Yggy's Guide to ECO Combat

So! This is a quick and dirty guide to how to participate in space combat for ECOs. Eventually this will include foo for pilots and ground fighters too. But for now, let's focus on the most important people in space combat. ;)


As an ECO, the first thing you'll neeed to do is determine who's in what vehicle. You can't actually join the combat until you select a vehicle to be a passenger.

+combat/all - this command will show you all combats going on, including who is in what vehicle.

Once you review the combat, select the pilot/vehicle you want to partner with. You should select either a Raptor or a Predator. Now it's time to join! Two important things to note here:

  • You should join as a passenger.
  • You'll need the vehicle's designation number in order to join the combat successfully.

+combat/join <combat #>/passenger/<vehicle #>

Mazel tov! You've successfully joined the combat!


Once you're part of the action, it's time to prepare. Normally this would involve setting your stance, your armor, and your weapon. However, since you're an ECO, the stance and armor are not your responsibility. Stance is handled by the pilot, and armor for the vehicle you are in is pre-determined. So all you need to worry about is readying your weapon.

You can access the full list of weapons by typing +gear/weapons. However the most relevant ones for an ECO are:

  • ECM: Your most important tool. in combat it allows you to suppress enemy targeting systems. In non-combat activities it also allows you to take sensor readings, and spool the jump drive. It is listed as ecm in the FS3 system.
  • Missile Racks: Your payload will vary but most of the time you will be armed with anywhere from 2 to 6 missiles. Options include Armor Piercing (able to pierce thicker armor) and High Explosive (less penetration, but more shrapnel). They are listed as missile_ap and missile_he in the FS3 system. Most of the time you will be armed with Armor Piercing, but check with your ST to be sure.
  • Jamming Pods: Still determining their use. They are listed as jamming_pod in the FS3 system.
  • Door Gun: Just what it says on the tin. It is listed as hmg in the FS3 system.
  • Laser Guided Bombs: These are the only kind of bombs that an ECO is able to use and require aiming prior to being deployed. They are not currently coded into FS3 and are handled by the ST. Two Gunnery rolls are usually required; one for aiming on the first turn and one for firing on the second. Raptors can carry between 2-4 bombs at any given time.

Once you've selected your weapon of choice, you need to arm up using the following command:

+combat/weapon <weapon>

Congratulations! You're now armed and fabulous!


So you've joined the combat armed up, and now you're in the middle of it all. What do you do?

Well, the first thing you want to do is get an idea of who's attacking who. You can do this at any time by using the following command:

+combat - this will give you a list of each combat group, and who is attacking who, what weapon they are using, and how much damage/armor loss each individual combatant has taken. Make use of this command frequently, as it will keep you up to date with what's going on as targets change and damage is taken.

Once you pick a target to attack, use one for the following commands:

  • For ECM, use: +combat/suppress <target>
  • For all other weapons EXCEPT laser guided bombs, use: +combat/attack <target>

You can then use the +combat command again and you will see the updated list showing that you are now attacking your chosen target.

Once you've completed these steps, you have done everything you need to do code-wise for the combat round. As other people set up their combat actions and pose, you may find yourself changing your own actions accordingly this is okay, as long as it is prior to your posing, which indicates commitment to your action. Once everyone has posed, the Storyteller running the combat will initiate the code that tells everyone the results of their actions.

At this point, the Storyteller will initiate a new round. You have several options:

  • Switch weapons. If you switch your weapon, you will need to re-set your target.
  • Switch targets.
  • Make a repair.

To review the damage to your vehicle, type +damage vehicle#
To repair your vehicle, type +combat/treat vehicle#

Note that you can switch weapons and targets in the same round as many times as you want before your Storyteller runs the combat code, but if you commit to repair, that is the only action you may take.

KICK THE TIRES & LIGHT THE FIRES (Things You Should Know About Predators)

  • Predators are a two seater option that permits Viper pilots in addition to Raptor pilots to fly with an ECO as their backseater.
  • Predator ECM systems are only able to suppress ground based systems. They cannot suppress Raiders or Heavy Raiders.
  • ECOs have access to the following weapons in addition to their ECM: missile_ap and missile_he. Predators can also carry a single laser guided bomb with a targeting pod.


  • Raptors can carry other gear like decoy drones, commo drones, etc. These all fall under the purview of the ECO and their control station.
  • Some weapons systems cannot be used with others. For example, Jamming Pods negate the use of all other hardpoints, and rocket packs cannot be used with DRADomes.
  • Raptors, including door gun positions, are prohibited from offensively engaging Raiders or Heavy Raiders. ECM suppression is the only exception.
  • Centurions or groups of them (CentGrp) cannot be jammed.
  • Raptors get kills for hitting the following: Surface to Air Missile (SAM) sites, air defense gun emplacements, large groups of Centurions (CentGrp), strategic targets like bridge spans, bunker busting (laser guided bombs required), etc.
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