AWD #272: What Did He Say?
What Did He Say?
Summary: Captain Gray comes asking questions of marines.
Date: 05/Oct/2013
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Elias Amos Leightner 
Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.

Elias seems to be making a tour of Sick Bay, arriving with his clipboard in hand and hunting down different people in turn. A stop by the CMO's office, then a moment with the Nursing Officer, and finally he is making for the recovery ward. He heads straight for Captain Ommanney's bed, eyes flicking down to his clipboard as he double-checks his agenda. Looks like an official visit.

Amos has been sleeping significantly less today, looks like the bullet missed anything too vital for the healing process is coming on apace. He's not sat up, but nor is he fully reclined as he reads through what appears to be a report from the surface, even pausng to annotate it occasionally. Spotting the arrival of teh intelligence officer he finishes he particular paragraph he's on then closes the report and sets it own on his lap. "Captain Gray," he greets, a hint of curiosity in his tone, "to what do I owe this visit?"

"Captain," Elias greets Amos politely. His once-impressive black eye faded to some light bruising. "Good to see you're on the mend. I'm told you'll be back in action in a few days?" He pauses long enough for a reply, then gets back to business, and Amos' original question. "I have a few things I wanted to bring up with you. None of it is time critical but it there are some issues I think we need to consider. I've tried taking it through channels, but the Marine staff aboard … seems to have other priorities." Which sounds like a polite way of saying they're not dealing with it to his satisfaction.

"The escape committee has convened and judged that we," a quick glace to a couple of the other marines, "are to make our first bid for freedom in the morning," Amos replies. Liftong one finger to tap the side of his nose he adds, "although obviously, we'd appreciate it if you didn't let on. I know you're a man who can keep a secret." Shifting the report he had been reading so it's out of the way he guestures for Elias to grab a chair, or even perch on the bed if he so desires, then turns his tone more serious for the talk of business. "I am sure Major Rand is a very busy man," he starts, riding a desk all day is very tiring work after all, or so he's told, "but what can I do for you?"

Elias offers a thin, wry smile at the comment about keeping secrets, but makes no reply. Instead he accepts the offer to sit and drags over the nearest chair, settling in beside the hospital bed. No comment on Major Rand. "First, I'd like to interview your people who terminated the Six. With your permission." Technically he should go through the Marine S-2, but this is likely an extra effort to make sure he's not to step on Amos' toes again.

It's an effort Amos appreciates and he tilts his head towards the bed opposite where Brina is asleep. "O'Connell is just over there, and Private Mallas is up as well somewhere or so I'm told. Ensign Kostas and Sergeant Ynyr are downbelow and if I'm up here she may be limited in her options with regards to leaving." A warning as it were that he might have to put his boots on the ground again. "There was a corpsman as well I believe, he was doing rounds here ealier, and stated he'd be back this evening, but you're likely best asking the medical staff where to find him before then."

Elias listens attentively, then gives a nod of understand. "Thank you." And he plucks out a pen to jot a few notes on his clipboard. "The other matter is logistics. Anvil seems to have some supply source that I'm not aware of, and I was wondering if our Marines were already in the loop on this?"

Amos seems content enough to wait while Elias makes his notes, it not as if he has anything better to be doing, tha he'd be allowed to do, right now. At the mention of logistics and supplies he tilts hishead slightly, "well, that's more Captain Siska's area that mine." Although given what Elias had said previously he keeps on, "but I don't think I'm aware of alternative source." A faintly apologetic look before he adds, "I can't claim to have been paying close attention though either. What leads you to that conclusion?"

Elias is seated in a chair beside Amos' hospital bed, clipboard in his lap and pen in hand. It looks like an officer's meeting in the Recovery Ward. He's addressing the Marine Captain. "Anvil's been keeping up active operations on Picon for months. And that's /after/ virtually all military installations on Picon were destroyed on War Day." Elias pauses meaningfully. All those bullets and shells have to be coming from somewhere. "They should be reduced to throwing rocks by now, but they're not. I know our own shipboard supplies aren't going to last forever, so I thought I'd make sure your people were aware."

Leightner returns once more, this time from another part of Sickbay, pushing a cart with several boxes on it, and pushes the cart into a closet. The door closes behind him as he exits the room. PO3 Leightner, ladies, and gentlemen. Cameo apperance! No, wait, the closet door opens and he walks back to the door he just came from. Opening the door, checking the room beyond, he closes the door and sets the lock, pulling a clipboard, and looking at it, nodding, then glances toward Amos' bed, and narrows his eyes. Activate Brass scanning. Meeting of Captains. Okay, he moves across the room, clipboard under one arm as he moves to a supplies cabinet, taking an instrument tray down and setting the clipboard on top of it.

"The munitions recovered at Crandall should keep us going a while," Amos replies with a faint nod. He's not sure exactly what Elias is or isn't implying so he chooses his words carefully when he adds, "if we find ourselves short of anything though we'll be sure to make enquiries." He's not about to ask the man to expand on that here though, too many ears and ot enough time for him to consider the words said. The movement over by the supplies catches his attention though and nod gestures for Elias to look also, "That's the Corpsman, Petty Officer Leightner."

Leightner returns once more, this time from another part of Sickbay, pushing a cart with several boxes on it, and pushes the cart into a closet. The door closes behind him as he exits the room. PO3 Leightner, ladies, and gentlemen. Cameo apperance! No, wait, the closet door opens and he walks back to the door he just came from. Opening the door, checking the room beyond, he closes the door and sets the lock, pulling a clipboard, and looking at it, nodding, then glances toward Amos' bed, and narrows his eyes. Activate Brass scanning. Meeting of Captains. Okay, he moves across the room, clipboard under one arm as he moves to a supplies cabinet, taking an instrument tray down and setting the clipboard on top of it.

Elias catches Amos' indirectness and musters a wan smile. "I am curious but I have enough to do without butting in to the CMC supply siutation. It's just an 'FYI', Captain." He ticks off that item on his clipboard, then glances over to Leightner when Amos points him out. The fleet Captain studies the medic for a moment before he speaks. "Corpsman. If you have a moment I'd like to ask you a few questions."

Leightners head lifts at the call of Corpsman, and he looks over, taking the tray in his hands and moves, approaching, and coming to attention (without salute, Recovery Ward regs), "Sir." Northern Virgonese accent. REALLY hardcore. "PO3 Leightner, sir. At yer service, sir." No, he's not joking. Virgonese Military training.

"Well I'm glad you're not a cat then Captain," Amos replies, then he nods to the rest of the mans words. As Leightner comes closer he offers for the man's benifit, "you said you were new, so I'll introduce you to Captain Gray. He's one of the intel boys." He'll let Elias deal with what it is he wants though, now a fair heads up has been given as to just who is asking.

Elias's slight smile fades altogether at Amos' comment about cats, though his expression doesn't shift to anything unpleasant, settling into a sort bland neutrality instead. "Yes," he agrees with the Marine Captain, then shifts his chair to face more towards Leightner as the Corpsman comes over. The snap to attention is met with a curt nod. "At ease, Corpsman. I'm Captain Gray, Intelligence." He quickly double checks his notes, speaking as he reads. "I understand you were present when a Six was terminated at Crandall the other day. I need to know, as accurately as you can remember, anything he may have said."

Amos notes the fall of Elias' face and shakes his head ever so slightly as the man turns to face Leightner. Intelligence officers, they're a funny breed. If they'd been alone he might have said something else, a reassurance that it was just a throw away remark, but he lets it lie given things have moved on. He's about to inform Leightner that he can take his time, but then stops, this is Captain Gray's questioning after all. So instead he just keeps an eye on the pair of them, listening. He's interested in the answer himself.

"Of course," Elias assures Leightner, settling back to wait patiently while the Petty Officer collects his thoughts. He'd rather have a thorough answer than a quick one. A quick glance aside to Amos, assessing the other officer's reaction perhaps, and then Elias looks down to make some notes while he waits.

Leightner turns away from the table, 180 and takes a step forward, "I'm walking to Command Tent, to report in fer duty, first thins in tha morning. Ensign Kostas is shouting at Sergeant Knox to Stand To." He looks confused, takes a half unconscious step back, looking at this air unsure, then, "She's drawing down on him." His hands snap up and he's 'Holding' an invisible Picon P90. 'Looking down the sights' at his Memories "He's grabbed someone I don't know, O'Connell." He pauses, and very clearly, as if now grabbing the exact answer. "'Kill Me, And I Upload Everything I've Seen Here.'" His head jerks back to one side and his stance breaks, "Sniper headshot, an he's NOT down." His body continues with the head motion, one arm up to hold an invisible human shield, other hand coming up, as if holding something. "Grenade in his hand." He squints and in the 'Voice' "'Heavenly, Father? Give Me Strength.'" Then the hand comes up throwing the grenade and he blinks, then shakes his head, "Gunfire exchanges, I rolled clear of the grenade blast and by the time I was on me feet.. It was all working on Private Mallas An Lance O'Connell, sir, that's all I remember clearly."

Amos seems content enough for now to merely recline and listen. He might not be an S2 but that doesn't mean he's entirely disinterested in the matters of their remit. The Corpsman's response though is not entirely what he'd expect, and that shows clearly in his expression for a moment before he returns it to it's previous state of merely curious. He studies the man for a few moments, then turns his head to Elias as if to try and work out what he makes of it all.

Once the Corpsman starts to speak, Elias is all ears. He listens with careful attention, watching the man's motions as Leightner replays the events in his mind. He seems impressed with the man's recounting and nods at the end. "Very well, Corpsman," Elias acknoweldges, even as he's already bent down to write down the pertinent details. And if he's surprised by anything Leightner said, there's no sign at all. "That's all. If you remember anything else, let me know." He's clearly done with his questions, but leaves the decision about dismissing the man to Amos.

Leightner nods, thinking, and in considering, he has something else. "Tha last part sir. I know what it sounds like when someone calls on a god in battle." He claps a hand over his brassard, dropping it from his arm, showing his Medical symbol. Also the Symbol of Asclepius, the Healer, "Done it meself sir, But never heard of a 'Heavenly Father' Were like, 'Lord of War', 'Lady of Life'" A pause, "Heavenly Father were a god, sir." then he pauses, "That, is an Opinion, not a Fact, sir." He clarifies, then falls silent.

Amos had, in truth, been hoping for a bit more from Elias, possibly a question or two so he could get a gauge on what the intel man was thinking. No such luck though it would appear and he turns back o let Leightner go when the Corpsman starts to speak again. Staying silent until the man is done he adds a brief, "what what you've said that sounds plausible," before once again turning to Elias, hoping for more this time.

Elias glances up at Leightner's question, then over at Amos' when he comments. He gives another curt nod. "Yes, you're correct. It was a prayer. The Cylons are monotheists." The Intel Officer tosses this off as a relatively uninteresting detail, at least to him. Then he frowns faintly, speaking to Amos again. "The larger concern is that he took a hostage and tried to negotiate." The gears of thought are clearly turning rapidly as the Intel Officer mulls this over. "He must have been trying to get away with those papers he was carrying. I recommend you take a closer look at them, Captain."

Leightner nods, "Aye sir, He didn't really want ta die. Ya don't throw a grenade, or even bring it out, ya hold it between ya hostage an ya, don't show it." Then he gets that look on his face, They're Brass, shut up, Corpsman. "Sir." Just ride it out.

"I concur with Captain Gray," Amos notes, "as I understand it," a glance to the intelliance officer, "the comment about passing on what was seen after he was killed is correct. So it is likely that he way trying to remove those papers. How good is their power of recall," he asks, following along that line of thought, "I presume if their memory was photographic then he'd've had no need to remove anything, just look at it." Leightner gets a brief nod for his inupt and then he continues, mostly to Elias, "it as apparently paperwork relating to patrol arrangements, personnel and such like. These arrangeents have been altered, steps have been made to bolster perimeter security and others are in preperation as we speak."

"Yes, and the Cylons don't worry about dying, normally. At worse it's an inconvience." He explains in answer to Leightner, not seeming to mind the enlisted speaking up at all. "His mission involved something physical." The Intel Officer nods to confirm Amos' understanding about downloads. "I doubt he had time to sit and read all those papers. If he could complete his mission by downloading he would simply have opened fire as soon as he was identified." And then he nods again, acknowledging that Amos has already taken the papers into account and taken steps. "I see. Well … that's all I had to speak to you about today, Captain." He's moving as if to rise, and offering Leightner a nod as well. "Corpsman."

Leightner snaps to Attention. Chest out, arms back. This time the Attention is slightly more Virgonese, the posture is different, doesn't seem like he's aware of it, "Sir." To Elias.

As it seems that they're both thinking along the same lines, in so much as Elias ever gives away his line of thinking, Amos merely nods to the man as he makes to depart. "Captain." Then back to Leightner, "as you were Corpsman, I hope we didn't detain you too long from your duties."

Leightner watches Elias leave, then looks to Amos, "No sir, honestly that was more important than what I was doing." He looks back to where Elias left, then turns to the table, "Ingelligence officers." He says in a breath. taking the clipboard he's has on the table all this time, "This is a Hydrotherapy request, if I could get yer signature. Optional, I can find a Doctor ya outrank."

"In my experience," Amos states as he attaches a scrawl to the bottom of the paper with his pen, "there are few Fleet Doctors who appreciate having rank pulled on them when it comes to medical issues." That done he sets the pen side again and offers lightly, "thank you Corpsman, but just for the record, Captain Gray does not count as a beautiful woman."

Leightner takes back the clipboard, "I'm volenteering to handle the entire Sickbay process setup, teardown, everything will be back like it never happened an hour after the ba-treatment, sir." Then he winces a little, "I haven't focused on tha third part yet, sir. One at a time." He's still amused by this, but he is desperate to not have the Captains job.

"One at a time is fine Corpsman," Amos replies with a genuine smile, "you're doing just fine. I probably shouldn't keep you from your work though, or I'll get in trouble with Captain Nadir." That said he reaches once more for the report he'd been reading before Elias arrived, scanning the pages briefly until he finds where he was up to.

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