Weapons Systems

Staff Note: The knowledge of all of these systems is not required for play, nor should it be inferred that it is required by other players. These platforms listed before are to flesh out our gaming universe and provide reference to items that may be seen through the course of play.


The Colonial Navy and Marine Corps are made up of more than just Raptors, Vipers, and assault rifles. The quality of a modern military is the sum total of its personnel's training and raw intelligence, force projection/logistics, and weapons system and threat-elimination capabilities. When one is lacking, the overall quality lags behind those who can balance all of these factors. When we look at the Battlestar universe, we see a diverse military establishment that can accomplish interstellar travel and effective threat suppression. After all, they beat the Cylons once already. Thus, we can assume that the Colonial Defense Forces, as a whole, have found a good balance between the three. What this means is that there are more systems out there on the Twelve Colonies of Kobol than just what we see on the show. In fact, its inferred without it ever being said. The fact that Vipers have these limited ranges in space means that there are very likely, at least, large tankers similar to the USAF's KC-135 system.

This page outlines and links to expanded tools and capabilities within the Colonial Defense Forces that are controlled by small crews or single individuals. If you are looking for larger platforms like an entire ship like a cruiser or battlestar, you will want to look at the Stations and Events page. The platforms outlined below are first and foremost for flavor. Most Marines are MP's or infantry on the ship. PC pilots will be flying Raptors and Vipers. If anyone would like to add something to the lists below, please +request from staff before adding the entry to the pages.

NOTE: There are not any active-duty Marine Corps pilots or aircrew in this universe. All pilots and aircrew are Active or Reserve-status members of the Colonial Navy. As a general rule of thumb, if the focus of your PC's job takes place on the ground, they are a Marine. The exceptions would be Marines based on ships for internal security, Marines part of an Expeditionary Unit, or Pararescue Jumpers (PJ's), who would be heavily cross-trained members of Medical and fly with Raptor crews for CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue of downed pilots behind enemy lines).

Colonial Navy & Fleet Systems

On this page you will find information that covers the variable air/spaceborne platforms that are used by the Navy. This includes, fighters, support, attack, and anything else that players might encounter at various points. Where these aircraft are flyable, it will be noted. As with most other entries off these pages, they are meant for flavor and world-building.

Colonial Marine Corps Systems


This section will cover what the Marines use to get their jobs done when it requires more than hard work, a rifle, and a little determination. Here, these systems are outlined. Tanks, armored fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft guns, surface-to-air missile batteries, artillery, and everything else. This section also covers wheeled vehicles used for transport like trucks and the BSG-verse version of the Humvee.

Small Arms

The small arms of the CMC and Navy are those that would be issued to members of the Colonial Defense Forces across all stations. However, it is important to keep in mind that a battlestar's security contingent has no use for "sniper rifles" or anti-tank gear. Meanwhile, a Marine Expeditionary Brigade most certainly would have those in their armory. The Armory page outlines what these tools-of-the-trade are, but also encompasses the more common civilian firearms in circulation. If a particular weapon finds issue within a service, it is notated in the entry.

Cylon Forces

Cylon Air

The Cylons have their own aircraft that look remarkably different from the awkward shape of the first war. Raiders and Heavy Raiders are detailed on this page, however as research is done into these frames, more and more will be nailed down from the largely 'Unknown' specifications. This page can be found here.

Cylon Ground & Air Defense

The Cylons have their own systems that they use, but the Centurion is their primary soldier, heavy gunner, and bipedal tank. They are exceptionally hard to kill and generally require a lot of firepower to put on the ground. However, they are terrible at anti-air. The Cylons have had to develop their own anti-aircraft systems in order to take down Colonial Defense Forces airframes. This wiki has a listing for those here. It should be noted that the capabilities listed here may not all be known and checking with staff would be far preferable to making assumptions.


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