie slings a ladder and she hands down her helmet and begins to climb out. Glancing over towards the Phin, she catches the gesture made towards the Raptor and can not help but smirk. "McBride," she chimes out, descending upon the ladder to touch boots to ground and yanking at her gloves to peel them off. "Good flying, just a bit stiff, but good. We need to get in some sim time, Ensign. What do you say to tomorrow?" She asks.

As the Viper is towed into the spot where the Chief had cleared out moments ago he listens to the captain. As the ship's canopy is opened and another person takes Ceres' helmet he replies to Bennett, "Master Chief Rembrant, I'm here after the previous chief retired recently." He moves to take an umbilical to hook up to the raptor and really gets in to assisting the current crew with the viper to get it back combat ready for the next mission. In all though, he leaves the pilots to their talk and what they need to get accomplished; different missions and all.

Bennett glances over Ariston again when he mentions coming in to replace the previous chief. Her expression turns thoughtful, but she says nothing further to the man, since he's obviously preoccupied - and she's mostly off-duty and getting in the way. Instead, she decides to take her leave of the 'bay as things begin to get hectic. "Good to meet you," she tosses over her shoulder, and heads back for the stairwell.

Phin looks up from his post-flight checklist, and whatever other obscenities he might want to mouth at certain ECOs, and nods promptly at Ceres. "Tomorrow, Redux. Sounds good." His mouth crooks toward a grin again. "I didn't know they used target drones like that during drills. That was…pretty cool. I just tried to shadow whatever you were doing. Glad I got to fly your wing."

"Pleasure is all mine, Doll." Yes, she was listening. A bright grin paints her lips as Redux two finger salutes him and turns to take the clipboard to begin her own checklist, taking a short stroll back towards her bird before tossing a much needed, "Good job out there, by the way. Keep it up." Her use of Bird for him has been replaced.

Phin might blush. Just a little. And look slightly mortified. Just slightly. Maybe if he pretends he doesn't mind it, it won't stick. He clears his throat. "Thanks, sir. I'll do my best. I'll…uh, see you tomorrow. I want to finish post-flight and then find Ensign Apostolos." Who must pay.

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