ALT #325: Whatever, Bevermind
Whatever, Bevermind
Summary: An interlude in the Marine enlisted berths. Sewing, nick-names, slips of the tongue turned into something as dirty as possible. Pretty typical.
Date: 27/11/2013 (OOC Date)
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Marine Enlisted Berthings — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
Housing for a whole company of Marines plus headquarters support staff requires more than one hundred bunks for the Marines' enlisted personnel. Divided into two primary bunkhouses, each one holds sixty bunks, one bunk stacked over another against the wall with a table between each row and a thin bulkhead between the sections. Rather than the blue curtains of the naval enlisted, each bunk has a dark green barrier with the crest of the CMC done in black. The lockers for the Marines are triple the size of the Navy's allowances, each locker holding a Marine's personal bodyarmor and several different sets of uniforms plus combat webbing and helmet. The space physically provided in the lockers might be larger, but the allowance for personal space is less, though the drawers beneath each bunk help alleviate the problem somewhat.
AWD #325

Leightner is resting back in his rack, doing.. Needlepoint. Seriously right there in his rack, stitching fabric stretched between two hoops. Thing is at this point, most people have been put back together by him so there hasn't been much laughing.

Neko was jogging. The corridors of the battlestar. She has to break her stride to open and push through the hatch, but she keeps up a quick clip as she works her way over to her bunk. Greetings are exchanged with the Marines she passes. She starts to say something to Leighter, but it turns to a cackle and "What the frak?" when she sees him at the needlepoint. Having been put back together by him doesn't deter her, apparently.

Leightner looks up, "Soun." He says, as if he suddenly remembered something. "Tha, Needlepoint. Embroidery." He explains, then points the curved needle at her, "Ye were a Pyramid player, aye? I don't follow pyramid, but me Jena, me girl, does an she recognized ye name. Also if ye want ye bullets we pulled outta ye can gettem fer ye."

"I think my granny did something like that," Neko says with a cheeky grin as she tosses herself onto her bunk. "How'd you pick it up? Trying to impress little old ladies?" When he mentions Pyramid, however, she rolls over and sits up again. To preen. "Oh that. Yeah. I did a few years in the pro league. Top scorer in the Delta Conference four years running when I was with the Vice. I was on the Picon Panthers roster when the toasters frakked up the season. And, you know, the worlds."

Leightner turns the hoop, and-

It's a unit patch. Dog platoon, there's a monster dog, with a Centurion head in his jaws. It's half done.

"Picked it up outta sickbay, good fer stitchin people together an repairin dress uniforms. An I don't know if I got tha design right, but I don't see no one else tryin."

"Ooooo, death dog!" Neko is enthusiastic about this, as she cranes her neck up and over to take a gander at it. "That's pretty boss. Well. For granny-work." She laughs at her own joke, but it doesn't seem ill meaning. Much. "Nah, I get it. Practice for your sewing people together skills, or whatever. You been doing this whole thing long? The military thing."

Kapali arrives from the Enlisted Barracks.

Leightner is showing Neko his needlepoint, and his half finished Dog Platoon Unit patch, a monster dog with a centurion head in its jaws. "Ya? Think so?" He looks at it, "I could put sum wee flames comin out tha side o the dogs jaws." He looks ack to Neko, "Well, me girl, Jena, she's a Pyramid fan, I'm sure she'd love ta talk sport wit ye, if ye got tha time."

Neko has just returned from a jog. Around the ship. She's flopped semi in her bunk, though she's leaning out to look at Leightner's needle work. "Flames'd be frakking awesome. I like it. Has a whole 'killing toasters with fire' artistic vibe that I dig." The last part gets a nod. "She a fan? I'd be happy to write her an autograph." Not that he asked for one. "But, yeah. I'll mention it if I run into her. I miss playing like frak. Combat gets the blood running kind of like a really good play-off game but…those are less bloody. Most of the time."

Returning from a few days on Piraeus has Kapali looking a bit pink from spending to much time in the cold and the sun, and though she did take the time to stomp the mud off of her boots before getting this far she's still dusty. She angles her head in a nod as she walks through the room, drops her gear on her bunk and shucks off her cold weather gear while waiting for her hands to thaw out.

Leightner nods, "Oh, aye, Autograph be great, an if ye meet her, ye can mention Pyramid an it's off ta tha races." He looks at the patch, "I c'n try it, Do one up an put it up on tha board an see whot tha others think. Ger a vote." He looks over to the Engineer, "Kap. Oi, Ye look cold still. How's Piraeus?"

"Yo, Kappy," Neko hollers to Kapali as she enters. She's apparently decided the other Marine needs a nickname, and picked that one. She beams at Leightner and starts rifling around in her bunk. "I'm sure I've got a pen and crap in here somewhere…"

"Cold and windy, and when it's not windy its cold anyway," Kapali replies as she gives both hands a brief shake to get the blood flowing then works the buttons on the second coat she's wearing beneath the first and grins. "Got some more structures up though. They're not mansions, by any imagination, but they'll keep the people warm. Crowded, but warm," she clarifies and smiles at Neko. "I'll take Kappy over BoomBoom, which sounds like the name of a cartoon character." She finally gets the second layer of coats off and hangs up that too before adding: "Fresh air, though, it's a nice change."

Neko laughs. "Bet the guys'd like Boom-Boom better, though. Or girls. Whatever's your thing. Gotcha!" That last shouted triumphantly as she finds a pen under her bunk mattress. She slides out of the little space and strides over to Leightner. "Give me something to sign." She is very to eager to autograph anything.

Leightner grins, "I'll keep Kap. Like it." He nods, "How're the Minoians doin? I'll swing back aroun. Ye get asked bout Aerilon much?" He smirks and looks to Neko "Thanks. so ye like wee flames from tha side, alright." To Kapali, "Unit patch, first pass on it."

Leightner gets a piece of paper and offers it to Neko, "Aye." He wasn't ready.

Fischer arrives from the Enlisted Barracks.

"The guys like the nick name boom boom because they, collectively, have the sense of humor of most five year olds," Kapali remarks with a quick laugh even as she shakes her head. "Girls are nice, being one myself I can say that with certainty we're pretty nice, as a gender. But I prefer guys if we're talking dating," she admits and shakes her head. "They're surviving, and that's a start. And no.. but then I don't know a lot of people yet. Unit patch?"

Neko snickers. "It's funny!" she defends Boom-Boom. Not that, by all appearances, her own sense of humor is exactly high brow. She snatches the paper from Leightner, steadies it against the bulkhead, and begins signing. Full name, 'Nekora Soun!!!' with the exclamation points drawn to look like lightning bolts. This is plainly a thing she's perfected over the years. Her head half-turns as the Minoans are mentioned, like she's listening, but she doesn't ask anything about them of her own.

Leightner takes the autograph and grins, "Tanks, She's Jena Cruz, Pararescue. A medic, like me, but fer Air wing." He displays the patch to Kapali, so she can look at it, "Only half done, but I'm workin out tha design still an seein whot everone thinks."

Kapali makes a quiet snicker of amusement, "It's funny but really not what I want to answer to for the next couple of months or how ever long I'm here. Kappy works. Just something other than boom-boom." She watches at Neko signs the paper that she has steadied against the bulkhead. And hey, thanks," she aims at Leightner, "you and Kalum are a serious asset in combat."

Fischer steps in from the outside, looking around very briefly as he starts making his way over towards his own locker and bunk. Nodding to the people present now, he shrugs a little. "Everyone all healthy?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

"Pararescue? They those that jump out of Raptors and shit? Very boss." She returns to her bunk, now that she's done signing things, flopping down. One arm is raised to wave in Fischer's general direction. "Far as I know. I hope the medic'd warn us if there was plague going around or something."

Leightner has his needlepoint hoop out and looks over to Fish, smirking, "So far." He grins and looks at the hoop, "Jus tryin ta get that first draft o a unit patch down fer Dog." He shows a half finished patch of a monster dog with a Centurion head in its jaws. "Naaaah no plague." He looks to Kap, "I work better when I'm not shot meself, but Kalum being thar ta cover me as well was great."

Kapali does a brief bounce followed by a spin and confirms, "Not permanently damaged, personally," it's important to be healthy. "Getting shot a few times just builds character," she adds before nodding her agreement with Neko. "They jump out of raptors, which I usually try to sleep in," she adds and shakes her head at Leightner. "You needlepoint? For real?" she really does have to ask.

"I prefer when the shots miss me, though," Fischer replies after a brief shrug. "I think I'm allergic to getting shot, or something." Another pause as he looks over towards that patch, very briefly.

"Yep! Like a grandma and everything!" Neko puts in, snickering, about Leightner's needlepoint. "I can't say as I like getting shot. The bullets look way better when they're going into toasters."

Leightner offers Fish an angle on the patch he has so far, and nods to Kapali, "Oh, aye Needlepoints good fer a steady hand." He looks at Kapali, "Ye value tha, aye?" He grins, looking to Neko, "Granny Medic. Whoteva, I'm secure." He chuckles.

"I'd rather not get shot," Kapali agrees, "but I'd rather not get dead, and if not getting dead means getting shot a little and not getting dead, then it's good," she says with another shrug. "Granny medic, nice," she laughs at this idea. "I value steady hands, gotta have steady hands when playing with explosives. Though I'd rather see things go sky high with a boom than deal with anything more than band aids."

Fischer shrugs for a few brief moments as he listens now, nodding a little bit. At the mention of things going sky high with a boom, he seems to freeze up for a few moments, before he turns to look towards the bunk underneath his own, expression a bit distant now.

Neko gives Fischer, and his freezing, a sideways look. "What's up, Fish? You look like you just smelled something funny." She sniffs at the air, like she's trying to place it. She can't, beyond the general funk of the Marine berths, but she's used to that.

Leightner nods to Fish as he shrugs, some people won't care. He looks to Kapali, "Well, thas whot I'm here fer." He looks at Neko, then Fish, tilting his head.

Kapali casts a sidelong glance toward Fischer, her own head angled slightly to the side as he moves his shoulders for a few moments, "Is that some sort of dance move?" she wonders at Fischer, though she doesn't ask about his expression just the momentary shrugging. "If you put some foot work with it you could probably get a decent dance move out of it," she suggests, tucking her hands into her front pockets, mimicking the gesture but actually adding some footwork to it, a bit of soft-shoe.

"I… I mean… Bevermind," Fischer replies, shaking his head a little bit now."I'm fine…" There's even a brief smile to galong with the words.

Neko smiles back at Fischer. Big grin. She has no real idea how else to respond, and her mind has apparently flitted off to something else entirely. Like Kapali's dancing. Which she just starts cackling at. She's laughing with the combat engineer…probably.

Leightner looks at Kapali dancing.. yeah that's it. Dancing. He looks at Fish, and the Kapali, "It's not Epilepsy, she's responcive."

Because she's SO awful, really like epic fail awful, Kapali adds a bit of a hip wiggle to go with the soft-shoe and shoulder shrugging. She finishes with a flair and grins, doing a quick twist-turn and shrugging for several moments again one more time. "Beavermind?" she asks, grinning, she knows damn well how badly she 'dances' which is sort of like a epileptic fit. "Is that his new callsign? Beavermind!" as that's how it sounded to her at least.

Fischer sighs, shaking his head, and turning for the exit again. Steps slow, though.

Neko just laughs some more. At the dancing, and the Beavermind. "Don't fret over it, Fish. She can't help it. She's having a seizure. Or flashback. Or…something."

Leightner looks at Kapali, "Bevermind? Okay, ye know thars no restriction fer sexual orientation, ye can be Bevermind if ye like, I think it'll stick more'n Boom Boom." He looks at Fish, "Oi, How's tha Lil miss, eh?" Asking through all these… bouncing girls.

The only reaction from Fischer at the moment is to walk for a few steps further, before he breaks into a run as he heads through the hatch now.

Leightner watches Fish bolting for the door, narrows his eyes, looks at the bunk under Fish's and nods, okay got it. He seems content to let Fish run off. It's a Battlestar, he's not stepping out for a smoke.

Neko blinks at departing Fischer, but she likewise lets him go. She flops into a more sprawled position in her bunk, stretching out. Like she intends to go some serious veg'ing for a spell.

"Both," Kapali says and with a grin snags a quick tote bag, "and I need a hot shower." With that she ducks out to go do precisely that.

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