AWD #317: Welcome Distractions
Welcome Distractions
Summary: Dreyer's wirelo studies see a welcome interruption.
Date: 04/05/2016 (OOC Date)
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Dreyer Rakes 
The metal stacks of books start near the door and run the entire length of the room, which is almost forty meters. The room is twice as wide and there are several corridors that lead down the rows. Near the door is a desk clerk manned by a Crewman from Supply, but farther back, in the quiet of the room, are generally several other people milling about. Towards the rear are several seating areas with tables and chairs. There are sections covering a broad topics and individuals can also look at maps, rent videos, and even games.
Sat Nov 19 2005 (AWD #317)

He had a list of books that he was given, but Dreyer's having some difficulties finding a couple of them. Maybe they're filed differently than he expected. Whatever it may be, he found a marine on their way back to the barracks and asked them to send the Corporal on over if she had the time to spare. The man is in fatigues, just come off duty from guard work in the CIC. He's sitting at a table in the back, with a few books and a notebook already laid out in front of him. Well, at least the MP is taking this whole wirelo thing seriously.

The Corporal must have been spending her time recently in the gym, because those are the stylings of clothing she currently wears when she comes into view. Someone has gone through the time to put tiny braids in her hair. She wears it well enough or at least her hair. She ducks past one shelf and rack of books before stepping down another lane, nodding to herself. The woman takes too-long steps, hands clasped loosely behind her, making it almost comical in her arriving at the table in the back. With a reference manual having been plucked in passing, she sets it neatly down on the edge of the table. "I hear you're having some problems?"

There's a glance up and Dreyer briefly does a double-take. It's the braids. He lifts a hand and reaches out to flick at one. "Cute." But then it's to business. Or at least studies. The sheet of paper she'd given him is held up. A few are crossed off and sit before him on the table. "I can't find…" he skims down the list and points. "This one." Some manual on the upkeep of radio equipment. "Is there a similar one, maybe?"

"There used to be more. I was in the ring," and because no one needs to have hair in their face or have it be used against them when they're training to become proficient killers with their body alone. Rakes smiles. A compliment is a compliment. She doesn't sit just yet but instead presses her hands down to the edge of the table and leans forward to look at what he is busying himself with. "I'd have to check my things, if it's not around here." She tilts her head to a rakish angle to do less reading upside-down. "Ahh- yeah- I'll see if I can find something. How are you holding up so far?"

"And it's too short to pull back, I take it." Hey, spend enough time bunking it up with women, you do pick a few things up. Dreyer tilts the sheet so that she can see and leans back so the other items on the table are visible. "I didn't find it here. And no one I've asked knows. So either it was checked out and someone forgot to log it or-" Anton shrugs, helplessly. "Otherwise, I think I'm going alright. It's a lot of reading, but it's not… too difficult. Yet."

Rakes nods. She just needs to cut her hair even shorter or let it grow out until nearly breaking regulation. The middle ground is frustrating, and she's busy frowning at the piece of paper. "If I could, I'd help with the reading but" She's not going to read to the guy. She swivels around the backend of the table in order to properly join him. One of the books on the list is dragged closer to her and she props it up, slow to open it. "Well, we're not all Coops." There's no quicker and easier way of transferring knowledge. "Be prepared for some small assessments like putting into operation a radio and successfully transferring something like a status report or medevac request."

When Rakes circles around to join him, Dreyer sits up a bit straighter. Can't help it. It's the same reflex that causes a man to flex when he knows a woman is about to touch him. All instinct. Anton does snort faintly, "Ever feel shown up by him? I mean, he said something about how being around humans has made him more human, but isn't he just… better by default?" The MP does reach for his notebook and pen, dragging them closer. He leans in, briefly, to spot the title of the book. "And you're not gonna help with the reading because that's not how I learn." Pen is waved. "I know, I know. I've had enough classes in my life-" Pause. "But the teachers are usually much less attractive."

Rakes slowly whistles under her breath, thanks to the idea that she's somehow jealous of Knox. She nods. "But it doesn't stop me from trying to be better at what I can be, too. He has his limits and I've got mine. Either way, he's on our side so it'd probably be the same as you showing me up in, I don't know, military law. I can be jealous but we fight the same fight." She holds the book in her hands but uses her index fingers to point across the table in his direction. She's now looking up from the random page she's flipped to and at him instead. "You never wanted to frak your teachers before? You are missing out. But," the book snaps neatly closed, "We'll get you up to speed."

"Military law is frakkin' boring. I don't want to show anyone up. It'd be like… I dunno. Being voted as worst fashion sense. Sure, you won, but at what cost?" Dreyer leans on the table, elbow in place and propping chin in his hand. He smirks at the pointing and the book snapping closed to punctuate the statement. "If you'd seen most of my teachers, you'd know. Old mavens at some Caprican high school, then all old, angry fellas through boot and MP training. Sorry, Corporal, but you're the first." He looks down to his notebook and shrugs. "Honestly, I'm not too worried about it. It's a nice change of pace. Some days I get study time assigned, rather than stand here and make sure no one fraks with this box and no you don't get to know what's in the box."

"It's the principle of the matter." Rakes does not know if she is applying that more toward being shown up or teachers being attractive. She starts to say something further but then trades that for pursing her lips in brief though, looking down to the notes. "Sweet, I'm first." She finally gets out, grinning to herself. The book is sat back down which then leads into her beginning to stand up, because she can smell herself. "So I can't ask what's in the box, big sarge? That's a tease. I'm telling Randy. But. Well. I guess I need to shower before that. And," she holds up a finger, "Get a video to rent in the process. Suggestions?"

"Frak, I don't get to know what's in the box. That's the bitch of it all!" Dreyer is grinning, though, and pushes himself to his feet in turn. Maybe someone once tried to teach him how to be a gentleman and only remnants of the lessons remain. "Video? Mmmm… What sort are you looking for and do you want company?"

Rakes places her back to one of the metal rows, lifting her eyebrows to his responding questions. She lifts a shoulder into a helpless shrug, light and simple and casual. But she should answer, too. "Something adventurous," which sounds leading but she may as well be honest too, "And, someone needs to study. I get to ride solo this time."

"Well fine. I'll save my favorites for another time. It'd be a damn shame to introduce you to some fine examples of cinema and not be there to see your reaction." Dreyer shoves his hands in his pockets, leaning into an aisle and down it. One of those with movies. He skims the rows before pausing, plucking a disc off a shelf. This is extended to Rakes. "Sort of a historical fantasy set on Leonis. Knights, royalty, magic. All that stuff. It's the prequel. Technically made after the series, but… y'know. Introduction. Slightly better production values. If you like it, we'll watch the others together. Deal?"

Rakes watches after him and then rolls along on her trainers in order to follow. She bounces to the left with her stroll to look over his shoulder and then to the right in doing the same again, coming to a stop when he does. She steps in closer. He's finding a movie already. It looks interesting enough. "Huh," she gingerly plucks it from him, "An introduction. Well okay, deal." She makes finger-pistols at him alongside a wink as she spins around him, heading for the front and exit. Just ignore the less-than-clever portion of needing to stop to check the video out.

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