PWD #34: Word From the Top
Word From the Top
Summary: Rear Admiral Jameson addresses the troops about the fate of the Reese and the real nature of the Orion's mission.
Date: 02/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Rec Room
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recretion location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
December 2, 2004 (PWD #34)

Phin is napping. It probably didn't start out this way, but he's presently passed out in one of the rec room chairs. There are earbuds in his ears and a magazine in his lap that he was theoretically reading at one point. Before falling into unconsciousness.

Around him, the rec room is as one would usually find it at this hour. There's a game of Triad going with a handful of officers at one table, an enlisted tech is trying and failing to show off his billiards skills for a couple of female techs from CIC, and various others are scattered around killing downtime.

Stepping through a side-hatch comes the Old Guy in his blues, looking crisp for once. The man stops for a moment just inside the hatch to have a look around at those present, a small grey binder cradled under his left arm. Some people look. Several people straighten themselves. But its not a duty area so nobody calls to attention. He slowly walks back towards the coffee counter at the rear of the room, nodding to a few faces he readily knows, though it looks like the man has something more to say.

Over at yonder game of Triad sit Captain Kostopolous and Ensign Apostolos. If their expressions are any clue, the former is losing, and the latter is making a killing. "Not my frakking fault, man," says Thaddeus to one of the other players who just lost a stack of cigarettes on the previous hand. "I told you he could sell ice to an Aquarian." Insert narrowed eyes at Theo — and his new wealth of cancer sticks — here.

And count cards, but shhh. "Officer on Deck." Theo doesn't shout it as enthusiastically as the other Ensigns would. Instead, he says it almost conversationally and throws his cards down. "Captain Short-round there is a little bitter about playing cards with me." He says slyly, as he gets to his feet respectfully for the Old Man.

Phin totally doesn't notice the admiral's presence, what with continuing to sleep.

Jameson waves off the words from Theo and goes about pouring himself a cup of coffee quickly. Nothing too exciting to see there. He drops some sugar into it, stirs it once, and flicks the thing into the trash next to him. His face twitches as he turns, lifting the mug to sip at it. He spots Phin, though, and heads over towards the dozing Ensign. Stopping at the head of the couch, he leans down over his head and nudges the couch once with his knee. Twice. As soon as those eyes open, he stares back and simply says, "Wakeywakey."

Oh, man. He's not gonna- he IS. Thaddeus chuckles low in his throat — even as he gives Theo's nearest ankle a sharp kick — as he watches Jameson head over to the sweetly slumbering Ensign. "Two smokes says he tries to shit himself," he mutters to his tablemates, chucking the cigarettes into the center. Two more are thrown in by another card-player, the bet being 'hits the floor face-first'.

Theo gives Jameson a rather cocky grin. "Aye, aye, Sir." And he grins at the poor unfortunate souls playing Triad with him. "Want to keep up, boys, or call your losses?" Despite the fact he has cigarettes of his own, he takes one out of his winnings to smoke, insolently. "Anyone want to be a lighter this round? Mine's getting low." He throws two cigarettes in for 'squeaks and attempts to salute'.

"Whatthefrak?" Phin yawn-mutters, annoyed, as he achieves vague consciousness. He blinks. Up at the commander of the battlestar. Another blink. This…might not be a nightmare. "Shit…!" He springs up like he's been doused in cold water, scattering his music player and magazine (one of those music/pop culture/politics ones printed on Caprica) on the floor. A very hasty salute is raised. "Admiral Jameson. Sir." Eyeshift around the rec room.

Today on: As The Hatch Wheel Turns. The metal portal door swings open and one of the Lucky Strikes viper jocks steps over the small lip necessary to complete a hard seal in case of a fire. Speaking of fire, is it getting hot in here? Fresh off shift, Aristides 'Janitor' Cole starts stripping out of his duty Blues, complete with the dance moves to go along with it. There is a lot of hip action where this boy is concerned. "When it gets cold outside, and you got nobody to love…" Yup, he sings too. "'ll understand what I mean when I say there's no way we're gonna give up…" One foot props up on a chair as he peels his blues jacket off his shoulders, with a little shimmy shake. "And like a little girl cries in the face of a monster that lives in her dreams….is there anyone out there 'cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe."

Jameson pops up with Phin, stares back at the Ensign, and then proceeds to sip his coffee. There's a five-count before he smirks. "Relax, son. Just figured you'd want to be awake for this." he clicks his teeth with a wink. "As you were. Mostly." The man turns and heads back to the coffee counter, lifting his voice. "Ladies and gents, I'll be making an announcement later this evening before we jump off but I figured I would get this out of the way now and dispell any rumors that might be cropping up." He turns and leans against the counter and sips his mug and gives a nod to Cole before looking around. "First and foremost, I ordered the shootdown of the Roland Reese last night by two Viper sticks that I will allow to identify themselves if they feel they must. Having said that, I want you all to understand something important and consider the implications of loose lips to those back home: There were no living souls aboard the Reese at the time of the recon I sent over. There were signs of a fight aboard, though, on the Hangar Deck. The Reese was going to violate the Arm Line if we didn't take action. That's how close we are." A pause. "A flak frigate, a Colonial Navy ship, was taken somehow and we are still looking into it. Official statement from Fleet Command is that the Reese was lost during a reactor accident on the other side of the colonies." The man looks deadly serious.

Thaddeus doesn't out-and-out /laugh/ at poor Phin, but the mirth glitters bright in pale eyes, and splits the usually-grumpy features into a wide and lopsided grin. Cole's entrance turns his expression even more askew. /Take it off/ is mouthed at the Viper jock, should he catch his eye, smirking as he thumbs his belt. It's the last of his joking around, though — Jameson starts explaining, and the smirk fades toward his usual frown. There's a swift glance across at Theo, some question left unsaid.

Theo grunts. He'd been on the initial recon flight, although despite being a graduate of the flight school he'd done little more than sit around with a thumb up his arse. He also accepts the cigarettes handed to him, splitting them and offering half to Phin. "Are we assuming Cylon activity, sir?" For some reason, he gives Thad a quick glance after his question, as if daring him to say he's being stupid for asking.

Phin's face turns a fine shade of red as he sinks back into his chair. He does not, of course, go back to sleep. Mention of the Reese has him wide awake and sharply attentive. The part about 'no survivors' makes him half-open his mouth, like he's about to ask a question. But, ultimately, he doesn't.

Phin does manage a half-grin to Theo. And he will take those cigarettes.

Thaddeus kicks Theo's ankle under the table again. Cylons. Ensigns and their flights of fancy.

Man, what a buzz kill. Cole flips his shirt over his shoulder, the jangle of his dogtags slapping against the grey of his dual tanks. "And here I was going to freak dance with you," A beat. "Sir." There is a flash of a chipper smile at the Brass, his mood not tarnished by the current topic of conversation. "All in a day's work, Admiral. Reactor accident. How sad." It is what the Admiral says it is, and Cole has no problem falling in line. The stick jockey moseys in the direction of the Triad game that seems to have paused, reaching out in attempt to snick one of those cigarettes in the pool while simultaneously going to drop his blues jacket over Thaddeus' head.

"All you officers in the room, you hear someone joking about letting it slip, you put it straight to these individuals. If the public gets word that this happened out here, it will be anarchy. Fleet is dealing with it and looking into the situation. Seventh Fleet will handle it from here. Some people want to jump to conclusions about this, you go right ahead. Ten years after the war we had a lot of pirate activity still going on and shit like this happened. Some people blamed the Cylons high up and wanted to invade. Imagine the kick of cock-up that would've caused. Keep your heads on straight about this and police your own paranoia. We're being replaced on the like by a whole battlegroup and they are assembling right now over Picon." Jameson glances to the watch on his wrist. "They'll be here in approximately two hours. When that happens, we'll be securing from Condition Two and making our first jump. Of three." Jameson's lips quirk towards a smile a bit before he sips at the mug. Lick-smacking good. "So how many of you here believed the tall tales about deep space mining?"

Iphigenia arrives from the Recreation Hall.

See? No Cylons. But… a whole battlegroup? Hrn. Thaddeus glances to Theo again, looking a little cross that he can't deliver an /I told you so/ with full confidence, AND has lost half his week's allotment of cigarettes in a single game. "Since when was I paying for /your/ lungs too?" he mutters at Cole as he escapes with /another/ of his precious cancer sticks, pulling the discarded jacket off his head.

Thaddeus also raises his hand, smirking a bit as he does. Yes, he bought it — eighteen months back, at least.

Theo glances towards Cole, eyes narrowing slightly. But he doesn't say a word, nodding to the CO at his words.

Phin pockets his won-by-extension cigarettes. He looks a touch confused about why he was given these, but any questions about that will wait until later. He's seated in a chair adjacent to the table where Thaddeus & Co. are parked. His hair's a little mussed and he looks for all the worlds as if he just woke up. A little smirk when the 'deep space mining mission' cover story is mentioned. He does not look like he was a believer.

As Thaddeus peels Cole's duty jacket off his noggin, Janitor gives Thad a little smirk and pushes the cigarette between his lips. Escaping without his hand being slapped by any of the Triad players is a minor victory. No doubt he'll pay for it some way or another later. Airwing retribution is best served cold, judging by Theo's reaction. "I bought anything that would get me as far away from Scorpia as possible." He mutters in answer to the Admiral around his stolen cigarette, wandering a few steps away while he fishes for the lighter in his pocket.

Jameson sips at the mug once more. "People, the top level secret is that we are mining Tylium at a strategic outpost and building reserve quantities in case of fuel shortages back home." He then nods to Thaddeus and tilts the mug. "I hear you, Captain," he laughs. "Its a decent cover. The truth of the matter is this:" and he holds up the binder and waggles it. "We're establishing a thirteenth colony. Not the religious tales of Earth, but a real location. For the past eighteen months we've been setting up a bug-out location for the President and his cabinet as well as the Quorum. We've established the first settlement on the planet along with a Marine Corps base and a Fleet Air Station in addition to a massive naval weapons storage facility. A Presidential bunker is currently under construction. We've got water, power, housing, and a bar. The planet is called 'Piraeus'. You all are apart of the initial team settling a new home to humanity. Congratulations on making the cut to get on this mission."

It may be unclear as to how much Iphigenia has heard, but apparently, as she appears in the doorway, she's heard enough, or had some wind of it before. Regardless, she has the classic Virgon stiff upper lip, as she looks around and attempts to guage the reactions of those in the room.

"Figured I'd finally pissed someone off proper-like," says Thaddeus with a shrug and another lopsided grin. He pulls one of his last remaining cigarettes free of its steel case, lights up with a practiced flick-scrape-scritch of his zippo, then chucks it underhand at Cole. It probably won't smash any family jewels. Probably. "Hope you all like snow, suckers," he adds, after the Admiral finishes speaking.

Theo doesn't look too terribly surprised. "Huh." He then smirks at Thaddeus. "Snow's fun. Lots of opportunities." He glances at the CO. "Are we going to be stationed on the ground, or on the Orion while we're there?"

Phin lets out a low whistle. He may've guessed something in that vicinity, but the 'thirteenth colony' bit does make his blue eyes widen.

Iphigenia inhales deeply; the exhale is slow. The theological implications of a thirteenth colony will be something to consider in the coming days; she retains the serene outward expression in the interim.

Jameson chuckles at Thad's comment. "We've only got a few months left of Winter. Its not too bad. Like living in the mountains for now. Cold, but livable." He stretches his mug towards Theo to answer the question. "For the Winter, Orion personnel will be attached here. We're breaking ground on the Fleet Air Station in two months time when the ground unfreezes. After that, this Air Wing will go about setting up the facilities there and assisting contractors. We've already mapped-out a large gunnery range for you all as well." He sets the binder down on the counter beside him as he takes another sip. "This place is considered to be our highest secret, people. Its been kept off the computers completely and off of any official channels. We're out here by handwritten orders and back room deals. Adar is only vaguely aware of what we are doing. We are completely off-the-grid out there and three redline jumps from the edge of the colonies. We'll be on our own and trust me, its not a bad place. Spring and Summer are pretty great. I think you all will enjoy it." A pause. "Any other questions before I go kick the pants in CIC to get us ready?"

Cole's body doubles in half so the cup of his hands absorbs the weight of the zippo instead of risking injury ala lighter. It's a close call, as his hands were stuck in his pockets trying to locate his own. "Hades' Rejects." He names the motley crew that has been gathered together to form man kinds' newest planet and safe haven. As he notices Iphigneia above the haze of butane flame, his smile reforms. There's a huff of smoke from his nostrils before he only greets her with a low, "Sister."

"If someone did rile the Cylons up, I'd rather be three max jumps away anyways." Theo mutters, and when Thad tries to kick him, he stomps the other man's toes.

"Beats staring at asteroids, that's for- nnh!" Thaddeus tries to kick Theo's leg /again/ when he mentions Cylons /again/, and ends up with stomped toes for his trouble. "Mother-" he mutters at the Ensign, blowing out a lungful of smoke at him.

Phin catches the 'Hades' Rejects' comment from Cole, and he can't help but grin at it. If anything, he looks far more excited than he was a moment ago. He shakes his head. No questions from him.

The Admiral looks around the room. Seemingly satisfied with the larger amount of silence he's inflicted, he gives another deep nod. "Sounds good. As of Tuesday at noon, I'm declaring forty-eight hours leave for all non-essential personnel to get on down to the planet and explore. Until then, stand to your duties here on the ship. You Raptor folks will probably have first looks, but I imagine you Viper sticks will be seeing plenty. Most of ya'll will have to wait until Tuesday." He takes up the binder and taps it to his temple in a lazy salute. "Carry on." And the man just strolls back towards the hatch he came through.

The only thing Gen can offer Cole at the moment is a smirk that invites him in one the joke. She looks the Admiral in the eye as he walks out, more to guage if she should follow, but otherwise content to remain.

"Reason 472 Flying a Viper Sucks Goat Balls," Thaddeus says, the second the hatch swings shut. He laces his fingers together behind his head, leans back in his chair, and grins smugly. His cigarette bobs in his mouth, dusting ash down the front of his shirt. The ash is probably smug, too.

Theo is equally smug, as he leans back in his chair. "So. Boys. Anyone for more Triad? I promise not to make you all my bitches again."

Phin collects his music player and poor, abused magazine from the floor, and sidles closer to the table where the others are congregated. "Thanks for the smokes," he says wryly to Theo. "So, you guys've actually been down to this…thirteenth colony?" The question's mainly to Thad and Cole but it includes Iphigenia as well. "That's pretty amazing."

Jameson leaves, heading toward the Recreation Hall [RH].

"Janitor's seen more of it," says Thaddeus after he plucks the ciggie from his mouth to ash it. What's that? He's demurring? "But…" His mouth twists this way and that as he sucks on his teeth. Torn between a flippant and earnest answer, maybe. He glances around the room, considering Iphigenia for a moment — and giving her a warm-eyed nod of greeting — before he says, "One frak of a place. Almost makes you sad to be civilizing it."

"It's lovely." is all Gen will say. Apparently the chaplain likes keeping such cards to her chest. And for her part, she heads over to the billiards tables, and starts racking up.

"It's a rock." Cole pushes away from his lean with the help of his shrug. "Same as any remote deployment." He leans over, dusting off his cigarette in an ashtray rather than the convenience of his shirt front like Thaddeus. There is a hand gesture that looks as if he might slap Thad upside the head for that Viper comment, but it falls away harmlessly with Thad's ECO seated just across the table to warn him. "Picture a resort, without the amenities." His lazy cross brings him behind Gen, and a hand falls to her hip with some sort of familiarity. "You rack 'em, I'll break?"

Theo quietly excuses himself from the game, taking with him his wealth of cigarettes.

"Do you ski then, Phin?" Gen calls out conversationally, looking over her shoulder at Cole, she nods an affirmative and collects the triangle to start assembling the balls.

Phin shakes his head at Iphigenia. "Not much. Took a couple trips in the winter with some guys from the Academy on Leonis, but I was never big into it. Costs too much to do it regular. The places I worked did paragliding lessons and tours. It's big in that part of Scorpia. Can you ski on this rock?" It may not be his most beloved hobby, but he's intrigued.

"Anything is possible if you wanna strap two boards to your feet and give it a try." Cole lobs back to Phin by way of conversation, his touch falling away the Sister's side to allow him to move around the table and select a cue stick. "What part of Scorpia you from?" An eyebrow gets crooked upwards with the question but he's watching Iphigenia arrange the balls in the little plastic triangle.

And said plastic triangle is lifted away. Iphigenia selects her cue and chalks it, gesturing for Cole to go ahead and break with an easy sweep of her hand. "I'm not a very good skier, but I managed. My siblings are much better at it." she remarks. "I was generally the one her nose stuck in a book and asked to sing at parties."

"Born in A-B," Phin replies to Cole. Argentum Bay, that is. Vernal break wastehole. "Lived there until I was fourteen. Finished school up in Celeste, then got the frak off." He still has a trace of the colony's coastal twang in his voice, despite clear efforts to curb it. He watches the chaplain rack the balls, though he's content to stay on the outskirts of the game.

"No shit, I'm from Yparana. Kopira." Cole makes a little snort of 'small universe' as he edges around the table and leans over to line up his shot. "Seems that everyone that's born there wants to get the frak off, and everyone else wants to vacation there. I never got that memorandum. I still live there." Well. When he's not on deployment that is. His fingers twiddle around pool cue before he cracks it hard against the cue ball, sending it towards the formation. "Watch it if you ever play with the Sister, here. She's a shark." Insert wink towards Gen for good measure.

To which the Sister just laughs. "Hardly, but if people overcompensate and think so, I cannot be blamed." She watches Ari sink balls into pocket, and leans on her cue to wait her turn. "Picon during Virgon winter season is a very nice break, but then we're tourists."

Phin shrugs. "I don't think I'd mind Celeste. At least, not living in the main city. I just…wanted to be somewhere else. Kopira? No shit." His grin widens a notch. "I never got to Yparana. Heard the rain forests are pretty, though. Picon I liked. Did flight school there. There are some nice spots for sailing. Too bad the seas where I was stationed aren't quite right to surf in."

"I was more of a fresh water fish myself." That is currently all the man has to say about his home town, his dark brow knitting together in the middle for a moment in a deep 'v' as if some memory threatens to bubble to the surface. "Looks like I'm stripes." He tells Geni as he misses his follow up shot, and just like that his focus is back on the game rather than lost in the jungle of his childhood. "Surf boy, huh?"

"Solids it is." Gen doesn't seem to mind that he's distracted; she'll take advantage of the fact in order to suck less. Leaning down, she angles the cue stick and slides it forward sharply, sending a ball into a pocket. "Surfing seems a good deal more entertaining than skiing…with a lower chance of breaking one's neck when one falls."

Phin chuckles, shrugging. "Didn't cost anything, long as you had a board. Or something to double as one. My brother and I learned to do it on a couple of pieces of aluminum siding. It floated. If you got far enough from the main drag, you could actually find some beaches the tourists hadn't ruined yet. Can you surf in Kopira?" Another shrug to Iphigenia. "Well, you can drown. Or get banged up by the waves, if you ride the big breakers. They didn't get the really big waves off the Bay, though."

"Or get imbedded in the coral reef. Yeah, there was surfing. We had a nice beach there, right at the valley, but I spent most of my time skulking around the cabanas and rich men's wives while they were out hanging ten. But I always had a poor choice of past times. Sorry Sister." Either the apology is for speaking of his misspent youth in front of the clergy, or the fact that he knocked one of her balls behind a barracade of his own. YOU DECIDE.

"Don't be." Iphigenia's serene smile may occasionally be annoying. "That's the way of the game, isn't it?" Does she mean his misspend youth, or the in play sabotage? YOU DECIDE. When it's her turn, she leans in toward the ball configuation on the table, straightening, walking around, studying it again. Taking her sweet time. "I should like to learn to surf. Perhaps I'll get the chance where we're going."

Phin smirks. "They shipped me out of the Bay before I could get into stuff like that. Celeste's not on the coast, so there's less of that whole atmosphere. Plus, I was going to an Ares school, and they're not much on…fun." Though he looks abashed after he says it. "Sorry, Sister. I was grateful for the opportunity. Don't get me wrong."

"Hey. The Sister here is rife with fun. You should see what she wears under her vestments." Cole takes a few dancing steps away, as if he was in danger of getting swatted by Iphigenia for the playful remark.

Iphigenia just laughs. "You know, I'm going to start charging a fee every time someone apologizes to me for something that isn't actually worth charging for. Credits, laundry, dusting the altar…I could really clean up. I may never have to do laundry again." An elegant brow gets arched in Cole's direction, but she seems at a loss for a reply.

Phin lets out a low 'Heh.' He half looks on the verge of apologizing to the chaplain again. But he manages to stop himself. The comment about what she might wear under her vestments just makes him blush.

There is a deep, honest laugh from Cole as he leans over the table, down to just sinking the 8-ball. He eyeballs the table, then takes a moment to chalk the end of his stick before he lines up his shot. A quick jerk of his arm sends the cue ball spinning, but unfortunately it's got a bit too much oomph behind it and it goes careening off the edge of the table with a heavy sound as it hits the deck and goes rolling. "See?" He points his cue stick at Geni. "Shark." A scratch on the 8-ball means he loses the game, so he tosses his stick onto the table with a clatter and goes to fetch the runaway.

"You know, I'm really starting to wonder about this fetish for the clergy you're developing." Gen says to Cole, her mouth twisting into a smirk. "Pretty soon am I going to say you in the pews waiting with a fifty?" She then adds, "Sorry, Phin. Do I need to be more austere to make you comfortable?"

"Uh." Phin blushes some more, but he quickly shakes his head. "No, Lieutenant. Sorry. The Brothers in the Fist were a little more…demanding about decorum and stuff." A wince when Cole scratches, chuckling. "I don't think you need to be a pool shark to win against shots like that, Janitor."

Ari tosses the ball in his hand a few times as he walks back to the table to plunk it amongst its brethren in the pockets. "Silly Sister," He bends towards her cheek, attempting to give it a chaste kiss. "You know I don't pay." Another wink is giving towards her before a grin is shot over his shoulder at Phin. "Wise guy, Surfer Boy." He pads away at a quick little jog to go retrieve his Blues shirt from where he draped it over Thaddeus earlier. "I better hit the rack. I wanna catch some shut eye before we make the jumps."

"And that's a laundry duty right there." Gen points at Phin, but she doesn't seem serious. She pats Ari on the arm briefly when he kisses her cheek. "Sleep well. Phin, want to rack them up since Janitor's bailing?"

Phin taps his temple with one finger at the 'wise guy' from Cole. Grinning. He stands himself, idly stretching. "Nah, Lieutenant. I think I'm going to head back to the bunks, myself. Didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Later."

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