AWD #389: Welcome Back Briefing
Welcome Back Briefing
Summary: Amos visits Epiphany to bring her up to speed on joint projects.
Date: 15/07/2016
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Epiphany Amos 
Room Name
This nine by nine space is largely dominated by filing cabinets and a desk. A coffee maker is perched atop one cabinet, but the others are rather barren of decor or personal items. There are a pair of uncomfortable, molded plastic chairs facing the desk. The last vestige of open space is occupied by a lounge chair. It's one of those old, well-loved beasts that was likely pulled off of somewhere on Piraeus.
AWD #389

It takes time to get re-settled. Especially after a month. And coming back to find new names on the list of the dead. Names that came from within her own wing. Epiphany hasn't been seen much since getting back, but word did get about that the CAG is properly back on the Orion and in her office after a period of assisting Spree at Crandall.
There's a fresh pot of coffee brewing; notable from the scent and the sound of the steady drip into the carafe. Major Arrington has quite the spread of files and paperwork across her desk and is… looking at none of it. In fact, for the moment, she's leaning back in her chair and staring at the ceiling, with hands folded across her abdomen. A bit of a mental break, perhaps.

It's a good thing that the CAG is back, for Amos has just had a load more work dumped on him and inquiring of an acting CAG might not produce the lasting results required. As such, having sorted through what he can and in need of a change of scenery himself he's taken himself out of marine-land and is up in wing territory. Sticking his head through the hatch to the CAG office he then knocks twice on the inside door-jab and asks, "welcome back Major, you got a few minutes?"

There's a few blinks as Epiphany returns to the here and now. Pupils contract, revealing more of her hazel eyes. "Captain." Sitting up a bit straighter, she gestures to the chairs in the room. She starts to close a couple folders, but decides against it. There's simply too much to do a spot of tidy for a visitor. Ommanney will just have to deal.
"Thank you. And I have time, yes. What can I do for you?"

"Noting urgent," Amos notes cheerfully, giving her an out if those folders are pressing, or should other things occur. Stepping inside he plants himself into one of the offered chairs. "I don't know if Major Gray has briefed you but there are a few things coming up that are likely to need our co-ordinated efforts. I was just going to run through the list and make sure you were aware, and or bring you up to speed."

"I'm gathering some intel together from my duration at Crandall about a possible issue there. I'll be meeting with the Major and Colonel once I have it all. Other than that, no, I have not had a briefing as of yet." Epiphany glances to the coffee pot once it finishes and pushes to her feet. She grabs one mug, then another- extending it towards Amos with a questioning arch of brow. He has until she finishes preparing her own to declare if he would like a mug or not. "So let's hear this list. What daring assignments shall my pilots be off and away on next?"

Amos is not going to say not to a cup of coffee, a firm nod is given as the mug is waved, then he crosses his hands over his chest and starts. "The most pressing is a marine operation to Aerlion in the next few days. One or two raptors we haven't yet finalised, but the plan is to free a forced labor camp and we need transport." No fighters though, or not that he's been told to plan for so far. "I'm also told that there's a plan for a couple of marines to go with some technical expedition and a raptor or two to Picon, but I'm not read up on that one as we're only along as escort." That's not the whole list, but he'll give her chance to reply to those two before moving on

The second mug is filled and set within Amos' reach on a part of the desk that isn't covered in paperwork. Epiphany reclaims her chair, settling back and crossing one leg over the other. It gives her a place to rest her own mug after a sip. "Will we be bringing those freed back here to P? Because it might be an additional Raptor or two if so. Will it be pure transport and medico, or do we want to outfit at least one with a door gun or- I know Aerilon has quite a lot of SAMs. Commander Spree actually requested that we start assisting in taking them out. Any intel on the location in that regard?"
Another sip from the mug and she's setting it on the desk to be able to rifle around for some spare paper and a pen. Notes. "A Raptor or two for transport is no big deal. I'll let the Raptor squadron leaders know and we'll check the schedules. If it's just transport for an expedition, we'd just need to know if the techs involved need any special equipment on the Raptors themselves."

" don't believe so," Amos starts, reaching for his mug and wrapping a hand around it, "it's a joint operation with Colonel Spree and I believe any who are to be evac'ed are to go to Picon, but I will double check that and let you know," he even makes a note in a small notebook he pulls out of a pocket. "If it's one raptor then just transport, if we take a second then a doorgun will be deployed in that. I'm sorry I can't give you more details right now, but this was largely planned by others while I was in medical, so I'm largely playing catch up." There's even a scar on the left hand side of his head. Said head is shaken at the mention of SAMs, and another note taken, then he links into the other mission. "Odd you should mention SAMs as I believe that's the purpose of the Picon trip. As far as I know it's just transport as we're just escort, but if I hear otherwise I'll let you know." Sipping his coffee he enjoys it for a moment then carries on, "there's also a supply run needed to Aerlion that'll need two or three raptors. Int have asked us to pick up some supplies they need for a reason they're not talking about. Beans or something? Again, Major Fairfax has largely been dealing with this one."

"On Picon? Interesting. Spree's CAG has been trying to manage the SAM situation on Aerilon, but it's not going well. That's a large part of why I ended up at Crandall. He's not had the opportunity to get away. Man's only an El-Tee at that. It sounds like whatever we can get for SAMs, all the better. Let me know if you do find anything." And Epiphany is making a few notes of her own. There's a glance up, however, at the last. "Beans? Well. Alright then. We may actually want to consider the Rhinos if it'll be a large volume. Rhinos can carry a fair amount and there's those two guns. I'm not sure how training is coming along for those, but I'll check."

Amos makes a note as the rhinos are mentioned, nodding silently, "if they're flyable and we won't be risking them too much then yes, their increased capacity would be useful. That's something Major Gray will no doubt be able to illuminate you about, along with any other projects he has up his sleeve." Translation: Major Gray has a project up his sleeve. Double checking his notes he concludes, "I think that's all that's directly related. Do you have any projects that require marine support?"

There's a touch of a smirk, but Epiphany ultimately hides it behind her mug. Ah, yes, the boy Major. At least he didn't outrank her terribly long. "Mmm. My concern more than the Rhinos themselves are the pilots. In fact-" Epiphany glances around her desk for something, gives up, and simply looks to the marine Captain. "The Rhinos require a lot of upper body strength. More than most of my pilots are used to. Think you might be able to work out a schedule with my squad leaders for some added PT? I think your lot might know better how to focus work on certain areas." As for other projects, she considers, shakes her head. "Nothing in the pipeline specifically at the moment. At least nothing made clear upon my return."

"I will find you a couple of PT sergeants," Amos replies with a faint smile, "if we can schedule a few sessions in the fitness centre for your lot, I'll make sure they get a workout they won't forget. Just let me know who I need to talk to." Another mouthful of coffee is enjoyed and then he nods once more, "should anything come to mind then my door is always open. I will warn you before you meeting with the CIC boys, they're talking about potential links between a cylon god and an old colonial one. Not one of the Lords and Ladies, so most of it went above my head, but they briefed us all so I suspect you'll get the same spiel. Something to do with markings on the ghost's uniforms, although the marine who ahd been following up on it is currently on sickleave, so I don't know how they intend to proceed with the investigation for now."

"Talk to Lieu- Captain Salazar first," gotta get used to those promotions that happened while she was gone. "The Viper pilots are already used to more of a strain on their bodies. We can get them up to speed for Rhino piloting quicker than the Raptor pilots. It'll open them up for used while we get others ready to go. I may even sit in a few sessions. I've piloted the things a couple times and they leave me sore as frak the next day." Epiphany takes a long drink of her coffee and just blinks a few times at Amos. "That's… queer. I suppose it may not be entirely far-fetched. If the original creator of the Centurions was a religious man, he may have included something in their programming. They've… one could say evolved to a point of their own simulation of humanity. A religion wouldn't be out of the question if it was present in the original programming, but if so, I would think they might have… rebuked it, for being something of us." The Major shakes her head a bit, gesturing to Amos. "Not my field of expertise, I'm afraid. But it is curious."

Amos drains the last of the coffee and pushes himself to his feet to return the mug to the side. "Not my expertise either," Amos replies, "and there was no one from the temple at the meeting so we just had what CIC are noting as a possibility. They may know more by now of course, and I'm sure they'll brief you properly, or Captain Salazar can." That said, and with a final note of who to speak with regarding the rhino PT he takes his leave. "Thank you for your time Major, I'll leave you to your paperwork, for I fear I need to go attend to my own."

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