MD #225: When This Settles
When This Settles
Summary: Petra introduces Atticus to another difficult concept, and the pair discuss how to move forward.
Date: 19/11/2017
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Atticus Petra 
Observation Deck - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the ship where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with the rest of service in the fleet. The front of the room is a very large armoured glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armoured plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and sealing it tight.

It's Atticus' first trip out with his expanded set of privileges. He'd started with the intent of scouting out each of the new places he's allowed to visit, but made the crucial error of starting with the Ods Deck. He's now been there long enough that the MPs are starting to look bored as the stars have apparently captivated their charge's attention. With one hand on the glass, he's just stood looking out, transfixed by the view.

Its not like Petra PLANNED this timing, its more a case of him catching up with messages he should have read a couple of days ago in more detail, then a quick call down to SecHub. Of course, this probably gives the MPs a moment of non-boredom in a 'oh shit, the XOs here' when he appears in the corridor, then waves them back to relaxing after confirming Atticus is indeed still on the deck. Stepping in and clasping his hands behind his back, he takes a moment to watch what the man is doing before offering in a low murmur, "Easy to see how you can lose a couple of hours just staring at the view, some days?"

Atticus had apparently not noticed Petra's approach, and is briefly startled by the voice next to him. It's not a Ghost this time though and Petra gets a small, but non the less genuine smile. "Commander Petra," he replies, having been corrected by Melissa on his previous usage of first names, "yes, it really is. It's been a long time since I've seen anything like this." Letting the hand on the glass drop to his side he looks back to the stars as the CAP goes past and asks, "are they raptors?"

Petra slowly walks further in, until he's closer to even with Atticus, facing the windows. The first comment earns a lower, "CIC has no windows, so if I want to actually look, I have to come down here. At least it means I do not ever take the view for granted, which would be a shame." The question about CAP has him pausing for a moment to follow the tell-tale engine glow, before he offers, "If that's CAP, probably. There's always at least one in the air on active patrol, more if things are bad and we're being paranoid about an attack." With that said, he turns his head to look the man over for a second, "So. How are you doing?"

Atticus doesn't know what CIC is, but he gets enough to make reasonable inferences from what is said. "Like a few weeks ago?" he asks, refering to when Orion was hit, "does that happen often?" Unsure if Lleufer or Miri will have spoken to Petra in the last few hours or not he opts for an all inclusive answer. "Okay, I think. I've been released from Medical, and have more places I can go now. Things are still odd though, and I had a visit from a Ghost yesterday, which Lieutenant Zahav and Gunnery Sergeant Ynyr had to explain for me. I'm still not sure I understand, but at least it wasn't just in my head,"

Petra grunts softly, "I don’t pretend to understand what you're having to go through, and I expect there's going to be a lot of questioning just what exactly you should really be trusting is real. But perhaps it will help if I mention…we'll provide you with whatever information you want to have. Well, information we would give anyone else not Command or Intel, obviously." He actually smiles just a little at that, "When this settles and you feel more like the ground is solid under your feet, we can talk about what you want to be doing. Until then, there's not really a rush."

"Like having a dead woman turn up in my cell and talk to me?" Atticus replies with a faint smile, "I admit that I questioned if that was real." He falls silent after that for a minute or so, thinking, reflecting, then looks back to Petra once more. "Lieutenant Zahav said I could choose between joining the military, or the civilian fleet, but I don't really know what it is that those options entail, well, beyond the obvious. I mean, I get marines and that, but what does the civilian fleet do?" He doesn't envisage much demand for commercial spaceflight after all.

Petra mmms softly, wearing a smirk for a moment before he adds, "I've been in the Navy for the better part of thirty actual years…fifty if you count dates…trust me when I say the ghosts are not just something you see. Piraeus has some everyone can talk to." He trails off there, considering the question as he glances down at the deck, then offers, "The civilian fleet doesn't REALLY get around much, because, well, as it stands right now, everywhere is hostile space, considering just about anyone we meet might end up shooting at us. There's Mother's group, but that's a conversation you'd probably really have to have with Errol's people. I won’t even try to speak for them, since we're still figuring them out, ourselves. Military service, well, that, like you said, you're probably more familiar with, though considering how the Skath take away all evidence of technology, I imagine we'd need to shove you through a lot of training on the nifty gadgets we use now. Or, if you really like the simpler life, we have Pitchfork, where everyone we rescued off of the colonies so far is making a new life. Lots of farming and exploring and building a new world there."

Atticus looks confused at the clarification of thirty and fifty, but clearly isn't sure what to actually ask in terms of clarification. Opting to leave it and move on for now he listens carefully, also quite clearly not understanding the reference to Mother either. "I'm not sure the simpler life appeals," he replies honestly, "not after what they've done. I can't sit back and just farm. I guess I just don't know what I can do."

Petra mmms softly, pausing long enough to offer, "Travelling close to lightspeed distorts the passage of time for you. You want to know why it took us 20 years to show up after the Skath invaded the colonies? We misjumped returning home and lost 20 years in the span of 2 days. If we hadn't, well, all you see here probably would have been so much debris still floating around Piraeus as we speak. Not that it makes our situation any better, but we've at least been able to rescue some people, and we're alive to try to figure out how to defeat the Skath despite the overwhelming odds." He stops there and clears his throat, "Well, when you're ready, we can assess your skills, show you what jobs are available, and if you find something you like that you don't necessarily have the skills for…we can train you. I'd rather you find work you like rather than settling for something you can do."

"You lost twenty years?" Atticus replies, clearly surprised as he gives Petra his full attention, "but thats .. Well, I suppose that less crazy then the dead appearing and talking, so okay." Fraking hell. It's a lot to take in though and he needs a minute too try and work out what that actually means in general. "So, that would mean, say, that for you, my Dad only just died?" It's the first example he can think of for some reason. Folding his arms across his chest he looks out at the stars again as talk turns to jobs. "I can wield a sword," he states, "shoot a pistol, a bow, keep the King's peace?" There's a touch of scorn at the last one though, like he now understands the irony of the saying in this instance. "Horse riding, I can do that too, but I'm not sure you've got many openings for that one. I can read as well, but that doesn't seem to be such a big thing here."

Petra nods slowly at the comment about Amos just dying, "Relatively speaking, yes. As far as I’m concerned, this time last year, I was still teaching Fleet tactics at the war college on Picon. If that helps with figuring out how it all looks to me?" Again, another faint, tight-lipped smile, "If you're good with a handgun, then maybe we can hook you up with some of the folks that have been guarding you. You might like Military Police. As you've seen around the ship, we depend on them to keep the ship safe, keep the peace here, and they have to be good with all kinds of firearms and hand to hand combat. Reading…well, My book collection might be the largest one on the ship, and sadly, a Battlestar was not normally equipped with a huge civilian library, since you normally expect there will be cities close by that have plenty of that…which means when the Skath happened, we've lost….a great deal as far as literary works and the like. Probably never going to be able to replace everything they took from us."

Well, there's another big headfuck right there, must be a day ending in 'y'. "I was just a kid then," Atticus replies, "so much has happened since then." He'll try and get his head round it properly later, rather than waste time when he could be talking with someone who's company he enjoys. "I'm good with it compared to others on Picon," he notes cautiously, "I suspect I wouldn't come off so well against your own troops." And oddly enough, the firing range isn't on his allowed visiting list so he can’t find out just yet. "Do you think they'd have me though, going from prisoner to guard like that?" There's a sad look to the comment about books though, book are precious things to cherish. "Do you have at least electronic versions of them?" he asks, "I know the Gunnery Sergeant gave me some on my tablet."

Petra takes in a deep breath and lets it go, considering, "We're all human, so they have their own opinions and hold their own grudges. But…you haven’t really done anything other than believe a very well constructed lie, and all of us are very very familiar with how, ah, convincing, Clerics can be. We have rather paranoid orders for all Marines to avoid getting within touch range of them, ever, because of how quickly they can twist one's mind. I don't think anyone is going to hold that against you…they might just need some time and some personal interaction to accept that yes, you are okay. And well, we'd need time to train you on everything a Marine needs to know anyway, so that works out pretty well, if you think about it." He pauses there, then lightly shakes his head in the negative, "The ship's computers have some, but it's no public library. I know at least half of the books I have, are not in there. One of these days, I need to sit down and scan them in so they aren't lost if the books get destroyed, but well, leading this fleet is a couple of full time jobs, not just one."

"I've done a lot of things," Atticus replies, letting his gaze drop a little, but since Emily warned him not to go into details he doesn't. Instead, he takes a deeper breath, then straightens up again as he says, "I want to renounce my knighthood. I know Emily has kept her titles, but given what it represents I want to formally reject it, rather than just stop using it as one of your crew suggested. Would you accept that? Or the Admiral?" He doesn't know how to actually go about doing something like that, but it never hurts to ask. With the mention of his books though he says, "is there a machine that can scan them in the library? I could do that, it's not as if I have a hectic schedule."

Petra arches one brow lightly and watches Atticus' face for a but while he listens, then nods slowly, "Right now, there's still no civilian government, though we're hoping that will change soon once Pitchfork grows beyond 'we're barely surviving' stage, so the Admiral and I are it for leadership…but yes, I imagine we can do that. I'll ask Robin how she wants to go about it, just so we can make it official. Not like it's anything I've ever handled before, myself, you know?" When asked about the books, he stops, then offers, "Well, the datapads have cameras on them…its just a tedious job of scanning each page and letting the OCR software 'read' it and build the book into a digital document. Takes most of an afternoon for just one book, but if that's something you're willing to do, that would be wonderful."

"I can't say I've ever seen it happen before either," Atticus notes with a slow nod, "I mean, I've seen older people retire back to their lands, but they still have the title and the like." Not all that surprising that not many wanted to quit, given the different degrees of persuasion that could be brought to bear. He seems more confident when it comes to the books though and nods along to the explanation. "If someone could show me a couple of times, to get me started, then I could do that. I could read them at the same time, and it'd be something I could do that's actually of use."

Petra nods slowly, "I'll find someone that can spend a few hours with you showing you the ropes. Maybe they can let you camp out down here where the surroundings are a little more pleasant. The Mess Hall and the Rec area are usually a little noisy for that kinda activity." He trails off when a JG clears his throat from the hallway, causing the Commander to arch a brow and look back, then wince a bit. He takes in a deep breath and sighs, "Well, it took the Watch commander a little less time to find me than I thought…he's getting better. I have to head back up to CIC, but…should something come up otherwise, you've got limited access to the network, I think you can send me a message directly. Fair enough?"

Atticus has so far shown that he's entirely happy to spend hours on end in the ship's library, so likely he won't have an issue in doing so again. "Thank you," he says warmly, and might say more were it not for the interruption. Unsure if he should give them privacy he looks to Petra to try and read any cues, but then once the situation is explained he nods his understanding. "Thank you for your time Commander Petra," he says, perhaps just a touch sad at the extra implied distance now it's family names not personal ones. "If all else fails I know my guards have radios, but I will see what is easiest. Do you know yet which ones are not present, or do you want to just send me a list of what you have and I'll search for what needs scanning?"

Petra mmms and murmurs, "Just Marcus is fine. At least, until you're actually IN the military." He smiles a little more and winks at that, then nods his head in a farewell, "I'll get you a snapshot of the shelf in my stateroom. That way I don’t fat finger anything on the list and it also gives you an idea of how large each one is." A soft chuckle escapes him, and as he starts to move, he adds, "Good to have you with us, Atticus."

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