ALT #314: Welcome to Orion Ensign
Welcome to Orion Ensign
Summary: Ensign Darius Knight takes his first breakfast on Orion
Date: 16/Nov/2013
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Mess Hall - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #314

It's the tail end of breakfast and the mess is starting to empty, that's not to say that it isn't still busy, but the rush is over and there are seats to be had about the place. Having picked away at his breakfast until it's about half eaten, Toby is now sat in his sweats, craddling a mug of coffee between his hands.

Leightner :enters at the end of Breakfast, rubbing his face. Odd sleeptimes the man has. He moves through the line, emerging with a tray of breakfast semisolids before moving about.. Ah the recently released Deckie Crewman in his natural habitat. Leightner heads that way, settling down nearby "Alri, Shackleton?" He says more greeting than question as he starts eating.

Toby glances up from his coffee as he hears the greeting, then offers the corpsman a brief nod. "Checking up on me already?" he asks, looking tired, but also faintly amused. As both his hands seem to be needed to hold his mug he glances down towards it momentarilly, then back to Leighter, "I promise you, it's less then ten pounds."

Leightner eats as he listens to Toby, "Not after it hits ye gut mata. Thas fifty pounds of Mess Hall coffee thar once it starts digestin." He grins and takes another bite, swallowing, then "Ya seen tha Minoans yet? any good news?" Tauran survivors, it's a question which will come up.

Toby seems to have finished with the whole eating side of breakfast, but takes a drink as Leighter responds. "Guess I should be glad I'm not lifting it at that point then," he offers, setting the mug down, smiling slightly at the thought of just how badly deck coffee would come off in a similar comparison. As for the Minoans he just shakes his head, pulling his hoodie up a little closer over his shoulders, "'fraid not. I heard they're pretty well distributed around the fleet given the numbers."

Leightner nods, then pauses, "Ye ah, wan ta lookit tha list o names?" Serious now. "Me Jena an me made tha sortin an processin exams, we got alla tha names." He then continues eating to see the answer. all silence is filled with eating.

That's one way to get Toby's full attention. He had been reaching for his mug again, but that's aborted in favour of looking over to the corpsman once more. Not just a glance either, a proper look. There's a few moments quiet before he replies quietly, "I had no family there, but Dio did." A glance back to his coffee as he reach for it, "I reckon he'd have looked already, but if you have the full list then look for Alexios."

Leightner pauses in his eating, bringing up a small leatherbound black book from somewhere, pulling off the elastic around it, he opens it, looking through pages, "Alexinta." He says, frowning, knowing that's not them and shakes his head, "Best I got." He closes the book, putting it away, "Anyone can go ta Sickbay an request tha list at anytime. Pass tha word, aye?"

Toby waits silently as the book is consulted, not even taking a drink or looking away. He just waits. When the answer comes he gives a short, subtle nod, it was the expected but certainly not the hoped, "I'll let him know." He's not sure how close his fellow knuckledragger was to his family, or what other names there might be to check, so there's not much more he can do himself. Leaning back into his chair a moment it's only now that he lifts his mug again, cradling it once more between his gloved hands.

Leightner nods, "Let everone know if they don't." He clarifies seriously. "Everone deserves a chance ta check." He takes a bite, "How ye been? Better lose on tha ship I take it, ye look better."

"Don't know if I can get it round the brass, or the rest of the fleet" Tody replies with a faint nod, meaning he officers in general, "but my lot will know by lunch and I reckon it'll spread quick enough after that." While he might normally rest the mug briefly against his sternum he's keeping it just in his hands for now as he considers the question a moment. "Won't claim it was the best night's sleep I've ever had," he admits, "but yeah, it's not so bad."

Leightner nods, "Good, good. Still healin, but ever hour gettin better. Jus keep yer headin." He continues eating, and nods, "It's a battlestar, everone comes ta tha deck sooner er later."

Mahasti is carrying her white jacket with her - but still wearing a bandana around her short fuzzy hair in the back and on the sides. She looks pleasant, she eyes Leightner, tucking her jacket on her chair back, looking at Toby with her head tilted as if trying to remember something. She pats Leightner's shoulder "Thank you again." before moving to grab coffee and grab every food offered before returning, she's pretty quick like that. She sits back down next to Leightner to begin eatting her egg without fussing.

Toby eyes Mahasti a moment as the Doctor joins them, then turns back to Leightner and nods slowly. "Theoretically at least, but once word is out I doubt it'll just stick around the hanger waiting for people to come to it." The ship has a thriving scuttlebutt after all.

Leightner looks up as Mahasti touches him, nodding to her thanks, he's chewing. As she goes to get food, he looks to Toby and nods, "Alri, let's have some then." He gestures and continues eating.

Mahasti smiles at Leightner and takes a bite of her wheat toast, instead of being noisy she listens to Toby talk, looking a little more confused as she takes out a chocolate bar from her pocket to slide towards him. In a shady drug deal fashion of course. She takes a bite of bacon.

Toby looks confused as Leighter speaks, setting his mug back down to ask, "have some what?" He's got the distinct feeling that he's missed a step somewhere but as the chocolate bar appears he glances between the two medics a moment before returning his attention to the warmth offered by his coffee.

Leightner looks at the chocolate bar, then back to Toby, "Scuttlebutt, mate. I been trapped in a cave fer a while. A literal cave. An I ain't quite tha old hand on ship neither, whots tha scuttlebutt?" He returns to his food, about a quarter of it left.

Mahasti smiles at Toby, wordlessly sliding a candy bar towards him. "I'm quite happy Leightner is back, he's a joy to have around." she offers after a moment, taking time to work on her breakfast. "This is not Leonese toast. This is eggy custard toast. More of a Virgon or Caprican thing." she accusingly eyes Leightner before returning to a smile.

Toby ah's as Leighter explains, then shrugs once. "Lets see," keeping a straight face he offers up, "alright then, here's one. Word has it that the lass in the bunk across from mine has found herself some Virgonese lad. Wish 'em all the best and that, just hoping they either use his or keep it down, you know how it is." There's a momentary pause as he lets that one settle then he adds a few more things that have gone round recently, none of which are of particular consiquence. The chocolate bar is eyed briefly, once it becomes it's apparent it's meant for him, and he considers it carefully for a moment before shaking his head once. "Thanks for the offer Doc, but I don't think you'd be doing that if it weren;t for your head and I'm not going to take advantage of a lass who can't remember. Even if it is only a chocolate bar."

Leightner finishes his food, grinning, "Aye. Thank ye Shackleton." He acknowledges it, listening to the rest of the scuttlebutt and finishes his drink before, moving to rise with a nod to Mahasti, "Well, it's me time ta head ta Marine country."

Mahasti frowns at Toby and frowns "But I wanted to share." she offers. She lets out a deep sigh and takes out a notepad, writing down 'Shackleton implied I do not like him.' neatly. It has a list of people she's re bumped into but can't remember. "I'm quite sorry for whatever it is I've done then." she pauses, "Hey Leightner, there is a bottle of OTC in the sickbay for you, put it in your away bag if you can, and ah thank you for the new name thing.

It's the tail end of breakfast, and while there is still food to be had, most people have been and gone by now. Most tables are occupied to some degree, with one housing a corpsman who looks like he's leaving, a Doctor who looks like she's just arrived, and a tech who looks tired.

"See you mate," Toby offers to Leightner as he makes his excuses, then turns back to Mahasti, giving her a bit of a shrug. "Don't worry about it Doc. EIther you'll remember and we'll deal with it then, or you won't and we'll start a fresh. As I said though, I'm not going to take advantage of your injury. You want to share, give it to one of the Minoans, they need it more anyway."

Leightner is rising from the table where he finished breakfast, and he looks to Mahasti, nodding, "Aye sir, ye welcome." He nods, then moves, long legs moving him to the slot for tray reclamation heading out. He's got somewhere to be.

Mahasti pauses "I gave them all the soup and goodies that got sent for me when friends heard I was under the weather. Candy isn't going to nourish them, although I found some canned citrouille. no uhm.." she takes a moment, tearing a page from the journal to draw - a bit poorly a pumpkin and slide it to Toby "Orange goard, full of messy guts and seeds, very tasty in the fall." she is visibly straining to remember it. "Capricans make coffee flavored like it and nutmeg and cinnamon." she mumbles.

A fairly tall (6'2") Virgon wearing a flight suit walks into the mess hall, he has that spit and shine look of a newly minted officer and the brass on his flight wings haven't been tarnished with age yet. He looks around wide-eyed at all the people as he gets in line to pick up his tray before looking for a place to sit, looking a bit ill at ease as he no longer has his friends in training to eat with.

Phin looks rather like he just rolled out of his rack as he hurries into the mess hall. He's dressed himself in off-duties, but still looks blurry-eyed and like he needs a shave and shower. Probably trying to catch the proper breakfast serving, while it's being served. He slots himself into the chow line, yawning while he waits his turn.

"Might not nurish them Doc," Toby states, "but there's kids there who won't have seen one for the best part of a year. Easy way to make friends there I tell you." Going back to cradlling his coffee in his hands he eyes the unfamiliar flightsuited figure a moment, knowing well enough that that'll change soon enough, then spots Phin in line and gives the viper pilot a brief nod in greeting.

Mahasti smiles "I have already made arrangements to get those kids some toys." she offers, smiling "I gave my favorite house slippers to a girl and was thinking about making a vitamin rich cake for them with this. Also that guy is huuuuuuge." she whispers the last part about Darius at Toby settling back to eatting her food. "I thought if I made some pumpkin cakes, it would get their vitamin levels back up and provide a desert that is kind of healthy.

The name tag on his flight suit says, "Knight" and he glances around the emptying mess hall before he shrugs his shoulders and takes a seat nearby Toby and Mahasti. As Toby eyes him he gives a hesitant smile, looking like a puppy that's expecting to get his nose pushed into the sewage. He doesn't hear Mahasti, so he starts to dig into his food with gusto, hungry for some substaneous after flying here from his training billet.

Phin gets himself a tray of breakfast food. Toast, eggs, hashbrowns, sausage patty, that sort of thing. He rounds it out with a large cup of coffee, and then starts hunting for a table. He catches Toby's nod, returning it. And taking it for an invitation of sorts, as he angles in that direction. On his way, he spots the unfamiliar and very tall man in a flight suit. "You looking for something, Ensign?" he asks Darius.

Toby eyes Darius again at Mahasti's comment then shrugs slightly, figuring the man is more or less the same height as he is. Noting the man's general nature and the ensign pins on his collar he's about to sick Phin on him to make sure he doesn't en dup roaming lost around the corridors, but it seems the pilot is already on it. Keeping half an eye on that pair he nods as Mahasti outlines her plans, "sounds reasonable," heoffers, not being an expert on the various uses of pumpkins, "reckon they'd still love you more for the chocolate bar though."

Mahasti smiles at Phin and Darius "Hello." she smiles a bit "But I only have an entire laundry bag full." she jokes. "I'll make sure I have enough for everyone before I commit." she offers "Why don't you keep that one?" she asks, "And you can give it to someone else personally so you can be the hero." she suggests. Phin is given a wave as she takes a big draw of her coffee, taking her notepad to write down 'coffee doesn't taste right anymore'. "Hello new guy, Phin." she offers, pausing "Oh uhm Hi, I'm Dr. Mahasti Nasreen, its nice to meet you." she offers to Darius a little noisily

Darius blinks as someone addresses him and he literally scrambles to his feet, knocking his tray over as he salutes and says, "No sir! Ensign Knight, newly transfered from Training Group Alpha 1-0-9 Delta for assignment the Airwing on the Orion… sir!" He seems completely naive and quite over-enthusiastic this one. He turns and salutes Mahasti as well, a bead of sweat on his face as he's quite well aware of his super junior status here.

"Uh…" Phin hadn't really been expecting any of that. He still looks like he's trying to wake up. He puts his tray down to acknowledge the salute, and give a quick "As you were" so they can both sit down. Which he does. His rank isn't really clear at the moment, in his off-duties as he is, and he can't be much older than Darius. He takes the 'sir' without argument, though, so maybe it's correct. "Well, uh, welcome." Coffee is gulped before he makes any further attempt at conversation.

Toby was going to reply to Mahasti, but his attention is drawn to the ensign instead as the new arrival reacts to Phin. He can't help but blink once, then leans back in his seat again to watch this. Are there really still some that green after this many months of war? Apparently so. Sitting in his sweats his own rank is likely hard to judge, and tired as he might be, he's half tempted to claim a Lieutenantship or somesuch briefly just to make the new guy jump again. He doesn't though, in the end, prefering instead to pick up the aforementioned choclate bar and toss it in Darius' direct. "Welcome to Orion Ensign, you now owe me for that. The Lieutenant here will fill you in on how best to make good." Them once that's done, a silent nod of thanks to Mahasti for supplying the leverage.

Mahasti takes her bandana off, tilting away from her food to recover her fuzzy head so only the top of her head with its shortish curls is exposed. She pokes at her hash browns, pausing to take a bite. Her rank is likely hazy too. She laughs aloud at Toby's antics, settling to tuck her feet under herself more comfortably. She adjusts her face a bit but just looks amused. She sips her coffee, quietly, looking pleased as a peach, she still has bacon, beans, a virgon muffin with jam, and a fruit cup on her plate.

Darius almost looks relieved when Phin tells him "As you were" and so focused on the man that when Toby speaks and then tosses him the chocolate bar, he acks! and fumbles with it trying to catch it. He looks down at it and then hearing that he now owes someone, there's almost a look of panic in the man's face before he says, "Uh… yes sir… I will do that sir…" He reddens as he goes to sit down and try and retrieve something from the mess he's made of his breakfast.

"You're not required to salute superiors in off-duty areas, unless being issued an order," Phin recites for Darius. Like he's calling up a quote from the regs from his brain. More coffee. Coffee is his main priority just now. After that's swallowed, he offers a polite, "Morning, Shackleton, Doc" to Toby and Mahasti. Then more coffee.

Toby does not seem to be paying any attention to the half of his breakfast that's left on his plate. It went cold a while back now, but the coffee in his gloved hands is apparently still warm given the way he's clutching it. Darius gets a nod, the tech being apparently suddenly deaf to the word 'sir' or surely he's have corrected the man on his use of it. Then Phin gets a quick nod in response to his morning, along with a "morning." Then something else occurs to him and he asks, "you mind passing on to your lot that Leightner has a list of all the Minoans we brought back, so if anyone's looking for someone then to go grab him?"

Mahasti leans over "If your breakfast is a wash, nobody'll yell at you for getting seconds, ensign." she offers, voice soft. " Everyone is just giving you a little bit of hell. She offers a bright smile, taking a sip of her coffee. She sets the mug down before eatting her jam coated english muffin type piece of food, looking like she's eatting all the food. She considers a bit "I've been mostly hit up for soap by them thus far." she offers to Toby with a grin. "And stuff that seems stupid but I totally understand. Like a little girl wanted ruffly socks and a new dress - We made sure she got it too!"

Darius reddens even further when Phin lectures him about something he should have known about. He's just too green right now, it was literally a reflex from training when you saluted your drill and flight instructors no matter where you were because they were God(dess)… literally to you. He also wanted to make a good impression and that helped contribute to his complete over-eagerness. He mumbles, "Yes sir…" as he tries to hide behind his breakfast, kind of hard when you're taller than most pilots. Part of it too is ego, and the desire to prove himself as good as, or better than the pilots in the wing. He glances at Mahasti and says, "It's fine ma'am… I'll just finish what I have here…" He reddens even more as he's so naive he didn't even realize he was being razzed by everyone.

Phin looks up and over at Toby, in case the last part was meant for him. "I'll let the CAG and Major Holtz know, sure. How're they settling in? The Minoans, I mean." The question's aimed at Tauron Toby more than anyone else, but it's asked in a general sort of way. In an attempt to be friendly, or at least more awake-ish, to Darius, he adds, "You gotten your squadron assignment yet? Name's Lieutenant Phin McBride. I fly with the Seven-Seven-Sevens. Lucky Strikes. One of the Viper squadrons aboard ship."

Toby's comment had been aimed at Phin and he gives the man a brief nod of acknowledgemnet as the reply comes back positive. After that though he can only shrug, "dunno I'm afraid. Only got out of sickbay yesterday and haven't been much beyond the bearthings since." Tilting his head towards Mahasti he does think to add, "Doc might be able to tell you more." Finally draining the last of his mug he sets it down and wraps his now free arms round his chest, not too tight, but enough to keep the hoodie close.

Mahasti reaches over to gently pat Darius' arm "Sir." she corrects, giving the ensign a gentle elbowing before standing up to whisper to the recruit, being one of the tinier officers makes it easier to hide "I'm Lieutenant Mahasti Nasreen M.D. I'd prefer just being called doctor or Mahasti is just fine unless we're in uniform unless we're in the sickbay." she offers, "I think the Minoans will be more comfortable when settled into proper housing on Piraeus, they overall are hearty and disgruntled - as well they should be, injuries are patching up, I've been put on pediatrics for them so I can't tell you about the adults." she offers sheepishly. She's likely is on pediatrics. "I was going to see about maybe hooking up a video game system to one of the tvs in the sickbay for them." she offers "Kids like video games, right?" she asks, a little cluelessly.

He blinks and says, "Um, yes sir, I saw the CAG last night when I got in from graduation and I'm in the Seven-Seven-Seven as well… in training they called me "Hyper" because I'm little bit overeager and overly enthsiastic at times." He blinks and oofs when elbowed by Mahasti and blushes, "Uh… sorry Ma'… I mean Doc… Just not used to all this yet…" Oh yes, this guy is as green as the grass used to be on Caprica.

Phin shrugs, as to what kids like. He sure doesn't know. More coffee, a few spoonfuls of hashbrowns, and then his attention turns back to Darius. He's starting to look vaguely more awake, so he's in more of a mood to be helpful. "You know where you're bunking yet? I can show you to the berths after I'm done with breakfast if not. Major Holtz is our squadron leader, if you haven't met him yet. He'll sort out your patrol shifts and wingman assignment and stuff. You should be slotted into the rotation pretty quick. Always need more guys on the flight line, especially since we're still doing mop-up calls over Picon now and then."

"Don't reckon too many'd complain if you borrowed one from the Rec Room temporarilly," Toby offers to Mahasti. He'd also offer to make sure of that were it not for the fact that right now he's not sure he'd not end up with himself getting booted back to sickbay himself in doing so. Then to Darius he nods once asthe man gives his assignment. "Lucky Strikes eh? They'll get you blooded quick enough I don't doubt. Just remember to take care of your bird, techs here can get a bit ratty if you frak up their hard work."

Mahasti eyes Darius and Phin "That isn't a bad idea but I'll double check that Sam won't fuss too hard." she offers to Toby. "How are you feeling?" she asks, considering things." she brushes her hair with her fingers, taking her time to eat more of her food. "I think Sam is going to tape me to a bed at this rate." she offers with a laugh.

He looks up at Mahasti and seems to visibly relax when she whispers something in his ear and so when Phin speaks again, he nods, "I was escorted to mine when I arrived… Major Holtz did you say? I'll have to see him after breakfast, I really want to get out and flying… it's the only time I really feel alive and free…" And there is a goofy grin on his features and a faraway look in his eyes as he remembers his more enjoyable training missions in a real Viper. He then shakes it off and says, "Is it true then, the rumors I've heard about us seeing major action soon?" He then looks over at Toby and says, "I'll keep that in mind, I was a bit hard on the equipment in training…" He blushes slightly, remembering an incident where he tried to do an aerial maneuver his training Viper wasn't rated for and nearly spun into the planet.

Phin cracks a slight grin at Darius. "I know the feeling," he says, to the comment about flying. "Cool. I'll see you around, then. Good to have another stick aboard." As for major actions, he lets out a low, grim chuckle. "Plenty to go around, Ensign. They say we're in the superior position on Picon now, but there're still Cylons there. So even though the battlestar's not parked there twenty-four-seven anymore, we still get called back now and then. And they still control the other worlds. So…not going to be a stop to them anytime soon." Which calls for more coffee, which he drinks.

Toby considers how best to answer that one for a moment, then settles for the simple, "better." Not 100% yet, but better. A glance back to Darius and he raises an eyebrow slightly, "we just finished a major action so I'd hope for a bit more time yet to get everything back up to normal operational levels." It is war though, so that's likely just wishful thinking. The comment about behing hard on equipment though gets the Ensign a long look before he advises, "I'd suggest losing that habit sharpish, or Chief Rutlii will have you for breakfast."

Mahasti winces Hard on Equipment means hard on the body "Yeah try not to get shot to shit, Captain Nadir hates that shit." she comments, "The action was nasty. If you go out - blow some toasters up for me, please." she nose scrunches, thinking "I want chicken and waffles for lunch. That is wishful thinking." she jokes towards the men assembled.

Darius rubs his hands with glee, "Great… I can't wait to blow up a few Cylons for what they did to Virgon and the rest of the colonies." He glances at Toby and says, "I'll do my very best…" He then stands and picks up his tray to take the recycler and says, "Time for me to find out who my wingman will be and my patrol schedule. I'll see you all around…. Doc, Lieutenant, Crewman…" He says politely as he leaves to head to find Major Holtz.

Phin looks rather tired when Darius mentions being eager to blow up Cylons. Was he ever that young? Technically he's still that young, but he's been at this long enough to have had the Rook-ness rubbed off him when it comes to that sort of thing. "Later," he offers simply to the ensign. He's packed away a good portion of his breakfast. He's a hearty eater when it comes to mess fare, and is working on finishing his coffee.

Toby gives the Ensign a brief nod as the man leaves, then turns to give Phin a briefly sympathetic look. GLancing down into his own mug he notes with disapointment that it seems to have singulalrly failed to refill itself and so he pushes himself carefully to his feet to go get more. Doesn't look like he's in a particular rush this morning. Noting Phin's valient attempts to finish his own mug he offers, "another?"

Mahasti eyes Toby and then Phin "You look so worn, you okay?" she asks, curiously. She seems a bit concerned as she eats "I hate to admit it but this head injury is fantastic, I forgot what everything tastes like and everything is new lately." she offers with a grin, attempting to be humorous.

"No thanks. I think I'm going to hit the showers once this one's drained," Phin replies to Toby. "Need to get myself correct before I'm due on duty." To Mahasti he replies, "I just woke up." He looks like he wants to say something else when she makes that comment about her head injury but, whatever it is, he stows it.

Toby isn't sure if Mahasti is asking him or Phin, but goves a quick reply anyway, "didn't get the greatest night's sleep ever, that's all." As Phin declines his offer he gives the pilot a nod then goes to get himself one anyway. It only takes a few moments what with the lateness of the hour, and then he's back and lowerin ghimself cautiously back into his seat. "You flying later then?" he checks with Phin, "can't say I've seen the worklists yet."

Mahasti blinks. "Your face says you want to say more, I'm sorry." she actually sort of bows her head, taking her time to wipe her hands before putting her white lab coat over her shoulder before lifting her tray "Be safe." she offers, looking a little lost as she heads for the tray reclaimation zone. "Have a good one Toby. Phin." she murmurs, headed off quietly so long as she isn't asked to come back.

"Not today. I'm on duty-not-involving-flying in like an hour." Phin doesn't sound overly enthused, but that's a common enough pilot attitude when it comes to the parts of the job that don't involve jocking. Which is a lot of it. "CAG's got me reviewing combat footage looking for places we might find an intact Raider. Or at least, salvageable parts of one. I guess Intel's interested in poking around inside a toaster." A "Later, Doc" is offered to Mahasti.

"Well thats one less bird to worry about then," Toby replies to Phin with a faint smile. The Doc gets a nod as she moves to depart then he turns back to the pilot. "Intel finally taking an interest in that eh?" he states, one eyebrow raised slightly as he practically hugs his mug, "hopefully we'll hear back on the projects we sent 'em months ago then. THat or we;ll just never be able to get rid of them from the store where we have the parts we were xperiementing on."

Phin shrugs to Toby. "Guess so. CAG just asked me to review footage. So, doing that. You've got parts? What kind? Wouldn't want to waste my time, or anybody else's, flagging a vid with parts we've already got."

"Mostly centurion bits I think," Toby offers as he thinks, "been working on ways to get past the armour waiting to hear back from on high to see if they'll get approved." By the tone of his voice it seems that they might have been waiting a while too, but he moves on. "Not sure what exactly, but I could ask Rutlii for an inventry if you want, or if you see her yourself of course. It's been her project."

Phin makes a "Ah" sound and nods. "Major Franklin said Intel was interested in a Raider specifically, which is why she's got Viper jocks doing it. Since we're the ones who shot them down, most likely, the logic is we'd know where to find ones that might not be completely blasted. I'll pull an inventory before I get back into it, but Centurion bits aren't what I'm sifting for."

Toby takes a long drink as Phin replies, then nods slowly as he sets the mug back down. "Makes sense. We might have bits and pieces, I'm not sure, but nothing of any reasonable size that I recall." Oh well, it was worth checking. "Still, good to see intel finally getting off their arses anyway."

Phin grins slight. "Who knows what Intel is doing. Don't tell us most of the time, which I figure is how they like it. Yeah, 'intact' was the word the Major used. I guess bigger bits, maybe full wings of full cockpits, would be OK, but she said they wanted something like could really poke around in, research-wise." He empties his coffee cup, eyeing it as if contemplating another after all, but finally just picks up his tray and stands. "Speaking of, I should do that shower thing before I get into it. Glad to see you out of Sickbay, Shackleton."

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