MD #151: Working From Home
Working from Home
Summary: Toby visits Randy in the Brig, the irony is delicious
Date: 07/09/2017
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Randy Toby 
Brig - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The battlestar's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away. Each cell has had their bars specifically reinforced to prevent a Line member from being able to gain access or escape. Brig rules are posted behind the desk on a white panel with blocked black lettering.
Sat Mar 24 (MD #151) 2049

Flynn and Diaz have been put in separate but adjacent cells. It's been more than a few hours after the incident occurred. All that matters is the acting XO has already been to visit and now visitors that aren't people like the MaA or the DCAG or other people with shiny pins are now allowed to visit the newly minted brig rats. Randy is not in the most recommended position for a cell. She's crammed up between the toilet and the wall in one of the corners, but luckily this is a military cell aboard a flagship so it's not like it's terribly unclean. Her legs are crooked up and she's leaning forward, her head resting to the side across her knees and she looks as if she's asleep, completely boneless, her arms resting down to the sides.

While Toby has nothing against Diaz, it's Randy that he's hear to see, or so he informs the MP on duty as he checks in. The whole experience though is just a tough wierd, given he's generally been on the other side, and the irony of going to see a ranking marine is not lost on him. He is though, at least trying not to grin broadly at the very abserdity of it all. Trying. Really, really trying. Not 100% succeeding. "Hey, Lieutenant," he greets almost cheerfully, although not so loud as to wake anyone who is actually asleep, "figured I'd come give you the good news myself, as I doubt the paperwork would be re-directed here."

Randy isn't drooling (not that Toby can see that), but it's the only indication that she isn't actually asleep. She lifts her head a few moments when she hears all the activity going on outside of her head space. She looks lightly drowsy, no doubt the last of the sedative trying to make its way out of her system. "Shackleton?" This she didn't expect, no matter how many little interactions they've had, sprinkled over the last year. "Aye. I'm officially suspended from duty indefinitely, so I doubt any paperwork will be routed to me anytime soon." Vacation!

If he didn't have actual business with Randy, Toby probably wouldn't have come to be fair, but hey, here he is. The news that she's been indefinitely suspended though gives him brief pause. "Oh." A faint frown appears and then he asks, "should I go talk to Ynyr then? I finally managed to squeeze myself into Dr Nadir's schedule is all."

"I'll be out of here within twenty four hours and then they'll figure out what to do with me. But it's not like battle tested officers grow on trees. Just follow up with Ynyr after so there are no delays," Randy offers in that business like way that is a strange juxtaposition with her surroundings…those bars between them. There's a touch of weariness, but nothing else is different. "How did it go?" Her eyebrows arch. /That/ question is one from someone possibly personally invested though. Subtle. "What did she say?"

Toby nods once at the twenty-four hours comment, he remembers that fun fact about the stays here. "I'll go bug him in a few then," he offers regarding Lleufer, who's office is, after all, on his way out. Thats all fairly businesslike too, but when Randy makes her query he has to smile a little. It's not anything thats smug, or possibly even 'happy' but it is certainly satisfied. Pulling a small packet of pills and a piece of paper form his pocket he replies, "diet plan and vitamins, but other than that I'm good to go."

"Okay if you have a heart attack it's totally her fault," Randy says with a ghost of a smirk. "Maybe try to do that before I get out of here?" It's clear there isn't serious intent, but her expressions aren't exactly jolly. "There's still psych shite," she says with a press of her lips she immediately regrets, it being rather telling. "Get yourself scheduled for a screen through Ynyr. Tell him the details of standard screen templates are in the second drawer of my desk. Those doctors never seem to hold onto the most up to date screening procedures for us even when they're the ones who help develop them. Wouldn't want you to have to go through that shite twice." Generally it's an overview of what needs to be covered. Standard for Marines and transfer requests like this require them. "Did you have a chance to talk to the Chief?"

"I have no intention of having a heart attack," Toby replies, perhaps a tad afronted. It passes though and he has the good grace to screw his face up a little at the mention of psych screening. "So I tell them I love the Colonial Goverment, don't torture small animals, and would never even consider disobeying a lawful order right?" It's only after he's said that last one when his brain catches up completely with his mouth, but hey, thats life sometimes. There is however a clear reaction to the question about Niamh. A wince, regret perhaps? "Yeah, I did. She's not happy, but she's not going to block it."

"Good, because you'd never hear the end of it." Everyone knows jarheads love to harp on the same damn things forever because they lack imagination right? Or at least that's the running rib. "It would also help if you actually didn't torture small animals and actually are iron clad on following orders…or," she lifts up a hand to her surroundings. "I mean you know the drill." As news hits about Niamh's reaction, Randy nods. "I would be too if I were her. Go ahead and get an official transfer request started with Lleu then in lieu of the psych screen."

"I, do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm," Toby starts, reciting the legally recognised Mithrian alternative to the standard 'I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth..' etc oath, "that I have never tortured any animals, large or small." Following orders? Well, he says nothing, even if his record is actually pretty good, so long as the order isn't 'stand down', that he has a more checkered past with. "I'll swing by his office onthe way out," he confirms regarding the MaA though, entirely skipping over anything to do with Niamh on the grounds that it's deeply uncomfortable to have to remember her reaction. "Anything else I need to sort?"

"Hey, prove it to the shrink. I just take their word for things," Randy says flippantly, obviously not serious. Tit for tat interaction. "Not yet. Get past psych and someone will then be having a long chat with you I'd expect…me or someone else," she says, giving him the heads up. "Given one of us is going to have to convince the poor new CO that you should be a Marine. No offense. Just you have quite a paper trail." She lets the topic of Niamh go after touching on it. "Have fun with the shrink."

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