ALT #315: What Brings You Here?
What Brings You Here?
Summary: Bennett goes visiting.
Date: 17/Nov/2013
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Toby Bennett 
Brig - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Orion's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away.
AWD #315

Sat on his new bunk, back against a wall and with his hands in his pockets, Toby doesn't look to be having the greatest of days. He has, in all honesty, hit a funk and with nothing to do other than stare at a few walls and mull over his own thoughts, he hasn't yet found a way out of it. He could talk to the marine guard of course, but he's not holding out great hopes for the level of conversation that would bring and so instead he just sits in silence.

Toby's day might just be about to get worse. Or better, depending on who the voice of his visitor belongs to. There's a tall, dark-haired officer who strides in, converses briefly with the marine guard, and seems to convince them to back off a little as she approaches the brig proper. It's a pilot, of all people. "Hello, Shackleton." She seems very faintly amused.

Needless to say, the sound of an arrival and a new voice gets Toby's attention. He looks briefly surprised when it turns out to be Bennett, then curious as he gets to his feet and approaches the bars. "Captain," he offers in greeting, slipping his hands out of his pockets and moving them behind his back, "what brings you here?"

Bennett gives the mechanic a crooked little smile, and her blue eyes flick away briefly before returning to the man behind bars. "Well, it certainly is not the ambiance." She's in her blues, but the top button is undone and the collar turned down to indicate she's off-duty. "Also, I could ask the same question of you."

Toby seems faintly amused by the reply and gives a slight nod to indicate that she's made a good point. "I've tried to talk to them about the paint job," he starts, working on the joke although it does come out a little flat, "but you know what marines are like." As for his own reasons for being here he just tilts his head slightly and shrugs, figuring it's likely enough that some version of the story has reached most parts of the ship by now. "Insubordination," he answers simply, "that's what the paperwork says. Although there's a slight spanner in the works as Doctor Nadir stopped by earlier and declared me medically unfit for duty," another shrug, "so I guess I'll have to wait and see how that factors in."

"Mm-hmm," Bennett answers mildly, holding the taller man's gaze as he employs first humour, then evasiveness, to skirt around her question. "If I wished to know what the paperwork said, I would have gone through official channels to read it," she points out. Then, "I heard you made it down and back from Minos."

Toby hadn't meant it as evasion, but he takes the point with another slight nod. He opts for the quick run down which goes along the lines of, "I spotted a potential hazard on deck and went to try and neutralise it. I felt it was only half resolved, the Senior Chief present felt it was fully resolved and we disagreed from there. She felt that perhaps one of the reasons I wouldn't let the point drop is because my judgement was still impaired as a result of that trip to Minos." He stops for a breath there, looking a little uncomfortable in the telling, but not to the point where he's stopping just yet. "Yeah though, I made it down and promptly got thrown halfway across the evac point courtesy of one of those basestars you guys were dealing with. Yesterday was my first shift back on light duties after they let me out of medical."

Bennett slips her hands into her pants pockets, and leans a shoulder slightly against the bars as Toby tells his story. When he's finished, she looks even more amused. "I see. And was it?" His judgement, presumably. Impaired. Mention of the basestar causes her to grimace a little. "Sorry about that," she offers genuinely.

"I guess that's the crux of it isn't it," Toby replies soberly. "If you'd asked me yesterday, or even a few hours ago, I'd have said no. Absolutely not." Slipping his own hands back into his pockets he gives another shrug, "Doctor Nadir disagrees though and it's her word people will listen to, not mine." He notes the grimace and shakes his head slightly, by way of indicating that she shouldn't worry about it.

"So," Bennett concludes softly, "they have put you in here to cool your heels for a few days, I presume." Her enigmatic smile shifts to a grin. "You know, I have done my time, too, in the brig. Believe it or not. I heard, by the way, that you were looking for someone.. or someones amongst the Ghosts to assist you with tracking down Shepard. Did you find what you were looking for?"

"I think the charge has been laid," Toby replies, flicking his eyes to the marine guard a moment before returning his attention back to Bennett, "so I guess I'm waiting here until they decide how to respond to it." As she mentions having done time as well he raises an eyebrow slightly, as if inviting her to share if she wishes, then confesses himself, "yeah, can't claim this is my first time either. Been a while though I must admit." At the mention of Shepard he nods briefly, "couple of your ECO's had an idea we wanted to try, would mean taking a Raptor or two off the line to do some mods though so it sort of stalled when we hit Picon."

"Mods?" Bennett enquires, arching a brow curiously. As to recounting her own story of time spent in the brig, it seems she has no such intention, at the moment anyway. Maybe it's the marine guard hanging around just at the edge of earshot. Or maybe she hasn't had nearly enough to drink. "I have not heard any such thing. Please make sure they clear it with either myself or the CAG before starting." She pushes off the bars, in preparation to depart. "And if there is anything I might be able to help with, I would be happy to. I may know a trick or two, when it comes to the search itself." After all, she and Zachary are quite possibly the last two remaining CSAR pilots in the fleet currently.

In some ways, Bennett's reluctance to share is a relief, because then it doesn't put Toby in the position where he might have to cough up his own past, but he's still curious. Oh well, it'll be something to ponder over in the long hours to come. Something other than the fact that the CMO has just declared him incapable of making decisions. With the conversation staying on Shepard he nods once, "don't worry Captain. It was something to do with the DRADIS and they were going to draw up a plan for the alterations that'd be needed and present them to you and the Deck Chief at least for consideration." A wry smile and he adds, "not as if this is a hot trail we can't afford to let go cold is it." As it becomes apparent that she's making to leave though he offers quickly, "thank you though, for getting me down there." A slight wince which he ducks his head to hide as he finishes with, "can't claim to have enjoyed the view, but still reckon I needed to see it."

Bennett gives Toby a small smile and a brief nod for his thanks. "I would have liked to see my home, too, one last time. I am sorry it was not much to look at, Shackleton." Her eyes linger on him a moment, and then she turns to go without further ado. Her stride is clipped, though not particularly brisk, and the marine guard is alerted that she's finished with a slight tip of her chin toward the mechanic.

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