Staff Sergeant Winston Titus
titus2.jpg Titus, Winston
Staff Sergeant Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Rifleman
Age Sex
46 Male
Hair Eyes
Gray and Silver Steel


Winston Titus has been with the Orion since the initial launch from the Twelve Colonies. A Staff Sergeant with ten years in the service, he is known for his skill with an assault rifle, his prodigious appetite for whiskey and cigars, and an explosive temper that he just barely manages to keep on a leash. It's known that he lost his entire family during the Fall, and he still hasn't recovered. But if there's one thing he is good at, it's wasting toasters. And he does so love his job.

RP Hooks

  • Enjoys a good game of Triad, even though he's notoriously terrible at it.
  • Enjoys a good drink (or a bad drink, or hell, any kind of drink) perhaps a bit more than he should. Well okay, a lot more than he should. But he doesn't let it interfere with his duty. Yet.
  • Not many people know it, but he has a secret passion for Taurean opera. Naturally, he sings bass.
  • Once upon a time, Winston was an enforcer for the Ha'la'tha back on Tauron, before he joined the service. Rumor in the Family was that he left on bad terms. Not common knowledge.

Service Record & Medals

Recent Logs

Soundtrack For The Post-Apocalypse


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