AWD #602: Ynyr Surprised
Ynyr Surprised
Summary: Lleu steels his nerve and takes some very important paperwork to Amos that might make his CO angry, but everything turns into several levels of Major surprise! Serious promotion and permission granted to marry.
Date: 14/02/2017 (OOC Date)
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Amos Lleufer 
Battalion HQ, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.
Thu Aug 31 16:31:19 2006

Shortly after Major Ommanney sends out his reply to Ynyr, the MP Sergeant shows up outside of Amos's office. Lleu glances in through the hatch to make certain Amos isn't already busy with someone else, then he steps on in and stands at attention. He has a file folder with him with paperwork inside of it. He himself is dressed in his greens since he's only allowed light duty atm this soon after the surgeries. Ynyr is wearing a pair of blue tinted reflective sunglasses of the aviator style so that his altered eyes are not visible. Yet the newly grafted tissue added to his ears sweeps up slightly and might look … well, ridiculous. Like something out of a cheezy space drama with aliens or elves. At this the grafts are subtle and make his ears only a little pointed. Healing skin and some signs of early scarring indicate his grafts didn't take flawlessly. "Sir."

Amos's own opinion on the Sergeants new look are hard to read, very hard to read, in a kind of 'never play poker with this man' sort of way. There's no staring, not even a glance, and certainly not even a hint of a comment. Instead he appears to be acting as if the non-regulation eye wear and elf ears simply aren't there. "Sergeant," he greets simply, "I do hope that file is not for me?" Just what he needs, more paperwork. The question isn't malicious though, or even resigned. "I won't keep you long, but have something I want you to consider. You've been with the 3/8th a while now and I have a couple of openings I need filled, either of which I suspect you'd do well in. The first is a small step up, not much change from what you've been doing already. The second a larger one, with a big increase in responsibility, but one that I think you are ready for."

Lleufer removes the sunglasses and then he squints in the too bright light. His pupils are over large so that his irises are very thin rings. The sunglasses get tucked into his shirt pocket, "Aye, sir. I've brought the paperwork for you but I've filled out every bit of it I could in advance so it only requires signatures."

But then Amos goes on and Lleu's left brow (and even his right slightly) goes up with his surprise. The Sergeant studies Amos closely, blinking a few times in the bright light that assaults his eyes. "Yes .. Sir."

Amos waves the fingers of one hand vaguely in the direction of the sunglasses to indicate that he's not bothered if Lleufer keeps them on, then lifts the other hand to take the file. It'll go on the left hand side of his desk to be dealt with later. "I'll most likely be appointing Ensign Penta to run A Platoon. He had time to write a very thorough report for me a few days ago so I'm clearly not giving him enough work to do." The delivery is flat, but given how long the pair have worked together it's likely clear that there is humour intended. "He's got some squad experience, but he'll need am experienced Sergeant to keep him straight until he finds his feet. That, is your first option."

The file is let go into Amos' hand when Ommanney wants it. Ynyr watches it placed on the desk - there's more than a few papers in it. Yynr draws his gaze right back up to his CO's face, a man he's known a good long while now. "Eyes will adjust within a few days, sir." Feels very strange to wear them while speaking with Amos so he leaves them off for the moment. A slow nod, "Understood, Sir."

"Good to hear," Amos replies to the note about Lleu's eyes, although he doesn't stray off his main point any longer than that. "The second position I could slot you into has been vacant for a long while, and would still involve working closely with Ensign Penta. I need a Master at Arms. It wouldn't take you out of combat when you're needed, but would be a large step up in workload on board. You'd be in charge of sentry rotations, securing of the arms lockers, and guarding the brig. I can't promise you a promotion with the position, but I'd certainly be making a strong case for it and don't see any serious objections being forthcoming."

By the Gods. The rather stunned look on Ynyr's face says it all. He couldn't be more surprised. "I … would be extremely pleased to step up to that challenge, Sir. Of Master of Arms. I should think I could also assist Ensign Penta, either way." Wow. If it's possible, Lleu subconsciously draws himself up more. "I thank you, Sir. For your faith in me to offer the opportunity. I won't let you down." Though, as soon as that is out of his mouth, Lleu glances at the paperwork he's brought. He clears his throat, "Pending of course … the paperwork I have brought you doesn't make you retract your offer, Major. I can't withdraw it."

Amos smiles, just a fraction at that response. Option Two was apparently his preferred one. "Very good," he replies, pushing himself to his feet to offer his hand across in congratulations. "I know you'll do me proud, as you have before." At the mention of the folder though he flicks his eyes to it involuntarily, then makes a great show of bending down and hunting through the pile of files on the right hand side of his desk, leaving the one in question out of sight on the other side. "Yes, that paperwork your brought," he says, not looking up, or indeed across, "I should find that and take a look, it's obviously important. It's would be such a," loaded pause, "shame if I happened to forget while I put it and it got lost."

The hand is accepted and Lleu's grip is firm with the shake over Amos's desk. "Thank you, Sir." But then he glances at the folder getting shifted about and frowns, "No, … I'm afraid I can't have you … filing it. I have to have you look at it, Sir." Oh boy. Ynyr licks his lips and meets the Major's eyes, "The forms are requesting permission to marry." He does not grimace but stands ready to weather Amos' wrath or disappointment. "It's been a long time coming sir. Major Bennett St. Clair and I wish to be married, and I need -your- permission to do so, sir." And while Ommanney might possibly start turning purple, Lleu adds, "We've kept to our duties and responsibilities."

"Oh," Amos replies as Lleufer fails to take him up on the offer of removing the file 'behind his back', and settles himself back down in his seat to hear the story. As the Sergeant speaks he nods slowly, although there is a faint pause in that at something that is said just before the other half of the marriage is named. "Ynyr," he says slowly, extending his left hand to tap the top of the file, "I have no issues with my troops marrying if that is their want. However," there's always a however isn't there, "given what you just said, I have to ask this," there a pause, complete with a pointed look, "have you and the Major been dating?"

Lleufer lifts a brow, "Dating? Sir, what opportunity has there possibly been for us to … date? What would I do? Take her to a movie, or out to dinner? Entire months go by without saying so much as 'Good day, Major. How are you, Sergeant?'." Ynyr takes a slow breath, "I'm not going to lie to you, Sir. We've been fond of one another for the past two years. You ask around, you won't find a single soul on board the Orion who could say they knew we cared for another all this time. There's been no favoritism, no misconduct of any kind between us while on duty, no one harmed or even aware of our feelings. If you decide that we be brought up on charges because I wish to marry an Airwing officer, and she an enlisted Marine … well, we are prepared to face the consequences as you see fit."

"The pair of you are very resourceful individuals Sergeant," Amos replies with a wry grin, "if you'd wanted to, you could have found a way." Then, almost off handedly, "others have." Then, back on track he continues, "However, if you tell me that you haven't been, then I will take you at your word Sergeant You've never given me cause to doubt it yet. You just said it had been coming for a while, so I had to check." He doesn't actually pull the folder over, or open it, just rests his hand on it. "As all seems to be in order though, let me be the first to offer my congratulations." He's assuming Robin isn't going to spike it anyway.

Ynyr stands his ground and gives a nod, "We have chatted briefly when we could. Or on those rare occasions when frat rules were officially suspended such as at Saturnalia, then yes. We'd meet up when possible. It's not easy to even talk to someone who lives and works off of another deck and whom you can't really sit with at Mess regularly either. Nor am I expecting that to change much. Our duty shifts rarely align, we'll each stick to our own decks for berthings. We have our jobs to do, Sir. But it /would/ be nice if we were -allowed- to see one another legally when our shifts or leave allows, without fear of doing anything wrong. I believe we -have- been trying to do the right thing."

A pause to wait and see what Amos thinks. Lleu gives a nod, "I would have asked her to marry me a year ago but she didn't want the commitment. Then I asked her a day or so before the award ceremony." And apparently, that time Bennett said yes! Gods, Ommanney isn't going to kill him after all! Relief is evident, "Thank you, sir. Amos. We .. still have no idea what the CAG will say."

"Then I suggest asking her Sergeant," Amos replies with a faintly amused grin. Tapping the folder again he notes, "I'll get this back to you by close of play today, or, I'll have it signed and ready for you to collect anyway. In fact, I'll just drop them off in your new office shall I?" The perks of being Master at Arms it seems, a small box to call your own.

"Yes, Sir!" As this concludes official business and orders with his CO, Lleufer draws himself up to salute the Major and holds it at attention. They may not do much saluting indoors on the ship but this suits. Ynyr waits for the salute to be returned and if he's dismissed, he'll remove the sunglasses to put them back on and give his eyes some relief. Time to also remove himself, go have a look at the new office and his new duties. When he gets to that new office, a new pair of rank pins sit nestled in a tiny box on top of the desk.

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