AWD #378: Written Reprimand
Written Reprimand
Summary: Toby escapes downtime in the brig as Petra comes calling on the Hanger Deck
Date: 04/07/2016
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #378

It's coming up on 24 hours, well, 20 hours maybe, since the wing decided to take a jaunt into Caprica airspace and come back with a few additional dents. The simple repair jobs are now all done, and the lightly damaged ships back in service and ready, leaving the ones that took a beating for the knuckledraggers to get their teeth into. As such, it's fair to say that the bays are busy, even the area right next to the stinking raider. Fortunately for Toby though, the raptor he's currently working on is down the far end, where the smell is far less offensive. Said raptor has suffered extensive damage to it's cockpit, so he's currently acting as banksman while a crane removes the ejector seats to gain access to other parts of the cockpit. The lift is good, and they take it steady on the swing round, before the slow descent towards the waiting cart begins.

Things probably have just had enough time to begin to wind down after the fleet action, and Deck to ramp up to take care of the aftermath, so Petra isn't choosing the best of times to make the visit. However, the colonel looks like he hasn't been sleeping from the look in his eyes as he steps out onto the main hangar floor, so maybe timing wasn't primarily on his mind. He takes several steps out into the open and stops there to look around, scrutinizing for one particular deck jumpsuit in the mass of busy bodies.

Niamh still hasn't taken any down time since she saw Toby earlier. Been busy making the rounds and doing what needs to be done, which mostly seems to involve crawling into small spaces judging by the state of her coveralls, which are bearing more than a few scars. The Crewman is currently making her way toward Toby, scrunching her red hair into something vaguely resembling a ponytail and humming off-key. She actually manages not to trip at all, on anything, coming to a stop nearby the Raptor, eyes following the descent of the ejector seats and keeping well out of the way.

Toby keeps up the 'lower' handsignal until his fellows can almost grab the seat to guide it down, then switches to 'inch it' and the rate of descent decreases to a crawl. Once he's sure it's down and there's slack on the wire he gives the hold signal, then steps over to help with securing it and releasing the lifting strops. It's about this point that he notices Niamh and gives her a nod in greeting, asking while the seat is taken away, "need anything? Now is a good time to get it before we lift the other one out. Going to be a couple of minutes setting up again before we can so just be quick." He hasn't yet spotted Petra, but a PO closer to the hatch has, and after a few moments eyeing the Colonel, leaves their team to their task and moves to intercept the senior officer.

Its when Toby speaks up that Petra is able to home in on the Crewman, and starts heading his way with a purposeful walk, reaching up to tug the vest of his blues taut, then tuck that clipboard back under his arm. When the Petty Officer approaches, the colonel slows down and nods his head towards Toby, lowering his voice, "I need to speak to Shackleton as soon as he can step away. Only need about 10 minutes, then you can have him back, Petty Officer." With that said, he DOES stop, straightening up to wait, at least designating some respect to not barge in on something critical.

"Nop-… well actually…" Niamh eyes the Raptor, takes out her notepad and scans through the pages. Then without another word she skirts the crane and ducks through the hatch into the craft. She disappears in there for probably less than a minute, before coming out again and moving off to the side. She scribbles something down in her notebook and then tucks it away into a pocket. She spots the Colonel before Toby does, it would seem, and blinks. A slight flinch and then a slight straightening. Not much she can do about her somewhat grimy, slightly battered appearance. "Uh…" Green eyes slide to Toby and then to the Colonel, and then away, focusing on the Raptor quite fixedly as she makes an attempt at keeping still and quiet.

Throughout the previous day's events, there is one pilot who was not well accounted for - leastwise, not amongst those who were involved in the attack on Caprica. Captain Saint Clair, however, was working the back lines well into the twilight hours of the operation, performing the dirty but necessary work of extracting what evacuees she could with limited air support and plenty of fancy flying. She's a little early for her flight rotation this afternoon, thus her raptor is likely still getting a few dents hammered out of it. Better it than her. She hasn't yet spotted the CIC interloper making his way toward Toby as she heads down the stairs to the 'bay; her attention is rightly on the traffic moving to and fro, and ensuring she doesn't get in anyone's way.

Toby doesn't hear Petra's words to the PO, he's to busy focusing on Niamh and the task at hand, but the senior tech replies by simply glancing over, noting the lack of active lifting, and suggesting that now might be as good a time as any. Then promptly returns to their own work. As Niamh darts into the raptor he gathers up the strops and sorts them for ease of attachment to the second seat, and it's not until she returns and starts acting odd that he twigs that something might be up. Glancing round the Colonel isn't too hard to spot, but he rationalises the presence as the brass wanting to know how repairs are going, so leaves him to someone senior to handle. Bennett gets a faint smile though when he spots her, now there's a pilot who doesn't abuse her airframe, and he points her out to Niamh as such. Well, he actually says is, "Callaghan, a face that might be of use to you. That over there is Captain Saint Clair. Squadron Leader of the Gentlemen Ghosts and actually reasonably sane, for a pilot."

Petra nods slightly at the indication from the PO, perhaps mistakenly assuming the petty officer was in charge of Toby's work detail. When that's obviously not the case, the colonel starts forward again. He shoots a glance at Bennett and nods in the Captain's direction, but his attention rapidly returns to the Raptor that Toby and Niamh are working on. Slowing to a stop a safe distance away from the moving heavy equipment, Petra softly clears his throat and lowers his voice, "Shackleton. Five minutes of your time, please?"

Niamh shifts slightly, and looks over to the Captain that Toby indicates. She watches the woman for a second before flicking her gaze away and crossing her hands behind her back, then in front of her, then looks back at Toby, "Uh-huh… noted." Literally, as her notebook comes out and she scribbles something down in it. Her weight shifting slightly from one foot to the other and as the Colonel hails her fellow Crewman, she takes the opportunity to get herself busy doing something else, namely away from the immediate presence of high ranking folk.

Bennett spots the Colonel, eventually, once she's begun her path toward the row of parked raptors in bay two. His bald, inked pate is difficult to miss. There's a smile for the senior officer when he looks over, and a wink for Toby. She has no idea why the man is pointing at her, but a little charm never hurts - especially if she's in trouble for something. She stops short of interrupting what looks to be a private conversation, however, and veers off toward her assigned bus to begin a lazy round of preflight. A pen's slid out of her loosely-twisted bun, and a clipboard collected from a passing technician.

Toby starts the usual, "need to check in with the Chief to see if I ca…" on autopilot before his brain catches up with his mouth on who is asking. There are people he'll make dance through the hoops of 'proper channels' and then there the TACCO. Shutting his mouth he passes the strops off to another member of the lifting crew who happens back at a convenient time, then steps out of the work area and into one of the safe zones. Taking a second stab at a reply he offers a simple "Colonel," then sets to trying to read the other man's body language and expression to see what this might be about. While Bennett's wink doesn't go unnoticed, it's fair to say that his focus is on the man unexpectedly right in front of him for now.

The deck is a very busy place at almost any time, and especially yesterday. But there is still a lot of activity. Another pilot arriving into the mix isn't a big deal. This one is in his flight suit, a newly issued one since his old one got burned a bit in places. Alejandro carries his helmet but he also has a clipboard with things printed out on it that he also carries. His dark hair tossled, the Captain eyes the various air craft in the bays and stops at the Chief Engineer's office to check the flight status of the air craft, and the progress of their repairs as posted so far. Hobo frowns a touch, makes a few hand notes on his list, then turns and starts walking through the hangar to have a look at each viper and raptor still listed as being repaired.

Petra mms softly when he's acknowledged, shooting a glance at the rest of the Raptor's work detail, then refocuses his gaze on the crewman he came to see, lowering his voice to a level the other deckies are likely going to have to strain to hear, "Security fed me a tape concerning a little incident involving you and an MP in the library." He pauses there, long enough to let Toby register what he's talking about, then continues, "Not your first rodeo with MPs. Considering you threw the first punch, you knew I or the Chief was gonna show up sooner or later, I hope?" One brow is lifted as he waits for an answer to that statement, pulling the clipboard out from under his arm.

Keeping one eye firmly on what's going on between Toby and the Colonel, Niamh moves along the walk away, only stumbling twice, though that doesn't slow her pace at all. Reaching her destination, she sets about checking over the craft's repairs, checking over her own notes and comparing them to what she's seeing. It's not long before she's got tools in hand and a panel open, giving her access to the machine's inner workings. The Tauran redhead muttering to herself, or the ship, or both, under her breath.

Nope, not gonna eavesdrop on this one. Bennett keeps her focus resolutely on her own task, with just enough situational awareness to ensure she isn't run over by technicians scurrying about their work. And enough to spot the viper SL as he makes his way through the 'bay. She observes him for a moment or two, but elects not to bother him either. A few notes are scribbed on her clipboard, and she moves around the raptor's portside, a gloved hand run lightly - almost fondly - along its flank. Another note is made in one of the boxes on her list.

Toby makes no attempt at deceit, or fained surprise at Petra's words, but he does consider carefully for a few moments before he makes his reply. When he does it's fairly obvious, by dint of him not trying to hide it, that he's choosing his words very carefully. "I'd have to admit that I wasn't expecting it to be you," he starts, his money was on two or three MPs, "but no, I'm not surprised it's being brought up." There's then a longer pause as he churns over just how much Petra might know about certain things in his past. In the end though he opts for the entirely truthful, if somewhat obfuscatory "only other time I've been in a fight with one since I signed up as a pre-arranged spar, also with the same MP just so we're clear. But yes, I threw the first punch, and the last one."

Petra nods slowly, offering for clarification, "You had a little incident last year on this same subject. A little problem with an MP telling you to back off and you apparently needing your ears checked?" He lets that hang for a moment, then takes in a deep breath, "Look. While I depend on my sergeants to not do something stupid like get angry at a Tauron when they're within swinging range of one, I also need to know my crewmen aren't going to off and deck a sergeant just because they said something incredi-frakingly-stupid. I OUGHT to be throwing your ass in the brig right now. Tell me I shouldn't?" Again, he pauses, maybe long enough to get either an affirmation or a non-committal response from the crewman, before he offers the clipboard and a pen to Toby instead, "But you're also one of the hardest working deck folks I have and I can't stop sending the air wing out to kick Cylon ass because two of my people can't get along. Read this. You're being given a written reprimand. Sign it and I swear to Ares, Shackleton, don't make me come down here for something like this again, or I'll find something other than a vacation in the brig for you. We clear? I gotta have a conversation with my sergeant who should know better as well, right after this."

Niamh hides under her Viper, though she can't stay under there forever, and eventually emerges, wiping her face, pulling off the plaster that's been stuck there most of the day and succeeding only in smearing grease as opposed to getting rid of it. Hopping to her feet, she moves around the nose of the craft, gaze sliding over to watch the inter-action between Toby and the Colonel, which means she's not paying attention to where she's going and manages to bump her head on the Viper as she moves. «Frak.» She mutters under her breath, then lifts a hand and pets the craft, muttering under her breath, probably apologizing.

Bennett continues quietly about her business, not that she's within earshot of the conversation between Colonel and senior technician, anyway. A few more items on her list are checked off, and she clambers up onto the open hatch before vanishing inside the bus to continue her inspection from within.

Toby ah's faintly and there's just the faint hint of a start of a smile as he recalls the incident Petra is referencing. He stamps on that pretty quick though and his face goes back to carefully neutral. "You're right Colonel, I'd just not counted it as the marine I punched then was not an MP. My mistake." He's assuming Petra knows he punched Knox anyway, given he seems to know about the incident itself, and his tone is, perhaps surprisingly, genuine rather than sarcastic or disrespectful. As the question is posed he simply clasps his hands behind his back, braces up slightly and notes, "you do what you have to do." He's been expecting at least an overnight stay since the incident in question, so if anything he's more surprised when that seems to not be the option taken. Letting that surprise register on his features he brings an arm forward to take the clipboard so he can read it before reaching for the pen with the other. His eyes flick briefly to Petra as Ares is mentioned but since it's the officer planning on doing the swearing he drops his eyes back to the page and starts to read it.

Niamh rubs her head and re-ties her messy hair into a messier knot-slash-ponytail and sighs, her gaze switching between Toby and the Viper she's standing in front of currently. Another affection pat is given to the craft before she continues around its nose and climbs up into the cockpit, where she starts running a few follow-up checks, humming to herself in that horribly off-key manner.

All right, now finished updating his clipboard with the information he needed, Alejandro picks an unclaimed viper and climbs on up and into the cockpit. The Captain is still pretty sore and beat up from yesterday's action but Salazar's not about to let a few light burns and lots of bruises slow him down. Much. He stows the clipboard, then he checks his chronometer. Dark eyes flick up to look for other viper pilots arriving and yes, they are right on schedule. Hobo waits a couple of minutes more to see they are all accounted for, then puts on his flight suit helmet and seals it. A preflight check thus begins and Ale waits for the other pilots to get in and start their radio checks. CAP is about to rotate.

Petra mmms softly and folds his arms across his chest while the crewman reads, explaining, "Oh, I know it wasn't the MP you punched. It /was/ the MP that gave the orders and filed the complaint, though." The corner of his mouth does perk up just a slight amount, just for a moment, before Petra gets that back under control, waiting until the paper is signed. He's even quiet for a few more moments before offering, "And in case they haven't already been prolific in their thanks, the speed at which you and your fellow crewmen are getting these crates back in the air has been noted and appreciated. We'll see about trying to get them back here a little less shot to hell in the future."

It's rare for both the viper and raptor squadron commanders to be tasked on the same rotation, but not unheard of. St. Clair's backseater arrives with the other viper sticks, and appears to be needling them about dirty underwear being left in the wrong berthings. A conversation Bennett needs no part of. Her voice crackles over the intership radio moments later, clipboard handed off to the arriving ECO as she harnesses herself in in preparation for launch.

Toby gives Petra a relaxed but shallow nod as he continues to read, acknowledging the point and making nothign further of it. Once he's finished read the page he lifts it up to check the other side in case there's anything there, then as soon as he's happy he knows what it is he's putting his name to he signs and passes both pen and clipboard back. Figuring asking 'is that it?' might be seen as takingthe piss he clasps his hands behind his back again to wait and see if Petra has anything else to add. When he does, and mentions the work being appreciated, he glances round the bay and replies, "not that I've noticed, but then I've been busy." They all have. "If anyone is feeling a pressing mood to show gratitude though," he starts, "could you task them with getting that rotting hulk out of our work area? We can't go near it without some form of filter mask, and it's taking up room we could be using for a couple of our own ships."

It takes a few minutes to go through the pre-flight checks and a little radio banter. Once he's good to go, Alejandro waits for a Deckie to motion him forward to start taxiing his viper out of the bay and around to go into a launch tube. More and more of the vipers warm up their engines, the noise level in the hangar reving up as they prepare to go out, one after another starting to taxi and wait their turns to go into the tubes. There they wait for their cues to launch so they can clear the tubes for the previous rotation to come in. When the signal is given, each one accelerates to shoot out of the tubes. Nice to have no ships alarms and blazing guns, this time.

Finishing up with whatever she's doing in the cockpit, Niamh climbs out and drops to the ground lightly. She makes a few notes in her notebook and straightens her coveralls as best she can, double checking the pockets and keeping well clear of oncoming ships. Each of the pilots, whether they can see her or not, are given a warning glare… no more breaking their craft! Then she's heading over toward the Raptor that Toby was working on, once more.

Petra mms as he takes the clipboard back, glancing over at the curtained off area, "I'll see what I can do, but there are some things the Admiral overrules me on. I'll make the suggestion that we get it moved to the containment ship instead. I'm not that big a fan of having more Cylon technology on this ship or in orbit around Pireaus. I can't promise anything though." His attention is drawn away by Bennett's raptor powering up, but just as quickly, he turns back to Toby and nods his head once, "Thank you, Crewman. I won't take up any more of your time." With that said, he takes a step back and turns on one heel, apparently aiming back for the main corridor.

Once the stick jockeys have left the building in their typical noisy fashion, the overwatch raptor peels off the flight deck in a far more demure display of VTOL thrusters working their magic. The noise, regardless, is near deafening for a few moments while she gets airborne and then fades to the general bustle and clatter of birds coming in, being hooked up to fuel lines, and the overpowering smell of tylium exhaust.

Iron Pilgrim had been Toby's preference for where the raider should go, but you can't hand everything to the brass on a plate, got to let them do some thinking of their own and all that. With the Colonel moving off though he waits a few moments, just in case he turns back, then makes his way back to where the second ejector seat is about to be lifted. Spotting Niamh re-emerging he gives her a quick nod, then, by way of introduction, "and another face for you. That was Colonel Petra. TACCO, which basically means he's 3rd in charge and does tactical and strategic stuff on the upper decks. If you see him outside of CIC or the immediate surrounds then something us up." Or it'd dinner time, one of the two.

«So it was you!» Niamh looks at Toby and gives him a impish grin, despite her obvious exhaustion, feeling the last twenty-odd hours in ever bone. But doesn't pursue that line of conversation as her fellow Crewman points out the Colonel. A quick nod is given, and another very literal note made in her book. "So… the other seat?" She turns to look at the Raptor, tucking her hands behind her back for a moment, then switching them out to check over her pockets while her eyes scan the craft in an assessing manner, that grin still playing about her mouth.

«Yeah, it was me,» Toby replies, assuming she means what he means, but not really feeling like the conversation that would be required to make sure while they're still working. «Apparently I get to continue sleeping in my own rack, but a bit of paper is going to go on my permanent record saying I did a bad thing.» Not that he seems overly bothered by that, or at least, he's not letting it distract him from the work at hand. «They look about ready to lift, so we should stand back a little.»

Niamh gives a short laugh and shakes her head, evidently amused. «Well. It could always have been worse.» Nodding, Niamh steps back as directed, watching the crane working instead of where she's going, as usual, and of course, manages to stumble on a cable. Does keep her feet though, but only just as her stomach makes a really loud sound of protest. «And what's a bit of paper when you get to stay in your own rack… long's you don't make a habit of such things. Tell you what… you need to hit something, come find me… I'm pretty good at taking a beating.» Another quick laugh, but her eyes track the progress of the seat, fingers idly running back and forth along her belt, checking the fastenings.

«Well,» Toby replies as he watches the lift start «that'll depend on if MP's keep being deeply insulting to my face really. Sometimes you just have to," he makes a fist of a gloved hand and taps it into his other palm, «you know. Anyway, like I said earlier, I'm here to kill cylons and avenge the dead so they can pass on to their eternal rest. Doesn't matter how many fraking bits of paper there are on my record, it's not as if I'm gunning for promotion, or trying to make a career in the fleet.» But yes, sleeping in his own rack is definitely still a plus. «Sadly, I can't guarantee you'll always be there when someone is irritatingly dumb in front of me, but I'll try and restrain myself until I can find either you or one of teh heavy bags in the gym.»

Turning her gaze from the lift, Niamh gives Toby a long, considering look, mulling his words over in her head. «Fair enough.» She replies with a quick grin. «Just saying, you uh… well.. you know. It's kinda hard to avenge deaths if you're rotting in the brig, or worse. I just like being here. It's nice not having to worry about… things.» The redhead wrinkles her nose suddenly and steps aside from Toby, «Frak, we stink. Can't wait to get this done and go wash up. I think I might have to throw these coveralls away. Beyond hope.» She bounces on her toes and rolls her shoulders, cracks her neck and scans the 'bay, before bringing her attention back to the lift, readying herself for in case she needs to do anything.

«Laundry is on deck 2,» Toby notes with a sideways glance and an amused grin, «you're not allowed to throw them away. Stores are limited, you have to make do with what you're allocated.» Life is hard, oh so hard, when you're at war. «I get what you mean though, can't do frak all from inside a cell, and there's toasters that need killing.» A quick check of the time though reveals it's almost shift change, and he relays that with a quick, «if you've done a double you can probably slope off slightly early and grab a shower before the head gets busy. Chief's usually good with that sort of thing if you ask her.»

«I know, I know…» Niamh grumbles, though it's less than half-hearted grumbling, as she rubs her hands together and plucks at her filthy coveralls. A nod is given to Toby, «Just you remember that next time you get the urge to hit someone you're not supposed to. No matter how dumb they are. You gotta remember, some people can't help being dumb, they were born that way.» She sighs and looks around, «I'm gonna go find the Chief, see if she'll let me go. Be nice not to have to wait til last for a change…» Turning away, Niamh moves off to go do as she just said, stumbling over a cable as she takes up that off-key humming once more.

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