AWD #032: Welcome To The Wing
Welcome To The Wing
Summary: Ygraine takes Agrippa to Checkpoint Charlie's to celebrate his integration into Orion's Air Wing.
Date: 08/02/2013
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Checkpoint Charlie's
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
AWD #32

So, with a welcome into the new wing, and a beautiful planet to venture to, how hard was it for Ygraine to drag Agrippa to Piraeus, and Checkpoint Charlie's? Presumably not to hard, as she has him by the arm when they walk in, and she's grinning like a fiend.

Since Agrippa is the guest of the hour, it would be poor form to not come along. He still hasn't claimed an official bunk yet at the Lucky Strikes squadron berthing, having dumped his duffel bag to the side of the room but a trip dow to the planet sounded more interesting so here he is. The bar was something that the Viper pilot was definitely not expecting as he steps inside, taking a look around while he is lead into the establishment by Ygraine. "Didn't realize that Piraeus is this well settled." Enough for a bar to be built up, the foundation of any successful settlement. When the ECO officer excuses herself for a moment, Agrippa heads to the bar to find an open spot that has room for at least a couple more people.

Present at the bar at the moment, Jason has a drink in front of him. Looking up as Agrippa moves over, he studies the man for a few moments, rather carefully. "Hello," he offers, after a few brief moments of pause.

Despite whoever was here first, really Phin and Zachary beat them here. Phin may be off hyperventalating in a closet over what the DCAG did to him, Zachary's been in the kitchen. A scent is in the air. One that may be very familiar, but not sensed in a long time as pizzas are started to be brought out and set on the tables. There's mushrooms and goat cheese and white sauce blends with fresh basil and bread as they are set out. Some are more marghertia style with sliced tomato and cheese spread out over them with thick slices of proscuito.

Phin enters the bar with Zachary. He did not side trip to a closet. He will do that later. The ensign's in his officer blues, but he's at least undone the top collar button. Which is apparently some kind of sign that he's off duty. Not that he looks particularly relaxed. "Umm…the stuff on tap isn't bad here, sir," he says, in a very awkward attempt to make conversation as he holds the door open for his CO.

Agrippa and Ygraine had just stepped into Checkpoint Charlie's together before the latter had to excuse herself for a brief moment to step to the ladies room. The former has stepped up to the bar and is leaning against it when Jason greets him. Seeing that the other man is part of the Colonial Fleet as well, the Viper pilot nods to the other man in response. Of course, Agrippa is quickly distracted by the smell of delicious, delicious pizza that begins to fill the air and his eyes quickly searches for the source. There, he sees that DCAG apparently in his second skin now, the master chef skin.

"It's not Virgon stout though. Eden and I had that on a date, got hooked on it. Good stuff. I wonder if she could figure out how to brew it herself.." he says about the beer as Zachary slips past Phin, wearing an apron over his blues.

Ygraine returns, skipping her way over to the bar. "Kay, Grips." she tells him, looking about as serious as Ygraine can when Ygraine is in a bar. "You should be warned up front, that I'm a bit of a Woo Girl." What?

A moment later the door swings open to admit Dell. She's apparently off duty which is, in and of itself, something noteworthy. It doesn't stop her from being quietly formal, stepping off ot the side of the door in order to survey those present. The woman's brows furrow gently, her head canted to the left as she watches, lips pressed together. She is obviously looking for someone. For now, Dell remains where she is, allowing anyone who wishes to pass her, and simply waits.

When the warning is given upon Ygraine's return, Agrippa can't help but look at her in shock. Then he couldn't help but let a chuckle slip through, and then another. "Seriously? I didn't think there would be a 'Woo girl' all the way out here. So how many of what they have here does it take for that to start happening?" His attention is diverted for a brief moment from the pizzas but the aroma remains, a constant reminder.

"Uh, maybe," Phin says in parting to Zachary, trying to sound hopeful about Eden's abilities to brew authentic beer. Hey! Other ensigns! "Yggs! Alex! Hey!" He flees to the bar.

Yes, flee little Ensign, fleeeee! Zachary cackles manically - wait he doesn't as he moves to set down the pizzas and grins. "Chow is served, folks." he offers to the three, as he notices Dell and offers the woman a smile. "Evening. Welcome to pizza night."

"Hmm? What? Oh, no, Grippy. I'm a woo girl even when I'm sober." She slaps her hand on the bar, the tender puts down a shot, and Ygraine knocks it back before thrusting her hands in the air. "WOOOOOOOO!" And then she turns, arms wide for, "Phinny!"

Pausing a little as he hears what's being said now, Jason looks around. Pausing as he sees the people present now, he looks to Zachary rather carefully. "Pizzas…" he remarks, turning to his drink for a few moments, before he looks over at Agrippa again. "This the new guy?" he asks to the others.

Dell crosses her arms over her chest now, as if she must exude an aura of anti-fun. She looks the crowd over again, slowly drawing her grey eyed gaze from onecorner of the room to the next as if prizing the efficiency in not having to look at any one thing twice. Then she shakes her head slowly and proceeds toward the bar. If she's noticed the pizza there's no comment. Not until she pauses in midstride near the bar and actually takes the time to sniff the air once, fairly delicately. This is followed by a blink. Still no comments, for the moment.

Agrippa can only wince inwardly as Ygraine clarifies that she is one of those, but still equally amused as he watches as she slams down the shot with ease. For now, the new transfer motions to the bartender for one of whatever local beers they have, starting conservatively at a new place. When Phin approaches, Agrippa raises a hand in a wave.

"She really is. Our Raptor was going down in flames, I was wounded and she was wooing as we ejected. She's totally crazy and I'm going to make her spend some quality time with Doctor Beatrix." Zachary says. Is he being serious? Who knows, but he glances towards Dell. "You look like you lost your best friend."

"Hey, Stand-up," Phin offers to the Raptor pilot, as he semi-collapses on a stool. He deadpans a "Woo" to Ygraine. He is not a 'Woo' guy. It's entirely ironic 'Woo'ing. But it's done with a half-smile. He orders himself a beer. No fancy stout, alas, but he'll be happy with whatever happens to be on tap at the moment. An awkward sort of wave is offered to Dell, when she approaches the bar.

It's okay, because Ygraine takes the moment to hug Phin, which might take some of the irony out of his woo. But then…sniff. Sniff. "Pizza!" Gods, Ygraine is like an excitable puppy. "Get me a beer, would you, Grippy?" She's being drawn by the power of the Pie. The PIZZA PIE.

With a smirk, Agrippa turns to the bartender who was already getting him a beer and without even having to say anything, the tender only nods understandingly as he grabs a second one, and a third one as Phin had wanted one as well. "Pizza and beer… proof that civilization still exists." He says to Phin who let out an artificial woo, causing the new Viper pilot to laugh out loud. Or the laugh could be for when Zachary shares the story that Ygraine is a Woo girl at all times.

"No, sir. Best friend is around here. Somewhere." Adelphi turns slightly and looks back over her shoulder, then her eyes make their way across the room one last time. They come to rest on Phin, who receives a return wave. Then she's actually at the bar and she lifts her left hand to hold up two fingers before taking the nearest open seat. "That and a beer. Thanks." Her eyes are drawn to Ygraine while she is ordering. The only appropriate response is to arch a brow, which she does.

Phin is tense. Though he loosens up enough to return Ygraine's hug, swinging an arm casually around her shoulder. Until she runs off for pizza. He is fairly interested in the pizza now that he's got his beer, though. He chuckles at Agrippa, shrugging. "Civilization? Not sure about that. It does seem pretty good right now, though."

Jason offers a bit of a grin to Phin. "Mister Dolly, one half of my team of guardian angels," he remarks, rather lightly. Looking over at the others again, as he takes a sip from his drink. He hasn't tried running for the pizza yet, it would seem.

"Being stuck in that frakking transport with motormouth for twenty days… I actually went through a list of things I thought I would never see again and pizza and beer was on that list." Agrippa said while shooting a grin towards Phin as he has one beer in each hand now, "And it certainly smells very good." He does head towards the table with Pizza, though waiting for Phin to see if he is joining in as well.

After the pizzas are done, Zachary takes off his apron and moves to settle near the group, but allows the Ensigns their time to bond. He knows how that goes. "Best friend?" he asks Dell curiously.

Ygraine beams at Zach. "Thanks, Boss!" she calls out as she helps herself to a slice, and dances her way back to the bar. Yes, dances. Ygraine unfettered is an adventure. And there's her beer. She beams at Agrippa for getting it for her, takes a bite of pizza and a chug of beer. She looks blissfully content.

Petra arrives from the Living Complex.

Phin gets another chuckle out of Jason's words. "I don't know about that. We're all still alive, though. So…woo. C'mon. The D-CAG made food." He does head for the table, with said food, and picks himself up a couple of slices. "Man. Hell of a list. Well, you can take something off it, at least. I mean, you are seeing this stuff again."

"Yes, sir. She should be here shortly." Reflexively, Dell reaches down and begins to gently toy with the wedding band she's wearing, turning on her chosen stool in order to better see the door. There's a shot and a mug of beer sitting on her left side. She reaches toward the beer now- slowly, legs crossing as she does. "How is your wife? Ah… Eden was her name?" Dell takes a sip of her drink.

"Yes, Eden." Zachary's smile turns a little secretive. "She's fine." he says as he finishes setting down the pizzas and now free to mingle, he grabs up a beer to take a draw off of. For the newcomers, there's pizzas on the table - a couple margherita style with tomatoes and cheese and basil. Other pizzas have a white sauce, goat cheese, and shredded chicken with spinach. "And if the gods have blessed us properly, she will probably hate me for the next seven months." he admits with a chuckle.

The beer is surrendered to Ygraine when she intercepts Agrippa to pick it up, grinning at how upbeat she can be, contrast to the moods he has been in for the past month since War Day. He joins Phin at the pizza and grabs himself a slice, giving Zachary a glance though the D-CAG is in a conversation. Looking towards the other Viper pilot, Agrippa asks, "So he's a chef too, Phin?" A bite of the pizza and he can see why Ygraine looks like she is heaven.

It might not have been scheduled that way, but the last raptor down brought with it at least one person that hasn't been down in a while. Petra nudges the front door to Charlie's open, stepping in and aside to make room for Rozzen to follow him in. With a smirk, he warns, "The last time I was down here, a barfight started and everyone ran, so I see a fist flying and we're exiting stage left."

Did someone call? As if on cue, Mia steps into Charlie's and turns a squinty scan across the bar likes she /owns/ the place. Her dark hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail, which whips around as she looks from side to side. It doesn't take her long to spot the person she's looking for, so Mia makes a beeline towards where Dell is sitting. Without a word, she takes the next stool over, and picks up the shotglass already sitting on the counter. "Perfect. No waiting." She muses before shooting Dell a sidelong glance, then beyond her towards Zachary - who is evidently the person Dell is conversing with.

Draining the rest of his drink, Jason gets himself another, before he starts moving over in the direction of the pizza, shrugging a little bit now. Looking a bit thoughtful as he nods to the others now.

Phin's getting a table! "MMC'mon." Yggy tucks her beer bottle against her body, picks up her plate with the same hand, and uses the other to try and grab ahold of Agrippa's shirt. "Let's go sit with Phinny and Jay, yeah? You should meet him, too."

"Stage left," Rozzen repeats dryly as she edges through the door behind Petra. One edge of her mouth is quirked into a smile as she leaves off her inquisitive scan of the netting festooned place to flash a look to the TACCO. "I'll be right on your heels," she promises. Adjusting the zip of her jacket, she lets the smell of the fresh pizza draw her gaze over thattaway. "Have a favorite seat?" she wonders as her steps slow so that she can follow his lead.

Another bite of heaven, then a drink of the beer that Agrippa has missed so much. Twenty days in almost isolation is more like twenty years. Then he feels the tug on hsi shirt and glances back to see Ygraine returning to Piraeus. "All right, let's go then." One slice is good enough for him right now and he keeps a hold of it.

Phin totally stakes out a table. Adjacent to the spot where the pizza is. Which he sinks into a seat at, digging into his food promptly. "Yeah," he replies to Agrippa as he chews. About the D-CAG. "It's why they call him Pie, I guess. Hey. I never asked. What's your callsign, man?"

"And there she is." Dell's eyes track Mia as the woman approaches the bar to grab her shot glass, and an eyebrow lofts gently as she considers her. "Lance Corporal Garcia. Busy day?" Her tone is fairly formal, but then Dell offers a faint smile and comes to her feet, the mug still in hand. "Yep, no waiting. Not to mention- pizza." Dell is pointing, as if it is needed, and takes a sip of her beer before she begins to walk. "Major's the one to thank for that, though." Then, to Zachary, "Congratulations, sir." Dell seems to have designs on the chicken pizza at the moment.

"Thank you." Zachary offers. As everyone else partners off, the DCAG looks around. His birds are partying at one table. He's a buzzkill if he goes there. Dell and Mia are hanging out. And just as he starts to say, "Hey, Marcus.." to the TACCO, Moira's right on his heels. Dammit.

Petra chuckles at Rozzen and guestures forward with his hands, "Not particularly. Pick a spot and I can grab a couple of beers. Maybe if we give the Major convincing enough pleading eyes, they might share some of that." He winks once at her and starts for the bar, grinning at Zachary, "See, we heard you were causing trouble down here. Smells good, whatever it is…"

"Just cooking in a little bit of celebration. Got some test results back that Eden and I were waiting on." he shrugs, and then chuckles. "I made plenty, Marcus. But if you and Moira are wanting to bond over tactical stuff I'll stay over here." he says with a tilt of his beer. "Oh.." he gestures towards where Phin is. "Don't bother him tonight, but the kid over there has a hell of a plan to frak with the Cylons. I'm all for it. Mind letting him borrow Moira to help with the details?"

Mia fires off a salute to Zachary as Dell so helpfully points out who's to thank, but that's that since the man's already on his way elsewhere. "No, not busy. Just wanted to finish up my routine." Mia answers Dell before she knocks the shot back. "Grab me a slice while you're at it. I don't want to move from this comfortable spot."

"It does smell good," Moira says to Petra of the pizza. And if they aren't exactly pleading, there's at least a hopeful light in her dark eyes when they turn towards Zachary. The curve of her mouth deepens a little as she watches the TACCO move towards the DCAG, her gaze lingering on them a moment before turning to find a table. With Petra moving towards the bar, she splits the difference and heads towards a table between it and the pizza. And the crew already staked out by it. Ygraine catches her eye and gets a touch of dipped chin in recognition, but then the sound of her name has the Captain turning her attention back over her shoulder as she pulls out a chair.

Ygraine moves to sit down at Zach and Jason's table, with little more than a, "Hey, boys." as she brings Agrippa with her. "How is?" There's a cheerful wave to Moira, and then she looks over Zachary's way. "Oh my gods!" she squeals. "I'm definitely gonna be an auntie! Somebody buy me a shot!" She claps excitedly.

"Grab my stool then, before it vanishes." Adelphi's response to Mia is accompanied by a shrug. She then snags a couple slices of pizza from the table and turns to head back. She reaches the bar just in time to hear Ygraine squeal. There's a quiet murmur and a moment later Dell has presented Ygraine with a shot. Then she moves to stand beside Mia and watch.

Following Ygraine to Phin's table which was a couple of steps away, Agrippa grabs one of the empty seats and settles down, another drink of the beer before putting it on the table. The question directed at him from the other Viper pilot has the Ensign considering, "They use to call me Razor back on the Valkyrie, but it wasn't even a month old. New boat, new callsign though, yeah?" This way, it gives him another link to the new pilots he will be flying with, if they were the ones that picked out his new callsign.

Petra grins at Zachary's greeting, patching in a couple of things from the comments going around, then offers a hand his direction, "Well, it sounds like I owe you some congratulations. As for stealing my Intel Officer, if he can fit into her schedule, then by all means. I dump enough things to work on on her and Wake as it is." Trying to catch the bartender's attention with his other hand, he signals for two beers.

"Razor? That one's not even too embarrassing," Phin says, after scarfing some pizza. "I mean…maybe. Never know what you'll get stuck with, though. I let the wing name me, and now I'm Dolly." He quickly says, "Because…of my name. It's like a play on words. Doll-Phin. Like sea mammal." That does not sound at all true. But it's the story he's sticking with. He slouches when he notices Zachary looking at him, trying to blend with his chair. Though he does perk up a little to semi-toast the D-CAG's imminent father'ing.

Jason looks up at Ygraine, offering her a bit of a half-smile. "Hey. Not too bad, I guess." Taking another sip of his drink now. "How about…" Trailing off as he hears the squealing and such, and goes back to simply looking around the room.

"Yeah, it's not at all because of your pretty pretty face getting all the deckhands with tits all wet in the knickers at all." Yggy grins and reaches out to pinch Phin's cheek, and blows a kiss to Dell in a very MMMMWAH! sort of way. Then to Jason, "You gonna wallflower all night? Because we are not having that at this table. Tell him, Grippy."

Zachary accepts the hand with a smile. "I didn't want to celebrate until we knew for sure. She just found out today." he lets out a breath. "It's scary man. Anyway, eat and drink, the tab's on me tonight."

Agrippa does level Phin a look as if the say 'Seriously?' when the explanation is given on how he received the callsign Dolly, "Dolphin. Not because they caught you playing with dolls or something?" The question is one made in jest of course, the grin on the Ensign's face more or less proof that he is just teasing Phin before he takes another bite of the delicious pizza. That is when he hears what Ygraine is saying and looks to Jason, offering the man a shrug before mumbling something akin to 'No allowed' as he eats his pizza.

Rozzen settles into her chair, still a little prim considering the divey surrounds. The arch of this eyebrow then that one helps to define the track of her gaze as her attention shifts from one conversation to the next. While she may have a little more vested interest in the one at the bar, the adjacent air crew is arguably more entertaining. And, in the end, the alternate explanation of Phin's callsign has both her brows lifting as her gaze drops to her knee. She brushes at a suddenly appearing, invisible bit of dirt on her trousers.

Phin might blush. Just a bit. As he rolls his eyes at Ygraine. "Still sounds better than Peacock calling me a delicate china doll over an open comm line during a drill. So…I'll go with that, too." He shoves some more pizza in his face. "Plays on names aren't bad." He eyes Agrippa. "You could be…Rosy?" He raises a palm and makes a 'gripping' sort of gesture with his fingers. "Like Rosy Palms. The girl that never gets a headache."

Jason shakes his head a little bit now, as he takes another sip of his drink. "No, I didn't really make any plans, one way or the other," he points out, eating some of the pizza now. "I'm not sure if you guys could handle my jokes tonight, though." That itself a joke.

Petra bobs his head at Zachary, "Appreciate it. Glad we came down then…" he stops at the bar to retrieve the two beers, carrying them over to the table Rozzen has chosen. One is slid across to her, while he offers, "CAG says food and drink are on him. Sounds like his missus is expecting. Guess he DOES have time to get off of the ship from time to time."

Ygraine lets out a laugh. "Oh c'mon, Rosy's obvious. And Pie knows a guy called Rosey because his sheet slipped off while he was in his rack beating off, which is way more deserving. But if you guys don't get in a better mood, so help me I will get up and dance on this table. And don't think I'm kidding, neither. Phinny's seen me do it back when we were in flight school."

The delivered pizza is sniffed at, but once that's settled, it's devoured without prejudice. As she does so, Mia follows Dell's attention to the other table, but only for a moment. Giving Dell a nudge in the leg, Mia inclines her head at the staff sergeant. "Hey, let's get outside. I want to ask you about something. In private." She urges, and the lance corporal is already getting back to her feet.

"Hmm? Yeah, no problem." Adelphi actually smiles when Ygraine blows her the kiss, giving a brief wave in response and then turning and heading toward the door. She's relaxed somewhat, but is apparently incapable of breaking the Marine gait. Nice and straight, with her back level and her chin held high. She does, however, reach for Mia's right hand fairly discretely as she proceeds out the door.

Dell leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

Mia leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

Rozzen tips forward a little to stretch her arm out and accept the beer, fingers curling snugly around the chill glass. She hums a positive little note that'll serve for both bits of relayed news. Her eyes turn again towards Zachary and she lifts her beer before taking a little sip. Rolling her lips with the taste, she glances again towards the air crew on her way to turning back to Petra. "I guess so. It's good to have something to celebrate," she muses. "And in the absence of champagne," she tips her beer again to flash a bit more smile as she holds it ready for another sip. "Pizza, pool tables, and beer."

When Rosy Palm was suggested by Phin, Agrippa can only roll his eyes in a good natures manner, "Now that is a reach. I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to see what I frak up on. Rosy Palm is more like the last call girl than your first choice." Then he just looks at Ygraine when she shares that story about how the other guy got that callsign, "He must've picked up some great mag on leave or something." When she threatens to start dancing on a table, Agrippa can't help but narrow his eyes slightly, as if he doesn't believe it.

"I saw you do it several times," Phin says dryly to Ygraine. "Plural. Got us free drinks in that jazz bar the last time we all went up to Hedon, so, no complaints." He snickers at the 'Rosey' callsign story, nodding. "Yeah. Point. How do you even do that in the berths? Like everybody is listening. But, yeah. They'll give you something. I kind of like Dolly now. I mean, could be worse."

Jason chuckles, "Go ahead with the dancing," he offers to Ygraine, before he adds, "I must warn you that I didn't bring my camera, though." Another brief pause as he looks over at Phin, offering a grin. "There's always the possibilty of worse callsigns, yes. I guess I could have gotten far worse as well." He shakes his head a little, before he takes a long sip from his drink now.

Petra settles down into a chair with a chuckle and nods once, "And it sounds like one of the pilots wants to talk your ear off about something later." He pauses for a moment to take a long drink of his beer, then adds, "I read the report you sent back. and sounds like good stuff. Somehow I need to find a way to corner you and Wake in the same room at the same time."

Ygraine makes a pffft face. "He doesn't believe me, which means he totally wants me to do it." She chomps on pizza instead. Milkshake dances on tabletops when she wants to dance on tabletops, and not because a guy wants her to dance on tabletops, dammit.

Zachary chuckles in amusement as his pilots start to goof off and stands up to leave. "Marcus, if they get too lewd, just throw some beer on them. And I'll make sure they have to clean the head with their toothbrushes." he says with a smile. "I think I'm going to head over to my place down here. You all have a good evening."

"One of these pilots?" whose discourse she's been listening in on, Moira wonders as they get a corner of her eye again. Maybe she doesn't want to miss out on Ygraine dancing on tables, either. She takes a smaller sip of her drink during Petra's pause, ready to slide the beer back to the table when he goes on. It ends up tucked inside the fold of an elbow as she leans her forearms in a cross at the table's edge. "Thank you," she murmurs as a smile tugs briefly at the edges of her mouth. "Things have been rather busy," is empathized with a wry note of understatement. "It's hard to know where to start. I am interested in hearing what Wake…" That's about when she shifts her eyes upward, offering a more reflexive stretch of smile to Zachary as he takes his leave. "Thank you, Major. You and Eden, as well."

Agrippa certainly does not admit anything verbally as he leans back in his seat after finishing off the last bite of pizza. Grabbing his beer, he lounge as he takes a long drink of the liquid, enjoying the laid back atmosphere tonight. When the D-CAG announces his departure though, the newest Orion Ensign raises a hand to wave to the other man, "Good night, Major."

"Night, sir," Phin offers to departing Zachary. Before the D-CAG goes he says awkwardly, "Uh…about that thing before…I totally won't let you down."

Zachary points a finger towards Phin. "That's the one, Moira. Have fun." A wink at her and a smile and a quiet, "You're welcome." And with that, he heads out the door.

Zachary leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

Ygraine's eyes go big and she turns to Phin expectantly. "What's he on about? What did your incredibly brilliant, sexy brain come up with, Phinny?" She gives him The Eyes, even while taking a guzzle of her beer.

Ygraine isn't the only one who's curiosity is perked, Agrippa's eyes lock onto Phin like a Viper that is on the tail of a blind and weaponless Raider. He doesn't raise his own questions as they have already been asked. What is expected though is an answer.

Rozzen only flicks her eyes after Zachary's point at first, just enough to identify Phin. It's only once she's seen the DCAG off that she stretches out of her forearm lean in order to turn a fuller look upon the Viper pilot. Even if she hadn't been able to follow the pointed finger, the focused attention of his companions surely proves helpful. The curve of her lips has quieted to something barely registering as a smile, but the interest in her eyes is brightly alert as she waits on the answer to Ygraine's question.

"My brain's sexy?" is the first response Phin has to that, to Ygraine. Ahem. He just shrugs at both of them. "Nothing. Maybe. Pie wants me to do something that I'm…not entirely sure won't be a total disaster. I kind of need to work it out a little in my head. I'll tell you guys later, OK? Or…not, if it actually is a total disaster." He can't miss Rozzen looking at him as well, of course. He takes a sip of his beer and sort of half-waves. Zachary did not point her out to him, so he mostly looks puzzled.

"Of course your brain is sexy. Your brain's hotness is in direct proportion to the hotness of your cheekbones and baby blues." Ygraine explains this patiently as if it should be a matter of obvious fact. But there's a faint twitch of her lip, a sideways sort of look at him that suggests she's gonna worm it out of him later. "Though I will say that crazy ideas generally get more solid the more awesome brains you throw at it, and while I can't speak for Grippy, my brain is pretty awesome." She's…not lying, actually. She kept pace with Phin pretty well at Academy.

Jason has been drinking and eating in quiet for a little while. "His brain's hotness? Is that why there's smoke coming from his ears?" It's asked with a straight face, but rather lightly.

Rozzen meets Phin's wave and confusion with a sharper sparkle of eyes and slight dip of her chin. She continues watching in his direction a few moments longer, gaze steady over the lift of her beer for another sip. But as her drink sets down on the table her head turns away again and Moira is back to her inward lean upon her own table as she picks up conversation with Petra once more.

"You think she's into me?" Phin makes a gesture toward Rozzen that is not as subtle as would be ideal. He gives his head a slight shake. "Whatever. I'll deal with it tomorrow. I know your adorable brain's awesome, Yggs. It carried me through applied physics." And other more mathematically-oriented brain activities. "Look, I'll talk it over with you guys when we aren't at a bar, OK? Tonight I should…get back to the ship. Take some notes. And…stuff." Stuff might involve going to a supply closet for some alone-time freaking out. It just might.

Ygraine scowls a little and leans forward to whisper something in Phin's ear with furrowed brow before leaning back and adding, "And you should stay down here and drink with us. It'd be better." This is punctuated by her plucking up a bit of cheese and throwing it at Jason.

You whisper, "Whatever it is you're totally wigged. Are you going to go find a supply closet and have a fret? You are. You know you are." to Phin.

Since Phin is not willing to share the secretive secret, Agrippa is not going to probe the other pilot about it, he is the new guy so it wouldn't be his place. Instead, he continues lounging back in his seat as he considers adding in some input about his own brain but leaves it out for now, as it isn't as impressive as the other two's, or how they make theirs out to be. "I'll grab us another round if everyone wants one?" The offer is made as he slowly rises from his seat, needing a refill himself.

"I have my process, Yggs," Phin replies to Ygraine, in a semi-justifying sort of way. Though in the end he kind of sighs. "I guess I could have another drink." He finishes off his beer in a quick gulp, so he's entirely free for it.

"Yes, please!" Ygraine singsongs happily. She actually looks concerned over in Phin's direction, swallows the last of her current beer, and notes, "Her name is Moira. Want me to go find out sometime?"

Jason shakes his head a little as he ducks that thrown cheese. "What was that for?" he asks, shaking his head a little bit now as he offers a bit of a grin. Looking between Ygraine and Phin for a few moments.

And the Viper pilot is on a beer run, casually making his way towards the bar. Pushing up to the bar and leaning into it, he motions to the bartender and holds up four fingers. Then while the beers are being fetched, Agrippa turns around and leans his back against the bar, elbows resting on the bartop as he looks back to the three remaining.

"Moira?" This is vaguely familiar to Phin, but not enough for him to latch onto it. "I can find out if I want to. I'm a grown man." Though he adds, "But, y'know, if you have time. Sure." He offers a quick "Thanks, man" to Agrippa as he gets the next round. While he's waiting on that he asks Jason, "Speaking of callsigns, man." To speak of something from awhile ago. "Why do they call you Stand-up, anyway?"

"Phinny's brilliant. Anything short of you suggesting otherwise will earn you cheese in the face and other similar favors." Ygraine says, defending her bestie. She looks over barwards and calls out, "Grippy! Get over here! They'll bring the beers over, you don't have to wait."

Waving off Ygraine's demands, Agrippa flashes back a grin as a response and doesn't move, apparently enjoying the bar being used a backrest, "I know you miss me already but the drinks will be ready in a second and I'll be back." The new pilot seems to have loosened up a bit more down here on the planet compared to what he's like back on the Orion, most likely a combination of the atmosphere of the place and the food plus drink combination.

"Well, I've always had a tendency for making some joking comments, especially when I should have kept my mouth shut," Jason replies, before he adds, "Aboard the Triton I ended up making one of those comments to the squadron leader, who sadly didn't share the same sense of humor. So he claimed we had a frakking stand-up comedian here, me. And some of the other guys overheard it, and it sort of stuck." It's offered with a smile though.

Phin leans forward to listen to Jason's callsign story, chuckling at the punchline of it. "Couldv'e been worse, definitely. At least your SL wasn't a jerk about it. Some of those guys can have no sense of humor."

Ygraine seems content enough to listen to the story, but has nothing to contribute. Is Yggy actually quiet for once? No, nope, she's just stuffing pizza and beer in her maw.

The beers are eventually placed on the bar next to Agrippa. One, two, three… and then the fourth. And now the new Viper pilot has to be very, very careful carrying them all back. Ygraine may just be right about letting the staff bring the beer but since he was stubborn and stayed, he isn't going to give in now. It isn't that hard but certainly in potential party foul territory.

Jason chuckles, "I was a bit worried for a while that I'd end up with something from back in my actor days…" A brief pause as he looks around now.

Ygraine grins. "And you were such a cutie back then." she teases Jason, adding blithely, "What happened?" and woop, there it is, that sly grin.

Phin chuckles. "I think my brother and I snuck into one of your movies when we were kids," he says to Jason. "The one about the scrappy peasant kid? Those played huge back in the 'Bay. How'd you end up in the Fleet, anyway?" He half-turns to watch Agrippa's progress. Crossing his fingers for those beers.

His approach to the table is slower than usual but with only one beer in him, Agrippa easily focuses on the task and eventually he reaches his destination and will put all the beers down in the midde of the table so everyone can grab one.

Ygraine gets up when she grabs hers, and replants herself in Agrippa's lap. Just like that. OHAI.

Jason shrugs a little bit at those questions. "Well, to put it simply, stuff happened between my parents. Stuff I never really forgave my father for." A brief pause, before he gets to his feet. "I think I'll get some air before I head back aboard. Enjoy the rest of your evening." And with that, he makes his way for the exit now.

"I hear that, man. Later." Phin nods with some degree of understanding to what Jason says about his parents, though he doesn't ask anything further as the man leaves. He leans up to retrieve his beer from Agrippa, with a chuckle. "Nicely done." That could be for either the drink balancing or the ECO planting herself in his lap. Either/or.

Taking one of the four beers, Agrippa settles down in his seat and leans back again, content on relaxing when Ygraine changes seats. There is a slight 'oof' as he was not ready for her to take a seat on his lap but recovers rather easily, as if this isn't something new. The beer held steady in his hand while the free arm slips arm the new lap ornament. When Jason announces his departure, Agrippa raises his beer to the man, "Take care, Stand Up." Starting to commit the callsign of other pilots to memory.

Ygraine makes a scrunchy face at something, though the direction of her displeasure isn't quite clear. She settles into Agrippa's lap with a wriggle (because she's evil), and holds up her bottle. "So. To Agrippa, now in the Air Wing. Cheers." She grins at the last men standing…err, sitting.

"So say we all." Phin raises his new drink to toast this, sipping it long. He drinks this one at a quicker pace than he did his last, though he's not really chugging it. He's comfortably slouched into the evening, most of the tension he'd shown earlier gone. For now, at least.

Agrippa tightens his hold around Ygraine's waist for a moment when she begins to squirm, no verbal protest given about her rather evil deeds. "So say we all." The same words repeated after Phin and then his own beer is brought to his lips, some of the liquid contents drained as well. "Looking forward to kicking some frakking Cylon ass with you two." Revenge, a very sweet drink as well.

Ygraine hmmms contentedly, adding in a sly tone, "You mean looking forward to having me keep your asses out of their targetting systems while you pew pew pew away."

"I'm counting on it. I'm strictly out there to look pretty," Phin says with a wink to Ygraine. "But, seriously. It's awesome to find more sticks. We need all the help we can get. And to know…I don't know. There are still people scattered around out there, even if we aren't finding them all right away."

With the beer at his lips, Agrippa gives Ygraine one of those 'Uh huh, right' looks though there is clear amusement on his face as the friendly Raptor-Viper rivalry is alive and well here with the Orion pilots as well. "I'm pretty sure your ass will draw more attention than mine." Surely he means that the larger profile of the Raptor is a juicier target than the sleeker Viper. Agrippa then looks towards Phin, nodding his head, "That's one thing we have over those tincans, we're survivors. They may have hit us with a helluva right hook but we're getting back up."

Ygraine laughs at Phin, and damned if she doesn't shift in Agrippa's lap so she can put her feet in Phin's. By now they should name this move after her, seriously. "We'll find as many as we can, free as many as we can. And if worse comes to worse, we can always send Piraen direwolves after 'em."

Phin shifts to accommodate Ygraine's feet without even seemingly thinking about it. "I wouldn't mind just sticking the Cylons in a room with the wolves, seeing which of them made it out. Not sure that's a workable strategy, though. A slow nod at Agrippa's words. "Yeah. There are still people fighting back some places on the colonies, even what's left of them. And it's still safe out here. Cylons don't seem to know anything about this place. We're not as out as they seem to think they'd take us."

Agrippa at least has a secure hold on Ygraine so during her attempt to use both himself and Phin as furniture, she wouldn't accidentally fall over, unless a certain Viper pilot was remiss in his duties on ensuring the girl's safety. She must be part farmgirl, part gymnist, part ECO expert, part Woogirl. "Could be why the Cylons aren't here, they scouted the planet and their scouts got chewed up and spit out. Now this system has a giant hazard symbol in their databases."

Ygraine grows oddly mum at that, considering the site digging she's been involved in, but she does offer, "Shall I get our last round before we gotta head back up top?" And with that, the three can enjoy the last bit of booze before they have to go sleep it off.

Phin leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

"And give up your comfortable seat?" Agrippa quips before his arm slips away so Ygraine can rise and grab one last round of beers for the group, "But I can go for one more, it's been a while since I drank but I'm certainly no lightweight." And it's certainly felt like that its been a while since he's had this much fun.

"What, will I not get it back when I return?" She does rise and head to the bar, leaning on it to order the next round, although they do lose Phin, either to the bathroom or to go find a closet to freak out somewhere.

No answer is given but the grin is there in response to her question. For now, Agrippa remains lounging in his seat as he enjoys his beer, the rate of consumption timed so that when she returns, his will be more or less empty.

She's upped the ante naturally, as she coes back and reclaims her throne, ie his lap. But she's brought not just beer, but also shots. The girl likes to get her drank on. Once re-perched, she holds out one of the shot glasses in offering.

The lapseat remains open for Ygraine when she returns but Agrippa's eyes immediately shifts from girl to shot glasses, realizing that she is certainly not afraid of drinking. He was also a rather big drinking in his younger days when he had more time to party so he obliges and accepts the oh so familiar shot glass.

"One, two, three." she says, and knocks hers back like a pro before chasing it with a swig of beer.

With the countdown as a warning, Agrippa hefts his shot and then brings the shot glass to his lips, letting the liquid of whatever she ordered flow down his throat. No chaser for now to see if he could hack it.

Ygraine seems to find this adorable and lets out a hearty chuckle as she watches him stoically keep down his hard liquour. "Good on you." she says, reaching up to tweak his nose.

It is certainly not as easy as Agrippa thought it would be, in fact, his face becomes screwed up and he eventually gives in, bringing the beer to his lips to calm the burning though he does attempt to bring it up non-chalantly as if he was just extra thirsty. He does wrinkle his nose when she tweaks it, "So it seems you are quite capable of partying hard, Shake."

Ygraine is much quicker to laugh now, and is leaning against him. "Folk from rural Leonis drink hard as a matter of course, and when I went to flight school on Caprica, me an' a coupla others used to party pretty hard when we could. I saw things that would make my brothers blush."

His arm is once more around her when the empty shotglass is left on the table, enjoying the close company of the rural born girl, "So did you like Leonis better or Caprica?"

"Oh, ya can't compare 'em." she says immediately. "At the time I thought that Caprica was the most glamorous colony ever and I couldn't wait to get the hell off Leonis…but now I'd give anythin' to feel its grass under my bare feet. Maybe one day I will." She refuses to be glum, or morbid, or sad. Hope is the watch word for Ensign Ygraine Vashti. "And in the meantime, Piraeus has grass too. You ever feel proper green grass under your feet, city boy?"

He technically has felt grass under his feet though Agrippa may be toeing the line with the definition of proper green grass. "Back at the Academy, sometimes we had to do our physical training without shoes on." But he never took off his shoes just to run around or play in the grass, never felt the need to. "Always found shoes to be more… comfortable."

"Then you ain't had your feet in the right grass." Yggy insists. "One day I'll show ya what I mean."

Lifting his beer and draining the remains of it, this last one going down quicker than the previous two, Agrippa nods his head at her invitation, "One day…" There is a pause before he says in a quieter voice, "Hey Yggy, thanks for today. For bringing me down here… didn't realize how much I needed it."

"It's all good, Grippy." she tells him, patting his cheek. "It's important to not just…sink into the shit, ya know? So thanks for taking the rope after I threw it. You'd be surprised at them that ain't strong enough."

Nodding his head, Agrippa doesn't dispute that, he did have to accept the invitation to come down to the planet, "It's hard some days, though easier now that I'm on the Orion." What he's afraid of is a relapse. Though it's rather comfortable and relaxing right now, his sense of duty does poke at his mind, letting him know that it's time to be responsible. With a hand, he gently pats Ygraine's leg, "I think it's time to head back up now before they start sending out search parties."

Ygraine grins. "We can head up." she agrees. "But once we get there, I might just make you take a detour." She dutifully gets up and totters over to the bar to pay her part of the tab.

Once she is up, Agrippa rises slowly as well and follows Ygraine to the bar to also pay for his tab. The statement about the detour causes the Viper pilot to smirk, but there is no rejection of her plans.

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