AWD #255: You Have No Right
You Have No Right
Summary: A skinjob and a Tauran enter a room….
Date: 18/Sep/2013
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Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Rec Room
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recretion location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
AWD #255

It is the morning after the disaster that was training. Brina hasn't been asleep as she had a paper to write to Captain Ommanney about how she feels she fraked up, and there was probably an ass chewing somewhere in there between the morning and now. And now? Brina's just hiding out, laid out on one of the couches, seemingly 'watching' a movie she really can't find it in her heart to give a damn about.

Toby has been on early shift, meaning that he's now done for the day. Showered, changed and looking to kill a few hours he heads to the rec room, glancing to the film thats showing as he steps in. It doesn't look familiar and so he glances around to spot who's responsible for it, then nods towards Brina, asking as he does so, "any good?"

Leave it to a skinner to mess up a perfectly good movie watching event. …Sort of. He walks in. Coop is in his usual duty gard and yawning, heading towards a pot of coffee bubbling at the back of the room. Someone is pulling duty tonight and could use some fuel. "Hey Brina," he grogs, moving past the couch.

Brina peeks over to Toby, first, her expression utterly exhausted with nothing else to belay whatever reaction his arrival has on her save for perhaps a slight tightening around her eyes when she winces slightly. "I don't even know what I'm watching. I just turned the viewer and the player on." It's an action flick, something from Caprica based on the cast who are some of Caprica City's big A-listers. Knox is looked at next and she smiles, still looking tired but not quite as nervous. "Hey, Knox. What's up?"

Toby nods a little at the answer given, then finds himself a settee to sprawl on. He's not after anything particularly brain taxing and can always grab a magazine or something if the film proove to be truely terrible. He's just getting comfortable and preparing to switch his brain off when he hears her next words, and recognises the name. Turning his head to glance at the new arrival his expression sours visibly and he mutters under his breath in Tauran «just my fraking luck.» Pusing himself back up to his feet he makes to attempt to hid his feelings towards the toaster, but turns briefly back to Brina and says, "tell me how it ends would you Corporal? Smells like toast in here all of a sudden, reckon it's best to go get some fresh air."

Mahasti slips in, eying Toby harshly « Wonderful. Magnificent.» She snarks slightly. She flutters her eyes, "No, Crewman, Lt. Smythe is not gracing us with his most glorious regal presence at this time." she corrects, adjusting her towel wrapped hair with her forearms due to having an almond milk pouch in her left hand and a weird breadypastry in the right. "If the smell bothers you, the disinfectant filled mop bucket is right around the corner." she chirps, sliding her weight towards Brina to bow her head once "May I sit beside you? Also congradulations, would you like a nip of my chocolat pan?" she asks, giving Knox a three fingered wave - not even lewd fingers!

Coop sketches a lazy salute to the question. He keeps walking and goes for the pot of coffee. "Nothing exciting. Pulling ATC duty this afternoon then I'm working the bombing range this evening. Same shit, different day. How about how? How was the killhouse?" The exchanges between the others just leave him standing there in silence and staring. "Uh." Sergeant Eloquent.

A slight crease lines Brie's brow when she realizes that this is not going to go well but where she wouldn't say anything to add to it Mahasti speaks out, that getting her to groan. Giving her fellow Marine a pained look, she shakes her head as apology for Toby. "Hmm. Oh. The training was shit and it was my fault," she explains after a little while. "I went ahead when Sarge told me to stay put but honestly, I was thinking it was a bad idea for us to wait." Which wound up to be wrong in so many horrible, sad ways. "I think I'll be washing lime green paint out of my hair for weeks." The doc gets a wave but she otherwise does nothing to draw the doctor's attention away from what she's doing.

«Reckon an airlock'd do the trick more perminant,» Toby grumbles to Mahasti, even though (or possibly especially becuase he knows) she doesn't speak his native tongue. Then, back in common, "that an order Doc?" he asks, becuase now she's mentioned it, throwing a bucket of disinfectant over a skinjob might be cathartic. Depending on how concentrated the stuff is of course. Brina now appears to have been largely forgotten, but his eyes never leave Knox as he studies the other carefully while waiting for his reply.

Mahasti shrugs "No. It is not. It is a suggestion. Perhaps you could put some on your, how do they say." she pauses. "Ah! Piss poor attitude?" she suggests "Or are you going to tear me down again, this time infront of marines. I'm sure it will make you feel so ah warm and fuzzy and big." her accent is just all out leeching into her colonial standard. "But that is a toaster, Toast is being an arrogant piece of crap somewhere. Thank the lords and ladies." she mumbles, taking a bite of her chocolate filled bread. "I warn you ahead. One day, I will speak your language and know your words, and if they are unpleasant, I will hold it against you." she warns, tucking her milk in a pocket since it isn't opened yet. She breaks her chocolate pan, offering Knox part of it that is free of Leonese doctor drool. Rather pointedly starring at Toby while she intentionally breaks bread with a Cylon.

Coop grins at Brie and sips at the mug of coffee. "Ah. Yeahhhh. That will happen. Hardest part is trying not to get too aggressive. Hope you learned a lesson there. I always hated those paint rounds. Little bastards hurt." Then, he casually looks back to Toby and slips into fluent Tauran for his benefit. Its not a long exposition but he seems to make the point. He then looks to Mahasti and the offered bread. He shakes his head, turning it down. "Toby and I may not get along, Doc, but the guy has a right to his opinions. Namecalling or trying to piss in his cornflakes isn't going to help anyone. So he's got a short temper. So he hates skinjobs. Shit, so do I. Ceres begged me to show my people mercy before she died. I've got less compassion for them than Toby here, does. At least he's standing in the same room with one and not using the closest available weapon to try and dismember me. I can't say the same for me." He sets his coffee mug down on the counter unfinished and moves for the hatch.

By now Brina's stomach is hurting a lot, the nerves from all the fall out from last night's frak up combined with all the tension making it hard for her to feel anything but nauseous right now. Despite the urge to throw up she stays put, willing herself to not be ill so she can continue her conversation with Knox. "I did. Just a matter of if Captain Ommanney and Sergeant Yrnr will see that I have, though." She rises to her feet when he talks to the doctor about Toby now, going to find something hopefully cool to drink so she can get her gut to settle.

Toby looks briefly stunned as Knox replies in Tauran then very, very angry. Not quite vein-poppingly angry, but certainly well into could-take-a-swing-at-any-time angry. «Don't you fraking dare,» he growls at the marine, «this is the language of those who survived what you did, those of us who are left. You insult their memoery by walking around as if you belong and you insult it more by speaking as one of them.» He takes a couple of deep breaths, working on trying to release some of the tension that's sprung into his muscles as he moves towards the departing marine, fists clenched but still down by his sides, «never defile in this tongue again. You hear me? Never.» Then, in common he mutters, half to Knox, half to Mahasti, "only becuase some decided that drawing guns on people like me to protect people like you is okay." The rest of the Doc's words are ignored for now, he has something else to concentrate on.

Mahasti holds up a finger "Shackleton getting my ire is his own damn fault." she points out calmly. "I'm not sorry at this time, Toby. I may apologize when I get back how I did on my radiology." she waves a hand, having trouble finding the word she needs. "Thing. Test thing." she mumbles. She watches Knox "You honestly have nothing to do with my pissing in Toby's cheerios. HIs short fuse does though." she comments, she reaches into her pocket, taking out two things without looking - a barf bag and a small pink chewable tablet of some sort "Its just an over the counter nausea aid, if you would like it, take it." she coos, very softly, politely even. "I've never drawn a gun on another human. Nor do I routinely even touch them for any reason other than keeping sharp eyed and compitent." she complains. "Shackleton decided to tear into me because my parents are what he would consider wealthy the other day and imply a good many things about me that I do not care for. He also chose to do this in public, so I am returning the favor." she offers, standing straight "Toby, I recommend you leave. Lance Corporal O'Connell if he swings, I recommend not getting hit." she offers, taking a step. "I find it to be a merciless shame that human beings on this ship get treated like shit routinely and none of you even remotely give half a damn." she comments, throwing her chocolate pan remains away, despite it having taken her quite a bit of bartering and work to get. The doctor is clearly preparing to leave.

Knox stops at the hatch and leans against the wall beside it. He looks at Toby with a quirked brow and shakes his head. "Toby, you don't own the language. Nor do you speak for all the survivors. I've got every right to speak the language as you do to say what you are. If I wanted to insult Taurans I most definitely could, but I don't walk around with that kind of childish, unfounded bullshit anymore. However I get the gist of what you're asking. I'll refrain around you." Cooper looks over towards Mahasti, then. "If I have nothing to do with it then please leave me out of the discussions where you do." But the rest has his brow loft and he stares at her. Then to Toby. Then to Brina as she's on her way out. He looks, in a word, incredulous. Knox steps off the hatchway and moves to follow Brina and check to make sure she's doing alright.

The medication is taken from the doctor but the bag isn't, the latter something she doesn't need now that she's feeling mostly better. The medicine is downed with some water and a thanks is given to the doctor but when she speaks further it's to the room in general. "I think this is the point where I have to remind people that I do have the authority to arrest people and have them brigged for however long is necessary to write up the proper paper work for a repremand and get it sent up the pipes." Okay. Maybe she doesn't have the authority to do the paperwork but she sure as hell does have the authority to do the rest and Brie has no qualms in giving the reminder. When Knox joins her she smiles, giving him a pat on the arm. "I didn't realize there was such… hostility among the personnel of the ship." There is a glance given to Toby and Mahasti, their behavior toward each other something she witnessed earlier, but she was under the assumption that it was an isolated case.

Others have though Doc," Toby retorts, eyes still fixed on nothing but Knox, "drew a pistol on a bunch of unarmed enlisted, got as far as ramming it into one guys gut before sanity prevailed. And if thats what you took from that conversation then I suggest you go back over what was actually said and try and find that giant leap to the left your recallection has taken, cos that's not what I said." If it weren't for the sergeant infront of him he might notice Brina's dilema but as it is, Knox's reply keeps his attention firmly fixed. Lets just say, that it does nothing to ease the sudden spike in the knuckledragger's blood pressure and instead seems to result in a Tauran (fist first) heading for a Cylon's face, accompanied by what can almost be described as a war cry of «YOU HAVE NO RIGHT»

Mahasti eyes Brina "If you put me in the brig when I've not even raised my voice, you are wasting time and resources, wait until I do something worth persuing." she comments to Brina "Frak off Shackleton." she calls heading off.

Coop shrugs to Brina. "Can you blame people? I represent the face of the enemy that killed a lot of families. Ruined a civilization. I'd be concerned about and probably report people who just walked up to me on a random colony, had no idea who I was, and wanted to be my best buddy. Reeks of collaboration." He seems about to say more when he hears the battlecry from an approaching Toby. Verbal sparring he's used to. People actually trying to punch a Six? Not normally on the list of things he's expecting. So when he see's a fist coming at his face that close it registers as a rather comical look of shock on his face. Toby has a decent amount of power to his hits, though. It lands solidly to the left side of his face and Coop stumbles backwards, almost tripping over a chair. He's got enough time to try and catch the second, though. He puts his right arm across the second incoming and uses Toby's weight the put him down onto the ground and on his back. Its not a move meant to do damage, but one to disarm. He doesn't say anything, nor does Coop smile. Given that impact, it would probably even hurt to do just that. He just holds Toby's arm in place and keeps the wrist bent just enough to keep him there while he looks at him.

Despite anticipating it Brina's not quite as fast to react when she sees the fist fly, her mind on other things as well as feeling a little woozy still not helping. But then she pauses upon seeing Knox grab that limb. "Up to you as to whether or not you'd like charges pressed." If he's willing to let things go and let Toby remain unbrigged then she is as well.

Toby gives a satisfied grunt as his hit lands, oh damn the feels good. It'll likely feel sore shortly, but right now it feels damn good. Then his second one is intercepted and the next sound out of his mouth is more of an 'oof' as he lands on his back. Moving immediately to try and roll back onto his feet he's stopped by the angle Knox has his wrist held at, the irony of the parallels with his spar with Lleufer not lost on him. «Frak you!» he spits between grited teeth, «frak you and all your kind. We won't stop til we have you all. Every single last one.»

Coop looks down at Toby on the ground, holding off on replying to Brina for now. He keeps his voice low and steady while he stares at the Deck crewman. "I supposed I should probably punch Brina because you hit me. Or maybe I should go around punching random people because obviously you're all the same race, right? If that's your definition of guilt then maybe you -do- deserve the brig, and not for hitting me. Maybe just in general for being an asshole." He eventually lets go of the wrist and backs away to let the guy stand up. "No, I'm not going to press charges. He's pissed off and the Doc didn't help. If anything she oughtta be put in a brig for provoking his ass."

Lleufer has walked in through the hatch and stopped at what he sees. The Sergeant is in his MP uniform and on duty so it's not a relaxing visit on his part. Ynyr raises a brow at what he sees, perhaps a touch of satisfaction to see a Marine has Shackleton down on the floor even if it is Knox. Pale eyes flick over Brina and back to the two men without saying anything as yet. Perhaps Lleu wants to see where this is going, especially at mention of a Doctor.

Brina grumbles, a hand pressing to her stomach. So much for that damn medicine Mahasti working. There's a groan but she keeps herself in check although she is prepared to bolt for the nearest head if the need arises. "You're lucky the Sereant has a level head on his shoulder, Crewman Shakleton. I suggest you go and take a cool shower and get your temper in check because next time I will brig your sorry ass regardless of his compassion." Her eyes lift when Lleufer walks in, her gaze unflinching. "Should I write a report stating that I've given the deckie a formal warning, Sarge?"

The moment his wrist is release Toby rolls away from Knox and back onto his feet. Tempting as it is as a thought he doesn't swing for Knox again, not now he's outnumbered so severly and not now the cylon is ready for him. Fraking damnit. His eyes flick briefly to Brina as she speaks and in reply he mutters under his breath, "cos it's a machine, not a person." There's still tension in his muscles, and he's still very much facing Knox, but he does look towards the hatch as she suggests he leave. Of course though, that would be easier if they weren't all in the way.

Cooper looks back towards Lleufer but doesn't say anything for the moment — which is probably smart. He looks back to Brina while she speaks her piece and Knox takes a few more steps back. He still stares at Toby, but he doesn't say anything else to the Crewman, nope. He just lets it go.

Sergeant Ynyr continues to watch what's going on though he walks a few steps further into the Rec Room. Lleu glances to Brina, "That depends on what is going on here." A look to Knox, then onto Toby he asks, "Did you assault Sergeant Knox, Shackleton?" His baritone is kept cool and neutral.

Now that Yrnr is the highest ranking MP in the room she steps back, answering as she gives room for Toby to leave if Lleufer gives him permission to go. "Crewman Shackleton had lost his temper, Sarge, and swung a punch at Sargeant Knox who then subdued him. I asked the Sargeant if he'd like to press charges to which he said no." There's some consideration made then before she adds to her verbal recount, "Sarge, to be fair, Doctor Narseen did a number on Shackleton's temper as she seemed unwilling to let what I am guessing to be a past… I don't know. Perhaps Toby can explain. Anyhow, she left and things went severely south and then took a hard left turn."

While Toby has many faults it must be said, lying to get himself out of trouble has never really be one of them. As Lleufer gets closer he takes a step or two backwards, giving the man room and trying not to create too high a concentration of testosterone in any one point of the room. Physically he's still facing Knox, but as he squares his shoulders to answer he looks first to Brina and offers a quick, "Doctor Nasreen has nothing to do with this," then his head turns to Lleufer. "It disrespected the dead," he states plainly and simply, "so I hit it." He sounds almost satisfied at that, not proud, it's no that far, but definitely not repentant.

Coop watches the exchange and crosses his arms over his chest. The left side of his face is an angry red color, but he's not jumping to back up anyone's story. Nope! Knox is just going to stay quiet and let Lleu do whatever it is that Lleu feels he needs to do.

"It," drawls Lleufer, "Has a name and a rank, Shackleton. Which you will respect no matter your personal inclinations due to what Knox is, he is also an acknowledged member of our military by Command." He thins his mouth, "There are strict orders not to assault either of our Cylon skinjobs." Lleu's gaze flickers to Knox, then back to Toby, "But as you claim you didn't hit him because of what he is, nor is Sergeant Knox interested in pressing charges or gainsaying your claim, then I suppose you are due no more than a warning. However," Ynyr keeps a slightly steely tone, "It won't be tolerated to esculate further. Is that understood?" Lleu looks to each of them, Knox included.

Brina has nothing to add, already having done her part earlier. With very little to give away how she feels Brina merely stands there.

There are certain things that Toby might say in relation to command and that particular decision, but it seems that this time his brain is working faster than his mouth. That or it's because he's aware that there someone else here who speaks Tauran. Either way though, he keeps his mouth firmly closed on the subject. As Lleu moves on he listens, although his gaze drifts back to Knox, just in case the cylon grows a second head or something. He gives a short sharp nod to indicate his understanding, then replies, quietly but firmly, "I understand Sergeant, but if I catch it doing the same again then will you do anything to stop it?"

Coop nods a few times to Lleufer. "I'm good, Sergeant." The Sixes have that reputation of violence and some people have seen the video footage of a One nearly ripping the door off a cell. That might have gone differently. When Toby finishes, Coop just stares at Toby. "Don't push it. Everyone is going to walk out of here, even if some people would rather it not be that way."

Lleufer continues to stand watching them both before he replies to Toby, "Yep, and put you in the brig until it's investigated. Others would decide if any charges would be pressed. Religious beliefs are free to be debated but you are not free to assault personnel on board this ship." His attention flickers to Knox, then back to the Tauron, "Am I perfectly clear, Shackleton?" The Aerilon adds after his mouth twists wryly, "Besides which, Sergeant Knox here will totally kick your ass every time, so I don't advise it."

Stepping in through the hatch, Fischer moves a bit slowly, expression a bit distant at the moment. Pausing as he sees the people present, he moves to the side, but remains quiet, just offering an absent nod to the various people for the moment.

Toby gets Brina to literally facepalm when he keeps going on, her hidden expression one hundred percent exasperated. "What the say about 'em is true" she grunts, that said about how she's heard how Taurons are stubborn and perhaps even not so smart at times although she refrains from saying more than that. She looks at Lleufer now and sighs, the kind that has her shoulders raising and lowering very noticeably. "Want the honors, Sarge?" Yup. She's asking him if he wants the pleasure of cuffing him or if she should.

Toby scowls at Knox, although he makes no actual move. "Just trying to clarify what recourse there is in law in case you do it again," he states flatly, then turns to Lleufer, expression lightening a touch. "You miss understand sergeant, I'm asking if there's anything you do to stop it," a finger is thrust forward to point at Knox, who knew being picky about your pronouns would cause such issues, "you've already made it perfectly clear what you'd do to stop me." Movement by the hatchhas him flicking his head back round that way once more and he tenses slightly as he sees yet another marine arrive to block up the exit. Frak. Nothing quite like feeling cornered to keep the tension up.

Lleufer's patience is now officially evaporating. He takes a good step closer to Toby, "Nope, nothing illegal at all to not agree with your religious concerns or even insulting you mother. Now, I'm going to strongly reccomend you shut the hell up and walk out of here without another word, Shackleton. Or I am going to set your ass in the brig for a few hours and put that mark on your record. Don't push it."

Fischer remains quiet, grimacing momentarily as he leans back to the wall. Putting one hand behind his back to have a more comfortable position, but he doesn't seem to pay too much attention to what's happening now.

It's quite obvious that Toby has something thats either incredibly witty or incredibly pertinant to add to what Lleufer just said, the way the muscles in his jaw are straining against the control his brain is working to ascert is really quite something to behold. He gives the Sergeant a short nod, in silcent indication that he understands, then something slips and he offers an almost converstional, "I guess we may be seeing a lot of each other then," for there's no damn way he's going to let anyone disrespect the dead, let along a fraking toaster. That said though, he does turn to look at the hatch and even takes a step or two towards it, but damnit if it isn't still crowded with marines.

Knox listens to all that and just keeps lidded eyes on Toby. He doesn't say anything but once the Crewman turns to go, Coop does as well and he heads for a hatch on the other side of the room. Nope, he's going to peace out before he says something.

"May be." Ynyr turns his head to watch Toby go, content to let the Tauron have the last word as long as he goes and it wasn't further argument. Lleu gives Knox a look but Cooper's been quiet, not adding to it. So that leaves the other two Marines, "You, O'Connell, and you, Fischer. Security Hub in ten minutes. We're going to have a chat about yesterday."

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