AWD #146: Will Work For Food
Will Work For Food
Summary: Electra talks to Petra about working on Orion.
Date: 01/June/2013 (OOC Date)
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Electra Petra 
Ward Room
The Ward Room's centerpiece is a finely crafted oak table built into a rectangle with sweeping curves towards each corner, matching chairs lining it like a ring. The far end of the room are the flags of each of the Twelve Colonies, the Colonial flag at the left end and the Fleet's flag at the right to flank. At the other end is a countertop built into the wall that has fresh coffee brewed in a pot, and another for ice water, when Command Staff is present.
AWD #146

The Ward Room stands empty for the moment, save for the lone Tactical Officer occupying a chair at the end. Surrounded by several pieces of papers and a few open maps, he has a mug mostly full of 'his' coffee, while the coffee maker in the corner smells like most of the same. This time, however, he seems to have snagged a muffin from the mess hall and brought it back up with him, tearing a piece off to shove into his mouth while he reads a printed report.

So, she'd been sent to see the boss and Ellie is a bundle of nerves as she approaches the hatch. And then there's the smell of coffee and … food that assails her as soon as she pokes her head in. "Is it okay to come inside?" The voice is tentative as Ellie speaks from the doorway, eyes resting directly on the Tactical Officer.

Petra lifts his head up at the sound of the hatch opening and the question, studying Electra's face for a few moments. When he doesn't seem to recognize her, he hesitates for a moment, then sets his pen down and sits up, nodding, "Come on in - close the hatch behind you. You'll have to forgive me if we've met before, I don't remember the name?"

When he studies her, Ellie feels kinda like she's under a microscope, but she bravely steps inside and pushes the hatch closed before turning around again. She's certainly a civilian, wearing faded and frayed jeans, a pink tank top and flip flops and not biding by the usual military protocol, of greetings. Once facing him she shakes her head, "We've never met before." Walking over, she extends her hand. "Electra Rutlii." Tilting her lips into semi-smile, using her free hand to tuck some stray hair behind her ear in a nervous gesture.

He slowly rises out of his chair as she makes her way over, accepting the offered hand with a firm grasp and a small nod of his head in respect, "Ahhh. Sera's…sister, right? Ellie? Have a seat, Miss Rutlii. There's coffee in the corner if you'd like some, just beware its a little on the strong side." Well, there's an understatement, "What can Tactical do for you today?" He waits until she's chosen a seat before settling back into his own, leaning back and folding his arms across his chest.

That he knows Sera is a good sign, right? After shaking his hand, Ellie doesn't bother getting any coffee, but she does glance briefly to it. Instead, she slips into her seat. "Mr. Petra.." She's definitely not up on military procedures. "Yes, Sera is my sister. I was one of the family members rescued from the prison in Picon. I remember seeing you at the Tribunal for Dr. Tamsin. She helped save us that day so I had to speak on her behalf." When it's obvious even to herself that she's running her mouth, heat steals into her cheeks and they turn as pink as her tank top. Taking a deep breath, she studies him in return, with his arms crossed he looks unapproachable, but she forges on. "Sera worked hard for me to be able to attend school while she enlisted. She doesn't want that for me, for me to enlist, though I've tried to convince her. I feel I owe it to her to at least do what she wishes since the only reason I am what I am is because of her."
"I'm a nurse and a physical therapist. It's what I love, who I am and what I do. I spoke with Dr. Nadir and she agreed she does need the help, because she doesn't have time for the physical therapy for the wounded soldiers. What I would like to do is work for medical without being Military. I came to you to see if that was even a viable idea."

Petra listens quietly, studying her face and her eyes while she speaks and explains, though there's the faintest hint of a smile when she embarrasses herself. When she gets down to the heart of the matter and makes her request, he doesn't answer immediately: he continues watching her face for a moment or three longer and takes in a slow, deep breath, letting it go. Unfolding his arms, he sits back up a little and sucks on a canine tooth for a second longer, before speaking, "Generally speaking, in a time of war, we're not supposed to have civilians on a warship, especially a Battlestar…a civilian hasn't had any of the training a military person has had…you dont know what Condition One means or what you're expected to do when that happens, or if we have to repel boarding parties. You might not have any training with firearms, and so on. So I have to say up front that the preferred solution for this would be that you enlist. It goes without saying that we are going to be severely hurting for medical personnel - Picon has dentists and dental assistants doing general medicine behind their front lines."
He pauses for a second or two before continuing, "With that said, if enlisting isnt an option, there is a precedent for having civilians on a ship: A Civilian Contractor. A specialist brought in to perform a function we can't. It was done all the time where the ship's computer systems were concerned, and frankly, I'd rather we had more medical personnel, because we're going to have to start holding training classes for civilians to get them up to speed to at least be able to function as nurses and first aid stations. So if you absolutely cannot enlist, we can create a new status called a Civilian Specialist. You're going to have to attend some training: I can't have people working on my Battlestar that would be a liability, or get themselves killed, if a Cylon dropped into orbit and we were abruptly thrown into combat. Your movement on the ship would be restricted: Deck 3 only. Deck 2 with an escort. Anywhere else would get you arrested by an MP until a senior officer cleared you. You would also be required to leave the ship before we left for combat maneuvers, unless we had already cleared you for coming with Doctor Nadir." Again, he pauses, watching the reaction on her face, "Does one of those options sound like something you can agree to?"

Electra remains respectfully quiet, but wriggles in her chair just a little under his intense study, hoping she isn't relaying any weakness to him, though about now would be a good time for the floor to open up and swallow her. Bracing for the worst, as soon as his arms uncross, hers move automatically to guide her hands together and lace her fingers tightly. Her expression she tries to keep composed in polite interest, but she's not so experienced at concealing her emotions and when he tells her that generally civilians weren't supposed to be on Orion in times of war, she looks crestfallen, her shoulders slumping a little as she bites her lip.
When he pauses, Ellie waits for a few moments, trying to think of a reply. Realizing he wasn't finished, she keeps silent, listening to the options, the requirements, the possibility of jailtime for wandering to the wrong area. Her eyes widen a little but she doesn't interrupt, just waits to speak when it's her turn. "Sera doesn't want me to enlist, and I understand why, so I'd prefer to be a Civilian Contractor or Specialist. I'm willing to attend any training, I've shot a pistol before, but I'm not real experienced at it. I've never killed anyone with one and honestly, I'm not sure I could. I try and save lives and make people more comfortable, not hurt them or take their life." Unloosening her hands, she rubs the palms nervously over her jeans, still uncertain, but wanting this more than anything, she continues. "I have a bunk in one of the barracks right now on Piraeus, so leaving the ship before combat wouldn't be a problem. I would agree to all of those, except the enlisting, right now."

Petra nods slowly at her answer, "Well, make the decision you want to make, not the decision others make for you. As for killing people…unfortunately, they want to kill you, so I might suggest you pay a visit to the firing range sometime soon and check your aim. While we all hope we dont have to shoot at someone, if the moment happens that you do, you certainly don't want to miss." He licks his lips slightly, then purses them for a moment, "Alright. I'm going to have to talk to your sister first - I'm not exactly her most favorite person…then we'll lay out what sort of training you need to take. In the meantime, while Doctor Nadir is escorting you, you can remain on the ship."
There's yet another pause while something occurs to him, "Your sister rather vocal in her opposition to the skinjob Cylons we have on their ship. I'm curious what your opinion of them is?" He doesn't explain why he's asking this just yet.

"I want to work on the ship, in Medical as a nurse and a physical therapist. If I can stay a civilian and do that, then that's what I want to do. I'll train in the firearms and on anything else you need me to do, the conditions and everything else. I don't mind even if I have to go home to Piraeus at the end of every shift to sleep, unless you want me to stay on the ship." Ellie tips her head to the side as he mentions her sister again and she grins. "Sera has a temper sometimes but she's not so bad. How come you have to talk to her?" With a completely open expression, she watches him a moment, nothing to hide in her eyes or demeanor. She's about as uncomplicated as they come. "If I remain on the ship, where do I sleep? I've seen where Sera sleeps and she's taken me on a tour, there's not bunks for people like me."
Closing her hands that were resting on her jeans, Ellie doesn't look like she has a violent bone in her body. "I know why Sera doesn't like them, it's because of our mother, but Naomi saved my life from the Prison. Her and the other one, Ceres is what she said her name is. They helped us on the Raptors. It's the same thing I said when I spoke for Dr. Tamsin at the tribunal. She saved me, I couldn't let things go as they were without trying to help her in return." Not sure of his opinion of them, she lifts her shoulders in a light shrug and a sweet smile. "I hope that's not the wrong answer, but I believe humanity isn't human-specific."

He shakes his head slightly, "You'll need to continue bunking down on Piraeus. If you come with us to Picon for whatever reason, we'll make arrangements, but for now, we'll leave that as it is. And I need to talk to her because she's my de facto Department Head for the deck and I need to make sure that having you here isn't going to start causing friction. While I might be in Command, I'm also making sure that my entire crew continues to work together well, like one well-oiled machine. If something becomes a distraction to that, I need to know what it is, and if I can fix it."
One more pause before he answers the last, "There is no wrong answer. You like them or you hate them, its a choice you make and I've learned by now that no amount of my talking is going to change that. However, if you're working with Doctor Nadir, you're going to be shoulder to shoulder with Dr. Tamsin a lot, so it was a detail I needed to be sure of."

"Piraeus is the best place for me, I agree. I made a little home with my bunk there and it's comfortable." Much better than prison conditions for sure. Her lips curve up in a happy smile, opening her hands again to rub them on the jeans again. "Sera wants me to be near her and if it means I don't have to enlist, she'll be happy. I'm ready to get to work though so as soon as I have the clearance to be able to, just let me know, please. One thing though, where is a place I can get scrubs or something? I lost everything when I was taken to the prison. Sera has given me a few things, but nothing a nurse would wear. I just didn't know if there's someplace that I could find something and it comes out of pay."
Sitting a little straighter, Ellie offers him a nod. "I like Dr. Tamsin, and I'd be glad to work with her. You may want to mention it to Sera though and make sure she's okay with that too. Also, during my shift, is it okay if I have the lunch in the cafeteria or do I go down to Piraeus?"

Petra smiles faintly, "Scrubs and the like, we can provide, don't worry about that. Once we get you cleared, we'll have a badge for you to wear, so the MPs know you're okay to be where you are, and you can pretty much go anywhere you want on Deck 3…so the mess hall, the observation deck, the fitness center, all of that will be fine. As far as pay goes?" He chuckles a little, "I think whatever economy that survives all of this is going to go through a major overhaul, but if you need something, I wouldn't worry too much about the cost. With the military, just let your superiors know you need it, and if we can get it for you, you get it. It will take me a day or two to get this set up, and then we'll call you back up to start you out. Alright?"

"All I need is food and clothes, anything else like personal things, I can get from Sera, she shares her shampoo and stuff. I've lived with very little my whole life and I wouldn't know what to do with things. I don't want pay, it's not about that, I just wanted to make sure there were clothes I could wear, things I could have that would be sanitary around patients." Electra stands and gives him a smile, offering her hand politely once again. "Thank you, Mr. Petra. I look forward to hearing from you again."

When she stands up, he slowly rises up from his chair again and takes the offered hand, grasping it for a moment before offering her a warmer smile and a small nod of his head, "Have a good afternoon, Miss Rutlii. I'm happy to finally have a chance to meet you…and yes, we will be talking again very soon…" With that said, he lets her hand go and straightens up a bit, clasping his hands behind his back as he watches her take her leave.

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