MD #196: Will that be acceptable?
Will that be acceptable?
Summary: It's Petra's turn to talk to the Prisoner. It all goes remarkably amicably all told.
Date: 21/10/2017
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Petra Atticus 
rig - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Solitary Confinment Cell

This would be several days after the attack, while the Orion is still doing a bit of hiding in deadspace and licking its wounds, and surely, people would ne hardly bothering themselves with a POW in a time like this, but noise comes out of the hub front room that definitely is not MP shift change, and a figure in blues Atticus definitely has not seen before stops to check in with the MP and hand over his sidearm, before starting in towards the confinement cells. Well, considering Atticus is the only guest of the brig at the moment, really, any of them could be considered solitary confinement. Regardless, the bald, scarred older male in his blues steps up and drags over one of the chairs, waiting for a moment to see exactly what state the former knight might be in before he presumes to take a seat.

Atticus is bored, has been bored for days now, since they took away the tablet with his books on. While Adeliza's visit the daysbefore had given him something to focus on, and help alleviate the struggles inherant in not seeing or talking to anyone for days, the bouying effect that had is already starting to fade. He's now sporting about two weeks beard growth and looks worn, the kind of tired you get from not sleeping fantastically, but also having precisely nothing to do all day when confined to a small, bland space. A new face is a break in the monotomy though, and once he notices Petra's arrival he pushes himself off his bunk, pulls on the PT sweatshirt he's been given to wear, and pads over towards the bars. He has no name or rank to greet his visitor with, so he's forced to resort to a more general "Good morning," as he rubs his had across his chin. The beard is still in the itchy phase it seems.

When Atticus is clearly awake and apparently agreeable, Petra turns the chair around to settle down on it, offering the man a bow of his head, "Good morning. I have a feeling no one's been down here much for the last couple of days, so you'll have to accept my apology on that - as I'm sure you heard, we had a bit of a dust up." He pauses there for a moment, studying the man's face before he offers, "I'm Commander Marcus Petra. The Executive Officer for this barge while she holds together, and there's been enough talk about you since we gained you as a passenger, the Admiral and I thought it was rather important I come down here to speak to you myself. Do you prefer Atticus, or would you rather I use something else?"

Atticus returns the bow of the head with one of his own, then, since Petra is sitting down, stands easy. "I am aware of the attack," he admits freely enough, "I was moved her from one of the standard cells shortly after it. I had thought it the Machines, come to rescue Lady Emily, but your Lieutenant implies otherwise." He still doesn't know Adeliza's name, but he's fairly sure Petra either knows or can trivilaly find out which Lieutenant it was. Once more formal introductions start he replies in kind, "Sir Atticus, Knight of House Benning, although yes, Atticus will do fine." He's mildly intreagued by the use of the word 'passenger', given how everyone else has used prisoner, but given the locate he puts it down to a turn of phrase. "Executive Officer is what?" he asks, his expression suggesting he's heard the term but doesn't know the nuances, "command staff, but not Captain?" Always good to know who you're talking to.

Petra mmms softly and nods, "If the Machines had attacked us, there would likely have been a lot more chaos. For the time being, they either do not know where we are, or they don't care. Despite how far and wide their reach is, there are quite a few other entities out in the universe, and even in the face of the Skath, we can't all seem to get along." He pauses there to offer a wan smile at that, listening for a moment before he offers, "This might be a little different from the navy you've heard of before, and this might help me a little to understand YOUR situation. You were on Picon, but, you are not a native? You don't remember the Colonial Defense Forces at all? To answer your question, we don't usually refer to the commander of the boat as 'Captain'. In this case, the commander is a flag Admiral, but for all intents and purposes, this is my boat. The Admiral ends up making decisions for the fleet as a whole, while I tend to focus on this ship or our battle group…meaning you are my direct concern and I'm probably the one that ends up making the decision on just precisely what we end up having to do about you. Does that help at all?"

Atticus frowns a little as Petra outright says it wasn't the Machines, it doesn't make vast amounts of sense to him and he's just reverting to his previously established backup theory of a mutiny within the colonial forces when 'other entities' are mentioned. There's a flash a scepticism acors shis features before a throught occurs and he asks curiously, "do you mean the Cylons are back? I thought they hadn't been seen or heard from in forty years?" Who else could it be? No one he's aware of certainly. Listening to the questions he seems to have no objection to filling in the gaps as requsted. "I was born on Picon, but we moved around a lot when I was a child. My father" he says those words heavily, as if he doesn't really want to have to admit such close kinship, "would get postings, and we'd all have to uproot and follow him. I don't recall how my citizenship was recorded, but I know he wanted us all to be Libranese, which proved problematic." What with the planet basically being used as a penal colony. "I remember.." he searches for a reasonable word butis forced to resort to "bits, but not much. Not quite flashes, but most of what I remember before the Machines liberated us is chaos, fighting, marines being used to suppress anyone who dared speak out. It was not a happy time Commander, and as such is not something I tend to dwell on." The clarification of the roles onboard gets a nodded thanks as he listens, then asks with a hint of caution, "so it is you who decides if I am to be returned home or not?" He's clearly still not given up clinging to the hope, even if he doesn't really expect a positive answer."

Petra tilts his head a little, "The Cylons are around, but we aren't at war with them anymore. They have a new home and we've parted company about as amicably as two races that fought a genocidal war can do so." He quiets there again. hid brow furrowing a little while he listens, and seems to be studying the man's face intently while he explains. When he asks his question, Petra is quiet for a moment, then repeats his earlier statement as sort of an answer, "I am the one that will end up deciding what we do with you." There's a second or so of pause before the questions come, "When the Machines liberated you from…what? When the second Cylon war ended…it was over. They left. I spent months in the hospital when my missile carrier was all but destroyed out from under me, and I retired to teach at the Picon Academy. No one was occupying us, Atticus. I was a /teacher/, for Ares' sake. You think after I fought to save our very existence, someone like me would have stood for oppressing civilians?" He turns his head a little to show off the now decades old burn scars thaat cover a good 75 percent of his head, now laced with black tattoo whorls and artwork, "I didn't get all of my pretty marks only to let our freedom get taken away."

Atticus starts to try and work out just who could have attacked Orion if not the Machines or the Cylons, he's about out of ideas and has to ask, "then who? Who else is left?" Other than a mutiny of course, but the way Petra is talking about things that just doesn't seem to fit. With his tone still very much relaxed, conversational, he's tries to theink of a kind way to answer the question posed, but in the end has to resort to a faintly sad sounding, "from you. The Fleet, the Colonial Government. The Cylons left, but the worst of humanity took over. Take my father, he was a tyrant. He had a family, a wife, kids, but he was never there. Always running off to obliterate any sign of descent, kill anyone who didn't toe the line. We have peace now though, the Machines guide us from our self-destructive urges. Had they not come, we would sure have wiped ourselves out long ago."

Petra mmms softly, "But you said you only remember bits and flashes. Atticus, I can promise you, there was no such thing going on. I was a /teacher/. I had classrooms full of eager teenagers, relieved at the idea that they weren't going to have to live through the hell I and the people that served with me went through as part of Nomad. You…don't remember any of that? My home of Virgon was destroyed in the opening attack of the Second War…saving humanity is pretty much all I have left." He sighs softly, pursing his lips, "If we were really like that…why are you still alive right now? Have we been oppressing you? Treating you badly? Granted, we have to keep you locked up, and I hope you understand why I can't just let you roam the ship while you think we are the enemy, but hopefully that much makes sense."

Atticus shakes his head slowly, sadly. "I wish I did remember a time like that," he says, finally needing to do something with his hands and stuffing them in his pockets. "Peace, learning, contentment, that is the kind of world I wish we could obtain, but it is not the world I grew up in. I may not remember many details, but I know enough. We are closer now though, we have peace, and those that can be trusted not to destroy that have learning." As for his treatement, well, he takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "I understand that I am a prisoner," he says, starting his answer with that as it's foundation, "and that as such, limitations are necessary. I have been told though that my treatment would be much harsher were it not for my family name, and initially, my injuries. Your Lieutenant made it clear that my treatment would have been much as it is now for all my time, had it not been for your link to my father." He tilts his head in the general direction of the main brig and it's four cells. "I'm told I was moved due to my behaviour, but I have not acted out, not tired to escape or injure your guards. I have answered the questions that have been asked of me, the only thing I have not done is give conscent for your Clerics to wipe my mind and rebuild it as they wish. I am slowly being forced to conclude that all this, the move to solitary, the removal of my books, has only that goal in mind. So yes, I understand that I will not be allowed to roam the ship, I have not asked for such and do not expect it. All I would ask is for my books back, so that there might be something other than these four walls to stare at all day." Well, not his books technically, but the tablet Lleufer gave him with books loaded onto it.

Petra mmms softly, "When they say 'your behaviour', its really because you see us as the enemy. As a prisoner, its generally understood that your duty is to attempt to escape and return to your people, and Im sure you want to…rescue Emily as well. So this way, I don't have to worry about you, and you at least are assured no one is going to mistreat you and there wont be any misunderstandings. As for being treated harshly, I don't allow that behaviour under my command. Prisoners are not mistreated under my command. If someone DOES mistreat you, I expect you to tell me, and they will be dealt with. But in the four decades I've been in the CDF, I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to deal with an officer using conduct unbecoming." Clearly not counting certain issues with Marines and Deck ceew. Ahem, "As for your books, I'll talk to the Gunnery Sergeant and see why he took the tablet away. He's in charge of security around here, so if he has a good enough reason, then I'll have to stand by his decision, but if we can get it back for you, then I'll do so. If I cant get you THAT tablet, I'll see what else I can do. Will that be acceptable?"

"I have made no secret of my wish to be returned to Picon," Atticus admits freely, "but I understand that we are in space, and know full well that neither myself nor Lady Emily can pilot a craft. I want to go home, as I am sure you would in my position, but I have no desire to commit suicide in the attempt. As I said, I accpet that I am your prisoner, and that confinement is part of that," not that there's a whole lot he could do about it if he didn't mind, but he sounds genuine enough. "Gunnery Sergeant?" he starrts to ask, but for he puts two and two together and makes a successful four, "Sergeant Ynyr? He said alsoz when I was in medical, that there might be the chance of paper books? One of the few joys I remember before the Machines was being able to read when I wanted. Sadly, it is not something I have had the time for as the years progressed."

Petra nods slowly as he talks, and then asks about the sergeant. When he mentions paper books, the Commander smirks just a little, "If you promise me you will take very good care of them, I have a small collection of murder mystery and fantasy books. I'll loan you a few, but they are about 35 years old at this point, so be gentle with them. I will be very sad to see anything happen to them after this long, but books should not sit on a shelf and be admired, they should be read, and I'm pretty sure I can guarantee these will be ones you've never seen before, considering their age. I'll send them down with an MP when I get back to my stateroom. If the subject matter is not to your liking, I'll have to apologize. When I was much younger, I was a very enthusiastic fantasy and mystery reader. Probably why I ended up in Tactical and Intelligence." With that said, he slowly rises to his feet and scoots the chair back against the wall, "Is there anything I can answer for you before I have to attend to the rest of my duties, or anything else I might be able to arrange? I can't guarantee anything, but I will try."

If the subject matter of those books is not to Atticus' taste then he gives precisely zero indication of it as a broad smile spreads across his features. He straights up then, and takes his hands out of his pockets before says firmly, "on my word of honour I will treat them with all the care and respect they warrent." There's a faint happy buzz about him that seems to refuse to go away, even when Petra stands to take his leave. "Thank you Commander," he says with a small nod, "I have nothing else for now. If you have the time in future though, I have enjoyed our conversation, and would welcome more."

Petra nods his head slightly, "I'll see what I can do…I imagine we will at least be talking again after I have a chat with the Admiral, and you'll have to let me know if you enjoyed the books, after all. Thank you for talking with me, Atticus." He even smiles a little before turning to head back over to the MP, retrieving his sidearm and murmuring a few instructions before taking his leave to head back up to Deck 2.

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