Major John "Ragman" Wisdom
Wisdom.png Wisdom,
Major Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position DCAG
Age Sex
44 Male
Hair Eyes
Black Brown


Born Poor. That is what John Wisdom was. Born frakkin' poor. A son of a miner, John was expected to only be a miner - However like some of the poor on Tauron, he wasn't going to lay around and get buried in the coal. So John took the easy way out, he enlisted at the age of seventeen (lying about his age) in the Colonial Marine Corps.

John comes from the Mines around the Churchhill Mountains, it's main town being the mining town of Antioch, which was made famous during the First Cylon war as the only city to fly a flag and fire an ancient howitzer at advancing cylon ground forces. The rally cry was reportedly: "Come and take it!" The people in the churchhill mountains are a mix of poor men and women of color brought over and sold from Scorpia, in the times before colonial reform., and the paler skinned citizens that were left over from when Leonis once ruled the colony.

John served as a rifleman in the 4th Battalion 11th Marines, in Easy Company. As such he was relegated to civic guard response in Aquaria. Towards the end of the Pacification of Tauron, John and his company would find themselves rooting out entrenched rebels within the Ajax Range, the sister mountain range to the Churchhills on the southern continent . Given his knowledge of the region-he was a viable asset in the fight on the ground.

John quickly rose through the ranks, and was commended for his actions on Tauron. However instead of going the traditional route of becoming an intelligence officer or staying with the Corps. John chose, when he was put up for Officer's training to apply for Flight School as well. Accepted and approved, John did well for himself in OCS training and passed in Officer's school, saving time to get some college credits from Picon's Naval College.

Upon graduation, John was placed within the Lucky Strikes, which was then part of the 11th Wing. He was made Squadron leader while the wing was still dispatched to the Helios Delta airspace, while their he showed his skills as a leader and helped in training of nuggets to the experienced Wing.

When the 11th was dispatched to the Orion, he was finally pinned as a Major, and moved up to the DCAG position. One that he was thought to have been ready for earlier in his career, though some questions about his religious beliefs seemed to keep him held back due to the political parties in the Navy at the time.

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Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
1977 PVT Fort Madras, Tauron Enlisted CMC/Basic
1978 PVT Fort Brenham, Aquaria Civic Guard
1982 SGT 4th Marines 11th Battalion Easy Company Pacification of Tauron
1987 GSGT Delta Garrison, Tauron Still with the 4th. Serving as Occupation Force on Tauron
1990 ENS OCS Picon Naval University
1990 ENS CFAB Grant Flight School
1994 LtJG PNU Graduated OCS
1994 LTJG CFAB Lockeheed, Aerilon 11th Wing Home
1996 LT CFAB Lockeheed, Aerilon Lucky Strike placement
2003- Current MAJ BS Orion Deputy Command Air Group


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