AWD #088: Welcome Throwback
Welcome Throwback
Summary: Ensign Whitcombe comes on board and gets introduced to some other members of the 11th AW.
Date: 04/04/13
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Rec Room - Deck 3
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recretion location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
AWD #88

A new station - it's been a long time since Tavin has set foot on a battlestar, and he's having to reorient himself. As the redhead steps into the recreation center, he chuckles. "Okay. Some things don't change." Except for some reason, he remembers that the Yashuman was a lot cleaner than this.

Wearing her off duties, Maia has decided to take a little time for herself. It doesn't mean she's reading any less! Resting on the edge of a billiards table is a book, opened to the beginning pages. Leaning over the table lining up for a shot is a Raptor pilot, pausing in the shot to turn the page before lining up the shot again. Having thought she was alone, hearing the voice she makes the shot and then turns to face the person sporting it. "Hey. Welcome aboard." A pilot, surely if he wasn't new she'd have met him.

"Hey. Are the squadron berthings still up on two?" Tavin starts to ask and then his eyes fall upon the woman from which the words are coming from and he pauses in place. Wow. His eyes say it all as he takes all of five foot four of her as he finally comes back up to her eyes, and his blush darkens his freckles. "Hi." he finally manages to croak out.

With eyes crinkling at the edges in amusement, Maia nods, "Still up on two. You've served on Orion before?" Propping a hip against the table, she regards him curiously as his eyes move over her she returns the favor, but hers takes a little longer to reach back to his eyes. "Hi." Noting the blush she smiles and straightens, walking towards him, extending her hand. "Hi, I'm Maia Kane."

"Naw. But most battlestars are the same. Served on the Yashuman a few years back." Tavin offers as she actually approaches him, though he's wondering slightly if it's to smack him for staring so openly at her curves as he accepts her hand in his, his own hand warm. "Tavin Whitcombe. Folks call me TB though. Pleasure to meet ya." he offers in a drawl that speaks of a farm life.

"I guess they are." Offering a friendly smile along with the hand shake. "A pleasure meeting you, TB and again welcome aboard." Withdrawing her hand from his, she grins. "What was the Yashuman like?"

"She was still pretty and shiny and new when I was on board her." Sadly, Yashuman is probably debris by now, as Tavin looks around. "But I like this. It's lived in. Homey." he says, that little drawl showing as he pulls out a foil pouch and opens it. Fishing out a pinch of something, he shoves it in his mouth and chews on it.

But it wasn't brown - it was pink, and shredded. And the pouch has a picture of a Pyramid player on it. Shredded bubble gum chew. He holds the pouch out to Maia, if she wants some. "Grabbed these when we raided a C-store outside my hometown."

"If nothing else, it's definitely home. I'm getting used to it now been here about two months now. Takes a little getting used to, I admit. The people are great." Watching him opening the pouch and shove in the gum, Maia grins a little bemused. "Sure." The amount she takes is small but she pops it in her mouth and begins chewing. "I haven't had gum in a long time. Good stuff, thanks. Have you met many yet?"

Ygraine ambles in, looking sly about having managed some free time without getting caught. It's not like she isn't on duty, but there's been an uptick in 'involuntary volunteering' of late, so yeah, she's pretty pleased with herself. "Hey, C-fold." she calls out cheerily in a hick Leonese accent (yes, they do have farms on Leonis), and gives Tavin the eye. "Who's the fresh meat? Turn around son, let's see what we're gettin'!"

"Not many yet. Just got off the bus this morning." Tavin admits as he shrugs and then folds up the foil pouch to put it away in a cargo pocket as if it were precious gold. "They used to have a grape flavour that was really awesome, but I couldn't find any of it, so plain it is." Letting out a slow breath, he stretches out on his toes and pops his back. "So, you're a pilot too?" he asks with a lift of his brow. "I mean, you're pretty enough to be…" the rest of the tought is cut off at the new voice, and he considers, first. "C-fold?" he asks Maia. "That's an interesting callsign. Uh, hey." And with that, he turned around to face Ygraine. "Afternoon." he offers in a drawl that's a farmer's tone, but not Leonese at all.

Ygraine lifts a brow. "Are ya kiddin' me?" she asks with a snicker. "Since when does pretty and pilotin' skill have anythin' t'do with each other? Or maybe ya think she spends all her time workin' t'look fierce t'bother studyin' a flight manual?" She seems to think this is genuinely funny, "Milkshake." she sticks out her hand. "One, the callsign ain't got nothin' t'do with my boobs. Two, if you're a raptor pilot, welcome t'the Gentleman Ghosts, if you're a viper pilot, let me inform ya of the cardinal rule of th'wing, and by knowing it ya keep your sweet ginger stickjock ass in good standin'."

"I uh.. didn't mean that like that.." Intimidating farmgirl is intimidating. "I mean, sure, a pilot can be pretty too, just that.. gods damned.. nevermind. Forget I said that." Tavin manages, his cheeks red and ruddy and showing off all of those freckles on his face as he accepts Ygraine's hand. "Throwback. Has nothing to do with my ass." he says with a smirk as he snorts. "I perfer Predators. What's the cardinal rule on that? I know what a good ECO can do." he smiles a little. "Ya don't need to sweat that with me, sir. Gum?" And that pouch is offered to her as well.

"Looks like ya got it already. I usually have t'drill appreciatin' what ECOs do into all the damn viper jocks cuz they have a habit of thankin' th'bus driver only when they're out doin' their thing. So clearly it's a matter of proper trainin', like with a puppy." Yggy beams - oh gods, between the two of them it's a Freckle Explosion. "Don't mind if I do!" she says brightly, and plucks up some bubblegum chew, shoving it into her mouth and making a pleased noise.

Gum taken, Tavin puts away the pouch again and chuckles. "I ain't been much of a viper stick in a long while." he says with a shrug of his shoulders. "I flew them during my first tour with the Navy, but had to get out after Paw died and left me the farm. Only back in because damn tinners ruined planting season and I found my way to Spree's group for a bit."

"I've made a few of the Picon runs." Ygraine nods. "That crazy ledge hangover always makes the pilots sweat. Did ya hear we got Preds and bat your pretty lashes at Spree til she approved a transfer?" Milkshake grins at him, sticking out her tongue covered in pink sticky stuff, and then blowing a bubble.

"That drop's hella fun, Milkshake." Tavin says with an amused smile. She blows a bubble, he of course has to try to blow a bigger bubble as he laughs. "We're running short on everything but manpower down there, t'bhonest. She heard about your recent losses and took volunteers. I jumped at the chance. My old man served with the 11th back in the first war, and always wanted to follow in his footsteps."

"Yeah, and I'm sure a Cylon-free, relatively untouched planet below us didn't hurt, either. Been to Piraeus yet?" Ygraine seems to appreciate his bubble-efforts. "Sheridan's got a waterin' hole, Checkpoint Charlie's. We'll have t'take ya down and make sure ya can hold your booze. Welcome to Orion. We'll have t'sim sometime and see if we're smooth partners in a Pred."

"Sounds like a plan.." With Maia leaving, Tavin's eyes follow her six for a long moment, distracted from the freckled blonde, and he gives a small, appreciative smile. "…Piraeus? Not yet. I was surprised to find out we were over a planet in the first place. Cylon's don't know about it?" he asks, and then, quietly. "Why's her callsign C-fold?" In reference to Maia.

"Centerfold, actually. There's allegedly a spread in some Caprican titty mag that looks like her. She bears up well." Ygraine explains unabashedly. "Well…aside from the reportedly rebel Cylons we've got here in the fleet, yep. Apparently we're far away enough that they can't download into new bods, so if they croak here, that's the end of line."

"Really? Wow. Well.. yeah." Tavin says, and draws in a breath finally, perhaps distracted from the idea of Maia in anything other than uniform, then shakes her head. "She's probably prettier than that." he says finally and says as he turns his attention back to Ygraine. "Huh? They're here too? I heard rumors about them back on Picon, but really, with millions of regular looking Cylons looking to kill us, ain't really ever gave it much thought."

Always unanswered questions. After having to go give a few additional answers to an MP about pulling her gun in the corridor outside the mess hall, Maia returns, offering the ECO and new pilot an apologetic smile. "Sorry about that. Seems life catches up to me when I least expect it. So, I miss anything good?" Pushing her hands into her pockets and looking between the farmers.

Ygraine cocks her head. "Ya know about skinjobs, right? And th'ones we got turnin' on their own t'fight with us?" She grins to Centerfold as the other blonde returns. "Ginger here was askin' 'bout your callsign and I was explainin' about our pet skinjobs." Throwback being a new viper/predator pilot, he's getting a full dose of Team Raptorette charm. It's like a one-two knockout punch.

"Spree passed on the briefing about them, yah. But like I said - with armies of real life tin cans trying to turn us into mincemeat, I mean.. I get it, skinjobs bad. But at the same time, if ya fret them, ya can forget about the red-eyed bastard that will kill you and not be sneaky about it." Tavin explains, and then arches his brow. "..they turned against their own? Well." he has to think on that for a moment. "We made Cylons. And we sure as hell turn on each other. Saw that firsthand when I was serving under Bancroft, the rat bastard. So, if we can turn on each other, what's to say they can't too?" he shrugs finally. "But I'm just a farm boy from Picon. What's to say I know shit from shinola? Oh.. hey.. Maia." he says, that sudden stutter back in his voice as he addresses the Raptor pilot. "Say. If.. you're not busy later? Maybe you can help show me around? If it's not too much trouble?"

"They're really not so bad. Redux is a Viper pilot she's dedicated, but then again all the Vipers seem to be too." Maia tilts her lips in a semi-frown but it's very brief. "I think they don't mean us harm. Others disagree. I'm trying to learn how to keep my mouth shut about them though cause it's only bringing me trouble." Returning the grin from Milkshake she lifts her shoulders. "I've accepted my callsign, it doesn't bother me now, just another name." Looking back at TB, she nods at the information about Spree. Then Bancroft. "Heard about Bankcroft, bad news there." The question, when asked, gets a quick nod and a friendly smile. "Sure, I can do that. Not so much to see but I don't mind showing you around." Mentally rearranging her schedule.

Ygraine snorts. "Maybe on Picon ya can pull that stupid farmer crap, but I know better. My family's dairy farm is on Leonis. Believe me ya know full well shit from anythin' else, because ya can't deny havin' stuck your boots in it every day." She then looks over at Maia, widening her big blue eyes and with a mirthful air, assumes an eager puppy dog expression. "Yeah, Maia. Can ya show him around?" She is trying hard not to bust up laughing.

"We grew wheat and barley." Tavin offers to Ygraine and chuckles a little. "And so say we all I know the damn difference." his smile is amused. "So that why they call ya Milkshake then?" It's a curious question as Maia gets a smile, broad and warm. "Thanks, I'd appreciate it.." But when Ygraine gets to teasing him, those freckles get yet another flash from his blushing cheeks.

Nicodemus wanders into the rec hall. He's wearing his fatigues and a long sleeved shirt. He makes his way quietly to one of the billiards tables, sitting a leather bound book with straps tying it shut on the ledge. He stares at the table a moment, brow furrowing a little, before he begins pulling the balls from the rack and placing them on the table.

Maia grins at Ygraine. "Dairy farm, right. You know, I never asked that, really. Makes perfect sense." With the puppy dog expression from Ygraine, she rolls her own big blue eyes, "You're goofy, Milkshake, it's why I like you." Cutting her eyes back to Tavin she nods in return. "No worries. I'm working on getting a Cross-Qual for Vipers, at the moment I'm a Raptor pilot." When Nico walks in, she acknowledges him. "Hey Bats." Watching him with the book reminds her and she holds up a finger. "One sec." Walking over to the Billiards table, she plucks up the Viper book she'd had resting there. "Light reading," she explains before walking over to the other pilots.

"Hey Bats." Ygraine calls out amenably "Come meet Throwback. Picon transferred him, he's joining your squadron." With regard to her callsign, she taps her own freckled nose and then points her finger at Tavin. "I hold the record for fastest full pail in six counties." she notes proudly, and snorts in Maia's direction. "She's cross-trainin', gods help her. How's Storm treatin' ya, anyway?"

"Ah. Well, good luck with that. Ain't easy, I'm sure. I don't think I could ever fly a bus proper. Too used to the stick layout in the Preds." Tavin admits as he grins a little towards the two women, and then glances up as Nico approaches and offers his hand. "Throwback. Pleasure to meet ya, Bats."

Nicodemus looks Maia's way, "Hey." When he's being introduced, he steps over to the others. "Throwback, huh?" He shakes the man's hand, and notes to Maia, "It's a lot easier to go from a Predator to a Viper than the other way around." Looking back to Tavin, he tilts his head a bit. "Where on Picon? How bad is there?"

"He's a slave driver," Maia teases with a good natured smile. "You see that pile of books he gave me to read? I'm plowing through them as fast as I can while still retaining the information. Feels like flight school all over again." Holding the book to her chest, she wraps her arms around it as she regards the others. "I'm looking forward to the challenge. Thanks for the luck, Throwback," offering him another grin before looking back at Bats when he asks about Picon.

"Well, it kinda is, ain't it? I admit I want t'get a bit better at handlin' a raptor in an emergency, but I don't plan t'push my luck. My early instructors told me I didn't have th'feel for pilotin', so." Ygraine shrugs, disregarding her notorious emergency Predator landing.

"As bad as the rumors, not as bad as the rumors." Tavin laughs a little, but his expression lowers a little. "It's bad. But we're making due. At least, I was part of the we. But with birds running low for us down there, Spree is sticking pilots where she can to get her air support." he admits as he offers a shrug, and then grins towards Ygraine. "There's pics of me in a diaper and my paw's flight helmet pretending to be an ECO when he took me up in 'Betty Jane'. And it's always a good challenge to learn new stuff. I have my Viper logs if I can help in anyway, Maia.." he offers. "If you need a study buddy, I mean. I left the service after my dad died and I took over the farm, so I'm having to refresh on Vipers too."

Nicodemus listens carefully as Tavin talks about Picon, nodding. "What about the civies? How are they fairing? Are there a lot of survivors? I've been keeping my ear out for word on evacuees, but haven't heard much…"

"Yeah, I guess it is. I've got to get as good in a Viper as I am in a Raptor before they'll even think about letting me free out there. I'm not afraid of hard work, so I'll get it done." Maia tosses out there in return. Looking back at Tavin she shrugs, "Mostly it's a matter of opinion. I follow orders from my CO. That's good enough for me. He says they're okay, just smile and nod. There's a lot to be said for that." Nodding thoughtfully at the offer, she accepts it without much hesitation. "Sure, I'll take all the help I can get, wouldn't mind the assistance. Thanks." With the question from Bats, Maia nods, "Yeah there's a lot of survivors from what I've seen. I've flown a Raptor down there to pick up a load of refugees a few times. No worries, my friend. People are survivors, all in all."

Ygraine reminds, "We've already started the ex-fils from Picon of the wounded, and the high priority civilians. But it's bits and pieces, and I think Command may try t'cook somethin' massive up, if they think they can get away with it." Something Maia says clearly troubles Ygraine, but she doesn't voice it.

"As they said, y'all are getting the civilians. Hell, if it wasn't for the fact that I had military experience, I'd be one of them as well." Tavin admits with a little chuckle. "Oldest Ensign in the fleet, as one of my old winmates put it. I don't mind though, I still have to knock the cobwebs off." he says, and considers. "Trust me, Spree's grateful for the evacs - but she wants the Wing to start knocking the shit out of targets again."

Nicodemus nods, looking at Ygraine. "If they do somethin' big, I'd like to be there." Glancing at the others, he explains, "My mom and sister are still down there. Colt and I haven't heard anything from them since… well…" He shrugs, and purses his lips. "Welcome aboard, I guess, Throwback."

"I wish. I'd do anything to be out there on missions even if it cut into learning time." Maia tells Tavin then shifts her gaze to Ygraine, catching the troubled look, arching both her brows in silent question. "What's wrong, Shake?" Only when Nico speaks about his family she quietly regards him before offering a nod. "Yeah, I understand that one, Bats. Be nice to just know right?"

Well, since she asked, "I don't think it's wise t'just follow orders because they come outta my CO's mouth." Ygraine admits. In sympathy she notes to Bats, "I'm pretty sure my mama's dead, but my brothers, they may be alive. They can live off th'land, and there are th'prison camps. So I'm hopin' th'odds are in my favor."

"I have brothers scattered through the fleet. I know one of them is gone, he was on one of the heavy cruisers above Picon." Tavin admits with a shake of his head. "Unless he got out with the Baker Bay - at least that's what I keep hoping. So. Where'd Bats come from as a callsign?" he asks, as he moves finally, stepping over to stand next to Maia, obstently to look at the book she's carrying.

"I guess just about everyone's got someone they've lost at this point." Nicodemus sighs, and then shrugs about his call sign. "I was a slow learner on the guns. My piloting came crazy easy, but my aim…" He shakes his head. "So, I used to fly circles around the other cadets. In practice, I'd basically fly them so they caught each other in their own crossfire. Used my piloting to out gun them. They said I flew like I was batshit crazy to do it."

Well.. Maia had asked indeed. "Yeah, I heard that recently, but still, I talked to both Redux and Knox. I can live with what they had to say." Lifting her shoulders, she transfers the book to her left arm so that Tavin can read the title since it seemed to be what his attention is on while dropping her right one down by her side. The book is on Vipers and has the name Holtz on it. Yup, homework. "Only child myself. I'm from Leonis originally." Looking at Bats for his explanation and when it comes, she laughs. "That has to be the cutest explanation I've ever heard for a callsign."

"I don't mean 'bout them in particular," Ygraine points out. "But when ya say stuff like 'I just do what my CO says' or whatever…in a more general sense, without any conditions on th'statement, ya see where I'm goin'?" She grins over at Nic. "Ya know, if ya got abs any like ya big brother gunny's, I'd encourage ya t'walk around viper country with your shirt off more often."

Tavin chuckles at the explanation of Bats' callsign and shakes his head. "If only." he says in mild amusement as he glances at the book and then smirks at Ygraine's mention of abs. "Well at least she isn't making that the uniform for all of us." he comments with a little smirk and then finally asks the 64 cubit question. "Uhm.. is Holtz your.. uhm.. err.. significant other?" He doesn't want to ask out a girl that's already taken, after all, as he looks towards Maia for the answer. He knows Holtz is the CO, but she's a Raptor pilot so it could still be legal.

Nicodemus tosses a playful scowl at Maia, "It's not CUTE." Maybe it is. He then smirks at Ygraine, watching her as she goes. "That was awkward…" And then when he suddenly finds himself the third wheel as Tavin clearly researches a conquest, he chuckles a little to himself, nods, and offers, "Have fun, kids." He turns and heads back towards his pool table.

With a solemn nod, Maia regards Ygraine. "Well, I know to listen to the chain of command, they got where they are for some reason. I trust them." Grinning when the other half of Team Blonde heads for the head. At the question, she looks back at Tavin and grins. "Nah, Holtz, that's umm.. " Hooking a thumb over her shoulder she points out the other Raptorette. "He's her significant other." There's a smile that follows her words, "It was all cute and romantic. Took a near miss for them to finally admit it." Looking back at Bats, she laughs. "It's cute. It is." Though seems surprised when he bids them goodbye. "Oh.. yeah sure. Have fun, Bats."

"Oh. I see." There's a blush that enlightens Tavin's cheeks as Nicodemus suddenly departs as well. "See you later, Bats." He turns his attention back to Maia and chews on his lower lip, suddenly shy. "So.. did you still want to go for that walk…?"

Just standing around and talking is Maia and Tavin, the former is holding a book on Vipers. When Bats leaves, Maia watches him go then looks back at Tavin. "Sure, where to first? I think the Mess Hall and then the laundry are fairly important places to go." Grinning. "At least they're pretty important to remember where they're at."

"You mean that smell I smelled earlier wasn't the head?" Tavin says in amusement and then considers. "Carry your books for you, Maia?" he asks, a very teenagery thing to do, but well, he's trying to be a gentleman?

Phin wanders into the rec room, in that aimless sort of way of the recently off-duty. He proceeds directly to the coffee pot, earbuds in, idly adjusting a music player held in one hand. Somewhat oblivious to anyone around him, but nodding along as if he likes the tune playing in his head, at least.

"The head is a popular place. Everyone loves a good shower after a long day, after a swim, after SIMs, after the fitness center, after working, after sleeping." Maia grins. "High traffic area." When he offers to carry the book, she looks down at it and smiles, thinking he was joking but answering just in case. "Aw, I have a threat to take extra good care of these. Holtz would kill me if anything happened. Better guard it with my life." But she offers him an apologetic look after. When Phin walks in, she grins, expecting the earbuds, so not voicing a greeting, just waving. "That's Dolly. Another Viper."

"Right. Okay." Tavin withdraws his arm, not sure of what to make of her answer for the moment. At the introduction of a fellow pilot, he raises his hand in greetings, but doesn't say anything, realizing that Dolly is earphoned and zoning on the coffee at the moment. Noone can blame him for that. His next words are rather quiet though.

Phin is at least aware of enough of what's going on on his periphery to spot Maia's wave. Once he's managed to pour himself some coffee, into a blue ceramic mug with a 'Silverstars' Pyramid logo on it, he waves back. Popping his earbuds out and draping them around his neck so the player sort of hangs by itself. "Hey, Centerfold. How goes stuff?" He sips his coffee black. Which makes him wrinkle his nose slight, but he downs it without anymore complaint than that. A polite "Hey" is offered to Tavin as well. Proximate as he is.

There's a quick smile at his words, and Maia gently nudges his shoulder with her own. "Maybe he didn't mean it so literally." Glancing back over, she notices Dolly removing the buds. "Stuff is fair at the moment, been running around the ship apologizing to all the deckies I can find for drawing on them." Lifting a shoulder in a rueful shrug. "Dolly this is Throwback, A Viper and Predator pilot. Throwback, Dolly, fellow Viper. So how are you, Dolly?"

"You drew on a deckie? Knuckledraggers." Tavin opines as he lets out a breath. He'll inquire about it later. "Howdo, Dolly." he says, offering his hand to Phin. "Or just Tavin, or TB. I'm pretty easy either way."

Phin has just wandered in, probably recently off duty, to get himself some coffee. Which he has. He's now exchanging greetings with Maia and Tavin. To Maia's question to him, he shrugs. "All right, Centerfold. Fair probably sums it pretty well. Oh. You one of the new ones from off Picon?" That last to Tavin. He puts his cup down and extends a hand, for shaking purposes. He's a righty. "Phin McBride. Dolly's my callsign. Not, like, my name." Because that would make it silly. "Anyway, welcome aboard. I fly with the Lucky Strikes. Vipers and Preds, technically, though I haven't gotten much flight time in the latter." He lets the bit about drawing on a deckie pass without comment for now.

Ygraine makes her way back from the head, cheerily declaring, "I'm back, lock up your sons!" Phin gets rounded on with a quick hug and a smacking kiss to his cheek. "What did I miss?"

"Yeah. Unfortunately they were all throwing fists at that Cylon pilot Milkshake and I were telling you about. I was trying to diffuse the situation." With a slight lift of her lips, Maia shrugs. "Didn't work the way I intended." Once they introduce themselves she looks between them, but just as quickly the re-arrival Ygraine gets her attention. "Miss? Looks like you missed Dolly," she teases.

Tavin gives a slow nod of his head as he seems to consider all of this and then sighs. "I see." he says finally. "I'm one of the Strikes too. My Paw flew with the Red Bats back in the original formation of the 11th - was in the battle of Aerilon." Tavin seems particularly proud of this fact. "Hey, Milkshake. Welcome back."

"Yg-ster!" Phin returns the hug with one arm, tight and quick around her shoulders, grinning broad at the ECO. He also tries to give her braid a light, playful tug, before releasing her. He chuckles. "I'm still here, so, hard to miss me. Centerfold was just introducing me to the new blood. Cool!" That last to Tavin, when he mentions his father. "Back in the Cylon War? Well, First Cylon War, I guess, technically." What with them being in the middle of another one. "It's a good group, I think. You met Storm yet? Captain Holtz. He's our squadron leader. Good guy. He'll get you sorted pretty quick, I figure."

"Red Bats, man that's cool, that's something to be proud of, TB." Maia smiles at him, then looks back to Phin when he talks. "Hey it's a big ship, I don't see you every day, I can miss you, right? 'specially with my workload lately."

"Ya know what I think, I'm willin' t'bet that Ceres could probably round on all of 'em." Ygraine notes belatedly, "If ya saw th'bruise on Storm's face, ya'd see what I mean. And yeah, Centerfold's fallen prey t'the glamour of vipers." She grins. No, this teasing will not end.

"Hey, I think she'd make a perfectly fine Viper. Me? Paw taught me Preds. They're my pride and joy." Tavin admits. "Wish that's why I had my callsign." he laughs at that. "I can handle a Viper just fine, I just see a Predator, and man, my heart skips a beat. Always has. Especially when I used to hear stories about paw flying with 'Bad Dog'. The stories he would tell.." Taving grins. "He was something frakking special."

"How's the cross-qual stuff going?" Phin asks Maia. "I'd like to figure out how to fly a Raptor one of these days without worrying I'd faceplant into terrain. Got to admit. I did the tests for them when I got into flight school, and my scores on the bigger frames were…not good. I need to get better at the Predators before I focus on anything else, though. Your dad flew with Ruegger?" Phin's impressed. He lets out a low whistle. "Damn. Guy's a legend. They still got his picture up in the Ready Room. Give us all a sense of perspective on what it is we're doing, I guess." Ygraine's mention of Ceres draws a slight frown. "I've heard she's strong. Stronger than, like, people. One of those things I feel like I should've noticed before."

"Yeah.. I kinda heard about that, her and Storm. Bad deal that. She may but I just.. don't know. She's grounded for now from what I hear, not a hundred percent on that though." Maia lifts her shoulders again but flashes Yggy a grin. "Dazzled, definitely. I have flown a Pred a time or two though it was awesome. I could live with that, but Vipers just do it for me." Shifting her gaze to Phin she shows him the Viper book she's holding. "Flight school all over again, but it's worth it." Tilting her head to the side, she considers him. "I bet you'd do awesome in a Raptor. We could trade places, yeah? Come cross qual with me."

"Pfft. Most viper pilots consider raptors a step down, near as I can tell." Ygraine says airily.

"We do?" Tavin gives Ygraine a confused look as he shrugs his shoulders. "Last I checked, ECOs are needed for coordination. And Raptors have done more than I could care to count down on Picon."

"I'm told girls are more impressed with bigger sticks," Phin deadpans. He shrugs. "Wouldn't mind giving it a go someday. Just figure I need to get better at the stuff I can do right now before spreading. I would've been happy flying pretty much anything the Navy'd let me. Just didn't have as much of a feel for the larger craft." He offers a parting "Later" to Maia. Followed by a slight grin to Ygraine. "I like to think I'm better trained than some when it comes to that, at least."

"Which, girls who like big sticks, or raptors?" Yggy leers playfully." She watches Maia depart, and finally goes to crash on a couch. "Hey Phinny, ya know when Storm gets off his shift?"

Tavin watches Maia leave as well, and looks towards the others, as he goes to the trash can to spit out his wad of gum, and then looks at the two. "Uhm." he starts. "So. Do you two know Maia really well? Like.. does she like flowers?" He asks, and shrugs his shoulders, the ginger dropping into a chair.

"Both?" Phin's grin crooks. He retrieves his coffee mug, following Ygraine to the couch, where he folds himself down comfortable. "He should be off flight by now, but it's hard to tell when he's technically done," he replies to Ygraine about Holtz. "He heads back to the Ready Room or the offices to deal with squadron leader stuff after, a lot of time. Shouldn't be much more than an hour now, though, even with that. Unless something comes up, but CAP was quiet today." Tavin's question about Maia earns an, "Umm…probably? Most girls do. Never really asked her."

Ygraine snickers. "Ya've known her for five minutes, and ya want t'get her flowers? Only flowers we got are down on Piraeus. She'd probably appreciate help with her sufies more. Ya sure got some funny ideas about women. Like callin' us girls."

"Call me old-fashioned." Tavin shrugs his shoulders. "And sure. Like I said, I have my own cobwebs to knock off, Milkshake." he says with a little chuckle. "Well, I just wanted to thank her for being nice. I could give her one of the pouches of gum I brought with me, I guess."

"Sorry. Mature, strong women. Better?" Phin smirks to Ygraine. "Anyway, it was just a figure of speech. And women do like flowers. I don't think I'm entirely wrong about this." Not that he sounds convinced. It's not like this isn't an area where he's occasionally wrong about things. "Anyway. Yeah. No gardens aboard, though if you can score some leave you should check out the planet. Not just for the floral stuff. It's nice to get some fresh air now and then. It still kind of blows me away, a place Piraeus exists so far from the colonies."

"Better." Ygraine tells Phin, and gets to her feet. "I'm still kinda antsy. I'll see y'all later. I might swim, or go see if there's a sim slot open." With that, out she slips.

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