Welcome to Piraeus

Welcome to Piraeus!

A project started long before the Second Cylon War began, Piraeus became important after the Cylon invasion because of the project not having been included in any Naval or Government database or computer. Its location has become a guarded secret as, while the Cylons likely know OF this outpost, they do not know WHERE it is, and with that secret, Fleet is maintaining one of the last safe havens for humanity while the war rages on.

What does this mean for you? Most importantly, it means that Cylons are not here and as long as this secret is maintained, they cannot get here. However, it also means that, for security reasons, all refugees that come here, must stay here, at least until the war has ended. The upside to that? Your new home is gorgeous and practically untouched.

What Can Be Expected:

First, along with this informational class and flyer, you are being given a facts sheet about Piraeus:

[Fact Sheet]

This is MANDATORY reading: We cannot stress this enough. Most of Piraeus is still wild, untouched, and untamed, and there are creatures and terrain that will not think twice about making you a rather permanent, dead, resident. Civilians are expected to remain within safe zones as maintained by the Colonial Marine Corps, unless they've filed notice with the Sheridan Watch Officer (notices require you to submit where you are going, who is going, and how long you will be gone, so the CMC knows when you are 'missing' and where to start looking for you, as well as a statement that you understand that leaving the safe zone is a dangerous and potentially life-threatening act)

Housing & Basic Needs:

The Settlement of Sheridan consists of basic living quarters and facilities and is powered by a small nuclear reactor. Plumbing is basic and most facilities do not have running hot water. It was designed to provide a home to the contractors and engineers that created the site, and cannot sustain significant civilian daily living.

CFAS Rawlins is five miles north of Sheridan and currently consists only of the Assault Landing Ship Jolie Point and a couple of temporary shelters. Construction has not begun on the base.

Camp Laramie (CMC) is four miles south of Sheridan on the shore of a large meteor crater turned lake. Construction has not begun on this base.

This begs the question of: where do refugees and civilians live, then? That is where you come in: We have the tools and the contractors, and as a condition of making Piraeus your new home, every capable person is expected to put in four hours a day of work, over the span of your first month here, in assisting completing the construction of new living facilities. A construction foreman will speak to you individually to assess your skills and find work for you that is beneficial to the construction project while still within your capabilities.


Medical facilities do not exist on Piraeus as of yet. However, the Hospital Ship Kildare and the medical team on the Battlestar Orion typically handle all medical emergencies and issues on ship. Speak to a Marine at the Landing Zone if you need to visit a doctor or corpsman, to arrange transport, or help for a medical emergency.


When being faced with the horrors that the Colonies have been subjected to, it's understandable that many of you are concerned about being able to continue your relationship with the Lords of Kobol - A few miles south of Sheridan on the road to the Camp Laramie site, a Temple has been constructed next to one of the rivers running down to the lake. Powered by its own hydroelectric plant, the Fleet's Chaplain and staff welcome any and all.

Points of Contact:

Dr Samtara Nadir: Medical screenings, injuries, and living conditions
LT Elijah Morgan: Security and CMC issues
CPT Sister Iphigenia Arden: Chaplain
LTC Marcus Petra: Construction and logistics issues (and any issues with this page)

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