AWD #256: What Games Are There
LWhat Games Are There
Summary: Discussion of past times in the enlighted berthings soon turns to talk of recent events.
Date: 19/Sep/2013
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Jena Toby 
Naval Enlisted Berthings - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Housing a couple thousand naval personnel is never easy, but the fleet has managed for many decades. The enlisted barracks are divided up into sixty-bunk berthings and spread out across Deck Three. Each bunk has a small blue privacy curtain to keep out the light and prying eyes, but at least each individual has their own space. The drawers beneath each bunk and the lockers provide additional storage space. Between each stack of bunks is a single table that comprises a single section, each barracks holding five sections that are divided by thin bulkheads.
AWD #256

Since the evening meal is going on, the enlisted berthings are empty except for a single person who is sitting on the edge of her bunk. shuffling a deck of cards. At her feet is a bottled water and beside her on the bed is a book on how to play poker, opened to a page on five card draw. She continues to shuffle only pausing long enough to take a bite of a sectioned orange.

Toby has eaten quickly it would appear, that or he's skipped the meal. For he slips through the hatch and makes for his bunk. He's in his greens, which is unusual for him, although he's quick to slip the overhsirt off and dump it back inside his locker once he reaches it. Slumping down onto his back he stares at the upperbunk for a moment then belatedly registers the fact that his neighbour is present and offers a simple, "evening."

At the moment, Jena is wearing her fatigue pants, no boots, just white socks and a white tank top. Her dog tags also hang down and disappear inside the white tank. Dealing herself five cards, she places the deck aside and lifts those five to see what fate has handed her. Hearing the greeting, she glances up and offers a warm smile. "Good evening." Since their last conversation she'd not seen much of him except in passing, so the concern touching her eyes is probably remnants of that previous talk. "How are you tonight?"

Toby ponders the question for a moment, probably longer than it needs really, before replying with an uncomplicated, "I'm alright. Yourself?" Rolling so he can watch whatever it is she's done he rests he head on his hand and kicks his boots off. "Not a triad fan?" he asks, spotting the unfamiliar card layout, "or is that just some weird Caprican varient?"

"I wouldn't know Triad if it bit me. This is some weird Caprican variant. I saw it once and decided to learn it. Now if you know Triad, I'd rather learn that one. Interested in teaching someone?" Folding the cards together, she puts them back in the package and closes the books. "I just like learning new things." Eyes sparkle when she relays that and Jena turns and rests her socked feet on the floor, watching him a moment. "I'm doing well though, thank you for asking."

Toby shrugs s little, "I've played a bit over the years, I'm not the guy you want to be learning from though, pyramid was always my thing." He thinks for a moment then gestures with his head further down the rows of bunks, "try Ajax, ungly fraker who bunks under Rutlii, he can probably show you the basics."

"Thanks." His mention of Pyramid reminds her of the paused game. "Whenever you'd like to continue our Pyramid game, I'd like to. Just whenever you have the time." Jena continues putting the cards away along with the book before reaching for the bottle of water. "I'll talk to Ajax about it then. What other kinds of games are there to do?"

"Whatever anyone can come up with," Toby answers non-commitally. "One of the lads in communications has some dice that he's usually willing to lend, just make sure you give 'em back though, or he throws a right hissy-fit." He considers for another moment, "sparring is popular, more so among the marines, but there's generally someone up for it, or a wager on the firing range. Anything really." As for the paused match he offers, "maybe tomorrow? Smacked my hand yesterday and want to give it a bit more time before it rick knocking it off stuff again."

"Sounds like everyone has something to do for entertainment. I wouldn't be adverse to trying a spar now and then too, but it's something I do just to stay on top of what I already know, not to learn more. I have other things to concentrate on improving at the moment. Firing Range bets sound exciting." His confession about his hand has Jena looking towards it with concern. "Have you had it looked at?" Rising, it looks as if she's heading over to check.

"Never really been one for th range myself," Toby confesses conversationally, "I generally go for beating the frak out of the bags in the gym. Yeah though, you find a way to pass the time, might be the same as someone else, might be different,but everyone finds a way." Spotting the concerned look though he waves her off, "it's fine, not even really bruised, but I'llbe in the shit if I damage it, so I'm just being careful."

"I think your reputation as a fighter precedes you." The words are said with general good humor, though there is still that same trace of concern in her eyes. "If you say so," she says softly. "No one knows their body like themself, but some people are just stubborn." Her lips quirk just then, a sure indication she considers him one of the stubborn ones. "So, what's that I hear about the Marine shaving with his fist.." Course, she had heard the full version also.

Toby reacts with an amused huff a the idea that unspoken suggestion that he might be stubborn. "Name a Tauran who isn't," he challenges good naturedly, "bet you you can't." The mention of shaving gets a raised eyebrow, briefly, as it appears he hasn;t heard that particular cover story, but he gets the general drift well enuough and only needs to ask "which one of 'em was saying that. The Aerilian or the toaster?" for clarification.

"I think you're right. I can't name a single one that isn't. You guys have cornered the market there." Jena sits back down since he had declined her medical opinion on his hand. "There's more than one then? I heard the skinjob story. What's this about the Aerilian?" Amusement drifts into her expression now and she holds up an arm in the flexing muscle pose. "You're a tough one to beat, it sounds like. Maybe I should chance a spar with you someday."

"The Aerilian is an MP," Toby explains freely enough, "generally not too bad unless he has a stick up his arse about something. Was just a spar though, although I think I upset a few of them over the way," he gentures in the vague direction of the berthing for the marine enlisteds. "Reckon they were expecting him to walk it rather than be forced to yield after only a few punches." He smiles faintly at the memory for a moment, then moves on. "The skinjob walked in on me in the rec room. Then started disrespecting Tauron and her dead." A shrug there, "not much else to do in the circumstances. 'specially now the MPs have clarified that they'll do sod fraking all if it does it again."

"I believe I met the man you're talking about, but it was brief and the day we were playing Pyramid. So you surprised everyone by having him yield." A look of admiration moves over her expressive features. "Sounds like congratulations are more in order than anything for that spar." Though when he turns the conversation more serious, Jena gives him the solemn attention it deserves. She actually winces when he mentions disrespecting Tauron and her dead. "I've worked enough there… seen enough during the rescues and during the war to know why that's a very sensitive subject. Sounds like he got what he deserved, really."

Toby gives a slightly nod in acknowledgement of the congratulations then smiles at the mention of Knox getting what he deserved. "Oh, the MPs wouldn't agree with you there, they weren't happy at all, but I'll do it again if needs be. Of course I'd rather give it a free tour of the outside of an airlock, it and the other one. Slightly harder to arrange though."

"I suppose the Marines usually stick together. I'm with them a whole lot on their missions on the ground and I've seen sometimes the brotherhood they all have. I'm not defending them, but I suppose it's why the MPs stick with the skinjob." Though his mention of sending them on a tour outside an airlock has Jena considering him thoughtfully. "I'm afraid I'm pro-life, but it's because of my occupation. I'm in the business of saving them."

"That and apparently it's an offense to assult a cylon," Toby retorts, rolling back to face the bunk above him again, "reckon they'd have the same stick up their arse for any of the frakers. Still, I'm amused that it doesn't have the balls to say what really happened, like its ashamed of his super-machine reflexes or whatever being caught out by a mere human."

Surprise flickers in her eyes, "It's an offense to assault a cylon?" Jena hadn't heard that and it bothers her. "So what do you mean? What really happened? Super machine reflexes?" The conversation has captured her attention and she listens intently, lands clasped, elbows on her knees as she watches him.

"Yeah, haven't you heard?" Toby asks, rolling just his head back to face her, "cylons are citizens now. Or those two are at least, and so they get special rules." He sounds thrilled at that prospect, he really does. "They're supposed to be some sort of super-tough, super strong and with super-reflexes or something. All in the programming I wager. Still, didn't help it last night and I guess it just proves that we can take 'em down ourselves if we need to."

Jena can't help the smile she wears that he had actually competed and won against that. Then of course she has another question. "Did he attempt to fight back physically or verbally or to defend himself? Or even explain why he said what he did about the Taurons?" No, Jen hadn't heard about them being citizen's exactly. "So I'll have probably seen other models of them around then. Maybe I should meet them sooner rather than later."

"It replied that it say and do what it liked," Toby starts, "although there was an MP there to start with and another arrived only moments later so there's wasn't really an opportunity to see things through properly. It did start to physically defend himself though yeah." At the remarks about others he lifts a hand to run it through his hair briefly, "there really should be damn spotters cards," he notes, then clarifies, "there are two onboard at the moment. The marine is a Number 6 and there's a 'lass' about, often seen in a red dress, she's a Number 11. We had a Number 9, but it was killed, taking a raptor and crew with it. We've also seen Number 1s and another model that I don't know the number of. Possibly more, but those are the five I know of."

"Ouch." Jena winces again as it seems to her the skinjob wasn't sorry at all for what he had said. Shaking her head, she unclasps her hands and sits up. "How do so many penetrate this place when not everyone knows it's here?" It's a rhetorical question more than anything. "So many. I'm familiar with some of them, not on a personal level, but I've seen them around. I've never really met a friendly one before. Or one that's a citizen." She tries not to give away her opinion on that matter, attempting to keep her disapproval in check. "Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to go see if there's any chow left in the mess."

"Becuase the Brass have decided that it's all right with them," Toby replies, again, soung oh-so thrilled. With Jena stating an intent to leave though he rolls his head back to look at his ownlittle ceiling again and offers by way of advice, "avoid the pasta thing, not sure what exactly it was ment to be, but it wasn't."

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