AWD #298: Working Things Out
Working Things Out
Summary: Working out in the Fitness Center gathers Marines and a couple of Doctors. Various things are discussed and Knox gets punched in the face. More than once!
Date: 31/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Fitness Center
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
October 31st, 2005

O'Connell has been very busy. First it was spending a good half hour or so at the firing range and then she spent time wandering the ship between patrols to get Odysseus used to the sights and smells of the corridors and the personnel. Now she's here, working on one of the weight machines. Odysseus is laying by the bench, attentively watching his handler as she attempts to do one more reps to strengthen her shoulders and arms.

Someone has been running through the ship. Yes, that's right. Taking a jog. Lleufer arrives out of breath, sweaty, and wearing his off duty tanks. He stops to open the hatch letting into the Fitness Center and when he closes it, leans there panting. He may not have run very far but he pushed and gave it a good effort. Now he makes it from the hatch to the nearest bench where he sits his ass down before his left leg might dump him on the floor. Whew! Ynyr finally takes a look around and notices the dog over there by Brina's bench. Lleu manages a half smile, still getting his breathing settled.

One more… just one more. It burns, the strain on her muscles, but something's put a burr up her ass and Brina seems determined to finish. Her arms are shaking from the effort but soon, after thirty seconds she gets her arms up over her head. Llefeur isn't noticed by her at first but the dog does and he wuffs a 'greeting' to the MP. That does get her attention and she puts the weights down, her head lifted from the headrest to see who it is. Upon seeing Lleu she smiles and waves. Like him, Brina's a bit sweaty and breathless but nowhere near as bad as he is. "Hey, look who it is. How's it hanging, Sarge," she asks with a cocked grin, acting as if she hasn't seen him in a long time.

"Hang-n pret-ty limp." Lleu leans and reaches over to snag one of the towels hanging up so he can wipe his face, get sweat out of his eyes. He was watching Brina trying to work out, muscles to strain in her slender arms. It makes him smile a little. "Howz O-dys-seus do-ing?" There's a bag he left here which Lleu snags and opens up. He digs out a water bottle to get himself a good drink of it.

Brina has to chew her lower lip, knowing anything she can say to the Sergeant's first will most likely fall flat and get her in hot water with him. But even though she doesn't say anything he might be able to tell that she's holding back something by how that bit of flesh's being gnawed on and her shoulders which now shake from laughter that gets held back. Thankfully the conversation is driven forward by his question and she's able to speak although her face is bright red, now. "He's doing alright. I think he's adjusting quickly."

Well, she /did/ ask and he's feeling pretty wiped out at the moment. The drink of water and the sitting down to rest is helping. Lleufer lifts his right brow at her trying not to laugh and gives /her/ a look. His attention briefly shifts to the dog, "Good." One more drink, then he caps the bottle and tosses it back into his open bag. "For now, let him get us-ed to you 'n the sship. Work on hiz o-bey-ing bassic co-mmands." Ynyr rubs a hand over his face, "Then we can start him on learn-ing to track scents. Some-thing he already knnows but won't know how to do on co-mand."

The look is caught and she blinks, her brow then creasing slightly as if asking Lleufer 'what?' by doing so. Pushing herself upright and then onto her feet so she can join him where he's sitting, Odysseus coming along with her. He is told to sit and lay down and she does so herself - the sitting, at least - Brina more than happy to call her work out done with. "What do people usually use for scent tracking training?" She pauses and then shakes her head. "No, don't answer that. I'll look it up." Brina is used to asking questions but that has kind of gotten her to feel like people might think she's trying to ride on coat tails, hence her changing her mind and saying she'll get the information herself instead.

Ynyr smiles as she joins him and at her self correction, "We both will." Lleu's talking is slowly continuing to improve and he seems more able to use the left side of his mouth a little. He interlaces his finges, leaning forward with his foreams resting on his thighs and knees, "Pro-ba-bly train him ffor ex-plo-sives sniffing af-ter that." Brina's proximity isn't minded as Lleu thinks about the dog.

Odysseus seems to know he's being spoken about as he cocks his head to the side while those massive ears of his perk, his tongue lulling out of one side of his muzzle in a 'grin'. That gets his ears rubbed by Brina. "That'll be helpful, I am sure. His being able to sniff out anything dangerous like that, I mean." She leans back and stretches out her legs, making herself comfortable. "You are looking good, by the way."

The towel is tossed over his bag since he's soiled it and may want to use again in a bit. Lleu rolls his head around on his shoulders to pop his neck. "Yeah, don't think we'll be want-ing to train him to a-ttack so much as save livez. I would nnot want to put lot of work in-to him only for some Cen-tur-ion to shoot him. But we'll ssee about get-ting him an ar-mour-ed dog vest any-way." Lleu glances aside to Brina, "Thankz. Need my weight back up." He tries to make an arm muscle for her but yeah, it's not quite what it used to be. Not shabby but not impressive either.

"We can probably modify something for him if we can't find one that's made for a canine specifically, I'm guessing." So much to consider but it's a good thing as well as a bit busy-making. It's keeping Brina on her toes and having to think and work at finding solutions. When Lleu flexes she makes with her own show by squeezing his bicept, her mouth held in a slight purse. "Don't worry about that," she says after a couple seconds. "You'll get your muscle tone back."

Reed arrives from the Recreation Hall.

Lleufer huffs a breath at Brina feeling his arm and how much muscle mass he's dropped. He is getting some weight back but going to take a little while. "I'm work-ing on it. Sllow start." He half grins, lifts his chin towards the pool, "Been do-ing a lot of wa-ter work. Start-ed run-ning today. Got to hit the weightz, up my pro-tein." Now she's moved to sit on the bench with him after her work out, and the dog moved closer with her, Lleufer leans out to offer his fist to Odysseus to sniff. He's not tried to touch the young Shepherd since Brina took possession.

Reed makes his way to the fitness room. Not really expecting anyone at this time of day. But to his surprise there is Brina and Lleu. He pulls the towel off that was looped over the back of his neck and sets the water bottle down that he was carrying. "Hey Brina, Sargent. How's it going?" He pauses for a moment, his head titled slightly "Looking good there Sargent," he says to Lleu before nodding to Brina "Isn't he?"

This Sergeant has been out running through the ship's halls so Lleu's still sweaty, dressed in his off duty tanks. He's seated on a bench talking to Brina with their newest Marine recruit in training laying on the floor: Odysseus the K-9 Shepherd. Lleu's offering his fist to the young dog to sniff it, looking up as Reed walks in. Ynyr huffs faintly, "Fun-ny how ev-very-one went ffrom ask-ing how I'm do-ing to say-ing I'm look-ig good." For shits and giggles, he pretends to powder his face, miming it like some famous film actor from Caprica.

Brina removes her hand from Lleu's arm, her gaze darting towards Reed. "I keep telling the Sarge that but frak it if he acts like he believes me." The dog leans in with his nose to sniff at Lleufer's fist and then it's given a quick lick, the dog more than happy to make friends even though they really can't be more than work companions. Lleufer is eyed then at his joke, that getting her to snort. "Before we know it you're going to start crossdressing, I bet." Pause. "If I find any of my panties missing I'll be searching your locker first, Lleufer."

Annnnnd another person enters; Knox. He steps through the hatch in sweatpants and tanks, looking like he's here to take advantage of the room. He spots Lleu and the dog and grins. "No shit, how the hell did you get a dog on the Orion?" he chuckles. "Careful, though. He might mistake you for jerky." He can't NOT give Lleu shit. On the approach he taps a two-finger salute to Brina and nods to Reed, but doesn't recognize him. "How goes?"

Lleufer accidently-on-purpose elbows Brina at the crossdressing comment. Boob shot. He opens his mouth to comment about her panties and decides it's wiser not to. Ynyr clears his throat instead and looks to the new arrivals. He reaches over to his open bag, moving the used towel aside and digs in there to pull out a roll of athletic tape to start binding his knuckles, "You up ffor some spar-ing, Cas-sidy?" Ynyr's in a better mood than when Knox saw him last. Lleu makes his lopsided grin, "New MP K-9 in train-ing. Be a while be-fore he'll be use-ful. Young." Bit by bit, Ynyr is speaking better. He wraps his hands in prep for sparring or using the heavy bag.

Pausing in mid drink from his water bottle, Reed just eyes the two of them. After a swallow, the bottle is lowered and he shakes his head "You two," he says with a chuckle. Hearing someone behind him he turns, gives a nod of his head "Pretty good, you?" He asks before he continues "Oh, sorry, Corporal Cassidy, just call me Reed though." He sizes the other fellow up, noticing the scars but says nothing about it. Hearing Lleu and seeing him tap up his hands "Really, Sarge? Don't you think it's a bit early for you to be doing so?" He has already started to remove his jacket though, a gleam in his eye.

Coop grins at Lleu and his info on the dog. "Shit hot, man." He lowers his hand for the dog sniff. "Hey, pooch." Apparently Knox is a dog fan. He looks over to Reed, though, and nods. "Sergeant Cooper Knox. Resident skinny, JTAC, et cetera, and all the crap that goes with those titles." He's pretty plainly That Six. "Good to meet you. Heard some good things about your performance so far. You came up from Picon, right?"

The elbow to the chest, gentle as it was, gives Brina more than enough cause to glare at Lleufer. "Jerk," she grumbles while trying not to smile. She does grin when she watches Knox and Odysseus interact, though. The pooch wags and licks the other Marine's hand, happy to make yet another friend. She's quiet while the introductions are going on, allowing for Lleufer and Reed to do their thing without commentary from her.

Lleufer gestures to the dog first, "This iz O-dys-seus." And then noticing that Reed isn't freaking out and staring at Knox, he is about to introduce the other Sergeant when the Six beats him to it. Ynyr watches for Reed's reaction closely, "Yeah, as-sum-ing you aren't Tau-ron, pro-mise nnot to bust me in the head. Other-wise I think I can take ssome light licks." Maybe more wrestling like sparring than the punch each other in the face kind. He gives Brina a look at her calling him a Jerk and gives her a 'What?!' look, a hand briefly to the tags laying against his chest.

A glance is given to Lleu when Knox introduces himself before he turns back. It's obvious that Reed has heard of Knox. There is a pause as he takes the fellow in again then that half smile of his "Heard about you too, Coop. Good to meet you." Then he chuckles and shrugs "Don't believe all you hear. But yea, Picon before I got transferred here." His features seem relaxed but his eyes study the Six. Then there comes the slightest of shrugs before turns back to Lleu "If you are up to it, I can give it a go. Might," he crosses the room and gets a set of head gear and is about to toss it to Lleu "Might want to wear this though." The dog is given a look, he won't go near it like the other's have done "How's the training going? He got you house broken yet, Brina?" Still looking at Brina he does toss the head gear to Lleu and at the last minute turns to see if the Sargent catches it or not. A test maybe?

Coop grins at the lick from the dog. "Well met, Private Ody. Gimme twenty pushups." He stands tall again and eyes the equipment for a moment. "Heard enough from the Ensign. You helped her out. That's solid points, Corporal." He hangs out with Brina for a few, though. "How'd you get set up for a dog? That's pretty awesome. Going for bomb sniffing or just general eating-of-people?"

Lleufer turns his head and sees Reed's toss but not quite fast enough - his reaction is pretty good but not fast enough. He fumbles the stupid thing and it hits the floor. Ynyr snags it and frowns with the right side of his mouth but nods, "Sure." Kind of feels stupid to wear it but yeah, last thing he needs is to hit his head on the floor hard and frak himself up. So Lleu straps the dumb thing on and moves to stand. Look Ma, no cane! He's been out jogging the halls of the ship today as much as he could push, earlier. Lleu's going to let Brina answer Coop while he starts to walk out to the matt.

Considering the sheer number of smells that the fitness center is typically fragrant with (sweat, grease, stinky feet and everything else in between - literally) the scent of dog mixed in with the 'bouquet' is not immediately noticeable. A keen eye may spot a dog hair, maybe two, perhaps, while moving through the room. Not full shedding-joy of course but there's one or two. Keen of eye, maybe a trifle over attention-to-details at times, Sam enters the fitness center along with another doctor from medical and surveys the room with a slow look. Not enough hand sanitizer on the entire ship.

The dog wuffs at Knox and wagwags some more but he's otherwise behaving, still laying down despite all the excitement that is going on. "One of the Staff Sergeants on Piraeus had a couple dogs she was wanting to train," Brina explains, "but she realized she couldn't do so properly and felt that Odysseus would better serve if he was trained as a working dog. Sarge put in a good word for me awhile back and got the ball rolling." She watches as Lleufer gets geared up for his sparring match with Cassidy, her brow furrowing slightly. "I owe it all to him, Knox. If it wasn't for Sergeant Ynyr believing in me I wouldn't have gotten the chance…" The doctor's arrival is noticed and she waves to her as wella as the other person who arrived with Samtara.

Coop gets another shrug "A marine needed help," as if that says all there needs to be said. Reed does see Lleu miss the catch. Says nothing nor does his features give anything away either. "Alright old man," he says as he moves to the mat "Due to age considerations I will let you make the first move, Sargent." As he readies himself he spots the two doctors entering and a sigh escapes him "Doc's, at my eleven, ETA about 10 seconds," he mutters to Lleu. The wuff from the dog does distract him momentarily, his attention fixed on the big dog before he sifts it to Brina "He's not getting loose, right?"

Coop smiles at the dog and takes a knee beside him. A hand goes out to scritch behind the ears while he listens to Brina. "Nicely done. I love the K-9's. We worked with a few once back on a wing exercise on Virgon. We had them out after us while we were calling in mock artillery strikes on their flight line. DAMN they were pissed. ..Pilots and Marines, too." He grins. "Yeah, well, Lleu is a good guy. Don't let him fool ya." He aims a glance to Sam and he waves to her with a free hand. "Doc," the man greets.

You know, the goofy ass brightly colored head protection does tip off even Dr Nadir that male mischief is in the house. Ynyr freezes at what Reed says and turns his head to look that way, "Shhit." Maybe he can get the thing off fast before she notices. "Hmmm, may-be you 'n Knox should sstart. I can hit the bag a few timez." So much for hoping it was Naomi who had just walked in. Lleu's pulled the thing off and tries to discreetly drop it on the bench as he walks towards the heavy bag, "Ev-ven-ing, Doc." Nothing going on here, nope. Boyz are being good.

With her hands tucked safely in her pockets, yes - IN pockets is safe, no germs - Sam spots a handful of people she can easily recognize and angles in that direction while her colleague heads straight for one of the treadmills. "Hello," offered in greeting to all, "Sergeant," to Knox in return with a smile, "and Sergeant," that one is to Ynyr then around to, "Lance Corporal and Corporal," there that's everyone. No proper greeting in her guide book for addressing a dog politely, glancing over at Leu even as he tries to be all casual like, earning a look of amusement from the doctor. "Coordination, balance, equilibrium, all are key things Sergeant," she says with a fine trace of a smile to the marine before sweeping a look around the group again. Then the Dog, "Mmm," is again about as far as her remark is going to be on that before shifting up again but this time to the dog's human, "Has a vet been located yet?"

Brina smiles. "The K-9s are neat. I didn't get to work too closely with them when I was on Picon, myself, but I did get to see them in action a few times. Mostly during training. Thinking we're going to have Odysseus be an explosives-sniffer. Sarge thinks that's a role better suited for a ship. So no biting people." Reed's eyed now. "… unfortunately. Think Cassidy's deserving of a good, literal, asschewing." That's prompted by Reed's question. "He's not off of his leash, goofball. Shush and do your thing." Lleufer's given a smile and Knox's addressed again. "Sarge is awesome. Just don't tell him that. It swells his head." Samtara is given a nod and she then blinks. "There are animals on Piraeus so I'm sure there's a vet or someone who can take care of that, sir."

Coop nods to Samtara with an easy smile and looks back to Brina. "Good. Well I'm glad we've got working dogs again. I hope the best for you with it. I can't tell you how bad I think we need them, in hindsight." He takes a long breath and stands, eyeing Cassidy. "Dunno if I need my ass beat that badly."

Lleufer clears his throat, a flicker of his gaze to Reed and back to Dr Nadir, "Hmmm. We were go-ing to try a lit-tle spar-ring. Like wrrest-ling." He eyes her to check how much that might freak out the doc or get his ass chewed out, "Try-ing to get into bet-ter sshape." You never know with women when you are in trouble or not until it's far, far too late. Hense his caution. Lleu tries to smile, a little thinly, and picks the head padding back up to toss it from hand to hand.

Reed stands there on the mat, a dip of his head to Samtara "Sir, how are you doing? Glad to be off that germ and bug infested planet and back on the sterile ship?" Brina gets a chuckle and touches his chest, an innocent look "Me? I didn't do anything," well he didn't /do/ anything. When Coop stands he turns to take the fellow in again. "It would be, hrm, educational," he says mostly to himself as he keeps his eyes fixed on Knox "I am sure I could stand up for a few rounds, if you are game, Sargent?" Then as Lleu seems to be asking Samtara permission he just waits, looking between the two.

Knox shrugs at Reed. "I'm not going to go all-out or anything. Just fight at my normal. There's no reason for people to go throwing doors or something," he laughs. Because he's kidding. Right? "Up to you." He steps a little closer to the ring, seemingly willing.

"Excellent,"," Sam replies with a nod to Brina that is, just a shade, relieved at this answer. She glances from Knox to Cassidy and back, curiosity in her expression, "That sounds like it could be a interesting match," she says aloud before she eyes Leu, giving him a look of mild interest. "As long as your sparring partner is well aware that absolutely no hits to the head, there's no reason you have to avoid this exercise." She gives a subtle twitch as she glances over at Reed, "Sterile does not even come close to -" she pauses then rolls her shoulders subtly to bottle down the response, "right. Yes. Lovely."

Brina gets up and gives Odysseus the command to stand and heel. "I should get this puppy walked so he can do his… hehe. Duty. Maybe I'll have him leave a nice little present for Shackleton to find." The dog tugs a little on his leash before he is taken off for the flight deck to be relieved, the furball bumping against Samtara a little when the duo wanders past her.

Yesss… ripping a huge metal hatch out and throwing it at someone would be impressively over the top. Ynyr's gaze goes to Knox and suddenly he remembers something - a flashback of a seat being ripped out of a truck and some woman's legs trapped. Pregnant woman. Ynyr stands there and tries to remember where he saw that. Is it a real memory? He can't place it. This Sergeant notices Brina departing, "Good night, O'con-nell." Lleu absorbs what Samtara says belatedly and nods, "Un-der-stood Doc." He turns to take a seat on the bench to watch this as he's pretty interested in seeing Cassidy and Knox square off.

Reed gives a smirk and a nod before he looks to Samtara "Oh really? Well if the Doc approves and she will have to fix the damage," his attention returns to Coop "A few rounds would be interesting." He takes a step back as if giving Coop room to get on the mat "And the rules," he retains that smirk "shall we just wing it?" If anyone else says anything to him, it's lost for now as his attention is fully focused on the Six. He gets into a fighter's stance, he does look relaxed at it. What ever is going through his head is not apparent.

Knox shrugs one last time. "Nothing below the waist. Otherwise, yeah. Just wing it. Its just sparring so whatever." Coop seems entirely relaxed for the moment he finishes speaking. He steps into the ring and takes up some gloves. He jumps up and down on his heels to get the blood flowing and finishes with the hand mittens. "Later, O'Con." He clears his throat and cracks his neck. "Alright. Let's go. I'll let you make the first."

Sam doesn't, quite, jump when the dog bumps against her, but it's a near thing and response that's quelled mid-motion with a quiet exhale and hands curled quite carefully in the pockets of the jacket she's wearing. "Good eve to you, O'Connell," she voices her farewell to the Lance Corporal before she catches the look on Ynyr's face. The one that means he's processing the possible remnant of a memory, "The edge of something, Sergeant?" She wonders of him, rather quietly, and gestures to the bench near the sergeant, "May I join you?" before aiming a look at the Smirking Cassidy. "Oh come now, Corporal, I'm sure you can move fast enough on your feet that the sergeant won't entirely demolish your pretty face," a trace there of humor, really, humor!

Lleufer glances to Doc Nadir as she comes over, "Yeah, sure." He lightly thumps the bench for her to take a seat as he fingers the head padding. Ynyr thinks about her other question as he sits there watching the two start their spar. "Thought I re-mem-ber-ed Knox … rip-ping a seat out of a car or truck. A wreck, withh some woman trapp-ed in-be-tween the seats. She was preg-nant and it was very cold." The MP looks at Samtara and studies her face, "I think you were there?"

As soon as Knox stops that damned bouncing around Reed has already moved in and thrown a punch at the head of Knox. Just as he gives permission to take the first hit. The sound of the glove striking flesh is heard, a muffled thwat, "Oh, you weren't ready?" He asks as he is up on his toes, hands up in defense, that smirk fixed on his face.

"Her name," Sam says quietly in return, her hands still tucked into her pockets, "is Katie. And she's six months pregnant, we couldn't extract her from the vehicle and the metal wouldn't bend enough despite the Sergeant's best efforts," she angles a nod at Knox, "I had no choice but to extract her from the vehicle but only after I amputated her leg. It was that or leave her to die. Enough people have died, in my opinion. All life is precious, or none is." She moves one shoulder in a small shrug, "I'm a surgeon, not a philosopher. But. . your memory is sound. Pieces are starting to come back to you. Segments. You may want to start writing down the images, memories, then we can build a time line from what you're remembering to narrow down the range in which the connecting segments are absent," this said as she watches the opening exchanges between the marines on the mat.

Coop stops his bouncing just in time to look back and see a glove coming at his face. It connects solidly on his right side and he rolls away with it. He blinks and looks a bit angry for a moment before chuckling. "Okay, so you're an asshole, too?" he laughs. "I see how it is." He rolls his shoulders and steps up again and throws a solid towards Reed's left side.

For once Naomi isn't in the little red dress. Nope, she's gotten herself a pair of sweatpants and one of those t-shirt tank top combos, and her ponytail bounces animatedly as she walks into the gym. She's actually talking to one of her escorts avidly a smile on her face.

Samtara's explaining what his memory fragment is from, in part, distracts Lleufer from the two sparring. "Ka-tie? She liv-ed then, and her ba-by?" Ynyr frowns, shifts his jaw, "I re-mem-ber cold. That waz Ssan-tos?" Just saying it makes him remember some other fragment. Lleu looks towards Knox, "Fflares. Hold-ing up flarez." But he has nothing to write these things down on with him. Disjointed bits and he doesn't recall where or how they fit. "I will try to wr-ite them down, Doc." Then he's back to watching the pair smack into meat.

Reed just gives a shrug "Fighting fair is a sure way to loose, no?" He's moving arms up and sees the throw coming from Knox. Surely he would strike back in kind. It is what Reed would have done. So he keeps his arms up and when another enters his attention is diverted. Hey, I saw her, in the Hanger Deck…"Oof," is let out as the hit that he missed seeing connects. A slight cough as he shakes his head "Back in the game, Reed," he admonishes himself. "Nice," he says to Coop. But already he is moving to strike again. His left hand jabs out, trying for the jaw of the Sargent.

"Yes, and yes," Sam confirms with another of those measured nods to Ynyr, confirming both statements as accurate and real. "It was cold. So cold that we were using paper as insulation to maintain body heat," she adds with another small nod. "He used flares," she angles a nod this time (again) toward Knox, "to guide the rescue raptors to the landing site so that we could evacuate the surviving civilians and members of the team that had gone planet side to extract the survivors in the first place. All of you, without exception, were wounded in the process." Her attention shifts back to the sparring match, watching the exchanges with interest, left hand absently snagging a ballpoint pen from one of the pockets of her khaki's and clicking it, a pensive gesture. Or, more accurately, a processing gesture.

Knox grins. "C'mon. Don't make this easy, Corporal. I'd hate to wipe the floor wi-" Then Coop spots who is walking in the door. He's distracted for that moment and his eyes go to Naomi at the sound of her voice. The man smiles and lifts a gloved hand to wave… only to get socked in the jaw. His mandibles crunch shut and he stumbles back, testing his jaw. "Ow." There's a taste and swallow. "Bift my tumng." He scowls at Reed and fakes left before throwing a right to the man's cheek. Or eye. Whatever.

Yeah, he can remember that damn cold, gnawing hunger, and … something else. Ynyr sits quietly, half paying attention to the sparring and more trying to grab and sort out something more elusive. Thunder and lightning? Or was it shelling? Flashes, deafening noise. But no, he can't place that, too chaotic. Whatever it was it's there and gone again. Nothing attached to it. Lleu rubs a hand over his face and jaw, then idly feels the left side of his face. He watches the fight - Ooh, that was a good hit on Knox! then his gaze is drawn to someone else who arrived and his eyes rivot on Dr. Tamsin.

"Oh, is someone fighting Knox?" Naomi inquires to one of those watching. "And they're actually getting hits on? Obviously he's slowing down in his old age." she laughs heartily, and peers over at Ynyr. She flashes him a smile but seems hesitant to approach.

"Don't try to grab at the memories," Sam advises, still speaking quietly, her attention split between the sergeant and the sparring match. "If you try to force the memories to surface and the edges to take shape they're more liable to slip away instead. Let what rises to the surface of your thoughts do so in their own time. I'd imagine it's frustrating," and she uses the edge of her elbow to very lightly tap at Ynyr's arm. "Give yourself permission to take a break from the fight sometimes. A few minutes here and there aren't surrender, it isn't giving up the fight, yielding the field of contest or anything else. Memory is elusive, even on the best of days. Most people don't remember the drive home from work let alone what they wore a week ago or a month before that. Casual memory, short term memory, is called so for a reason," and she winces slightly as more blows are exchanged. It's now that she takes a small notebook from one pocket, smooths the cover with one hand and turns to the next blank page, making notes in that cryptic short-hand of hers.

Fist fighting is not one of Reed's strong suits, not that he would shy away from it, just not his thing. Perhaps it's that he just sucks at it. "Easy?" He asks "This isn't easy," As his hit had connected he smirks, "Keep your attention where it belong, eh?" The swing at his face is blocked by his left hand/arm and he dances to his right, a body shot is next, aiming at the kidney area.

Ynyr's distracted, watching Naomi for a long moment before his attention goes to the fight mostly, listening to what Samtara is saying. He frowns, hand lowered and no longer feeling what parts of his face are still numb and what tingles and might have feeling. "I can nnot re-mem-ber much of San-tos." He glances at her when she taps his arm, "Yeah, it'z frus-trat-ing, Doc." He looks to see what Naomi is doing, where she might settle before Lleu looks to see what Sam's writing, if he can tell.

Coop throws his punch, putting some power into it but leaves his side exposed. With the hit to his kidney, Coop winces and backs off a moment, grimacing. "You've got some power behind that." He steps in and fakes a right before throwing one to Reed's body and then a left to follow up to the other side. He's -trying- to focus, but other things have him distracted.

Naomi makes her wa over to Samtara, popping up on the opposite side of Lleufer. She gives the pair another impish smile, cups her hands around her mouth, and hoots gleefully, "C'mon Cooper, you're not even trying." Nothing like goading your big brother into doing something stupid.

Sam isn't making her notes tiny or obscure, but her cryptic shorthand is precisely that, medical jargon shortened to mere consonants and key words only. Part questions/part observations, but it must make sense to the surgeon so that when she glances up between notes it's only to observe more and then add to those notes she's taking. "Santos is merely one event," she's said this a few times already, a trace of a smile aimed at Ynyr before she shares the smile further with Naomi, "hello. They appear to be doing a decent job of pummeling each other."

Kostas arrives from the Recreation Hall.

Well, not to bad it seems. Another hit. Reed is feeling pretty good about right now "Thanks," he replies back to Coop. He's about to throw another punch when Coop's own two quick punches find their mark. First on one side, another on the other. The first one has him twisting to one side the second has his twisting to the other. "Yea," he gets out through clinched teeth "Not to bad your self, Sargent." When Naomi yells out for Coop she gets a look "Right, root for him," he says with a hint of a chuckle. He holds up his hand, catching his breath. One gloved hand seems to hold onto his one side. "Yea, not bad. at all." It seems that Reed has had enough "How 'bout we call it, Sargent, think you won that round." He does his best to hide the grimace behind that smirk of his.

Lleufer actually gives Naomi a smile, "Hey there." His carry bag with towel he reaches over and lifts off of the bench so there is room for her to join them if she wants to sit down. Lleu drops it on the floor and uses a boot to scoot it underneath. Off duty tanks and tags are what he's wearing with his knuckles wrapped for sparring or heavy bag work. He had been out running the halls of the ship earlier but Ynyr's sweat has dried now. Ewwe, Sam, can you smell the male Marine who needs a shower? The whole room smells of workout sweat. Yes, sweet, Knox and Reed still going at it. Lleu cups his hands to his mouth, "Come on, you fight-n like pi-lots, nnot Mar-ines!" Teeth are bared in a brief if lopsided grin. Yeah, he can't make out what Sam's writing. "I seem a-ble to re-mem-ber most thingz fine, ex-cept Ssan-tos." The right side of his head he taps lightly with a finger, "Other-wise, see things or peo-ple, can't al-ways link up with thingz I know about'm right off."

Knox chortles. "I'm the one bleeding. Let's just call it a draw." He reaches out to tap gloves with Reed before stepping back and removing his gloves. "If we fought like pilots we'd be sitting around getting drunk and telling lies," he tosses out with a laugh. The gloves are tossed aside and he moves over towards the group on the sidelines. "Hey Mi. Good to see you out of cuffs. How're you doing?"

There's movement from the doorway, and in walks another Marine. Not too smelly—yet. She's got a canteen for a water bottle, and snags a clean towel from the pile and slings it around her neck, heading back towards the weight area. She can't help but notice the two combatants in the sparring section, and it draws a brief grin.

Regardless of his smelly stinky state, Naomi steps forward and hugs Knox, laughing a little. "Yes, I think I look better without them too." She looks over at Reed, offering, "Well fought. Blooding Knox is hard."

It's mild, but it's there; the most subtle of shudders at the sight of the exchange of hugs; it's one thing to bandage up personnel who come through her sick bay all beat up, bloodied, sweaty, etc. Hugging is not at all in the same category. She glances down again, shaking her head, and finishes her note taking before she rises to her feet. "I have early rounds, Sergeant, but continue as you have been. Aside from avoiding, at all costs, blows to the head and I'll go as far as saying anything above your shoulders, you're free to use your best judgement. Bearing in mind that if you damage yourself while using your best judgement you'll set your recovery back a few steps instead of forward."

"Mi, you always look better without 'em. Good to see you roaming freely and once more causing awkward head-touching." Knox embraces her with a big hug but grunts under pressure to the kidney. Ow. Letting go, he looks to Sam and nods. "Have fun, Doc. Hopefully you won't have to see me anytime soon. If you want a follow-up after the last, let me know."

Reed good heartedly touches his glove onto Knox's. "Remind me to not do that again, draw or not." Clearly he is favoring his one side. He turns to Naomi "Thanks," he says as he pulls off one glove and then the next "though I think it was the Sargent taking it easy with me." Once the gloves are gone he tosses them aside "Cassidy," he says in a way of introductions "though call me Reed." Just over Naomi's shoulder he spots Kostas "Hey Ensign Kostas." As Samtara outlines the do's and dont's he grins "You hear the Doc, right Sargent Lleufer?" The Doc is not looked at, almost avoided at this stage.

Lleufer watches the others, then looks up as Sam makes ready to go. A shift of his feet and Ynyr moves to stand as well, "Thankz, Doc. I a-ssure you I don't want any sset backs. I'll be-have." More or less. He grinz and gives Reed a nod, "I do." Ah, there is Kostas. A hand is lifted to welcome her before Lleu turns to dig his half empty water bottle out of his bag and take a drink of it. He's content to watch the others interacting as introductions are made.

"Your speech is improving rapidly." Naomi notes to Lleufer, pleased. Turning to Reed, "I'm Dr. Tamsin. Naomi is fine. I'm Knox's sister." Seriously. Fight her about it!

Naomi coaxes a hint of a smile from Ynyr, "Try-ing." Lleu's getting a tiny bit of movement back to the left side of his mouth but not much. He caps the remainder of his water bottle and drops it into his bag before he picks up his things. No cane with him this round. "I nneed to hit the show-ers. Spar with one or both of ye la-ter." The latter to his fellow Marines. Lleu watches Naomi a moment longer before he says low, "Like to talk with you ssoon, Dr. Tam-sin. I hhope to be clear-ed to re-turn to du-ties soon."

"You're going back on my detail, Sergeant. At least while you're still uncommissioned." Naomi replies to Lleu gently. "I'll certainly see you soon."

Stepping out of the ring, Reed gives Knox a glance then looks back to Naomi. "Good to meet you. I saw you when you came aboard, in the Hanger Bay, the other day." He moves over to his towel, wipes his face, a drink of water. "The Sargent is doing a lot better." His stuff is also gathered up and he turns to Knox "Thanks for the sparring, Sargent. Next time, will have to have a bit more time on our hands."

Coop nods to Reed. "Good fight, Corporal. I'll see you around." He lifts his hand in a sketched salute. Lleu gets a wave. "Throwing you out a Raptor in five days, buddy." Looking back to Naomi he just watches her, looking her over for injury like any big brother might.

Lleufer grimaces like he gave up on that getting a comission after all the crap that's happened. "Yeah." But he smiles his half smile, "Be good to get back." His bag is slung over his shoulder, "Save me a spar, Rreed." Wait, what? A brow is raised at Knox, "Guess I'll pack my sshute." Lleu follows Reed on out the hatch.

Coop gets that two finger salute, where they touch his brow "I'm sure of it Sargent." "Good to meet you, Doc," he tells Naomi before he gets his jacket and picks up his bag. Obviously favoring one side as he does. "YOu got it Lleu. Walk with you back to the berthing." And with that he turns and makes his way from the fitness room.

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