AWD #048: Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am
Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am
Summary: Phin's a jerk, but Ygraine sets him straight.
Date: 24/02/2013
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Phin Ygraine 
The Head
There are showers. And sinks. And lockers.
AWD #48

Phin has been a little out of sorts for the past few days. One could pinpoint it from the time Lieutenant Colonel Petra and Company's Raptor was reported shot down over Picon. If one were being specific about that sort of thing. Not that it's really interrupted his routine. Which presently has him in the Head, shaving. He's showered and is still lacking in a shirt, but he's put his trousers back on and has a towel looped around his neck while he works his cheeks over with a razor. He's presently about half-way done, partial scruff, partial clean-cut fresh-faced young officer.

Ygraine sings in the shower. She always sings in the shower, and she always has, for as long as Phin has known her. Even when things are really bad. She finally emerges, her towel around her waist and wet hair smelling like strawberries, heading over to her locker. "Hey." she greets him. Ygraine may or may not have an idea of what the hot button of this mood is, but until she has elected to stay out of interfering. She opens her locker and starts pulling out the necessary items for her post-shower ritual.

Phin will generally accompany her on a few bars if he's in the vicinity, though he didn't join in today. Could be the sharp object near his jawline. He finishes up under his chin before returning her, "Hey." It's a touch more distracted than usual. "You on CAP today?" He keeps the chatter mundane for the moment.

"Naw." she says, as she breaks out the moisturizer and starts very clinically taking care of her arms and legs. More strawberry scent, big surprise. "But I do have some sim time on the sched. Have enough time to not have to hurry and get some grub before I go."

"Nice," Phin says. "I pulled an Alert Five shift." Eight hours of sitting in a Viper very likely doing nothing. He is less than enthused. He's not using any scented products himself today. "You bus drivers heard anything about another return mission to Picon?" That was not as casual as he probably meant it to be. He keeps shaving while he waits for an answer. Perhaps not the best idea. While he's doing his cheek, his hand slips, and he slices himself. "Frak!" Well, that's bleeding. As self-inflicted little nicks do. It's not deep, but it probably stings.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure somethin' stirrin' up." Ygraine watches him nick himself with a bit of detatchment; it's the same thing that happens with her legs, after all. "Just haven't heard yet. Peacock an' Ditch are out there, along with Marcus Petra." A pause. "And Kelsey Wescott. Hopefully she ain't freakin' out."

Yes, Phin will definitely live. He hastily gets a paper towel and tears off a piece to stick on his face. So it won't continue to drip on him. Then he uses his towel to clean himself up. "Yeah. Hope so. I'm surprised the D-CAG sent her out on a mission like that, even with Peacock and Ditch actually running the show. and the Lieutenant Colonel was along. Don't think she's ever flown for real before." Eyes on the mirror. Pause. He cleans himself up thoughtfully. "Hey Yggs…can I ask you something?"

"Course." she says matter-of-factly, "When have you ever been not able to ask me somethin', short of my not bein' around to ask?" Suitably moisturized, she starts changing into her off duties.

Phin crooks a wry half-smile. "True that." He still does more pausing before actually getting to it. "Do you think I'm kind of an asshole sometimes?" He adds quickly, "I mean, not like twenty-four-seven. I assume you wouldn't hang with me if I was." He's certainly always nice to her.

"An asshole?" she says in surprise. "Naw." Once her undies are in place, she does the pants dance. "You ain't an asshole, Phinny. But sometimes you are an insensitive jerk who's caught up in your own head." Apparently that clarifies as different from asshole.

"I…yeah." Not like Phin isn't aware of that, and it was a kinder way of putting it than he's probably been saying it internally. "Yeah. That's fair." He finishes up the last of his stubble. He leaves the paper towel in place, to continue to bandage his cheek. "I kind of…" Pause. He is plainly phrasing this very carefully in his brain. "…I might not have been totally nice to Wescott before she left." Might. Maybe. Possibly.

Ygraine has her bra on now, and just as she's reaching for her shirt and tank, she pauses. "Okay." she says. "Now that you admitted it t'me, I don't gotta keep my mouth shut and keep out of it like it ain't my business anymore. So I want ya t'know that this is done outta love, kay?" And with that she walks over and…smacks him on the back of the head.

Well, Phin wasn't expecting that. "Yggs what the frak! Ow!" Not that it hurts that much. But it wasn't gentle. And it took him by surprise. "What the frak was that…?" Then he kind of trails off and stares at her, blue eyes widening. "Umm. Keep your mouth shut about…umm…" What does she know?

Ygraine takes a quick look around. Nobody around? Nobody in earshot? Good. Because she's about to talk about his frat. "Listen." she says, and starts off a bit cheekily, "I realize I am th'awesome paragon of my gender by which you judge all other women," She's kidding. More or less. "But they ain't like me, tellin' ya exactly what's on their minds. Even if ya just want a casual frak to blow off some steam, ya gotta be up front and say as much, not treat them like a random socialator ya picked up on the docks. Gods, Phin, what were ya thinkin'? If I knew ya treated girls that way, I'd have set ya straight a long time ago." Oh, yeah. She knows everything.

"Uh…" Phin is stuck on monosyllabic non-words for a second. "Yggs…" That was closer to a word. He blushes. "Look. That was…not my finest moment. OK. It was a mistake. I was just…frak. Lieutenant Colonel Petra called me into the damn ward room to show me pictures of some frakking clones or something and tell me they were Cylons, and oh by the way some people might think you're one. But, oh, we totally don't, son. Even though you don't have conversations like that with people unless you've got your eye on them. And then…I don't know, I needed to blow off some steam, so I went to the sims, ran some programs. That was going to be it. And then Wescott was there and we got to talking and…I don't know. I knew she had a crush on me and it just seemed…you told me I needed to get laid." So really, Ygraine, isn't this kind of your fault, too?

"I didn't give ya instructions to be a jerk t'her. Ya did need t'get laid, but ya treated her real bad, Phinny." Oh, don't you turn this around on her. "Problem ain't that ya frakked her. The problem was ya treated her like she was disposable afterward and it made her feel like trash." Ygraine does not soften this.

"I…I didn't mean it like that," Phin says hurriedly. Not that he can really deny. "She seems like a nice girl." There's not a ton of attachment there, but she is nice. He sighs, leaning back against the sink. "Frak. I mean, yeah, I just needed to get laid. And I should've talked with her about that, I guess, I just didn't really think about it at the time. And then after we got done…I was laying there trying to remember her first name and I kind of…couldn't." He grimaces. None of this is making him sound any better. "And…I don't know what she was expecting, but I figure I would not have been able to fit it so I kind of just…I thought it was best if I just got out of there." He sighs. "I was a jerk. OK?"

"Doesn't matter how ya meant it, she can't read your mind." Ygraine says. "It ain't that women can't handle bein' casual Phin, but ya gotta be straight up about what you're lookin' for, or they'll build it up in their brains. And with that, ya also gotta accept it if they say no, they can't handle it. Maybe Kelsey woulda turned ya down, maybe she wouldn't have, but even then, when I heard th'way ya left her, I wanted t'punch your face." She scowls at him. "You were a jerk. When she comes back - when she comes back, ya gotta apologize t'her. And ya gotta mean it. And dammnit if ya frak her again, even casually, ya can't have it be all wham bam thank ya ma'am."

"I am not going to frak her again." Phin is firm on that score. "It was fun for what it was but…no.. And you're right. I'm going to apologize. When she comes back." He probably wants to say if, given his usual temperament about these things, but he's not going to give her another reason to slap him again. "And I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings, and I certainly didn't meant to make her feel like trash."

He looks like a kicked puppy, and Ygraine feels a little bad. Not totally bad, but a little bad. "Well, good. If it helps? She said ya were pretty awesome in th'sack. It's your post-coital action that clearly needs work." She nods. "But ya gotta promise me, from now on, if ya ain't gonna tap this?" she gestures to herself, "Paragon of all that is womanhood? Ya damn well better be up front with the next girl ya go dippin' ya stick in. No swearin' off frakkin' because ya did somethin' dumb. Just be smarter about it next time. Copy?"

"She did?" Phin perks. Because what guy doesn't want to hear that? Regardless of whatever else occurred before or after it. He shrugs. "Well. I mean. Like I said. It was fun. I just don't think we're on…remotely the same page about what we want. Even if I hadn't acted like an asshole, I'm not looking to really get involved with anybody. Too much drama, y'know? Everything's complicated right now. I'd like to keep what I can simple." He cracks a grin at her 'paragon of womanhood' bit. "Copy that. Yeah. I just wasn't…I don't know. I don't try to be an insensitive jerk. I'm working on it."

"I don't think anybody does really, and if they do, then they ain't worth tryin' t'save. You are." She turns and heads back to her locker, plucking up her comb and beginning to untangle her wet hair. "Ya don't gotta be a cuddler or nothin', just…be kind."

"Thanks." Done grooming, Phin strolls over to his own locker to retrieve his shirt. It's pulled over his head. Which dislodged the paper stuck to his cheek, but his wound is mostly clotted by now anyway. "Yggs I…" He kind of fumbles over whatever he wants to say. "How long did you know about this?"

"A while." she says, as she begins to braid her hair. "Don't be mad. Kesey needed someone t'talk to, and it ain't like it got spread 'round the ship. I wouldn't mess with you that way. But it also wasn't my right t'interfere until you gave me permission, if that makes sense."

"I'm not mad, I'm just…kind of wondering why you didn't bust my balls before now, given how you felt about it." Though Phin nods, when she kind of explains that. "Anyway…thanks. I figured it'd piss you off - I mean, totally legitimate to be pissed off - but you've been really…thanks for continuing to hang out with me and stuff, insensitive jerk or no. Keeps me grounded, which I probably don't say enough. Not a ton of stuff that does right now. So…thanks."

She ends off one braid and starts on the other. "You're fine, Phinny. You're my best friend in all th'worlds, and you'd have to do somethin' pretty profane for that t'change, kay? Now ya got eight hours t'think about what you're gonna say t'Kelz. If ya want me to hear it before ya do, just let me know. Just…try t'find th'right combination of bein' honest and not bein' hurtful." Because that's not six impossible things before breakfast, right?

"I'll think of something." Phin's got eight hours to do it, after all. He will maybe be able to cobble together something coherent by then. "Later."

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