AWD #092: Welcome Back Captain
Welcome Back Captain
Summary: Rhonwen Reenlists
Date: 08/April/2013 (OOC Date)
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Raptor Squadron
The berthings for the Orion's Air Wing are the same as what one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but by squadron. That means that there is a little more room to move around with only twenty to twenty-five pilots in one bunkhouse. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks, but the tables and chairs are standard military issue. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean. The crest of the Gentlemen Ghosts has been painted onto the wall behind the couch, as well.
AWD #92

After Rhonwen had to depart earlier, there had been a brief meeting of pilots inside the Raptor berthings. Now that Rhonwen was back, Maia has the clothes spread back out over the bunk. The Raptor pilot is dressed in white shorts and a tank top, her feet are bare and she's sitting on the floor, legs extended. Rhonwen is seated beside her, wearing shorts and a tank top as well. "There were some civilian clothes found recently, we just need to find out where so we can find things that fit your height. Sound good?" Eyes glittering with excitement as she looks over at Rhonwen.

"Civilian clothing from where and who?" Rhonwen asks curiously. "I am more than happy to find something to fit my long frame." This is said with a warm smile. She moves to fold those long legs of hers so she is now seated cross legged on the bed. "Hrm, now all we need is some good chocolate and this day will be complete." This is said with an impish grin. "Or honey and we can do a good facial."

So Girl Time might be a bad time for Petra to show up, but at least the subject matter fits. Ducking his head into the Raptor berthings, with a Colonial Navy duffel bag slung over one shoulder and his everpresent clipboard in the other, he pauses to crane his head around, looking for a particular…aha! There she is. The LTC seems to focus on Rhonwen's taller head poking up from the floor, and heads that way, murmuring a 'as you were' to one of the Ensigns that panics and salutes him.

"There was some found on an old freighter, if I remember right. I'm not sure where it's at right now, but it's where I got the dress I wore to the Colonial Day festivities. Surely they'd have something you're looking for. And as I said you're welcome to anything I've got, I don't mind sharing." Picking up the vibrant pink nail polish, she shakes it. "We can do this later, if you want. Before your date." Looking just a bit wistful, she grins and leans over. "Chocolate.. so good. I wish we had some, Zachary isn't even bringing it around lately." The last gets a puzzled look. "Honey facial?"

Nadir is rushing about, as usual, carving off slices of time to do things other than work or check up on patients or try to organize crash courses on Piraeus ecology and find some time to actually talk to her Parents. Who'd have thought, she really didn't hatch from a shell. She arrives a few moments after the LTC and honestly which one looks more out of place, her or Petra?

"Thank you, you do not know how much that means to me." Rhonwen tells Maia. She smiles brightly. "Honey it is the best for wounds and I swear by it. I used to give myself a facial with the stuff three days a week. You wash your face with hot water and when your skin is still warm you apply the honey. Leave it then you put your face into some mild steam while you wash it off. Once you are done you put some facial cream on." Rhonwen tells her. "That makes two of us."
It is the whispered words and movement that causes Rhonwen to look over at Petra and Sam. She raises her hand and waves. She cannot help herself but make a comment to Petra. "Marcus are you moving in here?" She asks him. Then she looks to Sam. "Doctor come on over what do you think of this dress and honey for facials?"

Petra chuckles at the question from Rhonwen and shakes his head as he approaches, "Good afternoon Lieutenant….Rhonwen." When Rhonwen acknowledges Samtara behind him, he half turns to look and smiles brightly, "Doctor. Hello again. I hope things are at least at a tolerable level of chaos in Sickbay?" He slows to a stop next to the other women, but doesnt kneel down just yet. Instead he unlimbers the clipboard and reads something off of it quickly.

"Hey, what are friends for, yeah?" Maia offers, opening the nail polish and making a few touch ups on her toes while she listens to the low down on honey facials. "Sounds sticky, what does it do for your skin?" Lifting her chin, she looks at Rhonwen only to see her looking towards the hatch. Uh oh.. Hurriedly she recaps the polish and tosses it on the bunk, biting her lip. Caught! With a guilty flush to her cheeks, she glances up at Petra then the Doctor, confused why the two arrive together she looks between them. "Lieutenant Colonel, Lieutenant."

"I .. don't think I'd recommend that material for a wound dressing no, but to be fair you can use anything that's clean and won't adhere.. Oh. You mean the dress as a dress," Sam replies and tucks her hands into her pockets, looking like a fish out of water. "It's pretty," she says promptly before pausing to make up another logical answer with, "and I'm sure that would be nice." She casts a smile to accompany the nod of greeting to Maia and Rhonwen before she offers a more formal nod to the LTC, "so far so good, sir. Our newest arrival couldn't have arrived at a more convenient time. We'll be submitting a requisition for more materials to run specific tests," she adds. She sees the look aimed at the LTC and herself, "ah, no, not here on official business. That is, just following up with you," she nods toward Maia, "to remind you of the calendar significance. And with Rhonwen," she nods again, "touching base again, wanted to see how her PT is going."

"I do not think I am still ready for stomach crunches yet doctor but I have tried them, hurt like you would not belive and took me two days to walk up right with the rest of my fellow man." Rhonwen tells. "But the swimming is going well. Also thank you, I think the dress is lovely as well."
She watches Maia hid the nail polish and she then looks to Petra and back to her. She gaze curiously lingers on both the bag and the clipboard. She gaze then goes to the doctor and then back to Maia.

Petra clears his throat and reads off of the clipboard, "Her Honor Rhonwen Llywarch, Justice of the Superior Court system of Picon," then looks at Rhonwen with a raised brow and a faintly amused tone to his voice, "That's you, right? No twin sister you haven't told me about in the last 10, 12 years?" At Samtara's comment, he glances up and nods, "Excellent. I was really hoping that was going to work out. Im keeping my fingers crossed…like you said. It will be significant." But with that said, he turns his attention back to Rhonwen, brow raised in curiosity, waiting.

Whew, reassuring. Maia sits up a little straigter, then realizes she's sitting on the floor beside her bunk and the Lieutenant Colonel had just walked in. With grace she is far from feeling, she stands beside the bunk, curling her toes under a little to try and hide the evidence. "Oh, yes, Lieutenant.." Trying to think past the idea of getting caught here. Then the significance hits her and her eyes round just as the flush hits her cheeks. "Ohhh. Yes, I'll be in tomorrow." Cutting her gaze towards Rhonwen, deliberately avoiding that of Petra as she announces, today was the last day of her cycle, she can get the implant tomorrow. Not in so many words, but it's obvious. Ack. Taking a deep breath, she forces herself to breathe and look down at Rhonwen with concern. "We can go swimming anytime you want a spotter in there with you in case you overdo it." Thennnn Petra talks and she falls silent, looking between Petra and Rhonwen, curiosity in the depth of her blue eyes.

Nadir nods at Maia, "Come in when ever you have the time, won't take more than twenty minutes really, I'll go over the salients with you tomorrow," she says quietly as she, too, looks from Petra to Rhonwen and back. Yep, not butting in there. Hands in pockets, part of the scenery.

"Colonel if a twin appears sign that person up for the first available test to make sure they are not a Cylone. Mind you I was raised in the system, but from my understanding they only found one abandoned infant on that particular street on that day." She tells him. There is a little bit of amusement in her pale green eyes. "But yes I am Rhonwen Laywarch, Justice of Superior Court of Picon, appointed to the third bench after Justice Pairs died at the age of ninety seven. I hold all the oaths of my office and station. From my understanding I am the only survivor of that court." She looks at him curiously again though her tone is very formal.
She casts a glance over at Maia as she tries to hide her toes. "A spotter would be good, but I move slow still." She looks from Maia back to Sam then her gaze goes back to Petra.

Petra softly 'mmhmms' at the answer, shifting the bag on his shoulder while he turns the clipboard around to hand it to Rhonwen. There happens to be a pen clipped to it along with the multiple page form that's been filled out - there's even a couple of those little sticky tags showing where she is expected to sign, "By order of Fleet Command and your own request, after being asked a few times just to make sure you haven't gone batshit crazy, you have been reactivated as an officer in the Judge-Advocate General's office. Sign your life away on that line please…Captain.

"I'll be there tomorrow," Maia reassures Sam, nodding about the amount of time it would take. Even when Rhonwen talks about the twin and growing up in the system she reaches over and gently touches Rhonwen's shoulder in a quiet show of support, she'd heard most of the story before. "Then I'll be there for you." About being a spotter for Rhonwen when she swims. Only when Petra continues does her attention go back to him and as she realizes what's going on, she beams a bright and happy smile for her friend. "Oh that's wonderful, Rhonwen!" Withdrawing her hand and leaving space for the two of them as she looks back at Sam, quietly sharing an excited look with her.

Nadir feels a slow grin form on her face as the LTC calls Rhonwen out to take her place again as a JAG officer. She aims that grin at Rhonwen, shares it with Maia as well, waiting to hear Rhonwen's reply.

"Are you absolutely positive I am not as crazy as a shit house rat?" Rhownen smiles and she looks down at the pen and the paper. She takes the clipboard and like all good lawyers she reads what she signing. "Standard enlistment time or has that changed?" She asks him. She then looks from Maia to the Doctor and then back to Petra. And she goes back to reading the document.

He repeats, "Standard enlistment time, but if the war isn't over at the end of the term of service, I'm not sure anyone is going to be really TRYING to kick anyone out. I think my next reup is this coming July, but I doubt I'm going to notice the month whizzing by, mm?" Petra offers a small smile at that, waiting for her to finish reading and sign or not, while he hangs on to the bag, "Officer berthings are right outside the Air Wing corridor - where us non-priveledged flying people sleep." He winks once at Maia in amusement, "Grab an empty bunk that suits you, when you have a moment, stick your name on it."

Waiting as Rhonwen reads the contract, Maia tears her gaze from Sam and settles it back on Petra when he answers, her eyes flicking briefly to the hatch. "Non-privileged flying people," she chuckles in amusement. "There see? We'll be sleeping nearby so you can come visit anytime you like," she tells Rhonwen with a teasing grin.

"We'll give you a proper send off, Sir, a nice retirement party. We'll chip in and buy you a fishing rod, a hat decorated with fishing lures and a lawn chair," Nadir suggests to the LTC with a trace of humor in her voice, a touch of a smile having formed on her face.

The paper work is signed and Rhonwen hands it back over to him. "Well then I will fit in just fine and I will not have to worry about being put up before a tribunal for meddling. I will find a bunk and I will get things taken care of and I will get myself ready for work." She smiles as she says this and she reaches out of the Duffle bag.
She looks at Sam and Maia. "Well then you both I have a feeling will be seeing a lot of me. Doctor I need to talk to you later in private when you have the time. Colonel I need to talk to you as well." She smiles. "There is policy to be written and a few things that need to be done quickly before the dam breaks open."

Petra accepts the clipboard back, unshouldering the bag from his shoulder to lightly deposit in Rhonwen's lap instead, "Your duty blues, fatigues, boots…you'll have to visit SecHub to get a sidearm checked out in your name, and I think you'll need these." He trails off to fish the jewelry box out of his pocket, and hands it over to the newly reminted Captain with a bit of a flourish, "As I suspect your previous pins did not survive the chaos."
When he straightens back up, he flashes a smirk at Samtara, "I'll retire when someone else picks up my cold, dead hand and signs the paper. Can you imagine me sitting on a porch…sitting still?? Ugh."

"Only if you haven't had coffee for about a month, Sir," Nadir replies promptly to Petra with a firm nod. "It'll take about a month to get past the shakes of withdrawal, in my opinion, but after that, yes sir. I can imagine you sitting on a porch, sitting still, but only until someone fetches you more coffee." She turns the trace of amusement toward Maia and Rhonwen before nodding, "Of course, captain, and welcome back to the fleet."

AKA Girl time is over. Maia reaches out once more and gently squeezes Rhonwen's hand, "Congratulations, Captain. I'm very happy for you." Stepping aside now so that she and Petra and Sam can complete whatever it is they need to do, she reaches for her sweats and pulls them on over her shorts then dons her matching jacket. Sitting on the bed, she slips socks over her now dry toenail polished toes, slides her feet into her shoes. Once dressed, she grins as she grabs a duffel with her shower kit. "Time for me to hit the mats." There's a quick flash of a smile to the Lieutenant Colonel. "It's not the porch that matters, Sir. It's what goes on inside the building the porch is attached to. Hopefully the war ends someday and people can have time to just breathe a sigh of relief before the next war starts." Giving Rhonwen a brief hug and Sam a wink, she hitches up the duffel bag, "Anyone game?"

"Considering that I am wearing borrowed clothing, and I arrived in a hospital gown and the only thing I brought with me is my law libary and data chips and few hand written letters, it is safe to assume that they did not." She moves to take the box. "Colonel this is the sweetest proposal I have ever received. Yes I will marry the navy again until it is time for me to divorce again. It is a love affair I appear not to be able to get enough of." This is said with wink. She then studies him and she looks to Sam and Mai and then she looks back to him. "Honestly I can see you retired. But, I see you sitting on your porch keeping gangs of kids off our lawn with arson of water balloon and sprinklers." She offers a wink to the other two. Then to Maia she nods. "I will once I get settle. I should go and see if my size was guessed correctly."

Petra laughs softly at the commentary, "Maybe, maybe. I need to get back over to CIC and check to see if Deck got my message, but maybe I can catch everyone for a drink a little later, down at Charlie's? There's a good chance we might have found part of the Fleet, and I'm trying to stay on top of it until we know more for certain." With that said, he smiles and takes a step back, "If you ladies will excuse me? Captain, I suppose this means I'll probably run into you every evening now…"

Hearing the wording from Rhonwen about marrying the Navy, Maia grins, remaining there beside her bunk for only a moment. When she finishes, she looks between Rhonwen and Petra, her mouth forming a little o shape. Putting on a smile, she nods between them all even as Petra also prepares to leave. "If you'll all excuse me," pausing at the hatch, she glances back. "Charlie's sounds like.. a perfect idea. I'm in." Tipping an imaginary hat to Sam, she heads out.

"Part of the fleet, Sir?" Nadir asks, turning toward Petra with a rather intent look on her face. "which reminds me, I need to make a trip to our hospital ship to review supplies but if there's a chance we've found more of the Fleet, we may have access to more medical personnel and a chance to shift around some of the civilian population. If there's anything I can do to help, sir, consider me in."

"It will Colonel, I look forward to speaking with you later and seeing you in passing." Her tone is very formal. "Will I be able to gain permission to go to Charlie's and who is under me and over me on the ship right now?" She asks him before he leaves. "Where do we think we found the other part of the fleet and what condition do we think they are in?"
Looking to Maia she calls out. Lieutenant, I will see you later. Thank you for your help." She says cheerfully to her. "Have a good workout." Her gaze goes to the Doctor next.

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