AWD #049: Welcome Home Picon Group
Welcome Home Picon Group
Summary: A few folks drop in to welcome Marcus and Kelsey home and meet the new person.
Date: 24/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Sickbay - Battlestar Orion
Orion's Medical Center!
AWD #49: 24 February 2005

They only just got in the night before, and all three of them underwent some form of surgery or patching up, so Petra, Wescott, and Hallick all have yet to be moved to Recovery. Petra himself has propped himself up a bit in bed so he can work on carefully writing out on a clipboard someone has provided. The sutures still carve an angry path across his forehead and right temple along the side of his head. Someone must be happy the bullet sliced his head open rather than smacking into it.

Already in the medical area to check on his nugget, Zachary glances over as he sees Petra writing on his board, and makes his way off in that direction after giving the sleeping Kelsey's shoulder a pat. "You know, Marcus, when they say they put steel plates in our heads in OCS, that is 'just a saying' right?" he offers with a smile that starts off as a smirk, but quickly turns more genuine. "Damned happy to have you back, sir." he offers finally as he comes over to the side of his bed.

Petra definitely doesnt look quite as pale as he did the day before, but he's still a little sluggish on the reactions. Taking in a deep breath, he offers Zachary a faint smile and murmurs, "You have no idea how HAPPY I am to be back on the boat. Though, I'm sorry…we lost Ditch and Peacock. If it helps any, neither one of them knew what hit them." Okay, he's fudging that a little, but then he knows he's the only one that knows different, and sometimes its just better if people know a friend died quickly.

There's a faint sigh and a shake of his head. "Frak." Zachary murmurs, as if he has already heard too many of these, what's two more. "Alright, let's sit and chat, Marcus. You're going to love this story." Grabbing a chair, the CAG pulls it over and takes a seat. "..couple of days after you left, we sent Rozzen, Sister Geni, and a few others to meet with Colonel Spree over at ANVIL. Apparently, while they were there, they got to asking if you guys were alright. ANVIL picked up on the last transmissions, so I knew that you and Kelsey had ejected - it was pretty simple to put together that if you two used the ejection seats instead of the backdoor - my pilot and ECO were gone." he shakes his head. "It only gets better from there." But he's waiting a moment, to let that sink in.

The bed next to Petra's has the redhead in it. At some point last night someone tucked her in with a blanket and took the camera. She is laying in the exact same position she closed her eyes in, too. Kelsey didn't just fall asleep, she zonked completely and her body just handed her brain the pinkslip for the next several hours. But with the quiet voices at the bed next to hers, she slowly opens her eyes and stares at Zachary and Petra without a word. She doesn't even move. Just silence for the moment.

Petra mms softly and reaches out for the glass of water the Corpsman left for him, listening to Zachary's information. He scrunches his nose a bit at the last comment and ventures a curious, "Tell me that idiot reported Jameson and Faulkner dead and shot down by Cylons. Right?" He hasn't noticed that Kelsey has woken up yet, but then she hasn't moved yet either.

"Not quite." Zachary responds. "See, this is where it gets interesting. Spree didn't know Mom and Dad were supposed to be coming for a visit, so she had assumed that you and Kelsey were just a Raptor team that needed to be SARed by them or Bancroft. It wasn't until Sister Arden recongized you that it went downhill. ANVIL contacted FOX, which is Bancroft's base. He's the one that reported that Command was on that bird and shot down and yes, that. Then he ordered Spree to have our team report to him immediately as he was the new commander of NOMAD." The CAG goes high and slow with the report, making sure Petra understands every word. "..Spree, according to Rozzen, isn't having any part of that, and let them get back to us so that she could pow-wow with Jameson, Wake and I."

Kelsey stares at the two, listening. She studies the CAG as he speaks, eyes trailing over him and his movements. But then she looks over to Petra and watch his response. Her face is just a blank slate.

Petra blinks when Zach gets about halfway through that, as if there was something that hadn't occurred to him before. He watches the CAG's face for a moment, then murmurs, "Well shit. I didn't even think about that. The arrogant bastard is trying to steal command of the whole Task Force?" He blinks again, glancing over at Kelsey's bed and murmuring a softer, "Hey Wescott. You look better than I feel this morning." There's a faint bit of amusement that shows on his face, but it fades rapidly as his attention drifts back to the Major, "So Spree defied his orders. Captain Hallick made it sound like there's a small core of Bancroft's marines that are these hard core, psychotic gung ho nuts, and the rest of them would be shocked at what the man is trying to perpetrate. Unfortunately, we were mostly trying to hide, so I can't tell you more than that."

Zachary spares a glance towards Kelsey, and offers her a smile. "Did you get any rest?" he asks her, but his attention falls back to the TACCO. "Oh no, he wants this whole thing." he gestures with his hand in the air around them. "Hallick. Is that the chest wound over there?" he gestures, lifting his chin towards where Emilia sleeps. "What's her story?" he asks. And then he continues his report. "So, right now Picon is off limits while we figure out our next move. Wake, Rozzen and I are all making proposals on how to go from here - because any civilians and military that are not part of this, don't deserve to suffer because of one man's actions." he says. "Rozzen and I have our proposals up, we're just waiting on Wake."

Petra nods slightly in Emilia's direction when Zachary asks about her, "Captain Emilia Hallick. Raptor Pilot. Got shot down right in front of us while Wescott and I were fleeing the area. Seems she recognized Bancroft has been up to questionable things, and her own unit set her up and tried to kill her. So…Merry Saturnalia, belatedly. Soon as Rozzen and Wake check her out and the Doc clears her as fit for duty, you have a new Raptor Pilot if you want her." A wry smirk touches his face for a second, but when Wescott apologizes, something else crosses Petra's face. In a softer tone of voice, while he watches Wescott, he explains to Zachary, "Major. I want to be very clear. Wescott was at the controls of the Raptor when we were fired on. The SAM launches did not trigger any countermeasure warnings. We did not know we had even been fired at, until the first missle missed us. We were hit hard, instantly killing the pilot and ECO and crippling the Raptor. Wescott was able to run through her emergency landing proceedures and would have gotten us on the ground, but they fired again and blew the craft in half. She made sure I ejected first before punching out herself. She /absolutely/ should be commended for her actions under fire."

"You brought me back a souvenier from Picon in the form of a Raptor Pilot. And a Captain at that! Oh my goodness, Marcus, I didn't know you cared! And me, without a present for you. I shall have to bake you a cake. Or is this one of those 'I owe you my first born' deals?" Zachary says with a little smirk, as he turns his attention back to Kelsey and listens to Marcus's report and nods his head slowly. "Draw up the exact commendation, Colonel, and I'll make sure that it gets fast tracked." he promises, but as he looks her over, he lets out a breath. "I also am going to suggest that all three of you at least have one talk with Captain Beatrix. Shoot downs are bad enough - I can only imagine what it's like over enemy territory - and if Janitor is my current example, I'm in for a long road."

Kelsey flicks her eyes up towards Petra as he discusses the shootdown. Its almost like a look of betrayal. But she looks down to her hat and takes it up again and holds it in her hand. "I understand that I have the right to refuse any decoration or commendation awarded to me, sirs. I'd like to take that option." Its said quietly, nearly a whisper. "I'm fine, sir. Bumps and scratches. I'll talk to her if I'm ordered to, but otherwise I think I have other people I need to talk to. I need to see the Sister about something I did for her." She slowly slides off the bed and, hat in her left hand, salutes with her right and stares straight ahead, waiting to be dismissed.

Petra chuckles softly at Zach's souvenir comment, coughing softly before he offers, "We conned one of their own medevac units to pick us up…that's the pilot and ECO we have in the brig right now. She got shot up bad and since her own unit had tried to kill her, I figured she might do better here than just trying to get her to Spree instead." Then Wescott talks about refusing the commendation, which has Petra 'hrm'ing under his breath, "Well, you can certainly do that if you really want to, Wescott, but I'm going to put in the paperwork anyway." With that said, he settles back into his pillows, and arches a brow at Zachary, "So what is YOUR suggestion, while you're waiting on Wake?"

Post-surgery time is complicated. First there are the checks on you coming out of anesthesia, usually less than pleasant. You are in pain, you are confused, you are tired. Emilia managed to wake up several times in the night as she was checked, just long enough to orient herself and confirm that she was still mentally all there before drifting back to sleep. Now? Now she is starting to wake up and making a few pained and slightly confused noises as she does. And then she realizes that she's in a strange place and her eyes snap open. A sick bay. Okay. Voices. Right. Petra. Kelsey. Check. The other one is new to her, however, and she turns her head in that direction. "Hey," is her witty opening remark.

"Yes, and I doubt they are going anywhere anytime soon, at least until we find out for sure that they aren't going to get stupid and try to get back to Bancroft to report that our command is alive and well." Zachary says, as he nods to Kelsey. "That is your option, yes. But I agree with Marcus. Think on it for a while. Or I will at least place it in your file and forgo the formal presentation. Also.. calling you Delinquent? Forget about it, Kelsey. You earned the callsign you want. Unless the two with you have an idea." he says quietly, before he lets out a breath.

"Live bait, Marcus. As far as Bancroft knows, Mom and Dad are dead, we don't have a TACCO and that makes the CAG the new CO. My idea is to head down to Picon and offer to bring Bancroft and his subordinates back here for a tour of his new command and let him have a little face time with those he tried to kill once we have him on board - and then throw our weight behind Spree. Cut out the cancer that's killing our chances with Picon."

"Please don't, sir," Kelsey asks quietly of Petra. "I'd rather just move past it, Colonel." She still doesn't look at him, though. But she lets it hang until Zach mentions it, too. "Please, no," she asks again. Her salute drops as she hears about the callsign and she only nods. Dressed in scrubs and carrying the same ballcap she arrived in, the woman steps away from the two senior offers and over to Emilia's bad. "Hey, Captain. Welcome back. You gave me a scare, there, for a minute, sir. Welcome to the Orion."

Petra shifts his attention to his other side when Emilia stirs, watching her for a moment before offering, "Good morning, Captain. Doc says you had a pretty damned big hole in you. We're just lucky she had a big enough patch to sew into place over it." He smiles a little at the humor, before glancing back at Kelsey, then to Zachary, "If you can get him to fall for that, great, but I dont think these hardcore followers he has will just give up. We're going to have to make it crystal clear that he's a mutinous bastard that deserves the firing squad he's going to get."

"Bancroft wouldn't leave Picon," Emilia says in a tired voice. "They're fanatical, the guys around him, and he wouldn't leave Picon because that's part of his point. I think he may be willing to sacrifice everyone rather than leave. But he sure as frak wouldn't leave for however many jumps it took to get here." Kelsey and Petra get tired but familiar smilesthe bond forged by shared adversitybut Zachary just gets studied for a moment. "Sir," she adds politely.

"Then Ward's idea may be best - he suggested that we go along with the command change, bring some of his folks here in return for a strike team down there - and when it starts to go down, trust that they can take down Bancroft and his group in time for a Raptor ex-fil to yank them back to ANVIL for trial and execution." Zachary shrugs as he finally decides to make with the introductions. "Major Zachary Sheperd, chief dishwasher of NOMAD." he offers to Emilia. "Used to be Pie but for some reason, I got changed to Buzzkill." And he offers his hand to her good side.

Kelsey looks between the three and glances down. Its a little heavy in here for her. She swallows and takes a step back, slowly slipping off so she might make her escape and get back to duty.

Petra closes his eyes for a moment while he listens to the exchange - for now letting Kelsey escape if Zachary makes no move to stop her as well, "What if…we call him out? He has something like a million people reporting to him. If his entire command knows he tried to assassinate Fleet Command, they couldn't sit there and stand for that. Word has gotten around Spree's people by now about us. Hopefully about the people like Sergeant Hall that we healed and returned. What if we let Picon sort Picon out, while we work with Spree and get her wounded and civilians off the planet?"

Reaching a hand up slowly, Emilia shakes his in the firm, confident grip that someone who is career military develops. "Captain Emilia Hallick, called Teach. Used to be with Fleet Command." She grimaces at that then shakes her head. "Was part of the Picon defense force until they shot my Raptor down." She bares her teethperhaps unconsciouslyand lets her hand fall back onto the bed. "He has a core group around him that is very … oriented to his viewpoint. Which has been increasingly…unusual." The pilot is picking her words carefully. "I'm pretty sure I was shot down for pointing out that your Raptor had a colonial signal, after all, Colonel."

"That's Rozzen's idea." Zachary admits, as he looks towards Kelsey. "If medical has cleared you, you're good to leave, Wescott - but I want a discharge from Captain Beatrix as well. Once you have those, you can return to duty. Understood?" he asks his nugget, before he turns back to Emilia and Petra. "…I'd rather not have my birds be flying around with the threat of Bancroft shooting them down, they have enough problems with the Cylons, don't you think?"

Kelsey looks even less happy at hearing that. It looks like she's taking punishment. "Yessir," she mutters and turns to go, walking straight for the door.

Petra sighs softly at the comments and nods, "Your both probably right." He opens his eyes to watch Kelsey look like she's been kicked and turns to go, frowning a little but saying nothing for the time being. The LCOL can have a chat with her later. For now, he turns his attention back to Emilia and Zachary, taking in a slow, deep breath and letting it go, "So has anything else exploded while we were busy destroying one of your raptors?" He even smiles a little, "We brought you back a replacement, just repaint it with an Orion number and Tadaa."

There's a little nod toward Kelsey as the young woman goes, a little 'you did good kid' sort. Emilia isn't especially demonstrative, however. "Right now, Bancroft will likely be the bigger threat for your Raptors in that sector than anything the Cylons would throw at you. They're mostly pretty quiet over there."

Petra shakes his head slowly, "We didn't have a chance. We WERE going to make it to Spree and get her to give us a Raptor to get home, and then…another opportunity presented itself. Kelsey and I had a couple of talks, Zach. She's not the kid that left with me. But yeah, Beatrix probably needs to talk to her first. I had to tell her that if she saw me get captured, she was going to have to shoot me in the head. That will conflict most people." He settles back down when he asks Emilia about the 'no fly' zones, picking his pen back up to continue his writing, while shooting her a curious look or three.

"I like to read, I'm decent at training people, and—" Emilia eyes Zachary and then, with the heavy sigh of someone who realizes what they are likely letting themselves in for, "I am unnaturally good at paperwork and bureacracy." That cat let out of the bag, she settles on the question at hand. "One, she isn't a kid anymore. Two, there are kids much younger than that back on Picon and probably the other colonies who are fighting much much more viciously every day. There are no kids anymore." Well, isn't she cheery? "Give me a map and, for the most part, I could give you a fairly good idea of the situation on the colony right now. Mostly."

Rozzen moves quietly into the Sickbay, checking in with the nurse at the front with a soft voice. Even while doing this, her gaze shifts impatiently towards the interior of the space. Given direction, she makes her way swiftly towards where those returned from Picon are. "Colonel," is greeted suspiciously like a sigh of relief. Dark eyes linger long moments on Petra, like she can't quite believe he's there, before shifting to give Zach a nod and the other woman a curious look.

"Don't worry, Teach, I won't throw you at the Squadron Leader position, though besides me, you are now the ranking Raptor Driver of NOMAD. Congratulations." Zachary offers to her as he lets out a breath. "The task force is pretty young, you'll learn. The median age is 26, last I checked. We're pratically anctient." He winks, and then nods to the two. "Sounds like she did a lot of growing up." he admits. "She won't accept a commendation - but considering what she went through with you two, you could gift her a callsign."

Petra rumbles, "Hey, hey, hey, stop that 'ancient' crap, damnit, or I'll give you both walking canes for Saturnalia next year." With that bit of grumpiness given, he focuses on Rozzen for a moment and murmurs, "Captain. The Major has been regaling us with what's been going on while we were indisposed. Captain Moira Rozzen, Intelligence, meet Captain Emilia Hallick, Raptor Driver." Then almost as an afterthought, "Instead of Delinquent…just call her Grownup. It fits."

"Yeah, it is grim all over. There were only like seven or eight Captains on the ground on Picon, I think both Viper and Raptor." Emilia exhales, her expression grim. "Most people were in bed when the attack hit which means they were nuked." She glances toward Petra, nodding at his call sign mention, then turns her dark eyes to Rozzen. She's been through some sort of surgery—there's bandages around her chest and she looks pale and worn out. But she offers a confident enough smile. "A pleasure, Captain. I'd get up for a properly polite greeting but I appear to be a bit indisposed."

It's not without interest that Moira listens to them talk of Kelsey, but she offers a more engaged smile as Petra introduces her. "It appears so, Captain," she says and so instead of offering her hand to shake, she just offers a dip of her head. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well. I gather it is due to you that we have you all back at all," she adds with an inquisitive slant of her gaze back towards the men. If there's a little extra stiffness in her posture for mention of Picon on Warday, well, she's at least seemingly ignoring it.

"Hey, Moira." Zachary greets the intel officer as he grins. "If you're sticking around, Teach, I'll get you the files on the personnel in the Raptors and our current mission docket to give you some reading material while you recover, if you're game?"

"Yeah. But later?" Emilia is looking a little strained now, blinking her eyes just a touch too hard as she looks up at them. "I'm tired as hell and think I just need to sleep a bit more."

Petra rumbles softly at the introductions, and for the moment, glances back down at his clipboard, scribbling a little more as he fills in what is probably becoming a truly epic after action report. Jameson is going to need a glass of that brandy for this one. However, after Zachary's comment, he DOES add, "If you run into any trouble settling in, Captain, just let the Major and I know. I'll have Jameson sign your transfer order so we make it all official like, as well. But yeah, I think the Doctor will get pissed off at both of us if we dont act like we're resting some."

Despite her warm greeting to Emilia, the Major's offer to the newcomer has Moira dodging a quiet look towards Petra. If anything, the Raptor pilot's defferal of it makes her relax a fraction. "It's probably better if it's not entirely an act, sir," she adds in a murmur to Petra's words. "Perhaps it'd be best to let the Captain download regarding Picon before burdening her with our own details." Those cautious dark eyes shift back to Zach as her voice remains low so as not to disturb the drifting to sleep woman.

"Yes, Moira, I will make sure she runs the gauntlet of spooks before I take her into the wing." Zachary sighs as he shakes his head at her. "You are entirely too cautious sometimes. We need to give a little faith that not everyone we find is going to somehow try to frak us over." A glance to where Emilia rests and then back to Petra. "I'll put Grownup before the Wing, see what they think of it."

Petra takes in a deep breath and nods slightly at Rozzen, "No, Captain, you're right. Everyone needs to be checked - I didnt publish the transfer orders only to be the first one to circumvent them. In her case, she says she was assigned to Fleet HQ, and all of Perkinston was flattened by a large nuke, so I don't know what success you're going to have digging. That is, however, what we pay you for, right?" He offers the woman a faint smile and adds, "Thank you for the perspective reminder."

Rozzen listens with gaze askance upon Zach as he shakes his head at her, her own expression neutrally composed. The Colonel's words draw a slow nod from her and bring the suggestion of a smile flickering back. "Of course, sir." She adjusts her weight on her feet, a return to motion that suggests she's preparing to go. "I'll see about getting all of that into motion. Is there anything else I can get for you for the moment?" That curiosity of hers has a brief look touching on the epic report he's putting together.

Zachary gives Rozzen that same look he gave her in the laundry. Agree to disagree. "And once you drain her of all of her knowledge, make sure you leave me enough to put her back together as a possible squadron commander, Moira. Don't break her too much."

Petra considers Rozzen's offer for a moment, his pen growing still while he thinks. Finally, he smirks and murmurs, "Tell the Admiral AND the Commander that they both owe me a drink. That's what you can do for me, Captain." With that said, he flips a page and grins to himself, continuing to write.

A hang of dark eyes mark Zachary's words, but first Moira offers a wider smile to Petra. "Gladly, sir." She tips off an easy shadow of a salute. "It's good to have you home." Turning to leave him to his writing, the woman pauses with her shoulder even with Zachary's. She certainly seems comfortable with the continuing nature of their truce as she angles a look up at him. "I don't expect to damage her at all, Major. Minimizing damage is entirely the point. But I'll surely keep that in mind." His request. In parting, a softer curve flickers to her lips and then she's making her way from the Sickbay to get back to work.

"Pardon me, Marcus. I'm not quite done with Moira yet." Apparently the truce may only last until the two of them are in the hallway as he grins towards the TACCO. "I'll make sure to bring you some cookies later." Zachary promises, as he moves to trail after the intelligence officer. "We need to go over the two new brig occupants we have, Moira."

Petra chuckles softly and nods, "Of course. Im sure you both have a full day without me keeping you in here yakking away, anyway. I'll speak to both of you later. Thank you for coming to check on us." He eyes the Captain and the Major for a moment, his smile a little more relaxed before he finally falls back to his writing. Scribble scribble scribble…

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