MD #202: Welcome To Mother
Welcome to Mother
Summary: The Master of Mother and his people welcome the Orion's crew with drinks to remember our recent dead and to celebrate our new alliance.
Date: 27/10/2017 (OOC Date)
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No Man's Land, Stalk - "Mother" Ship
On the edge of a deserted area of the ship, there is a makeshift airlock with a sign on it that reads, "The only escape pod you'll need." The main compartment beyond opens up just inside, made larger by the gutting of adjoining spaces. Immediately to the left just before the bar, there is ladder and hatch leading upwards with a sign that reads, "Cellar." The bar is made from repurposed consoles and behind it is a sign with the various brews available. Emergency oxygen masks line the counter just below the bar top and look curiously well maintained. At the far end of the space, a small stage is bathed in light that spills down through a large gaping hole in the ceiling. The raw metal edges of the hole look as if they've been chewed away by some kind of explosive carnage. Small cargo containers and crates haphazardly line the stage while larger ones are communally arranged along with two triad tables. Embedded in the walls along the opposite of the bar are six old escape pods with the hatches propped open to provide more private seating.
Mon May 14 17:50:40 2049

The guests from the Orion were treated to a welcome by senior crew of Mother, some of the science and medical staff, as well as the few large trading whales in the Mother's hangar. After a quick hello, and senior staff exchanges niceties, they head onward through a windy route. Surely there's some better way to get there, but the Captain of the ship just seems to be more interested in talking about a mix of what Mother has to offer. Not all the places of the ship that they see are pristine and beautiful. There might be a reason for their 'escorts' but nothing untowards happens and in Captain Erol's words, "You can use the staff lifts any time. Just make sure you keep your access card with you. We don't have you in our biometrics system." Was there a biometrics security system? The Captain throws back a laugh as he leads the first group up to the bar, ordering the hatch be opened. Inside the place looks as it always does, only well-populated with all sorts of people.

"Welcome to this humble place," Captain Erol shouts out over the crowd as he works his way to the little circular platform. "Frak. Turn off that tiny spotlight. I'm just talking here man," he says as he waves off the dramatic lighting. "Thank you for coming here to celebrate our people coming together, to be stronger, to be…well big drifting burdensome targets on your backside with lots of lovely booze," he says with a soft chuckle, grabbing the mug of beer someone brings to him and raising it just in time. "But I want to take a moment before we all celebrate being alive to pay respect for the ones we've all lost. I understand it that the fleet went through a serious bruising and lost some good people," he says in a more somber tone. "This very establishment is a memorial to one of our own tragedies. I don't think anyone makes it this far and this long without losing good people." He gives a curt nod with a meaningful expression, pursing his lips together slightly before thrusting his drink in the air. "To the lost. I'm sure they'd all want us to get blazingly drunk on their behalf."

The Master of Mother signals to his first officer to start handing out some of the just-poured drinks. There's a blonde and a brunette (so to speak) varieties of beer made available for immediate grabs on the bar. The medical staff all seem to have bottled water. Well not all of them. Some are noticeably sporting cocktails or a beer.

Lleufer has come along now he's off shift. He's changed out of his MP duty uniform into a well used set of olive drab Marine fatigues he's had for years. Well broken in and very comfortable. His over shirt is unbuttoned and his hex tags lay against his tanks over his chest. He's discreetly armed, packing his personal Arpay pistol tucked out of sight and over hung by his over shirt. No cover so his Arpay ears are plain to see as well as his large, dark eyes rimmed with thin silvery grey irises. There are at least two people on board this tub that if they should see him, would know him as one of the Marines who'd first met the two from Mother's fuel tanker that kicked off their first contact. Ynyr turns his head, staying with Emily, and gestures her towards the bar. "Seems we are invited to pick up drinks and share in Captain Erol's toast. To remember our dead." And so, when he is able, the Gunnery Sergeant will move up and get himself a beer (a dark one if they have stout or porter) and will lift his glass at the Captain's toast, "To the Lost. May they watch over us, so say we all." Lleu will drink to that.

Emily had not even seen the hangar deck. She had heard about it. It was a marvel, but not nearly as much as getting into a Raptor and staring out the canopy glass. Eyes as big as saucers. Then landing on a different ship? The workouts from the last few days have left her energized and this only fuels it more. Her MP is still with her, but hanging back in civvies, but probably still armed and ordered to stay sober - because someone has to hold her hair ba- look out for her AND Lleufer. Watching the back of who is watching everyone else's back, as it were. Emily stared at everyone offering goods for trade and wanted to dive in, but the sheer number of people eventually cowed her to stay close to Lleu. Having borrowed a loose t-shirt and jeans that are just a smidgen too big, she has her hair back in a long ponytail. Sans tags, she at least doesn't look like standard military. "Oh! I can drink? It has been a long time since I've seen such a place," she whispers to him over the noise. Being ushered to the bar, she takes up a drink and raises it after everyone else does. The words from the Captain and Lleu bring a low smile before she sips the fruity blue concoction. When she does, Emily can't help staring at the contents of the glass. "I will need at least one more of these," she tells herself. "Potentially two."

After a hearty gulp….leading by example this one does, Captain Erol steps down and mosies over to the bar to get behind it. "This is just to get everyone started," he shouts out over the din of talking and possibly private toasts. "You can have as many as you like little lady," he says as he brandishes a grin. He sheds his jacket and starts rolling up his sleeves. "Bar is officially open. I'm standing in for tonight. I've been taught how to make the house specials, but I'm not quite an expert yet," he admits with no worry what so ever. "You don't look like you're from around here…or there," he observes oh so astutely as he takes an order for a cocktail and starts to…figure it out. "I've got you a porter coming right up," he says to Lleu before pulling an unmarked bottle from below and popping the cap off, offering it over. "I saw you eyeing our brown ale. I think this is what you're looking for." It's a stout for sure, or Lleu will find out when he decides to sip it.

The brew tasted and Ynyr lifts a brow in surprise, "This isn't half bad at all." When Captain Erol can spare a second, Lleufer offers a hand to shake, "Captain Erol, I'm Gunnery Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr, Master-at-Arms of the Orion. Pleased to meet you, Sir. I was one of the Orion's Marines who made the original contact with two of your people with their salvage tanker. They stayed in my brig a while until our Command sent them home. Good to see this alliance come to fruitition, Sir." A glance is given to Emily then and Lleu's expression is a silent laugh. He lightly taps her glass with his own before he takes another drink.

Emily looks overto the bartender and gives him a pleasant smile. "I do not know if you made this, but I certainly enjoy it." And she does take another sip, staying close to Lleu. After Lleu offers his hand, she stick hers out and does her best to try and shake hands properly, rather than a dainty offering. "Emily Benning. And yes, you are correct Captain. Lady Emily of House Benning, Picon. I'm afraid that the titles are not much in order to my taste anymore. Do you make these ales here on the ship or do you find them? Your ship seems quite busy!"

Ben arrives from the Bazaar.

The just-poured drinks are effective at satiating the crowd for a round, even if they are a sin in and of themselves. The beer /is/ good. Especially for space beer. Captain Erol ends up having a small lull where he can wipe his hands off on a clean bar rag and step back towards Ynyr with his own drink, taking the man's hand for an enthusiastic pump. He seems to be energized by the scene, or maybe it's just the alliance. "Good to meet you. Captain, Master, people call me different things. I make some decisions. I've got a lot of people helping." So he describes his own position. "Ah yes. I'm glad that happened. I admit, we were a little worried when our tanker didn't make it back quite on time, but I'm glad they ran into you guys. But I'm sure now you've seen the ship, or at least a little bit, you can understand why we were syphoning off that ship." The Norton that is. Mother is definitely on the larger side of things even for its unique shape with spiral like arms or blades that come out from a central armored stalk. The concentric rings are situated at the bow of the ship, no likely shielded when traveling. Captain Errol shifts towards Emily and is about to take her hand like he would a lady but is thrown into hesitation in a moment of surprise from the girl's handshake. "Nice handshake. Lady? Interesting. So do I just call you Miss Benning? It depends on which one. Some come from ships we've traded with, some are brewed here with hops we trade for or grow. Alcohol seems to be something everyone agrees is pretty valuable these days."

Ben is marveled at the size of this place. He's at a loss and just soaks up the images he sees. He notices people he knows and wanders towards them. Safety in numbers as it were. He steps closer, still in awe to his surroundings.

Niko arrives from the Bazaar.

"Thanks for having us, Captain." Lleufer doesn't pry into the 'Master' or other titles Erol may be granted by his own people. There will be plenty of time for Ynyr to learn more from the people of Mother directly, perhaps. For now, he drinks his beer, and moves off a little ways to make room at the bar for others to come up and get drinks. The Gunny is interested in people watching - and while he'll keep an eye on Emily as his primary responsibility tonight, LLeu is interested also in exploring the place and getting a read on the people here.

Emily is feeling her family Line and decides to take a bigger sip. The ice clinks around and she's taken by the novelty of it. Ice. "This is so delightful!" she titters, staring at the remnants of the cup. Looking back to Erol, she nods quickly. "Miss Benning is appropriate. I've not aligned myself with the military as yet." She does take a little pride in the handshake, too. See? She's learning! "I admit, your ship draws some very deep interest of mine. And your people in the marketplace, they take barter for goods? I believe I have some items they may be quite interested in." Emily doesn't have a lot of use for the half-dozen dresses Lleu brought back — until now. A few could easily be parted with for wares. "Could I get another of these blue drinks, please?" She looks over to Lleufer and grins, feeling a little of the alcohol too. "Are you ever off-duty, Gunny?"

Emily's question turns his head back. Lleu looks her over, "I -am- off duty. I wouldn't be drinking if I wasn't." He pinches his over shirt that's unbuttoned as if that should be proof he's off duty, "Why? You want to look around?"

Niko dons his blues for the 'diplomatic' occasion, though the CAG comes with his sidearm securely holstered on his hip too. He's spent most of his career shipboard, but this place is different. The chaos and crowded, haphazard vitality of the place takes him some time to absorb. And so it's a good half-hour after docking before Niko finally makes it through the bazaar and up to No Man's Land. Pausing just inside, he scans the space and just takes in the sights and sounds for a good minute. Then he makes his way over toward the knot of Orion personnel. For a Viper jock walking into a bar, Niko looks uncharacteristically serious and thoughtful.

"Of course. Have fun. The ship will be open for regular visits and she's a big one, so you don't have to try and see her all in one evening. There are areas that are restricted on this ship, though that should be rather clear by your access. And you might want to take a local with you to show you the best routes." The Captain seems cheery and not upset by this at all. "Oh well I'm glad. Yes. They deal in barter. We are a barter society. When you interface with so many cultures and there's no backing resource, barter is the best way to go. You should definitely look for a buyer, though there might be someone who'd be interested in dresses before they got deconstructed for their parts. I think you'll want to get out further from the central area for that. Oh. Of course." Captain Erol slides back behind the bar and starts to get to work on one of the blue concoctions for the young woman. Meanwhile, he spots Niko coming up to the bar and scoots over a little. "Dark, pale? Cocktail or something harder?" With his jacket off and his sleeves rolled up, and his overall colorfully casual demeanor, it might be difficult to realize this is the captain of the ship.

Ben is still amazed at the sheer size of this place, looking at the stucture, missing bulkheads, or perhaps they are covered up. He's not sure. Dazzling display from the stage area, the revier cellar above their heads. Just not expecting any of this. His mouth begins to gap as if he is trying to speak, but words do not form in his mind or out his voice. He looks like a fish out of water. He turns to Captain bartender to listen, still in awe at it all.

Emily listens to the Captain, nodding eagerly. "Oh of course, a local guide through the wilds, as it were." The advice on the dresses is certainly appreciated, too. "Oh, that's very good to know! I'll have to look deeper into the ship, then." She finishes off her drink and looks around to see the others arriving, a big smile towards Ben. "Hello!" Well isn't she just so cheery. "You must try one of these blue drinks. It tastes of.. I do not know! But it is fantastic." She tries out her handshake again. "I am Emily Benning." She then looks to Lleufer and gives him a Mothering Look. "Now now. You must integrate yourself, Gunny. Do not be a rock in the river, attempting to understand the water. You must be water." A little bit of advice that's probably not ocmpletely appropriate, but it works. Sort of.

"It's too bad I left my straw at my bunk, I couldn't miss your mouth from across the room," Inez tells Ben quietly, coming up beside him. She gives a toss of her head, flicking her bangs from her eyes. She gives Emily a smile, and tilts her head, considering, and then gives a nod. "Well, I guess it is a blue drink for me, then. Why not? You game, Cross?" She blinks at the advice given to Lleufer, then gives him a little shrug as she takes a couple more steps towards the bar to hold up one or two fingers for the "the Blue Drink, please" depending on Ben's answer.

The Master-at-Arms is watching people around them but he glances back at Emily, "I'm the fishing eagle perched above the water, watchful. Free to fly or dive down with talons sharp to pluck the others from the water - either to save them from drowning or devour them as I please." Lleu gives Emily a wink, then takes a drink from his own beer. She may be through her first drink but he's not quite half way through his first. He lifts his glass to Niko, "Colonel, Sir." A nod for Inez whom he barely knows, but a twist of his mouth for Ben. Oddly enough the Gunny walks over and taps Ben on the shoulder, his baritone lowered, "Doing better?" Emily never did answer him about looking around. Maybe later.

Ben turns to Emily's greeting with a dip of his head and a smile. His mouth opens again, but nothing comes out, eye's wandering to the the structure of this place once more. He pulls a deep breath, taking it all in and then finaly speaks, "Blue stuff. Sounds … good." He's very agreeable at the moment. Inez's entrance and words close his mouth as he smirks. "Yeah, game." He nods to this, looking to get served up, what ever that blue stuff is.

Ben adds, turning to Lleu, "Bird of prey, isn't that for pilots? Not saying you aren't right, but wouldn't you be more the hippo in the water? Overly protective, always on guard, ready to defend or attack. Able to show kindness, but will squash you in a heartbeat and rip you apart with those mightly jaws."

Ben didsn't put a filter on that one and just let it out.

Lleufer laughs, "Are you calling me fat?" Who's the pilot who wants to get punched in the face? Nonetheless, there's a twinkle of merriment in Ynyr's challenge.

In fact, Niko doesn't seem to have clued in to the barkeeps identity. He gives the man a nod at the question. "Whatever you've got that packs a punch," the CAG replies with a bit of a grin. He's going to have to pay at some point but he'll figure that out later. And while he waits for his drink, Niko looks down the bar to greet those he knows. Inez and Ben, as Air Wing, of course. "Cross. Sawyer. I see the bus drivers are well represented tonight." Lleufer is another face he knows, and he answers the man's greeting with a quick nod. "Gunnery Sergeant. How is your wife not here?" Emily he doesn't recognize right off (at least not without her princess gown) and thus she is greeted simply as, "Crewman." Catching a bit of the exchange between Ben and Lleufer, the CAG just grins to himself and watches.

Emily waves at Inez and Niko, too. Seems that alcohol lubricates the social side. Shocking for someone her age. At least she's handling it well. Looking back at Lleu, she laughs. "I think you missed what I meant, but that is beautiful imagery. Perhaps a hidden poet beneath the wings of this bird of prey." She takes her new drink happily, "And no, I think I like this perch right here. Perhaps later I shall wander and find out what awaits." She sips the drink and looks to Niko. "Thank you for the honorific, Colonel," because someone else already addressed him, "but my official rank is still 'Miss'."

"Scythe," Inez greets the CAV in return, but she snorts, and turns to Ben when Lleufer asks if he's being called fat. She's decided to go all civvie tonight with a short sleeved, loose little dress that skims above her knees, even though she's still wearing the usual ponytail. Her feet have soft little sneakers on them, as she tries to fit in with the rest of the civilian types on the ship. Her fingers tap idly on the bar as she waits for their drinks to be served up, looking around, taking in all the sights slowly, letting it all sink in… but without letting her jaw drop as far as her wingmate's.

"Two blue drinks after this one," the man says as he pours Emily her drink. Captain Erol hands it off like clockwork and then mumbles something like, "Good stuff-good stuff-good stuff," like he's trying to remember where it is as he points his finger where he's looking. Finally he grabs a tumbler and pours Niko some whiskey neat from a simply marked bottle. "That should start you off right." Now he's really cooking, having to work on the blue drinks as the orders keep coming. "Alright alright just a sec. Who ordred blue drinks?" He looks to Inez and blinks. "Right you…two." He starts in on a double, too busy to chit chat.

Ben's hand goes up to his jaw, rubbing it a moment as he looks at Lleu. "Your word, not mine." He smiles as that first blue drink arrives and Ben takes up the glass and holds it in the air, "To those that serve, the grace of the gods be upon you." A toast for everyone and not just one singled out faction. Ben is an odd lot, but it is easy to see how he makes friends. The thing about Ben is he is all service. He doesn't own civilian clothes to speak of. Military dress all the way. This little number is a bit undone however, his shirt button undone at the top, showing his hairless chest.

Niko turns Lleufer's head and there's a hesitation before he answers, "I .. don't know. I've not seen much of Bennett the past few months. We've both been rather busy, Sir." Could be some regret there to see so little of his wife. It kills that playful banter in Ynyr right off and he fingers his glass. His gaze flickers to Emily but Niko's touched on something that has subdued the Gunnery Sergeant. Lleu knocks back the other half of his beer and finishes it off in one go. Niko is served a drink that catches Ynyr's interest, as well as something else he wants to slip off to go and see. But before he does, he comes back up to the bar next to the CAG, "Is that what I think it is? I'd like one of those, please." He'll trade his beer glass for a whiskey - see if it's any good. Then perhaps he'll prowl. Turns out that Ben isn't the only one here who doesn't seem to own a scrap of civilian clothing. Ynyr slips away from the others to go and check out the 'escape pods' and look around at other details of this part of the ship.

On the edge of a deserted area of the ship, there is a makeshift airlock with a sign on it that reads, "The only escape pod you'll need." The main compartment beyond opens up just inside, made larger by the gutting of adjoining spaces. Immediately to the left just before the bar, there is ladder and hatch leading upwards with a sign that reads, "Cellar." The bar is made from repurposed consoles and behind it is a sign with the various brews available. Emergency oxygen masks line the counter just below the bar top and look curiously well maintained. At the far end of the space, a small stage is bathed in light that spills down through a large gaping hole in the ceiling. The raw metal edges of the hole look as if they've been chewed away by some kind of explosive carnage. Small cargo containers and crates haphazardly line the stage while larger ones are communally arranged along with two triad tables. Embedded in the walls along the opposite of the bar are six old escape pods with the hatches propped open to provide more private seating.

Niko peers at Emily, quizzical about the young woman going by 'Miss' but wearing Fleet issue. But he's not going to try to solve that mystery tonight. Then he nods to Inez, and seeing the Eleven he's reminded of an item on his to-do list, "Maybe we'll use this place for the next callsign court." He receives his drink for the Captain with a muttered, "Thanks." Then takes a careful sip to see how it goes down. Well enough to merit a longer swallow followed by a contented sigh. And now that he has a glass, he can lift it to join in Ben's toast. LLeu's answer to his joking question puts a bit of damper on Niko's mood as well, but he gives the Marine a respectful nod. "We've all been busy, yeah. Tell her to ask for some leave. I hear her CO isn't a total asshole." He grins at that and then lift his glass a little as Ynyr asks for one too. "It's not bad," he confirms.

There's barely a glance to the bar as Inez takes her own glass. She raises it to Ben's toast, and gives a nod, but her eyes are taking everything in around her. "It doesn't look as if anything here is ever wasted," she notes, just loud enough to be heard, but soft enough that it doesn't seem to be obviously directed to anyone in particular. "I really do need to explore…" she takes a sip of her blue drink, and then looks at her glass.

Emily looks to Ben and raises her glass. "If I may be so bold," she intones, leaning to them, "and to those we have had to leave behind." Very precise and cordial. She tilts her glass a fraction of an inch, then sips from it. Her eyes move to watch Lleufer wander off and she looks like she might follow him. But she does look back to Niko with a smile. Her eyes wander over the three and she bubbles up a question, "So what are your vocations?"

Ben says to Inez, "I'd join you. This place is fascinating to say the least." He looks at Emily with a curious brow, "Raptor Pilot, if that is what you mean by vocation. If it's vacation, I haven't had one of those … ever. That planet we took those people to was the closest thing to one I've ever been on." He takes up his drink and takes a few large swallows, going down like punch. He looks at the glass and awws with a smile, finishing off the glass. "That was good, what was it?"

Bennett arrives from the Bazaar.

There's a second look for Inez, who he barely glimpsed by damn if there wasn't something real naggingly familiar about her, even if he didn't catch her name. Only it's not well lit in here and whoever that was with that sultry voice like Naomi's, has moved off and Ynyr lost track of her. Just as well. Niko having mentioned his wife, Lleu tries to smile and lift his whiskey glass back to the Colonel, "Maybe I will, thanks." The Gunny moves off from the others with his whiskey glass and seems to prefer not to be in among the press of people from the Orion. Emily seems to be enjoying herself and sticking with his crew, and there's an MP assigned to keep an eye on her, so Lleu wanders off a bit apart and starts looking around the ship.

Inez does glance now to the people she's standing near, and nods along with Ben. "Raptor Pilot, too. With a hobby for marine biology, when I lived on Picon." She takes a sip of the drink, considers it, then takes another careful sip. "Whoa, there, city boy. Might want to take it easy with these things. I may carry you back to the berths, but then you're sleeping on the floor. I'm not hoisting you up to your rack." Even if she probably could no sweat.

Niko's gaze wanders around the compartment when he hears Inez and Ben discuss exploring the place, but then he turns back as Emily adds her bit to the toast. The girl's words earn her an odd look, but then the CAG shrugs it off and drinks to that. Another slug of whiskey isn't unwelcome, whatever the excuse. There's a farewell nod toward Lleufer as the Marine departs the bar, then he turns to listen as people discuss their jobs. "I fly Vipers," is his response, with a sidelong grin for the two Raptor pilots. "You know, real piloting." The bigger question Niko has is, how does she not know who he is? "Who in Hades are you, anyway?" he asks Emily.

"Raptor. Pilot." Emily tries to clear those words. "This is one of those space vehicles, yes? I have heard of them." She rode over on one, eyes moving to Ben and Inez. "You do not ride on the back of a bird." She grins, knowing she's a bit silly after her drinks thus far, which she takes the opportunity to sip again. "What is a Viper? I know it is a snake, but I imagine you do not steer a snake about like a horse. Me? I am Emily Benning. I as removed from Picon recently. Saved, really. Lady of House Benning, though as I told our esteemed Captain Erol, titles are not so much to my taste. I wish to join our people here and fight. As Marine." She has too much pride in that statement to be someone who has actually started that grueling road.

Ben hears the slam and bites his bottem lip. He was trained on Vipers, but chose to be of real use by becoming a bus driver. He keeps this to himself, not wanting to cause problems. He's not had enough to drink yet to stir the pot as it where. Maybe after the third one. He looks to Niko and just smile, raising his empty drink glass to him in an empty toast. Emily's words make him chuckle slightly. Setting the glass on the bar, he orders whiskey and another blue drink.

Bennett heard there was some drinking happening here, and it appears the grapevine did not lie. The raptor pilot saunters on in with an air of anticipation - and a touch of amusement at the decor. Her hair is swept to one side in an artfully tousled braid, and she's donned a slouchy knit sweater over top a teeny miniskirt that shows off a good portion of the pinup girl inked along her left leg. Pale amber eyes scan the sea of faces as she winds her way through the room, and she curves a smile at a handful that she recognises. And even stops to chat with a couple of burly marines at the triad tables.

"That's why Raptors are always fishing your asses out of space when you have to eject," Inez responds to Niko with a grin. "And Vipers are another space vehicle, Emily. They have only room for one person to fly them, they're used for fighting."

Captain Erol is still caught up serving drinks at the bar and his first officer is cracking lame jokes about how maybe the Captain didn't think this through. It earns him a belly laugh and a bar rag that is snapped at his side and then thrown on the man's face. "For that. You're taking bar Watch." He steps out from behind the bar and grabs himself a bottle of something before moving out to mingle a little more.

Lleufer has managed to corner some of the locals and is chatting with them and sipping his whiskey. There's a glance now and then to keep tabs on his own people, and where Emily's located though she's easy enough to track with her young voice and his Arpay hearing. The Master-at-Arms is of course questioning them about Mother, the MP not wasting a chance to investigate and play the game of 20 questions, even if he's not answering them in return with too much fluidity. Man's quite protective of the Orion and not about to let his mouth get too loose, whiskey or no whiskey. As it happens, Ynyr hasn't yet noticed the newest arrival. "So about how many people are on Mother at any given time? I've heard you deal with … people from several 'cultures'? I think we'd be rather keen to learn more about who all is out there that you deal with and for what - in so far as you'll share that with us." Yep, he's a fishing eagle.

Bennett introduces herself to Captain Erol, if she manages to gain his attention for a moment. A brief clasp of the hand in lieu of a shake, as is her peoples' custom, and a few murmured words. She parts ways with a wink once she spots her husband's grizzled head in the crowd, and sashays off to go surprise him. Hand on his shoulder, a few choice words whispered in his ear. She's almost as tall as him in heels.

"A Viper," Niko takes a moment to properly educate Emily, since she asked, "is a space and air superiority fighter craft." And then he blinks when he realizes who she is, and gives a short laugh. "The princess? Oh frak…" And then he gives her a closer assessment when she declares her desire to become a Marine. "Good luck with that, kid." It's not an unfriendly remark, but he knows the training is supposed to be damn hard. Niko downs the last of his drink, and is waving for the barkeep to hit him again when he hears Inez's comeback. That gets laugh too. "Never had to eject," he tells the bus driver. "But it's good to know there's a ride home if we get shot down cleaning Raiders off of Raptor tails."

Bennett whispers: You look good enough to eat. As always.

Oooooohhhhhh! Emily is intrigued! "As I said, I've heard of these space vehicles, but seen nothing of them until I saw the 'Hangar Deck' earlier. I would very much like to see what you do. All of you!" She drinks more of her glass quickly. Looking to Niko specifically, her eyes widen a touch. "No," she corrects with her own laugh. "I am not a princess. Though," a thought for a moment, "I guess I am? But.. Perhaps a bastard princess? It depends on what you believe and the whole…" she gestures in a circle, "duplicity of it. But yes, okay so you are a space knight. This is good. Informative." She looks off towards a scantily clad waitress heading towards an escape capsule and peers. "What is she doing? She is not carrying drinks. She is.. oh. Oh my." Emily moves away from the bar and her MP keeps an eye on her as she begins to wander, sipping generously from her glass.

The locals that Lleufer is talking to are a doctor and a lab assistant. The doctor isn't obviously a doctor. "Well I'm not sure anyone knows that. A lot? I run a clinic, but we see mostly people who live here and contribute back to the ship. I guess…citizens?" He looks a little at a loss for Lleufer's questions and the lab assistant looks more interested at watching the newcomers as the Orion crew is interested in them. He seems to be gawking at all the side arms.

One moment Lleufer is asking questions and listening intently to the replies he gets, standing relaxed with about half a whiskey in hand, then ext someone's come within his 6 foot radius and he's instantly aware of the new arrival and can sense her heartbeat, starting to turn even as Bennett lays her hand on his shoulder. Lleu looks surprised to see her, then he sets his drink aside and puts his arms around his wife's waist and damned if he doesn't pick Bennett clear up off of the Deck - at least for a second to two! "Bennett!" It's a breathy surprised, half hushed exclamation. "You came!"

"You're welcome to check it out any time. Might be learning to fly would be easier than all the push ups they make you do in the Marines," Inez offers to Emily with a grin. Then she finally finishes her drink, asking for another blue thing from the new bartender. "Well, we could always just ignore the SAMs and let them shoot you out of the sky," she offers up cheerily to Niko. She turns to Emily and gives her a conspiratorial wink, "he's just jealous because we have the bigger payload," she tells the girl before she spots the 'waitress' and wanders off.

Bennett laughs as she's hoisted up, and playfully swats at Lleufer to put her down. She's not bothered, obviously. "I always come, darling," she murmurs low, with a smile. "Mm, you are drinking whiskey. I think I will have one, too." She lifts her hand, two fingers to gain the waitress's attention. And it works like a charm; must be some sort of Virgonese magic trick. "A whiskey on the rocks, please. Ah, do not look now, Lleu, but there is an Eleven about twenty feet away. I did mention to you that we had one in the squadron, I think?"

Ben gets his whiskey and downs it quickly in one shot. The blue drink that accompanies it is sipped at. Slow and steady. Takes like punch, so it's got to be bad for you. He watches Inez a moment, glad he's found someone to shot spit wads with and at. His mind beings to wander and he catches himself going where he should not go. He suddenly stands up stait beside the bar and places an elbow on it to steady his thoughts, looking back at the Viper pilot with the big mouth.

"Hang out on the obs deck and watch the CAP fly by," Niko advises Emily. And though she professes not to be a princess, the CAG is having none of it. "If I'm a space knight, you're a princess." There's another grin toward Ben and Inez when the Eleven continues their pilot banter, and the CAG counters with, "Bus drivers do have a lot of junk in the trunk, it's true. Not enough maneuvering, I guess." He secures his second drink in time to see Emily distracted and wandering off, so he watches a moment to see where she's going, and in the process catches sight of Lleufer and Bennett together. That brings a smile to Niko's face. After a moment he turns back to the other pilots at the bar with some encouragement. "I've got the next round if you two are drinking. We've got a reputation to uphold, people."

Emily leaves, heading toward the Bazaar [B].

Lukes arrives from the Bazaar.

The expression on Lleu's face couldn't be further from what it'd been when Niko asked him earlier where Bennett was and he'd admitted to not having seen much of her in months. Now Ynyr looks very happy, "I am. People here are being very warm and welcoming, so far." If she put her hands to his back at all, she might feel that Lleu's packing a hidden firearm. Evidence of how far his trust goes, yet. The Master-at-Arms is so distracted that he's not noticed Emily has wandered off yet. He turns his head to look back towards the Orion crowd around the bar, "There is? No, I don't think you mentioned that." His Arpay eyes seek to pick Inez out of the gathering - that woman who'd made him try to do a double take earlier, but she'd blended into the dim lighting and he'd lost track of her. "Thanks for warning me. If I thought Naomi herself was here… I guess that would rattle me." His whiskey he gets back from where he'd put it down and his other arm slips around Bennett's waist. Wait, where /did/ Emily go?

"Oh my Gods! Its a bar!" comes a voice from the entrance. Lukes arrives and her face is lit up like its Saturnalia. "And a stage!" She laughs in pure glee, making her way to the bar proper. She's in a shirt and jeans, looking too pleased. She puts a fist out to bump for Inez and Ben. "Hey hey." Looking to Niko, a salute is thrown horribly across her forehead. "I was told to report, sir. I apologize if I seem a bit out of sorts at seeing you here, I did not know you drank anything except tylium, Colonel." She looks to the bartender, then, "I want something. I don't know what, but it needs to be.." She looks around. "It needs to be blue."

Ben smiles at Lukes and raises his blue drink up towards her. He brings the drink back down and under his knows, sniffing at it, trying to figure out what is in it. Smells like punch, tastes like punch, has a punch. He is starting to feel it, it's kind of nice in a way. He takes a sip anyway, looks to the new bartender, "What's in thisss." Ah oh, the first slur.

"Relax a little," Bennett murmurs softly, indeed noticing the concealed weapon when she briefly touches the small of Lleufer's back. "Before you break something. Do you want me to introduce you?" A normal woman wouldn't want her husband anywhere near a carbon copy of his ex-lover. This one, on the other hand, seems completely unbothered at the prospect. "Shelby!" she calls out with her hands cupped around her mouth, and grins if the woman looks her way.

Since he mentions junk in the trunk, Inez picks up her drink and turns her back to Niko, giving him a little sashay of purple skirt. She straightens, giving Lukes a fist bump in return, and tilts her chin up towards Niko. "Scythe's thinkin' viper pilots're the real pilots around here." She gives the slow 'oh yes he did' nod to Lukes, then she sips her drink and turns to Ben. "I'm going to explore. Wanna come, city boy? Or watch Lukes show you how to really school a stick?"

Ben looks confused a bit, "I was going to mention stick and rutter, but that is what we do for a living." He steps up beside Inez, "Lead on oh fearless one. I've got your back." Taking his near full blue drink with him. At least he can still walk strait.

There might /actually/ be a flicker of panic in Lleufer's face, "But /all/ of the Elevens know I slept with Naomi and then shot her in the head. She downloaded right before the battle for Picon at Santos Ridge." Oh shit, he hasn't thought about that in so very long. Hasn't ever personally run into another Model Eleven since Naomi, has he? His own heart rate has jumped up and Ynyr looks a little like the blood just drained out of his face. "Maybe you shouldn't." Lleu puts a hand out to Bennett's arm.

Someone said there would be alcohol and it would be free. Randy was out of her sweats on the syllable -hol. Naturally. Apparently she got into some civvies for the occasion, but nothing fancy. Let's be honest, she's not here to look pretty for the natives or her colleagues. Instead, she's sporting some black jeans and a fading hoodie. She's a Private now and she's milking the position for all it's worth. When she hops up to sit at the bar, her elven ears and Arpay eyes in full view. "Do you have vodka? Like something good?" she inquires of the first officer who got saddled behind the bar.

"Bananas!!!" Shelby calls back to Bennett. "And husband-figure! Hello Mister Ynyr!" Ohhh yes, the ECO seems to be in her element. Looking to Inez while her drink is made, she plays up the 'taken aback' angle. "Well far be it for me to disagree with the CAG, Lieutenant. I mean, the zipper-suited Sun Gods that they are cannot be disputed." She swings her grin back on Niko, then to Ben. "Darlin, stick and rudder is what air crew do for recreation. The job is just called 'kickin' ass.'" She puts a fist out to bump before taking up the new drink. Seeing the little Marine come up beside her, she upnods. "Hey Randy." Big smile, big greeting.

"You're late, Suds." Niko tells Lukes with a serious look. Well, almsot serious. "Better expedite your order, Lieutenant. You're about to miss the round I'm buying." Ben gets a chuckle and a shrug for his question. "No clue. Have another." And then the CAG hears Bennett's voice near at hand, and looks around to find her and Lleufer back at the bar. "Nyx! You have no drink. I expect my squadron leaders to set a better example." He seems clueless about the situation with Lleufer and the Elevens, and doesn't seem to have noticed the Marine's discomfort yet. But now that he thinks about it, after hearing Inez's comment, Niko realizes he's the only viper jock in the crowd now.

"Mm, well, if you put it that way, it does sound quite unfortunate," Bennett agrees, meeting Lleufer's gaze for a moment. She shakes her head. "I do not have to introduce you. It was merely a request. You are entitled to refuse it." She brushes her fingers fondly through his buzzed short hair, then gives his bicep a squeeze before accepting her drink from the waitress. A beatific smile is sent Niko's way, glass lifted in silent 'cheers'. "Hello there, Flynn," she greets the recently-arrived marine private.

Randy get something clear and figures it must be vodka. "Um. Rocks? This isn't chilled." The first officer just smiiiiiles, takes the drink back and gets some cubes to toss in before sliding it back over. Randy's eyes slip to the woman beside her as she sips. "Oh. Um. Um." She knows she should know this woman's face. "I got nothing. I mean you look really familiar."

OK, ok. It was Lukes and not the Eleven that Bennett called to. Lleu looks at his wife and then leans against Bennett slightly, dropping his hand down to take her hand after she squeazes his arm. "I'm all right." He finishes off his own whiskey and tries to relax the tension that had stiffened his posture. The glass gets put on the bar and he asks for a refill, and could use it now. A nod to Flynn, "Good to see you join us." Lleu finally starts to relax again and glances around to see if he can spot Emily or her MP. The Gunny's not letting go of Bennett's hand right away now he's finally got her close by.

"I'm not late, just fashionable, sir." Lukes seems quite sure of THAT point. She takes a big sip of the drink and looks surprised, "I need at least one more before I hit something harder." Looking back to Randy, she sighs. "Shelby Lukes! We got.. frak it. For the third time. Nice to meet you," she laughs. "Wanna do a shot?"

Ben had two blue drinks and a shot of really good whiskey. He holds his third blue drink up to the bartender and with a curious look askes, "What's in this?" His chin dip as he almost burped. Was it a burp or was it something else. His eye's begins to loose focus and he sets the drink on the bar. "What's…" He leans forward, then sways back. A touch to the side, and forward agin. This time all the way to the floor. Ben as just passed out. See what happens when you don't know what your drinking and you're drinking on an empty stomach. He's kind of cute laying there, although he banged his cheek pretty hard on the floor. Might leave a bruse.

"Did we have drinks before?" That might explain why the aging little marine can't remember right? Randy looks hopeful that this was the case and she's not losing her memory or something. "Aye. Shots. Nice to meet you again." She smiles with what little grace she has left after the realization that she's slipping. There's a little flush to her cheeks. "Multiple shots."

"I think she sneaked out," Bennett explains, after a sip of her drink. "Hopefully not via the bathroom window, like I used to do on bad dates." She makes a 'hmm' face, like she's genuinely considering this. Lleufer's hand gets a squeeze. "Shall we sit down? Or are you.." A flick of her pale eyes to his drink, then back to his face. "..on duty?" Almost on cue, Ben topples over, and she jumps a little.

For the moment, all seems to be right with the universe to Niko. He lifts his drink in return towards Bennett, then catches sight of Randy nearby. One more Marine, in addition to Lleufer, is enough of a representative sample for the viper jock. "Hey Marines! I hear you guys are recruiting princesses now?" And no sooner has he called this out when he notices Ben weaving a bit next to him. He turns to the Raptor pilot, about to ask the inevitable 'are you okay?' when the man takes a dive. Well, there's his answer. "Frak, son," Niko grouses, setting his drink down so he can check on the pilot. "It's too early to be on the floor."

Lukes watches Ben imitate a tree and hit the ground. "Okay. That's a callsign, right there. Lumber. Pine. Something with a tree reference for how hard he hit that floor," she laughs. "I NEED A SHARPIE!!" she looks to the bartender, hoping to be given some kind of marker or pen. Drink sipped, she looks back to Randy and shakes her head, "You've got a shit memory or I just suck. We shared some good weed on the Obs Deck, damnit. So yes, shots." She hails up a few. And for her marker.

Lleufer turns his head, still looking for Emily, "I assigned an MP to stay with her. I'll ping them to make sure everything's fine." A negative movement of his head, "No, I'm not on duty. Not officially." Damned if he can let go his sense of duty though, looking out for their people. Ynyr toggles his Marine com and quiries low, "Bates, Ynyr. Everything all right with Benning?" A pause, and after a few seconds he gets a suitable response, "Thanks. Keep an eye on her and let me know if we need to carry her drunk butt back to the ship later." Leave no man behind. Or woman. A nod to his wife and Lleu smiles, "Yeah, we can sit." Followed by a laugh and upnod to Niko, "She's going to be our 'Princess' if the Admiral will ever let her sign the papers." Blink. Ben just toppled and the Gunny stares at him, "I thought he was tougher than that. Wow." Sip of his whiskey.

"Timber!" Bennett is only too happy to offer, on the heels of a swig of her drink and a laugh. Is she concerned about her fellow pilot? Maybe a little. But he looks like he'll live. "Come on." She curls her fingers around her husband's arm and guides him toward an escape pod. "We have got to check one of these out."

Yes, there damned better be a sharpie and some really bad callsign that Cross will take years to live down! Marines will respect pilots all the more of they give Ben lots of hazing over his drunk plunk. Lleufer grins at Lukes, "Do it!" And then Bennett tugs on his arm. "Yes, Sir, Major." He knocks back his second whiskey and will happily follow his wife /anywhere/ Bennett wants to lead. Maybe he can really chill out and let go for a few tonight if he's got her for company. Hell yes.

"Shove off!" Randy yells out to whoever calls out about princesses being recruited. "And kiss our royal arses!" she teases but quickly acts like she wasn't the one calling out at all. "Here…just a sec." She heaves herself up to lean over the bar and root around, "No marker." She settles back down and the first officer brings along the requested shots. And what do you know. There's a marker slipped quietly between them. Randy grabs a shot glass. "Let's do this." She clinks the glass down and then kicks it back.

"TIMBER!!!" Lukes laughs. But a maker appears MAGICALLY in her hands. Doodling for just a moment on a napkin, totally innocent. She slides off the barstool and kneels down beside Ben and just casually writes on his forehead. T-I-M-B-E-R. She marks over it a few times, even putting a heart on each end. "He's so adorable." The woman grins and gets quickly back up to the bar and grabs her shotglass, 'tink' to Randy's before shooting it back.

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