PWD #02: Weird Twin Things
Weird Twin Things
Summary: In which the brothers McBride discuss their joint creepy experience.
Date: 03/01/2012 (OOC Date)
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Bear Phin 
Mess Hall — Battlestar Orion
Mess. Tables. Food.
PWD #02

Phin didn't even try and go back to sleep, so it's the small, dark hours of the day. When he left his bunk he caught a quick, cold shower to wake himself up, and then wandered down to the mess hall. He mutters a "Thanks" to the crewman who slops food onto his plate, then slouches over to get himself a cup of coffee. The place is sparsely populated. Even with varying shifts, few take their meals just now.

Bear is already at a table, a tray bearing three coffee cups and a plate piled with whatever odds and ends are leftover for midnight rations. He isn't eating, just sort of staring at his food, elbows propped on the table and mouth poised on the edge of his coffee cup, not drinking. He's dressed in fatigues and grey t-shirt, and doesn't look to have shaved recently.

Phin does a double-take when he spots Bear. "Hey," he offers to his brother. He sounds tired and…not wary, precisely, but more on edge than usual. Though he attempts a light, "Food that bad?" as he goes to join the Marine.

Bear startles and looks up, and his face does a weird double-take as well. "Phin! Hey. Uhh." He backs down from that slightly over-enthusiastic greeting with a shrug and a grunt, "It's food. You have late shift or something?"

"No. I just…couldn't sleep," Phin says, sitting down and gulping some coffee. The enthusiasm is noted, and earns Bear a funny look. "Maybe I'll crash for a couple more hours before I'm on. This Alert stuff is getting ragged. Maybe." He does not, just now, sound enthusiastic about napping. "You?"

Bear seems to struggle with an answer for a moment for shrugging. "Same," he says, "Dunno, figured maybe I'd just down some coffee and stay up til my shift instead. Sleep— wasn't really— working." Another shrug, broad shoulders lifted slightly and dropped heavily.

"Yeah…" Phin sort of draws the word out. He mirrors his brother in drinking more coffee, though his food is just kind of eyed and left alone for the moment. After a moment of quiet he says, "I had a weird night. Slept really weird. I think I slammed against the edge of my bunk or something." He pokes his chest and winces slightly. Right where he was jammed with the oar, in his dreamscape.

Bear has sort of left his pile of food alone as well, though usually he has no problem scarfing down mounds of dubiously identifiable sludge. He stares into his coffee blankly, but blue eyes flick up to Phin's chest as he prods at the bruise, and he frowns. "Right there?" he asks, "Lemme see."

"It's nothing fatal, dude. Chill," Phin says. Still, he does tug down the neck of his tank top to show a suspiciously oar-shaped bruise across his chest. "Surprised it didn't wake me up. I was having this really gnarly dream…"

Bear eyes the bruise, brows drawing even further down, forehead furrowing into a frown that goes beyond peering or thoughtful straight to— frowny. He lifts his mug and drinks deep. "What sort of dream?" Totally casual question. Casual. Super casual.

Phin frowns himself, though his has a thoughtful look about it. And an uneasy one. "More of a nightmare, I guess." Pause. "Why?" A pause and he adds. "You were in it. I mean. Not the freaky parts but…I don't know. It was just a dream. It was weird."

Bear mirrors that unease (almost literally). Brows remain dug in down toward his nose and finally he says, "Yeah, I had a weird one, too."

"Yeah?" Phin lets out a long breath, leaning his elbows onto the table. He looks down for a moment, then ticks his blue eyes back up at his brother. "I was down on Piraeus. We were. Except we weren't. We were there, then we ran up this path, and we were somewhere different…"

Bear would frown even more deeply if he could but this is as far as his face goes. "Were there priests and shit?" he asks, a little haltingly, hesitating, because this is weird, but it is Phin, at least, so he can risk it, "Like two of them. And then a whole bunch of people?"

"Yeah. Priests. Or initiates, maybe. I couldn't tell by their robes," Phin says. He doesn't look away now. "They were…arguing. I didn't really understand about what. And then there were more voices, and more people, and the sound of waves…and we followed them and…"

"And there was a guy with a big oar shoving people into a boat," Bear goes on for him, "And you tried to grab it, and I shot him. And he shoved you in the chest with the oar. Right where that bruise is. And pushed you under the water."

"I couldn't breathe. I was…" Phin takes a deep, almost gasping breath. "Frak."

"You drowned," Bear says, "I couldn't find you and I flipped the boat over and he let you up, but you weren't breathing."

"I jumped and I was flying…" Phin mutters, eyes still on Bear but half talking to himself now. "And I had it. And then he hit me and I went down and I couldn't breathe and…" He's talking very fast by the middle of that, and finally makes himself stop. "You had it to. The same nightmare." It's not a question.

"Yeah," says Bear, "I guess I did." He just sort of looks at Phin and finally asks, "How does that happen?"

"I don't know…" And it clearly freaks Phin out, though he's trying to hide it. Shrug. "I mean…it's not that weird, right? I know there were times after you shipped off to the Marines, and I'd get a feeling something happened, and then hear you'd been frakked up somewhere and…this isn't that different. Right?" Except he clearly finds it very different.

"And that time you broke your arm," Bear replies, "When you were with the Landons? And mine was hurting all day before I even knew." He scratches at his chin and jaw, "So it's probably just some weird… coincidence. Twin thing. Right?"

"Yeah…" Phin tries to sound like he believes it, but it's not very convincing. "Did you…did you recognize the man in the boat? I felt like I should. I mean…I felt like it was something I should remember, from back when we were at the Fist. But…I don't know. I don't really practice anymore. It just…it got to feeling like another cage. Just a part of something I wanted to get away from."

Bear rubs at his jaw some more, rasping fingers through stubble. "I dunno," he says, "I mean — practice. When'd we ever do that except when the brothers were smacking us at prayers?" He sips his coffee, and says, "But I been thinking about it." What an unusual day this has been. "Big guy. Herding folks into a boat. Saying their souls are his, right? Carrying 'em across the water? Sounds kinda like the ferryman, maybe."

"The rivers of the dead?" Phin frowns. "That's just stuff they tell people to freak them out. Keep them in line. They aren't real." Not that he sounds like he finds his atheism particularly reassuring just now. "The boatman said…gods, what did he say? We were reciting from the Ares hymns…I just…I just started doing it. I haven't said them in years…" He idly rubs the script tattoo on his bare forearm. "…and he said 'Ares has no dominion here.'"

Bear turns his forearm up to look at his tattoo, matching but not identical. "But it was a dream, right?" he says to Phin as his brother talks about what's real and what isn't. What does that matter? Right? RIGHT? "Yeah you started, and I picked it up. Guess they're stuck in my brain," he says, "They come back to me sometimes." He nods, confirming the boatman's words, "And he said 'These souls are mine' or something like that."

"Yeah…" Phin runs a hand through his still-wet hair. "Burns into your brain. I remember singing the hymns at temple. And the Headmaster had them on plaques, on his wall. So you'd have to stare at them if you ever got called in…" He looks down again now, at the table. "I remember some of the priests talking about war dreams. Death dreams." The last two words are muttered so soft they're barely audible.

"Don't have to remind me about those plaques, I was in there more than you were," Bear replies. He rubs at his face with both hands, and says, "I don't know, Phin. It was just a weird frakking dream, right? What else would it be?"

"Yeah. Right. Just…a weird frakking dream." Phin drinks more coffee. Another pause. "There's…umm…in your unit. There's a Brother, right? A guy who's sworn to Ares?"

Bear nods. "Yeah, Hook," he says, "Never really spoke to him yet, but I heard he's a Brother." He rubs his fingernails along his cheek again and says, "Thinking we should talk to him about it?"

"I mean…maybe." Phin shrugs. "Kind of. You know. If you want to talk to somebody about it." He clearly does, though he also clearly doesn't want to admit it.

Bear frowns a bit. "I dunno," he says, "Dunno if I want to get into it, go back to how shit was at the Fist. But I guess he seems pretty chill. And he's a Marine, so." So obviously cooler. He rubs at the top of his head and shrugs, "I guess if you want? I could ask him."

"Yeah. I mean. I don't want him to start trying to rope me into going to chapel or self-mutilation or that hardcore stuff those frakkers do," Phin says dryly. "But…yeah, I mean. It'd be interesting to hear what he says. Doesn't mean we have to buy into it."

Bear nods a little, and keeps nodding. "Yeah," he says, "Yeah, alright. I'll talk to him. See if we can talk sometime." He fiddles with his coffee mug and then sets it down again, stabbing his fork into his food and letting it stand up straight for a moment before listing over. "Figure I'll head to the gym for a while since I'm awake anyways," he says, "Wanna come?"

"Yeah. Sure." Phin finishes his coffee. "I've got a couple hours before I'm supposed to be on. Don't really feel like going back to sleep."

Bear nods. He shoves his chair back and stands, scooping up his tray with a clatter of jostled flatware. "Cool," he says, not waiting to see if his brother's actually ready to go before going.

Whether he's ready or not, Phin follows without argument. For once, he'll probably avoid the pool in the gym.

You bet he will.


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