AWD #176: What's Up, Grumpy Face?
What's Up, Grumpy Face?
Summary: Bad feelings spill out once more, this time on the Observation Deck
Date: 01/Jul/2013
Related Logs: In part a follow up to There is Hope so Long as There is Blood
Mahasti Toby Luc 
Observation Deck, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
AWD #176

Mahasti is quiet, sitting on the floor out of the way building a city out of disposed thick paper/light cardboard. It seems like she's just doing it to kill time for now. There are a few small buildings built and she seems to be considering how to lay them out properly. The red head is trying her best to avoid people today it seems. Her shoulders crack and she stretches out to put a larger building up.

Toby is looking for Dio, his fellow Tauran knuckledragger and most times one of the best friends he has left. The obvious places have proved no joy so now he's going back over the less obvious and as such, eventually ends up sticking his head into the observation deck. He quickly ascertains that the other Deckie is not present and is about to leave again when he spots the figure on the floor and pauses for a moment.

Mahasti eyes Toby and visibly tenses for a moment, going back to cutting out her stupid cardboard buildings, letting out a deep breath and soon enough neatly folding the replica, using her ruler to make the creases crisp. It is at least something to do with things nobody wants. "Good morning Toby." she mumbles, sounding insincere about the wish for whatever reason. She sets her completed sky scraper down and takes her ruler to make sure the buildings are in a row.

Soon enough Luc is coming along towards the observation deck. Watching them both as he comes in and a brow is raised as he hear Mahasti's greeting. "Hey, you both." He says before smirking. Looking between both. Not seeming to mind either of them. A smile coming over his face as he nods. Both to Mahasti and Toby, despite his encounters with the deckie even.

Toby doesn't seem to have managed to entirely shift his personal thundercloud and as such, replies with a simple grunt. Were they on duty then there'd be the requisite salute and such, but they're not so that's about as much as he can be frakked with for now. Still, it's an acknowledgement, right? That done he then turns as if to head out again, seemingly not having anything to say to the Doctor he almost walks slap bang into one of his least favourite humans onboard. Great, just great. Luc's smirk is greeted with a scowl as he just waits for the man to get out of his way.

Mahasti 's face lights up "Hello Luc!" she nearly chirps like a songbird. "Hey I built something for you!" she takes a paper aeroplane from her stack of goods and flings it Luc and Toby ward, not the most co-ordinated throw, but amusing all the same. "Care to sit down and have some hot cocoa with me?" she invites towards Luc. Night and Day! She takes a second aeroplane, aiming this one right at Luc's dumb grin. She has to amuse herself some how, life can't be constantly wrist deep in Marines.

Luc raises a brow at Toby, "What's up, grumpy face?" He asks. Though he does step aside. Then tries to catch the plane. Most likely just swatting it down on the floor. Although he will pick it up. "Careful there." He says with a chuckle. Looking between both Toby and Mahasti. "Sure." Comes his words to the latter before moving towards her with the plane in hand.

Toby leans back a fraction to ensure that he is out of the way of the plane as Luc ends it flight. It earns Mahasti a look, but then he ignores her and turns instead to face Luc again. "Ask the survivors on Minos," he mutters darkly, then sneers a little and adds, "oh wait, you can't. They all died waiting for rescue because you flyboys didn't give a damn and brass wouldn't lift a finger. Silly me."

Mahasti eyes Toby sharply. Her hands picking up her buildings, putting them in a small box "Toby. I am asking, as nicely as I can, that you frakking stop it. I prescribe that you go to the chaplain and get grief counselling if you continue to be a jerk to everyone you meet." she mumbles, taking a blister pack out of her pants pocket to open, placing two blue pills in her mouth and swallowing "I'm in no mood for your bullshit." she warns, irritably.

Luc raises a brow at Toby. "I never say no to flying So don't go saying that I wouldn't had wanted to. Unfortunately I am not the one calling the shots. And I think my behaviour so far has me stuck as a junior grade lieutenant unfortunately." Shaking his head a bit. "If you think you can convince them next time, go ahead. Though don't go blaming me." His face neutral at that before he moves towards Mahasti. Sighing a bit. Looking back to Toby, "I already got sent to the pen once. Don't need it again." He says and is able to resist causing a fuss about it. Putting a hand on Mahasti's shoulder to try and calm her.

"That's not how we hear it," Toby replies to Luc then turns to Mahasti to give the full explanation. "Airwing was given volunteer recon missions and they sat on their arses and played vids instead. Not one of them decided to put the games down and go take a look, not one decided that the lives of innocents were worth bothering about. If you think that's an okay state of affairs then fine, but that's thousands of lives thrown away by him and his colleagues. True, we couldn't have saved all of them, but some? Yeah, we could have saved some but instead they died to a man." He;s getting quite worked up by this point, not surprisingly it's something he cares really quite deeply about as Minos was the last hope for Tauran survivors. "I'd bet you any money that if it'd have been Aquarians dying he'd have gone, but Taurans? No, not a chance. Call it bullshit if you like, but I call it culpable frakking manslaughter and it's not something I'm going to shut up about any time soon."

Mahasti leans on Luc, accepting the calming gesture gracefully enough, shifting her arm up to gently squeeze Luc's. "I would roll around in medical waste for a heating pad of my own today." she mumbles, putting her free hand on her lower back to press and stretch a little bit, making a face. "Toby to be quite blunt, I'm on my period and this is probably not the best day of the month to be freaking out on me. If you continue this, I will be filing a formal complaint for harassment." she rubs her face, clearly sick of Toby's shit. "I don't think personally blaming a Jig is going to do shit for you. Go scream at his superiors. He's near the bottom rung." she ponders "Also did you personally ask him?"

Luc sighs and shakes his head to Toby, "No. Because I have been doing flights to make sure that Picon has been safe. Other than that I am been trying to rehabilitate. I would have flown if I could. I didn't get the chance." He says, waving his head. "But you take it any way you wish." Clenching his jaws but keeping his calm for now. Letting Mahasti speak as well while he moves to find a spot to settle into. "What we can do now is hope for distress calls. Hopefully there are still someone that we can save from there." He says and keeps his eyes on Toby.

"There was a distress call," Toby grumbles darkly to Luc, "but no one was listening." There is a brief blink to Mahasti as she gives a degree of information that he's really not used to before he shakes his head and offers a brief, "not your fault Doc." He's briefly tempted to recite just how much of a jerk Luc has been on each and every occasion he's spoken with the pilot, but in the end figures it'd be an utter waste of breath. Instead he just glowers at Luc once again before turning to leave.

Mahasti eyes Toby "Really? Because you personally took time out of YOUR busy day to act like I personally euthanasia Minos. All pilots, no offence Luc, are some degree of pompous asshole. They just are very well trained and they do fill out a uniform nice. You know how brass likes that." she mumbles. She winces, rubbing her side as she sits next to Luc "I just wanted to not talk to any one today. Can I order you to smother me with a pillow so I don't have to talk to anyone else today?" she mumbles at Luc, looking irritated and irritable. She begins mumbling in colourful Leonese - it is nothing nice coming out of her mouth and her snooty tone emphasizes that.

Luc shrugs again. "Whatever you think of me. Never think I would not dive head first if I could." He says before letting the deckie head on off. Chuckling about pilots, "None taken." He says and keep a neutral look on his face, for once.

Toby should probably just keep walking, but he pauses in the doorway and half tuns back as Mahasti address him again. Once she's done all he does is shake his head once more and jab a finger in Luc's direction. "Not you Doc, him an his. The ones who sat on their arses, not you." That done he turns once more, hands buried deep in his pockets, and goes to continue hunting for Dio.

Mahasti lets out a sigh and leans on Luc, her expression dull "Luc can you stand up, pick me up and shake me out a little bit to help loosen my back up for me?" she asks almost dully. That is the face of exhausted. "He needs to go to the chaplain, but I am not his mother." she mumbles.

Luc watches Toby with clenched jaws. "So did you." He offers before he will let him move on. Nodding to Mahasti as he rises to his feet. "What have you done to it?" He asks about her back. Shrugging a bit about the chaplain.

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