MD #188: What Do You Think?
What Do You Think?
Summary: The Master at Arms has a few words with the latest inhabitant of his brig.
Date: 13/10/2017
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Lleufer Atticus 
Brig - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The battlestar's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away. Each cell has had their bars specifically reinforced to prevent a Line member from being able to gain access or escape. Brig rules are posted behind the desk on a white panel with blocked black lettering.

Here's a change of scenery. Brig cell. How quaint. Now Atticus can get up and move around in a limitted fashion on his repaired leg, he gets a cage to pace around in like a tiger. But, he is being allowed his previously cleared toys of tablet and music ipod on the condition that he behaves himself. Meals come thrice a day, still on a flimsy plastic tray with plastic disposable untensils like before. Security is being careful with this one and not giving the same liberties as they are extending to Emily. Far from it.
Lleufer Ynyr arrives in the brig corridor and he comes on down to Atticus' cell. There the Master-at-Arms stops to observe Amos' son without saying anything right off.

While the guard on duty has a view into all the cells from their desk, Atticus is now residing in the one they have the -best- view of. Privacy is, for obvious reason, not really a thing that exists, but he has the least of it. Not that that seems to be bothering him for the moment that is, the change of scenery is one thing, but the new freedom to move is by far the best thing to happen since the tablet was handed over. He's still limping, and not entirely steady on his feet, but given his knee was shot through less than a week ago the progress is remarkable. As Lleufer arrives he's working through a set of physio exercises he's been given, and seems to be taking them seriously given the sweat he's produced. Or maybe he's just combined them with a more general work out? Eitherway there's a faint grimace as he conpletes a set of reps, then stops to take a drink from the water provided. It's then that he spots Lleufer's presence and pauses to eye the flesh-eating elf deamon for a few moments, apparently happy enough to break the silence with a short, "I take it you're not here to discuss those terms we spoke of a few days ago?" The shiner on his left cheek is looking really nicely developed right now, but as with all good things, will likely start to fade soon.

Nanites and security cameras are a thing, yep. Fast healing and more eyes on Atticus than he can possibly realize. Ynyr stands at parade rest outside of Atticus' cell and watches until he's addressed. "I'm glad to see you taking care of yourself, and healing well. Friendly or hostile, you are still the son of a man I cared a great deal about." Not given up hope for the Knight yet. "Terms?" Lleu thinks back, "I've been pretty busy. You might need to jog my memory."

Atticus tilts his head back and stares at the ceiling for a moment, in what is the truely universal gesture of someone who really just wants to cry 'for fraks sake' but isn't in a situation where it's advisable. He takes a deep breath, lets it out, then looks back to the marine to say, "my father was a tyrant. Is it, even remotely possible to have a conversation on this ship that isn't about him?" It's clearly something he's fed up about, but he keeps any aggression out of his voice. Taking another sip of water he moves on. "I can't remember exactly where we'd got to, but broadly speaking it was about how if I gave my word not to try and escape you'd unbind my hands. However, since," he lifts both hands up to so his wrists are now free, "I suspect the moment has passed."

Lleufer cocks his head and considers, "He was very important to us. To -me- particularly. However, I can try to respect your request and try not to mention him any more unless you ask. I suppose that's fair." Who knew a flesh eating pointy eared demon elf might even try to be courteous or respectful of his enemy's wishes? Then Ynyr smirks, "Aye, your hands are unbound now. I would prefer, as much as possible, to keep it that way but it really depends on you." A brief pause, "Are you aware that sometimes your behavior falls into a redunant loop? You have been observed to glitch on certain data, much as Emily was doing. The clerics have done something to your mind. But that's hardly surprising to us."

"Thank you," Atticus relies with a faint tilt of his head to show his appreciation for the accomodation. Then, leaving the topic of his family as far behind as he can he considers the rest of Lleu's words. "I have no great desire to have my movements curtailed any more than is .. necessary." He understands he's a prisoner well enough it seems, "so there at least we have agreement." Then, as far as his behaviour goes, he doesn't follow initially, the term 'redundant loop' meaning nothing to him, but he catches up eventually. "You are mistaken, although I can see why it would be comforting for you to think that. To be able to blame everything on the Clerics. It stops you from having to face up to the harder truths of the matter." Folding her arms across his chest he keeps back from the bars, having clearly listened when the rules were explained. "My mind is my own Sergeant Ynyr, however unpalitable a thought that might be for you."

The Marine shrugs, "You could be right and I could be wrong. It is not impossible at all." Lleufer will meet Atticus' gaze if the man looks him in his strange eyes, "But what if you are wrong? There is a lot of president for them forcing alteration on people's minds and making sure they aren't aware of it. What makes you so certain that they couldn't possibly have done so to you?" He holds up a hand, "You don't even need to answer that. I only ask you to think about it. Emily was able to self diagnose and realized she had been tampered with by your clerics. She knew before we even suspected. Again though, it's up to you whether you even would want to know, or try, to look at yourself and your past memories, or your current actions to determine the truth one way or another. While I -think- you have been tampered with by them, I have no proof. And unlike your clerics, I have no intention of forcing anyone upon your mind without your conscent one way or the other. If you remain hostile, I am going to have to get you off this ship one way or another." Lleufer steps back to lean against the bulkhead, "I am curious what /you/ think we should do with you?"

"I know everything I need to know on the matter," Atticus replies levelly, seemingly entirely happy to meet Lleu's gaze and hold it. "Do I take it from what you're saying though that your Clerics have been inside Lady Emily's head? Altering her?" His jaw clenches a little at that, but he takes his time to let the anger discepate again before he continues. "Let me state clearly though, and I'll write it down for you if needs be, I do not conscent to anyone messing around with my head." He's faintly confused at the insistance that conscent would be required, but he's addament that he won't give it. "What you should do?" he asks, more rhetorically than anything else, "last I heard I was to be interrograted then sent home."

"No, this is just me talking. You'll have to ask Emily yourself. I imagine she'll come to check that you are being reasonably treated." Lleufer shrugs, "I don't think anyone is likely to send you back now. It's been too long. Your lady Emily has made it pretty clear that the Skath would kill you for failing to keep us from taking her. Or wipe and rewrite your mind utterly, and you could do nothing to stop them. Whatever you think of us, that would be a waste of what I think is a decent man."

Atticus nods once, accepting Lleu's answer at face value, although the mention of Emily visiting clearly does not sit well with him. His face darkens a little, and his frame goes tense. Not 'fight me' tense, but certainly 'unhappy at the prospect' tense. "You asked me what I think you should do, my answer is that you should return me to what you call Picon. It's true that her actions will likely mean my death, but I am a knight of House Benning, and I am proud to serve the King and Queen. It is for them to decide my fate. Not you."

Lleufer this his mouth, "You have /become/ a knight of house Benning, but you were /ours/ first. One of us. We don't really like to give up on one of our own, Atticus. If one of your blood was taken from you and you had any hope of getting them back, would you simply give up on them?" A slow deep breath is in taken, "Again though, not my decision to make. I am a soldier and I follow my orders. As long as they remain ethical." He gives the other man a nod and turns to head back out to return to his duties.

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