ALT #345: Workout Conversations
Workout Conversations
Summary: A viper jock and a deckie pass the time of day.
Date: 17/Dec/2013
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Phin Toby 
Fitness Center - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #345

It's getting later on into the shift schedule on the battlestar, so more personnel are off duty. And spending their off time in the fitness center. Phin McBride's one of them. He's in the weights area at the moment, doing leg presses at one of the machines. Concentration fixed on the ceiling, earbuds in to give him something to jam to while lifting.

Toby has spent most of the day down on Piraeus doing whatever fetch, carry, lift, dig, hold and other such grunt work was needed. With a pot of translating thrown in too on the occasion, but mostly it's been grunt work. Now back onboard he's had a quick shower to deal with the resulting sweat and grime so obviously now it's time for a workout. Or maybe there's something more to it, for there's a distinctly disapointed look on his face as he makes it over to the heavy punch bags and finds no one else there working them. Whatever the cause of that look it doesn't stop him from setting to wrapping his hands with the usual boxing tape and then proceeding to start with a few warm up stretches for his arms and shoulders while he glances round the rest of the fitness centre. Phin is spotted, and given a brief nod of acknowledgement, butother than that he seems to find no one of interest.

"Hey, Shackleton," Phin offers to Toby, between inhale-exhale puffs. Most of his concentration is on his work-out, and completing the reps he's plainly counting down in his head. Up, down. Up, down. Up, down. Five more times for good measure. And then, he withdraws his legs from the weights and sits up on the bench, breathing in and out slow. He's been at that awhile, and it was moderately heavy work. He takes a moment to relax and gulp some water.

"Lieutenant," Toby replies, turning his glance back to the pilot for a moment or two as the younger man finishes his reps. Fortunately one of the advantages about the punch bag is that you can face any direction you want, so once he's happy he isn't about to pull a muscle he settles so he can keep the conversation going. He starts slow, right, left, right left and so on, then says conversationly, "keeping busy? Heard your lot were causing chaos down at Charlie's a few days ago."

Phin swallows more water, wiping the back of his hand across his mouth when he's done. He chuckles. "I don't know about chaos. The Admiral boosted up the CAG to Lieutenant Colonel, so it seemed like an occasion to celebrate. I couldn't stick around for the whole night, but I heard they did the traditional…dunk her in the lake thing."

Toby looks faintly amused at something Phin says, and retorts back good naturedly, "since when did you lot stop to look for an excuse?" He shakes his head slowly as he starts to slowly ramp up the tempo of his workouts, "what's with that though? I mean, ditching someone into the lake. That a fleet thing, or just here becuase we have a lake?"

Phin shrugs. "Just one of those things. No idea if it comes from anywhere, or if it's just an idea somebody had to frak with their boss a long time ago that caught on. I took a swim when I got upped to L-T J-G, but that was voluntary. I think. There's a lot of stuff about that night I don't remember too clearly." Though whatever memories he does have of it make him grin.

Toby notes the amused expression then just shakes his head once more. "Can't say anyone tried anything like when I got the boot up from Recruit," then, with a faintly wry smile as he punches on, "I'm almost tempted to say I'd've liked to have seen them try." He shrugs once, or sort of shrugs anyway, it's a bit tricky while punching, "perhaps it's a wing thing? That, or Chief Rutlii figured ambushing us in the rec room was a better plan."

"Could be," Phin says with a shrug. "There seem to be lots of Wing traditions that involve getting trashed and doing something stupid. I try not to think too hard about where they might've come from." He gulps some more water and stands to stretch his legs out some. "Anyway, how's it going? Like, generally."

"Isn't that just a normal day for you lot?" Toby retorts with an amused expression. He's still going about half pace with his workout, but for now he keeps his pace steady, apparently going for endurance this time. "So-so," he then replies, "things are still a bit up in the air all round I guess. Trying to find someone to stitch up to co-ordinate things down on planet as currently it's all a bit of a mess, no news on stuff up here either. Yourself?"

Phin laughs, but doesn't reply to the first part. He considers his response to the latter. "Doing all right. Still doing clean-up work in Picon air space, and waiting to see where they send us next. I figure getting the planet fully occupied and secure again's the priority. And I don't figure we'll jump off on anything before Saturnalia, though. Which is nice. I spent the last holiday here. Feels kinda good to be in the same place for it again, y'know?"

Toby nods slowly, then states with consideration, "I haven't heard anything about us having to ramp up things like we did before Picon." There's another nod to the mention of Saturnalia, but it's not really a sentiment he can share, given his own circumstaces, so he makes no immediate reply. However, sensing the silence is starting to become faintly awkward he does ofer a pseudo-shrug and a "I guess."

Phin sense the awkwardness in the silence, but he's not the first to break it. When Toby does, he offers a semi-apologetic shrug. "Sorry. I mean, I'm not trying to say things are great but…we're all still here, y'know?" He picks up his canteen and goes over to the watering station to refill it. "And we've got stuff to celebrate. I mean, I feel like we do. We've got Picon back, mostly. Never would've figured we could manage that after the attacks. And with the Minoans on Piraeus now, there's more of Tauron left than we figured there was. Makes you think there might still be others out there. Even if they escaped on ships and jumped off to gods know where."

"Like the Hebe fleet?" Toby half snaps back. Then, hearing his own tone he holds both hands out to still the punchbag for a few seconds, then holds one up in an apologetic gesture while running the other down his face. Looking back towards Phin he starts apologetically, "sorry, that was uncalled for, and you're right." Stuffing his hands deep inside his pockets he continues, "with the minoans maybe we should rename the place, New Tauron or something." He's trying to keep it light, and his tone in jest, but he's not managing particualrly well and it comes out overly forced so he just ditches the conversation thread entirely and throws out a new one instead. "You know of any ECOs with spare time on their hands? Got a bit of a project going that could use some input from their likes."

"No, not like that," is Phin's measured response. "Like with working jump engines and supplies. But, whatever." He doesn't retreat immediately, but he doesn't seem to feel inclined to continue the conversation now. The 'New Tauron' remark gets a "Heh" but not further reply, and he's about to just turn and stride off before the last question. "ECOs? I know a couple. What's the project?"

Toby does not yet seem inclided to restart his workout, nor even work on a warm down, instead he hands remain firmly buried in his pockets. "Catching the bastard who left 'em for dead," is his reply, although if he's meaning the Hebe fleet, the Minoans, or both he doesn't specify. "Spoke to a couple a while back and got some idea down, but need to get things moving again on it and that new JAG lieutenant is keen to see progress too."

"Colonel Sheperd." Phin says the man's name with a certain flatness. "Truth be told, I still think he probably fled the system on that Raptor. Maybe back to Leonis. That was his home planet. But I agree it's worth looking. Anyway. You talked to Lieutenant Vashti? She's real good with signals. And if she can't help you, she can direct you to another ECO who can. She knows what they're good at better than me."

Toby sets his jaw slightly a the name of the man in question is mentined, but he feels no need to confirm what Phin already knows. At the mention of the other Lieutenant though he just shakes his head once, "no, but I'll try to. Was talking with Lieutenant Durnst before, and have the notes from what we came up with. If you see her before I do can you point her at me? Like I said, there's a need to get things moving again."

"Durnst?" Phin has to ponder the name before it rings with him. "He's one of the new guys. Well, newer. Came aboard for the Picon invasion. Don't really work with him much. Ygs…that is, Lieutenant Vashti's good people, though. You'd be better off tracking her down yourself. I won't really know what you need, y'know? She's on the patrol schedule regular, probably won't be too busy after post-flight."

"Yeah, that's him," Toby replies as Phin places Devlin, "there was a nugget too, but I haven't seen her about in ages either." He gives a faint shrug, such things happen, then nods to the comments about Ygraine. "I mean, just if you see her in the wing corridors or something, just mention I could do with a word? I'm still no exactly the most welcome face down on deck at the moment, so it's harder to wait in ambush and the like."

"Oh." Phin frowns, when Toby says he isn't welcome. "What happened with all of that, anyway? I mean, I try not to listen too much to disciplinary stuff with other departments but…" Shrug. He can't help but be curious. "Seemed like it was awhile ago. If they were going to reprimand you, I figured they would've done it by now."

Toby can only shrug slightly at that. "Seems like an age thats for sure, but I guess things are busy, or maybe there's a snag or something. I dunno. Chief Martin's still pissed though, so while it might be an idea to check and see if she's heard anything, it might be a bit of a fine line and all that." Another shrug then, "least it gives me time to help out downbelow though, so it's not as if it's wasted time."

"Are you off duty totally or just, like…restricted? I don't even know how that would work," Phin admits. "But I guess they might not need as many hands, since there's not a major op right about to start. Still, can't imagine they'd want to lose anyone off the work line for too long."

"Started with some leave that was, ah, strongly recommended, by Doc Nadir," Toby explains, "haven't been rostered back onto deck since that ended though, hence the work elsewhere. Think I heard someone say the Senior Chief didn't want me back until it was sorted, but that could just be wild rumour for all I actually know. Like I said, I figure people are busy, or there's some complication somewhere." He gives another shrug, as if to ask 'what can you do?' before he then admits, "getting fed up of it now though. Not the stuff downbelow, the not knowing."

"Are they actually sending it to, like, a court martial?" Phin sounds surprised. "I thought for minor stuff, your CO would just handle it. Even if they wrote you a reprimand or something." He mirrors the shrug, though. There's little he can do for it, and he's not a legal officer. "Not sure what to say, except good luck. You seem like a good worker. I can't think they'd want to lose you over something minor."

"Not that I've heard," Toby replies with a shake of his head, "and nor had that JAG officer when he came to talk to me about the other issue. I've certainly no intention of pushing it to that stage myself." Pulling one hand out of his pocket to scratch at the back of his neck he acknowledges the later part of that with a quick "thanks, and no, I don't reckon it'll en dup anything like that. Best bet? The paperworks got buried under something or somesuch."

"Hope so. I try to avoid dealing with legal services if I don't have to. But, like I said, hope it works out. Let me know if there's anything I can do." He seems sincere about the last part. "Anyway. I should hit the showers. Then grab some dinner. Didn't mean to offend you before, whatever that was about."

Dropping his hand back down to his side, Toby gives hin a quick nod to indicate that he will indeed, should anything come up. As for the rest? Well, that gets another shake of his head and an apologetic look. "You didn't. Not really. I'm just tired, and what with everything.." He trails off, either not sure how to continue or not wanting to, before restating, "you didn't. Enjoy you dinner Lieutenant."

Phin might wonder what Toby didn't say just then, but he's not keen to ask just now. "Later," he says simply. And with that, he heads toward the showers.

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