AWD #322: When Deckies Talk
When Deckies Talk
Summary: Dio and Toby catch up on a few things.
Date: 09/05/2016
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Toby Diomedes 
Naval Enlisted Berthings - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Housing a couple thousand naval personnel is never easy, but the fleet has managed for many decades. The enlisted barracks are divided up into sixty-bunk berthings and spread out across Deck Three. Each bunk has a small blue privacy curtain to keep out the light and prying eyes, but at least each individual has their own space. The drawers beneath each bunk and the lockers provide additional storage space. Between each stack of bunks is a single table that comprises a single section, each barracks holding five sections that are divided by thin bulkheads.
AWD #322

It's been a long day for Toby and after his shift he's been down to the fitness centre to take a lot of his frustrations out on one of the heavy punch bags. With his towel around his shoulders he heads back to his bunk to grab what he needs for a shower, glancing to a couple of other bunks to see if their inhabitants are present.

Dio's in his bunk, drawing in that notebook he keeps for tattoo designs. He's working on something on the page- an amalgam of symbols very like those on the 'spirits' that had been planet-side. He seems focused on the task, recreating from his copies the details he can recall. Another page has a woman's face- the one who'd spoken to them- dressed in flowing robes as if she were some kind of oracle.

As it turns out Dio is one of the faces Toby had been looking for. "Hey," says quietly as he pauses, aiming to announce his presence but not startle him if he's concentrating. Looking at the designs he nods his approval and then asks, "you got a moment man?"

"What's up?" Dio asks, putting the tattoo sketches to the side to look up towards Toby, "Something on your mind?" he wonders now, as he sits on his bunk and gives Toby a nod.

"Couple of things actually," Toby replies as he leans against the frame of the bunk, "well, not counting whatever that was down on P yesterday. That I think I'm going to need to think about a lot more before I can decide on anything about it." Tilting his head towards the drawing of the woman he adds quickly, "thats a good sketch though." Handily that brings him onto item number one. "With so few of us left now, could you, I mean.. I never learnt how to tattoo, but I'd like to, if you felt up to teaching."

Dio's quiet for a minute, nodding quietly. "Yeah. I'm not a good teacher, though." he says, "Still, I'll teach it. Its a good skill to have." he offers simply, "Particularly since its a dying art, now." he says with a bit of a sigh- not something he likes to think about. "I can show you that, though. Yeah." he says, with a slow breath- a quiet inhale. "I was planning some new ones since what happened down there. Seems like an important enough event to deserve some permanent reminder."

"Thanks" Toby replies quietly, he doesn't want to think of it as a dying art either, but sometimes the universe if cruel. Straightening just a little he continues, "yeah, definitely. Nit sure how I want to mark it though, but I guess when the right option presents itself I'll know. Shame we didn't get all their faces, preserve each one somehow." His next breath isn't quite a sign, but it is deep, and released slowly. "There was one other thing, if you don't mind talking shop for a moment?"

"Go ahead." Dio says with a nod, as he leans back into his bunk- putting the sketch book to the side for now. "What sort of shop talk needs to be taken care of?" he wonders next, curious.

"I had a visit from an Intel Lieutenant a few days ago," Toby starts, "apparently they're planning on recovering some disabled raider and want deck to take it apart for them. She said the main aim would be to try and find a way for viper's to be able to track and aim at them better or somesuch, but it's a take it apart and see how it works job. You interested? She wanted me to do it, but I had to explain that I'm neither airframe nor avionics, and more likely to break anything than work out it's purpose. You might be able to find something useful though, if you want the job."

"Could do. Always been good at taking shit apart." Dio replies, with a nod of his head. "I'll take the bugger to pieces, and I might be able to give a little idea on how it works." he says, with a shrug. "I got something else I'm working on for some young-buck major, too. Raptor with a faulty jump drive or something, I've got to do a mess of diagnostics on the bastard."

Toby looks more than a little relieved when Dio agrees to take on the project, smiling back to him as he offers, "cheers mate, I'll let the Lieutenant know. I've agrred I'll do checks on anything that looks like it might be damage control, or life support, and such, but yeah, you're a better fit for the project." With that weight off his shoulders he proceeds to raise an eyebrow at the mention of a sick raptor. "Didn't see it on the lists, but again, not liek the jump drive is exactly my field. Did the major break it himself, or are they acting as a shield for the guilty party?"

"Ain't real sure. I'm guessing they're thinkin' there was some foul play involved, but shit- could have just been faulty parts. The diagnostics are running now. I figured to give her a deep scan while I was off shift." Dio says, "Then, if that don't find nothin' I guess I'll start taking things apart there, too."

Toby winces faintly at the talk of foul play, then nods, "yell if you need a hand, on either. Anyone playing games with an FTL drive needs a short walk out of an airlock." Speaking of airlocks another thought occurs and he says, "you hear there's a skinjob in medical by the way? Marines hauled it off Aerlion or somewhere and decided not to just terminate it."

"Should have just killed it." Dio says, with a shake of his head. "Always tryin' to bring those things on board. It never ends well." he says, with a bit of a grump, taking a slow breath- "Just a load of shit. What if it gets out?" he asks, "I mean, medical ain't exactly the brig."

"Tell me about it," Toby replies, a faint frown crossing his features, "should airlock it along with the one in the marines. Thank frak they don't bunk with us at least, can you imagine being expected to sleep next to a toaster?" The idea is clearly disgusting and the frown deepens, "maybe we'll get lucky and it'll die of it's wounds before it breaks out and tries to kill us all eh?"

"Yeah, last thing we need is another toaster running around through the halls causing panic." Dio says with a laugh, "I don't always have a lunch tray with me for defense." he says, with a grin. "But- yeah. Its all sorts of farked up right now. All I want is to go back to the days when my mother sang me to sleep. Shit was simple then."

"Heard someone say it was a Nine," Toby notes after nodding along to Dio's sentiments, "like that pilot we had. Least if it is we can recognise it." The talk of parents sobers him a touch though and he shrugs, "I can't remember those times, but then I never really got on with my parents. There probably was a time when it was happy like that, but everything else since has blocked it from memory."

"Eh, its not important. Just nostalgia for times when life seemed better. Like there was a big future. waiting for us." Dio says, with a shrug- "Can't exactly dwell on it- but Lords above if I don't wish it sometimes." he takes a slow breath, "Those words, though. I can't escape 'em. Thing is, I'm sort of sick of fighting. I want to like… settle down and just fix shit."

"I'd be happy to settle down somewhere perhaps, once we've avenged the dead, but I don't think I could sleep knowing they were not yet at rest and I had given up," Toby replies. "After that? Then I guess, then it'd be time to settle somewhere, don't know where though. Would you go back to Minos?"

"If I could, I would. But I don't think there's any going back to Minos." Dio replies with a sigh, as he just goes to sit back again- grabbing his tattoo book. "Here, take a seat. Lets start with the tattoos." he offers, nodding to the spot next to him. "We gotta start with simple designs."

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