AWD #078: Welcome Aboard
Welcome Aboard
Summary: Maia and Toby introduce themselves to each other and briefly discuss the incident in the shooting in the mess the day before. Luc cameos.
Date: 25/03/2013
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Fitness Centre — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #78

After the mess hall experience the whole ship had been on alert since the shooter hadn't exactly been caught. MP's are posted around some of the areas but it hasn't changed Maia's routine. Today she's getting her workout in, sparring gloves on and she's hitting the punching bag repeatedly, a bottled water and towel on the floor nearby, along with a small duffel bag. The gloves fly as she takes out anger, frustration and fear on the bag.

Having had to take it easy for a while Luc has gone into the water as usual but not actually done a lot of swimming. Mostly just wandering in the water and enjoying the feel of it. Soon wandering into the fitness center and he let his eyes wander. Watching Maia as she throws punch after punch. Though not approaching her right now.

Off-duty for now and in desperate need of a brain-break, Toby has decided that the best way to preserve his grey-matter and vent some of the uncertainty from the day before is to hit the gym. He's already spent some time throwing balls at the pyramid goals from various angles but without anyone to play against it seems that it's just not holding his attention and so he makes his way further back towards the workout machines.

After a few more violent punches to the bag, the blonde Raptor pilot stills the bag with a glove on each side before bending over and collecting her bottle of water and opening it, guzzling a few swallows down. After lowering the bottle she tosses it back on the towel and removes her own hoodie and tosses it over her duffel bag, content with just the tank. She swipes a forearm over her forehead and exhales, blowing her hair out of her face as she turns and sees the others finally. "Hey Gabe." she greets Luc then sees the other man and shakes a gloved hand towards him. "You're uh… Yeah. Didn't get your name but you were helping the.. I mean Ceres, right?"

Luc offers a small wave to both Toby and Maia. "Hi, both of you." He offers and his hair being a bit damp. Just studying them both. His shoulder still stitched up and he looks between them, needing to take it easy for a few days. "Just getting in some training?" He asks them. Or perhaps distraction rather.

Toby halts in his progress towards a treadmill as he catches sight of Maia's gloved hand gesturing to him. They're close enough for conversation as is so he just turns to face the pilot, and the other pilot, and nods in confirmation towards the first. That gesture gives him time to try and sift through the vast amount of information that’s been stuffed into his head of late to try and recall the correct protocol for this. No saluting, he gets that, but is at a loss beyond that so his reply is limited to, "Aye.. erm, Sir." Useful in some ways, as it handily doubles for his reply to Luc as well.

Realizing the situation, Maia offers a friendly smile. "Maia will work just fine." When she looks at Luc again her eyes rest on that shoulder with the stitches. "Heard you got shot in the mess hall massacre. How're you feeling today? Should you be in the pool with that?" Inclining her head towards the wound. Without missing a beat, she looks back to the other guy. "Yeah, Maia Kane, Raptor pilot. Callsign Centerfold," rolling her eyes at that one. "You know, just in case you hear any of those names you'll know it's me. Guess I haven't seen you around so much. You did a good job with Ceres, I went and checked on her in sickbay last night. She's going to live."

"Toby," he replies, catching on to the more informal air quickly now, although he does then supply the rest as well, "Toby Shackleton, Deck technician." Theres a slight smile at the comment about not having seen him around and he nods again, "not been around to see. Got evac'ed out of Col Spree's group on Picon then signed on as I figure I'm more use up here than down there." Referring to Piraeus that is. He listens to the update on the wounded and then states "I'm guessing the sort of thing isn't the norm. Shootings, officers pulling guns on each other.." he tails of there a little though as thats starting to encroach on the section of events that he's trying to stonewall in an attempt to not freak out at the implications.

Ah yes, a fellow suppressor, Maia has that in common, refusing to consider things longer than necessary due to self preservation. "Nice meeting you, Toby." Nodding about the Deck technician. "A deckie huh? Nice. Always, always good to have you guys around." The mention of Colonel Spree does get her attention along with a look of respect. "She's become a regular hero around here. So you're from Picon originally then?" Reaching down for her towel she wipes her face and turns on a treadmill, something she can do while she's talking. "Nah, nothing ever happened on Orion like that, not since I've been here, but then again I've only been here less than two months. Came as a replacement pilot. Anyone showed you around here yet? The ship I mean?"

Toby is obviously too used to being obviously Taurian that the suggestion he might be otherwise is surprising and he grins at it. "Tauron," he supplies though, "born and breed." There's a definite hint of pride in that fact in his tone, although there then a faint grim flash across his expression as the mention of his homeworld beings back the sight of it's destruction. Moving quickly on he finishes the explanation, "ended up on Picon in the chaos though and didn't fancy just sitting around for the toasters to find." Toasters, theres another, fainter, frown there as his thought train starts back towards questioning if he'd just helped save one but he spots it quickly and diverts himself using Maia's final question. "I got an induction tour when I first came aboard, bunks, hanger bay, laundry and so on."

"Tauron. Makes sense, I just didn't want to make any wrong assumptions and offend either way." Stepping up on the treadmill now, she walks while she talks. "Toasters," Maia mutters with understanding. "You know, if I made myself think about it in a different way, I'd say planetside would be safer because at least there you expect them to be in your midst." Increasing her pace to almost jogging now. "Not here where we are supposed to feel safe." Nodding to him at the response of the tour. "Long as you know where to wash yourself, your clothes, find food and then sleep and work, that's about all we need, yeah?"

Toby nods to that, and since Maia seem content enough to workout and talk at the same time he starts up the treadmill next to her's, starting out a pace akin to a brisk walk. "Where are you from then?" he asks, not even risking hazarding a guess beyond, "not Tauron, or Picon I presume?" And then there's the comment about the enemy being among them and he's frowning again, apparently at least part in thought this time though as he then asks, a little tentatively, "what did happened yesterday? I was a little busy with the bleeding, reckon I missed a load of it." Most of the conversation he'd overheard between the pilots had gone entirely over his head in fact.

"I was born on Leonis, twenty-seven years ago. Moved to Caprica with my family at the age of eighteen and promptly enrolled in the fleet academy followed by flight school. I opted to be a Raptor pilot, which everyone calls the bus of them all. We can carry passengers and often bring back some of the hurt from Picon. Part of what Spree is doing there too. Vipers are the ones who shoot things, different entirely. Sometimes I wish I had been a Viper pilot instead, but I guess we've got our uses too." Prattling on, she just realizes. Though at the question, Maia flashes him a grin and continues. "Well that.. whatever it was, some think the shooter was a skinjob, means a Cylon in human clothing. He accused Ceres, who is also known as Redux, her pilot callsign, of being something similar. Ygraine, the one aiming the gun at Ceres, she heard the shooter call Ceres a treasonous or was it traitorous bitch, then he called her Nine. As far as we knew there were only six models of skinjobs, now we believe there may be up to nine, since he had called her that. Augie, the man who married Ceres, we're thinking her marrying one of us is the reason for the hit. Just all gossip and hearsay mind you, but it's what a lot of the pilots are thinking."

Toby knows the difference between Raptors and Vipers well enough, especially as his days are now currently filled mostly with learning the minute details of certain of their systems. He's not about to interrupt though as the pilot is easy enough on the ears, and eyes. Starting to slowly increase the speed on his machine to a slow jog he nods along steadily right up to the point where Maia confirms the reason for the pilots falling out with each other. In keeping with the sudden severity of the topic he does not forget to jog and fall off the back of the treadmill in surprise but that frown is definitely back on his features. He's silent when she finishes, and for a seeming long while afterwards too, head a little down and focusing on his thoughts rather than anything else. When he does turn back to restart the conversation he asks plainly, in a very flat and controlled tone, "so there are toasters onboard, one of whom's life I helped save, and people are okay with that?"

On her own journey, wearing herself out for her own reasons, Maia increases to a jog as well now, mostly keeping pace with him except her legs may be a little shorter than his. His expressions are noted and the final question is going to get the attention it deserves. Reaching up, she stops the treadmill, then leans against the arm of it with her back as she looks at him with a solemnity in her eyes. "Yeah, it seems so. Along with the shooter. Don't even get me going on it because.. I was at her wedding the other day, I put myself in between her and an aimed gun from my own ECO." Shaking her head, she looks slightly distraught at that before clearing her expression. "I'm not sure who all is okay with it, but I know who isn't."

It's possibly a good thing that a couple of months have now passed since War Day as otherwise, that admission, on top of being on of the last people to leave the only home he'd ever known before it got nuked into oblivion would likely have been too much for Toby to take. Spotting that something big is coming as Maia stops her machine he does the same to his and just listens. There might be others about causing a racket in the gym but it's likely that you could hear a pin drop anywhere between within a metre or two radius of this particular conversation. Opening his mouth to say something once she's finished he then closes it again, at an utter loss for words it would seems. There's a blink, another aborted attempt to comment and then he drops his head just for an instant before glancing back up to the pilot and saying quickly, "if you'll excuse me." He's already starting to move as he finishes speaking, feeling a distinct need to be elsewhere, maybe to throw up, maybe to stand under a scorching hot shower for the next month to try and cleanse himself, he's not sure really. Elsewhere though, definitely elsewhere.

Maia really hadn't intended on freaking him out any, but when he has that look and seems a little speechless, she offers a bit of a sympathetic reassurance. "Look at it this way, she's been here all this time and has made friends and not seemed to harm anyone, right? Maybe she's not one at all." Though when he leaves, she'll go back to her workout.

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