AWD #464: Welcome Aboard Swick
Welcome Aboard, Swick
Summary: Intel Specialist Petty Officer Swick reports to Major Gray aboard the Orion.
Date: 28/09/2016 (OOC Date)
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Elias Jaxon 
The Map Room
It's no Tahiti
Sat Apr 15 2006 (AWD #464)

The Map Room outside CIC is something of a de-facto office space for the Tactical branch, but it's well know that the Fleet Intel officer has established a certain level of unofficial 'ownership' over the space. And that is where Jaxon is directed when he reports in aboard the Orion. There are two MPs on guard outside the hatch and a few other people doing paperwork at the chair/desks on the risers, but Elias has sole claim to the central map table. At the moment he has his own papers, folders, and clipboard arranged in a semi-circle before him, and the Major is squinting at a report while smoking a cigarette. It seems the smoking lamp is lit. For a Major he's quite young, though he looks a bit worse for wear in his rumpled blues, with a bit of five o'clock shadow and circles under his eyes. Maybe it's been a long shift.

After completing his intake physical, and getting assigned a bunk in the Naval billets, Petty Officer Swick made his way up to the CIC. Once there, he was forwarded on to the Map Room, since it seems he's expected. Opening the hatch and stepping in, the intell officer draws in a breath. Really, map room is a strategy gamer's dream. Tucking his file beneath his arm, he moves to offer a stiff posture of attention to Elias. "Major, Petty Officer 2nd Class Swick reporting for duty." he says, holding his file to his side to await for acknowledgement.

Elias' gaze flicks upward when Swick reports in, and while he looks distracted at first, that ends when he sees the scarred man standing before him. There's a grimace he can't quite suppress, and then the Major takes a quick hit on his cigarette before responding to Jaxon. Exhaling smoke aside, his expression has gone back to carefully neutral before he gives the Petty Officer a nod. "Welcome aboard, Swick." Elias' tone is business-like, his accent a sort of generic 'Colonial Broadcasting' that most associate with Caprica. "I understand you're the software expert I've been looking for?"

"Yes'ir. Associates degree in Computer Science, Hades Technical College, graduated Cryptology School, Picon Fleet Headquarters." Jaxon responds as he offers the file to Elias, "Served in the CIC of Solaria and was part of the update team for Task Force Blackjack, sir. I have nearly half a decade of experience in computer sciences and coding." he offers, used to the grimaces from those that look at him by now. "I'd ask for a smoke, sir, but as you can see, it's bad for my health." Gallows humor.

"Mmm," is all Elias says for the Petty Officer's resume, giving a non-verbal acknowledgement. He reaches to take the file folder and set it in front of him, flipping it open. There's a smile for the dark humor that, while very understated, seems genuine enough. Then Elias' eyes stray to his own cigarette, which he regards briefly before taking another drag. "It's my vice," he explains. The joke also seems to remind him of something, and the young Major settles back in his chair to study Jaxon. "I understand it was a Six who did that to you? It's possible you'll need to work with one, at some point. Is that going to be a problem?"

Elias may not the subtle hold of breath that Jaxon does. A steadying of his nerves, though his hands gently tense. "My CO on Black Harbor had the same talk. Sixes, sir, frakked us over good. We think it was one of them that left the clues that caused us to lose the Pompeii." he admits. "But he made it clear that this was supposedly the same Six that caused Blackjack to form in the first place, and if it weren't for his forewarning.." he frowns and lets out the breath finally. "Six did more than this to me. Whole berth of dead on it. But.. this one, this Sergeant Knox - I will do s ordered, sir. Even if there may be times that I'm not entirely calm with it."

The young Major watches Jaxon's reaction, assessing the man and the amount of self control he displays. "I see." It's a simple affirmation, and while it sounds like he knew exactly what he was asking of the Petty Officer, there is no sign of apology. "If you ever have doubts on that score, let me know." He pauses to take another puff from his smoke before giving Jaxon permission to stand easy. "At ease, Petty Officer. For now, I need you on a pair of technical projects." He sets his cigarette aside on the edge of his neary ashtray, then unclips a pair of folders from his clipboard and slides them towards Jaxon. "Have a look at those, tell me what you need to move foward, and I'll see what I can do."

Once ordered to at ease, Jaxon settles into a loose posture. He doesn't expect an apology, and it wouldn't be one he wanted from Elias anyway. As the folders are offered, he moves to collect them to crack them open to start reading them over for study.

Seeing Jaxon crack the files for a look, Elias picks up his smoke and goes back to reading his own paperwork for a moment, giving the man time to see what he's in for. The first folder contains a variety of data and schemtatics for the current generation Cylon Centurion. According to the document there's a secure workshop on Piraeus where the work was done. Most of the physical construction has been analyized, but it doesn't seem particularly well organized and there's nothing about the software side of the equation. The second folder is an invetory of Cylon signals recorded by 'Recon Group Linten' along with their initial analysis, which mainly deals with where, when, and how the broadcasts were made.

Studying the Cylon file first, Jaxon's lips move as he reads over the analysis of the information before he moves to the second folder, and repeats the process. As he does so, he reaches up with his hand to run his finger over the files, and frowns. "I'd assume that the Linten broadcasts would be your priority, but which would you prefer me to work on first, sir?" he asks as he closes the folders to put them back together and glances up to the major.

"They're both a priority," Elias says with a touch of bone dry humor, and only then looks up from the page he's scanning. "Priority work is the one thing we're not short on, Swick. But yes, start with the signal analysis and see if you can make any quick progress on them. If you need more data or information from Linten, let me know." There's a pause to consider the Centurion project, and then he adds, "As for the Centurions, do what you can, when you can. Engineering has created a containment ship, the Iron Pilgrim. Use that if and when you're ready to try and boot one up. We don't want risk those things getting into our ships' systems, somehow."

"I'll compare this to the first gen coding that I remember from Crypto school." Jaxon responds, and then nods. "I'll make sure to remove it's arms and legs first." he admits with a chuckle. "Then we might be on even ground." There's a dryness to it as he tucks the files underneath his arm. "I'll go ahead and get to the CiC to get started on these as soon as possible. Anything else I need to know, Sir?" he asks him.

"Mmm." There's that noise again, as Elias gives a verbal nod that covers both Jaxon's plan and readiness to get started. "I think that's enough to start with." Another hit from his cigarette, and then the Major waves the hand holding it towards the map table. "If there's anything you need, this is where you can find me."

"Sounds good, sir. I'll have the information to you as soon as I can." Jaxon says, straightening back to attention. "Permission to be dismissed, sir?" he asks. "I look forward to working with you."

"Yes," Elias agrees, giving the Petty Officer a quick nod. "Dismissed, Swick." And then he is back to work, leaning over his reports again.

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