ALT #368: We've Got To
We've Got To
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 09/Jan/2014
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Toby Lleufer 
The Great Beyond - Piraeus
With one main road running north and south, the road parallels a snowmelt river the flows south towards a large lake and the long winding dirt road and ends at the guarded gate for the CMC Camp Nomad. To the north the road runs off towards the future site of the Naval Air Station and the ALS Jolie Point, the First Batallion's landing ship, then past and deep into a narrow ravine that runs along with the river. With the camp located on the west side of the river valley, there is a large bridge built to accommodate the construction crews working on the Presidential bunker out in the mountains. To the east is a mountain range that stretches for more than two hundred miles and quite a bit of the lower altitudes are grassy mountain valleys.
AWD #368

It's still morning on planet, a couple of hours until noon at least, and it's already apparent that this isn't going to be a terribly warm day. Importantly though, it's not a freezing one either and the slight breeze might even be described as some as pleasant. Having come down on a shutle raptor about an hour ago, Toby has spent a short amount of time around the newly set up market, trading mid-rats from the mess for a few odds and sods, but has now headed off once more. Not a direct route to anyway, but through Sheridan, out by the lake and then out into the wilderness. He's got a rucksack on his back and seems to be following a route he knows reasonably.

Lleufer is out here, spending most of his days planetside now, for as long as brass will let him. He's dressed in fatigues and a warm coat rather than his MP stuff, but he does have a sidearm. No rifle visible. There's a truck parked out here along the road and the Staff Sergeant seems to be overseeing a bunch of men cutting … sod of all things. Minoans mostly, but a few volunteer Marines as well, all of them working together.
Ynyr himself is pacing out a line of string and then pounds in a piece of rebar stake to tie it off. Others are cutting the sod with spades in long strips, while others still roll the sod and load the heavy bales up onto the truck, two men at a time. It's nasty, dirty work, but some of the tents in the tent city are getting sodded exterior walls to block out the wind and keep people warm - for lack of other building materials being available fast enough. Other crews are out cutting poles and everygreen branches to insulate tent roofs once they are sodded.
Lleu stands back up and coils the unused string back onto the spool. When he turns to take it back to the truck, his gaze catches sight of the lone man coming their way. After a moment, he can recognize the face as he drops off the spool, "Hey, Shackleton. Where you going?"

A work party. Damn. Exactly what Toby didn't need, especially since he'd let his mind wonder enough that he hadn't noticed them until they were close. Still, he figures he might have a chance to skirt round them and even starts to alter his course to take him wide of the group. No such luck though for there's his name, and he turns back to see just who it is who's spotted him. "Sergeant," he offers once close enough, "they keeping you busy I see. You heard about those raptors?"

It's a smallish work party and they keep having to move the truck because there isn't a lot of sod before it gives way to trees on either side. Lleufer's gloves and coat are muddy, proof he's been busting his back right along with them. He leans against the truck for a minute, tucking his gloved hands into his coat pockets.
"Raptors? No, think I've been out of the loop. Taking folk out to teach hunting who I can understand word they say to me, or working on trying to get these folk warmer quarters. Otherwise, MP patrol shifts. Everything all right up on the Orion?"

«Odd,» Toby replies, in Tauran and with a hint of a wry grin, «I've not had any trouble understanding them.» He then gives a brief upnod to indicate Orion and keeps the conversation on that topic rather than the as of yet unanswered question. "Got the CAG's signiture yesterday, we've got two raptors to play with for trying to find the stolen one. Two different techniques too, so one ofr each unless one proves vastly superior. Not sure exactly howlong it's going to take to get themup and ready, but it's progress."

It takes Ynyr a second or two to track what Toby's talking about, once he's switched back to Standard. Nope, the Aerilon doesn't speak Tauron, but no surprise there. Lleu's left eyelid is still droopy but he's recovered some muscle control and speaks clearly enough now. "The Shepard thing, yeah. I completely forgot about it what with…" He makes a gesture to indicate the more urgent needs of the Minoans. "Been so much work needed to get done down here."
His face is half bearded, not keeping up as well as he might on military regs down here. Lleu frowns, "I guess if you all can get anywhere with that, we can see where it goes. I'd be pretty shocked if he stuck around Piraeus though, to be honest."

"If he ain't down here then he's gone like as not," Toby admits with a slow nod, "but we'll likely know soon enough one way or the other." A glance to the Minoans and he adds, with a frown, "he left these guys to die. Others too, others that did die, slow and lingering deaths that were easily avoidable. We owe it to them to look where we can." Shifting his pack a little he turns to take in the general surroundings before asking, "you guys likely to be here all day?"

"Yeah, like those poor bastards on Pallas." Gods, Lleufer still has nasty flashbacks about that place or bad dreams, sometimes. Nobody needs remind him of that horror. He thins is mouth and looks back to the Minoans, "We ain't going to do that to'm here. Tough people. They'll do all right. Carve out a good piece of Piraeus for themselves." Ynyr smiles, not the least bit concerned about sharing the planet with practical, hard working folk.
He looks back to Toby, "You're right though. Last thing we need is to find that son of a bitch has been hiding out here and he shows up later after nobody's looked for him. So, we've got to."

"And when we do find him we can nail his arse to the nearest tree," Toby replies in a determined tone, then adds, as a quick after thought, "or, you know, what ever the legal equivalent of that is." He'd rather just nail him to a tree though, saves time and effort. Lifting one gloved hand to scratch at the back of his neck he continues, "I'll let you know when we're ready to test. Might need a jeep moved into the middle of some woods or something to compare findings across the platforms. Should be good to go soon though I reckon." Starting to run out of things to say in theis particualr conversational thread he takes another, slightly furtive look round before checking his watch and saying "shouldn't keep you from it though, and I've got places to be too, so I'll catch you round?"

Lleufer isn't buying it, "You didn't answer my question as to where you are going, and up to, Shacklton. I'm not your Chain of Command of course, but nobody's supposed to wander around out here alone, without a buddy, and you better be armed. Checkpoint filed with your destination? Too damn many people getting lost out there, or maulled by the wildlife. Waste of people, time and resources."

"Stretching my legs a bit," Toby replies as he turns back to the MP with a faintly cautious expression, "got a few hours clear so figured I'd take the air. You know how it goes." Tilting his head in the direction he'd been walking before he was spotted he adds, "there's a few nice places I found while I was helping with some of the survey crews." He says nothing to the mention of buddies, whichhe obviously doesn't have, nor the checkpoint, but does pat a pocket when being armed is mentioned. "Signed out a little one before I left. I saw what that direwolf did to you remember? Still, never seen one out that way, and word has it that sightings are becoming rarer round here, like they're avoiding us or something."

Lleufer huffs a breath, "That'd be nice if they are. Minoans are probably shooting them and eating them and if they are, good on them. You really should take somebody to watch your ass anyway, not go out alone." But, Ynyr's not Shackleton's wetnurse and he's got work to do. So he pulls his hands out of his pockets, tugs his gloves off to knock dirt out of the and then puts them back on. "Guess I should get back to work. Aiming for five truckloads today." Toby is obviously itching to go, so Lleu turns to go give one of the fella's a break. He can do a round with the spade a while.

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