AWD #507: Who Were They Fighting?
Who Were They Fighting?
Summary: Toby delievers an update on a Deck Project to Elias, and stays until he's annoyed him sufficently to get some information he wants.
Date: 10/11/2016
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Map Room - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
AWD #507

The activity in the Map Room is still on the rise, as the space changes over from 'Intel office' to 'TACCO's office.' The unchanged bit? Elias is still here, laying claim to the map table, and doing paperwork. Or is it studying? The young Major has a Fleet manual open in front of him and he is skimming over the text as he flips through the pages.

Toby is making a rare venture to the upper decks, om a clean set of greens and with something slightly larger than a pyramid ball tucked under his arm. Ducking unchallenged into the map room he glances to Elias usual spot and a faint grin spread over his features as he spots his target. Heading over he clears his throat once then starts, "Major," shifting the ball so it's in front of him he adds, "I'd say catch, but I remember last time."

Elias glances up from his reading when he hears Shackleton's voice, flipping the manual closed. 'Operational and Tactical Combat: Battlestar' can wait, it seems. There's a brief, cursory frown for Toby, and then a more thorough inspection of the item the man has in hand. "If this is about your mission with Doctor Nadir, Crewman, she's already discussed it with me."

Toby sets the ball down on top of Elias' manual, not exactly carelessly, but with enough of a thump that it's clear he's not expecting it to explode or such. "Glad to hear it," he replies as he shoves his gloved hands back inside his pockets, "nothing to do with that though. Chief wanted me to pass this onto you as the final working prototype of a project we've been working on in deck for a while." Titling his head very slightly at the ball he notes, "throw that into a fire and after a few seconds it'll explode and cut the fire off at its base. Perfect for confined spaces, non-harmful for humans, and I assume skinjobs, means you don't have to get your fireteam right in at the base."

One brow arches as the device is plunked down in front of him, and Elias gives Toby a rather dubious look. At least until the Crewman starts to explain, then he purses his lips and studies the 'ball' as he listens. "I see." There's a thoughtful pause before he looks back to Toby to ask, "I assume this is your prototype? What do you need to make more?"

"It's my brainchild," Toby confirms with a slow nod, "but Callaghn helped with the testing and refining." Credit where credit is due and all that. "I'm not a production scientist. I can tell you, or anyone else, what to do to make one, but I have a fraking clue about mass production or manufacturing. If we want to outfit the fleet, or even just the raptors say, we need a production facility. Might be able to swing it on Sheridan, might need to be Picon. Components are simple enough though, just depends on how wide you want them spread. One or two per bird isn't too bad, but they'd also work mounted to a wall over a bank of DRADIS and so on, so I guess it depends how many you want."

Elias listens as Toby describes the development work and possible uses, then offers a neutral-sounding acknowledgement. "Mmm." The matter of what to do with them is given a few seconds of consideration before the Major nods. "Put together a report, if you haven't already. We'll forward it around the Fleet. Then give a demonstration for Engineering and Air. See who wants to make use of them. We'll see how many we may need."

Toby pulls one gloves hand out of a pocket and tosses the memory drive it holds onto Elias' desk. "Report, technical specs, usage and manufacturing instructions, and footage of test runs. I'll likely need twenty four hours notice for a big demo, so I can ensure I've got a decent set up, but shorter notice can be arranged if something quick and simple is needed. Just let me know. Although we don't have many prototypes left, so one mass demonstration will be easier than multiple small ones."

Elias gives Toby a faintly amused look. "I'm not arranging your demonstration for your, Shackleton." He does take the data drive and set it aside, along with the prototype sphere, however. "If there's one thing I learned from Colonel Petra, it's delegation. And since you're arranging things yourself, I trust you'll give yourself adequate lead time."

Toby doesn't look overly put out at the idea of entertaining others with his invention and just nods at the comment as such. As for lead time, he looks thoughtful for a moment then notes, "depends how long things take down on P I reckon." All entirely accurate, but somewhat leading. "Speaking of which, since you obviously didn't get my last memo, also on that data drive is my schedule, so we can sort out viewing the recovered item from the bunker, before I end up having to explain to The Captain why you're defying her express will." Cos you know, that'd be awkward.

"Mmmm," is all Elias has left to say on the subject of Toby putting on a demonstration. He appears to consider things wrapped up at this point, and gives the Crewman an impatient look when he launches into another topic. The Major's lips compress into a thin line as he listens. "Believe it or not, Shackleton, I have other duties that sometimes distract me from responding to your personal requests. The only thing the recovery team brought back from that bunker was an ancient data drive. It's is being evaluated now, but at the moment there's nothing to see but a literal black box." And by the end of it, he's back to a look of wry amusement. "As for Captain al Yamoha, you're free to tell her whatever you like. She has never mentioned your name to me, let alone asked that you to be given special access to items from Piraeus."

Toby notes the impatient look and takes his time over his reply. Tit for tat. "No offence Major," he starts, with just the hint of amusement in his eyes, "I'd more surprised if she had, because that would mean you'd left the ship in order for her to speak to you." A pause and a shrug before he asks, more sincerely this time, "don't get me wrong, I understand the issues with data drives of unknown origin, and I certainly don't want to be swiping it so I can plug it into the ship's system to view and cause untold havoc. All I want to know is the answer to the question I asked, the one she said I should see. Who were they fighting. Level with me and I'll get the frak out of your hair."

"That would seem to follow, wouldn't it?" Elias answers Toby's 'surprise' with in a rather terse manner. And the question the Crewman wants answered doesn't seem to improve his mood a great deal. There's a pause as the TACCO weighs the request, and then he exhales a long breath. "If those answers are on the drive, we don't have access to them yet. But in the interest of saving official stationary, I'll tell you want she told me. They were fighting the Cylons." He pauses to let that sink in. "At least that is how the … translation came across. The implication is that there is some connection between our Cylons and theirs. As for how? The truth is, Shackleton, your guess is as good as mine."

Toby flashes Elias a quick smile, that some might choose to translate as akin to 'see, that wasn't that hard was it', before his expression drop sot a studied neutral as he digests the information given. "You mean the cylons we created significantly less than five thousand years ago?" There's no sarcasm to the question though, it's pretty much entirely rhetorical and meant more to illustrate how crazy things have become of later than to challenge what he's just been told. "Good luck in sorting that one out then," he offers, apparently genuinely, "and if I learn anything else relevant I'll let you know." Then, as he's achieved both his goals he asks, "you got anything else urgent we need to discuss, or shall I let you get on?"

Elias' response to Toby's smile is to settle back in his chair and study the man. He gives the Crewman some time to puzzle through that bit of information, then gives a small nod. "She used the same term," the Major clarifies. "And … declined to elaborate. But the implication seemed to be yes: in some sense their enemy was the same as the Cylons we created sixty years ago."

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