AWD #295: Welcome Back Doctor
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Summary: Doctor Naomi Tamsin, Orion's resident Eleven, returns from a mission to Picon.
Date: 29/Oct/2013 (OOC Date)
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Elias Naomi 
The Brig
The Orion's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away.
AWD #295

Naomi sits in her cell. Unlike the first time she was in one, she is not afraid. Merely patient. She sits on the cell bed, knees to her chest with her eyes closed until such time as someone approaches the bars. It's a little uncanny, such as it is.

It's not long before Elias arrives, clipboard in hand and a purposeful spring to his step. The first order of business is to talk to the guards, and the Intel Officer orders the cell door unlocked and the MPs to stand by outside the brig. This earns him a few uneasy looks from the Marines, but Elias just looks back blandly and waits until the instructions are carried out. Then he pulls out a chair at the small metal desk by the hatch. "Doctor? I assume you'd be marginally more comfortable out here?"

"Not as comfortable as I'd be in my berth." she admits ruefully. "But at this point, whatever it takes. I have a great deal of intel to offer you however," she notes grimly.

Elias perches himself on the edge of the metal desk, leaving the chair for Naomi if she cares to take it. He plucks out a pen and gets ready to take notes, offering a curt nod in answer to her grim tone. "Ready when you are, Doctor." Elias is apparently waiting to see where she will begin, as he asks no questions of his own, yet.

"To begin with," Naomi says with a swallow, "I can offer you precise coordinates for the resurrection facility on Picon. However, there may be allied Nines and possibly Elevens within it, so bombing it outright may be a poor tactical maneuver. I couldn't say."

"I assume that's where you awakened?" There's a pause as Elias absorbs the first bit of information, expression carefully schooled though it's clearly something vital. At least he doesn't seem to be drooling over it as a potential target. "I can think of several options, and blowing it off the map would probably be dead last. What is the location?"

Naomi gives him the coordinates in a neutral tone. It's effectively casting a death sentence on many of her kind, and she doesn't linger over it. "I also have information I received from other Eleven downloads. The conditions on some of the other colonies. What's going on on Leonis and Libran are heinous, but there may be some hope for Scorpia."

Elias carefully notes down just the numeric coordinates, and then he spends a few seconds studying them solemnly before he looks up again. The mention of conditions on the Colonies is meet with a tightening of his mouth, but Elias doesn't ask after them immediately. "Were you able to recover the full memories of your line?"

"Full? I couldn't say. If you're asking if I can identify the other models…" there's a pause as she considers, and shakes her head. "No. I'm sorry. Those parameters are still in place."

Elias's brows lift as if he finds this annoying, but not entirely unexpected. "I see. And nothing about the history of the Cylons? Why they attacked the Colonies?" Now he is just trying to be thorough. There's little expectation of an answer.

She blinks. "You don't know? After all this time? Humans are the parent of the Cylon race, Captain Grey, and then the parent betrayed the child."

Elias gives Naomi a long, questioning look. "I understand why the Cylons aren't favorably disposed towards us. I am trying to understand the reason they are doing what they're doing now. Revenge?" He looks a tad skeptical. "At the end of the first war the Cylons agreed to cease fire. Then they retreated behind the Armistice Line and avoided all contact for fourty years. Something seems to have changed their mind."

She sighs. "What makes you think they ever changed their mind?" Tilting her head back to regard him. "I find it surprising that given Cylon longevity and your own experience as an intelligence officer, the idea of a long game has never occurred to you."

Elias sits back a bit on the edge of the desk, studying Naomi closely for a moment before he responds. "Alright," he lets the point go unchallenged. Clearly he has considered the possibility of a fourty-year plan, but perhaps not taken it as a serious one. "Do you know the Cylon's ultimate plan for humanity?"

"No, I do not. And you're wasting time. The Colonial identity is being destroyed and you're asking me about what makes the Cylons cry into their pillows at night and rub their little metal hands together like evil masterminds." Well. This is a new Naomi, just a little bit. She's actually angry at him.

There's another moment of hesitation when her anger registers on Elias, and he takes a moment to re-asses the Eleven. The Intel Officer doesn't press the point, or even comment on her reaction. Instead Elias exhales slowly and a gives a short verbal nudge. "The Colonial identity?"

"Libran." she says, her voice thick with intensity. "The home of the Colonial Archives. Your history. Your art. All your great works. Your laws. The people of Libran have been plunged into the worst conditions. Technology has been wasted. Diseases are spreading. People are starving. Whole towns are being destroyed. And the Cylon occupying forces are wiping out all of your data."

Elias absorbs that information without much expression, save perhaps a narrowing of his eyes. Horrific, but also not entirely unexpected given what little they know of conditions on Libran. Elias' voice betrays a cold, hard edged as he continues that line of discussion. "You mentioned Leonis and Scorpia as well."

"They're torturing people. Exploring the limits of what the human body and psyche can withstand. They're rotating people through the prison cities on Leonis. The only advantage presently is that there don't seem to be any conclusive results to the experiments thus far. The results have been frustrating for them. And they're constantly moving people on and off the colony but I don't know why. Scorpia is a different situation alltogether. Mostly rumor, is what I've gotten." Naomi shakes her head, crossing her arms across her chest.

Elias draws a slow breath and then eases it out as he scribbles down another note to himself. "Thank you, Doctor." The Intel Officer seems to be making his best effort to stay even-tempered and matter of fact, despite the subject matter. "Any other information you wanted to get out of the way? I do have a few questions of my own, if you don't mind." He is thinking things over even as he asks the question, and still observing Naomi closely.

Naomi pinches the bridge of her nose briefly. "The Cylons are having difficulty holding a lot of Scorpia due to jungle guerilla tactics. One of my line was there, but she was killed fairly swiftly. There was some talk of facilities on Scorpia where adult humans were being brought in, but then never seen again, but there are no memories to verify the truth of this. Still…the Scorpian resistance has very strong, succesful leadership, whomever it is."

Elias takes careful note of that bit as well, scrawling down the details in his quick, spidery hand. "Thank you again. I know what you went through to learn that was probably … unpleasant." He looks at Naomi quizzically, and his first question has little do to with intelligence gathering. "Are you … alright, Doctor?" He manages to sound at least a little concerned.

"I'm as close to fine as I can be in this cell." Naomi replies. "I'd like to be let out. You said you had other questions, though?"

Elias ahs and slips off the desk. He walks forward, up the cell door. The MPs had unlocked it under his orders, and so the young Captain just gives a yank, causing the barred door to swing slowly open. "I always have other questions." Elias steps back to allow Naomi out of the cell whenever she chooses. "But for now I just wanted to confirm that everything went well with your mission."

Naomi steps through, looking relieved to be out. "As well as you can call a mission like that. I wouldn't have survived without the Sisters of Ceres." She regards him solemnly. "Can I resume my work? On Orion and Piraeus?"

Elias looks unsurprised to hear about the Nines being involved. "I'm glad they were there to help you, then." The solemn look is met with a wan smile from the Intel Officer. "And I don't see why you can't get back to work. No objection to Sergeant Ynyr heading your detail again?"

Naomi pauses a moment, and then, "Yes, please. If he feels up to it. I know he's recovering on Piraeus right now but that it's coming along apace." She lets out a sigh. "Right now I'd settle for a shower and proper clothes and being allowed to return to my quarters."

At the description of her immediate desires, Elias gestures for Naomi to precede him towards the hatch. "That can be arranged." The MPs are summoned, and as they're re-entering Elias turns back to Naomi, speaking in a conversational tone. "As for Sergeant Ynyr … in the future, please try not to involve him in a classified operation without letting me know." It sounds as if Elias meant that as a joke, but then he almost always delivers his humor deadpan.

Naomi's nose twitches as she walks. "If you wanted me to succeed, I needed things to proceed in a certain way. The Sergeant was essential for that to happen." Still, she's relieved to be free…more or less.

Elias falls into step with Naomi, tucking his pen away in his breast pocket. "Essential or not, I can't plan for a security leak I don't know about." He hesitates, then decides to leave it at that, even though he doesn't seem terribly pleased to do so. The young Captain issues some terse orders to the MPs, appointing a Naomi a temporary escort to see her back to her quarters aboard the ship. "In any case … welcome back, Doctor. And well done."

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