WD Event: We're All Fine Here
We're All Fine Here
Summary: The Air Wing lands after action, having seen the devastation on several colonies. And they're missing a pilot.
Date: 6/1/2013
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Battlestar Orion - Deck 3 - Hangar Deck
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
Saturday, Jan 6, 2004

FTL is spooled ready to pull out as the vipers and raptors are pulled in and brought up on the elevator. Two vipers hauled in, one gone, another pilot dead. The squad is a bit banged up. One of those injured birds is that of Redux'. Its smoking slightly on the inside and pilots coms are down so communicating with her is going to take getting that top open and the left side is pretty well melded, scorched and tore up. She is already trying to slam her fist into the canopy, the one good one.

Ward, aka Dropout is the lucky Raptor who hooked his wingmage, his landing was a bit rought but the viper made it whole. That should be enough. Others are pulling themselves out of the birds as the Orion prepares to jump once the marines have made it which they are not far behind.

It's been a long day. A damned long day. More than fourteen hours into her 'shift' already, and Rutlii's still on deck. She's got her half of the mechanical team — all 25 people — still at it, geared up in emergency suits with fire suppression equipment and plasma torches ready. "Let's go, let's go!," she's shouting at deckhands as she's directing them down the wounded birds. "GARRIDO! You get some of your boys on Redux's bird NOW NOW NOW! I want that thing covered in more white than one of Aphrodite's holy whores when we pop that canopy."

The final checks done, Ward climbs down out of his Raptor and steps away to admire his handywork. He looks at the Viper, battered and beaten as it is, connected to his bird via a tow cable. He quirks his mouth into an apologetic half-smile, holding his hands out to either side, "Sorry about the bumps. Didn't want to leave you behind."

Duke landed with no trouble and overall, the Viper looks untouched. He got lucky this time, but who knows what things will come in the future. The metal ladder is set on the Viper and the canopy unlocked, now, it's just a matter of waiting for a little bit. One of the Deck crew helps Duke with his helmet, the man leaning his head forward to assist in that task, at least as much as he can. When the helmet is out, the man just remains seated in the cockpit, staring at nothing. It does take quite a few seconds for him to blink, lick his lips and then start looking around, to see what the situation is. He sees Ceres' Viper and narrows his eyes, and the man immediately stands, taking the stairs and climbing down before he marches there "I need a Medical team, /now!/ We have wounded people….move it, move it!" He does open room for others to do their thing but his attention is focused on Ceres right now.

"On it!" Augie is already yelling, scrambling fire control teams and pressing anyone with the ability to carry a hose in to help. He's already moving towards Ceres' bird, not noticing the flight's down one as he moves up the side of the plane and reaches for the RESCUE latch to yank it and blow Ceres' canopy so the large engineer can pull her out.

Cassie is slow getting out, her canopy not wanting to be opened at first, requiring a crowbar to pry the frakker open. She then is slow to rejoin the others, her attention on Ceres' viper and nothing else. "Well… yeah," she sighs to herself as she finally pries her eyes away, her expression defeated. Now that she is not having something to focus on her mind wanders, working a million miles an hour as it work over what happened.

Ward reaches out to put a hand tentatively on Cassie's shoulder, trying to offer a smile that doesn't particularly come easy giving the weight of everything this day has brought, "Sorry I only had one cable, know it must've sucked waiting out there with the Cylons coming."

Holtz manages to combat-land his Viper without smashing it up any further, remarkably enough. It's lowered to the hangar bay as the Orion continues its jump prep. Fumbling fingers pull his helmet away, and then his seal collar. Clenching and unclenching his fists, he exhales deeply as he stands up in the cockpit. Once the deckies finish dragging it to its alcove, he shimmies down the ladder, a thin-lipped look of concern directed down the hangar towards the wreck formerly known as Ceres' Viper. There really isn't anything else, though, so he stays out of the way of the parade of DC personnel rushing towards it. Instead, he looks back towards his own bird and gives a snort of surprise — his number three engine was not only hit, it was nearly shredded. Along with a good bit of his tail rudder and rear stabilizers. "Well," he mutters to himself, his voice still a bit shaky from the adrenaline, "guess that explains why my steering went to shit."

Bennett has been sitting in the pilot's seat of her raptor for far longer than it should've taken to do her post-flight. The hatch is open, and there's a couple of technicians bustling about her bird like busy bees, but she remains slumped in the front seat with her face in her hands and her helmet beside her. The bus itself has taken some damage; she didn't return home unscathed. But she's alive, Milkshake's alive, and so is the viper who hitched a ride with them, which is more than they can say for the denizens of Caprica and Gemenon.

Cassandra got word from the CIC that the pilots were in bound and that there were wounded. The medical team is standing by with a stretcher and other tools to begin first aid before those that were injured are rushed to the Sick Bay for whatever else that they may need. The Doctor is in her lab coat hollering orders as she sends people rushing around, a Private going to each Viper and ensuring that the pilot does not need medical attention. Those that are due are 'asked' to head towards Sick Bay. Or carted on a stretcher if need be.

"I want every pilot out of their bird YESTERDAY," Sera is instructing a gaggle of orange-clad knuckledraggers. "If it's smokin', you get a DC team on it ASAP. Otherwise, personnel out, seal collars popped. Keep movin'! Keep movin'! It's been a long frakin' day, but it ain't over yet, kids." She's tired. She's wearing down. But there's no time to quit, and there's even less to think. Gotta keep moving. So she's stalking the deck, surveying damage. Anything smoking gets immediately cornered and a fire-crew called on it. Everything else? "Butch. Butch? You need medical?", Sera asks, bobbing and weaving through the quickly filling hangar.

Another slammed fist into her canopy that is molded at the left front into her hull, Ceres grunts and is breathing filtered air through her helmet even as viper stays clouded by instrument fire waiting to happen. The rescue latch is cut toshit but pops with a creak and ear splitting sound and it only opens part way, but possibly enough for the pilot to get out. Smoke rushes out and she follows it, standing up, hunched over to push herself through that crack, thin, lithe body helping with that as she offers her good hand to someone and presses the shredded left into her chest.

Jess gets out of her bird yesterday, sliding down the ladder to the deck and pulling her helmet off. She heads quickly around to eye the damage to the nose, making sure a deckhand's spotted it (not that it's easy to miss) while she's still only just pulling her helmet off and unzipping her flightsuit. Post-flight won't wait, and she runs through the rest of the clipboard as quick as can (safely, professionally, competently) be, and then— hesitates. For a moment she just stops, looking around at the deck, smoking planes, bleeding pilots, people rushing around.

A visibly undamaged raptor comes in for a tow, fresh off the pad, but in before the last vip made a combat screechy-crash (ahem, landing) across the flight deck. The raptor stops, the tow pulls off with the usual beepy fanfare, and about twenty three seconds later, the winglike hatch goes up, and a tall, thin ECO stumbles out, barely removing his helmet before he has to bend over and, "Oh my," hoark his lunch up into it. That would be Justice, Ens Lola "Convict" Lennox's ECO. Six seconds later, Convict's chirpy little voice pipes up from inside the cockpit, "Sorry!" Pause. "My total bad."

Augie lets the fire control teams handle the ships under Sera's control, as he reaches in and grabs that offered hand. "I have you, Ceres." Augustus rumbles quietly, helping her up. "Lean on me, we're going to get you into medical."

Holtz is limping slightly; though he's got no visible wounds, he's not so young as he used to be. The hits his ship took seem to have knocked him around somewhat, and he's walking as if he might have rolled his ankle a bit. Seeing the movement, a corpsman approaches him, but Holtz waves the man off abruptly. "I'm fine." His voice is rough, but steady. "For frak's sake, go look for someone who's bleedin', why don't ya." He purses his lips and exhales as he leans against the wing of his fighter.

"It's fine, Dropout," Cassie whispers while reaching out, her hand clasping about his arm while he apologizes. "You did the right thing. Redux had to go first." She patpats that arm before angling her head, trying to encourage him to move on with her.

Sera's voice drags Bennett out of her fetal silence, and she unfurls slowly, fumbling for her helmet which she knows is right beside her. Shaking hands complete her shutdown routine, and after doublechecking to ensure her passenger and backseater are out, she clambers onto the hatch and jumps down to the deck. A quick swipe across her eyes, then the heel of her gloved hand comes back for a pass at her red, snotty, very unsexy nose. "I'm fine, Rutlii, thanks." Her voice is slightly hoarse, but she's mostly gathered her composure by the time she speaks, and even manages a wan smile.

The Raptor containing Stand-Up and Buttons (We call it "Buttoned Up") is all open and pretty not banged up the way some of the other ships are around this place. Who knows where Stand-Up got to, but Buttons is just kind of moving at something akin to a slow pace as he's got his hands in his pockets and he's wandering away from the Buttoned Up. He's not really looking at anyone or in anybody's direction. Not right now. Not at this moment. There's too much going through his mind and the fact that, well, he's pretty sure he's the last of the Savas at this point… he's just got nothing to say. What /is/ there to say after craziness like what they just went through? Head down.

Cassandra notices the pilot that is clutching her hand to her chest and the Doctor is there. "What's wrong," is the first question as she tries to figure out if its the torso or the hand. As she sees blood there's a holler from the Doc, "Stretcher! Here! Two minutes ago!" No sooner has she said it then there is a stretcher there. "I need you to get on the stretcher. They'll take you to Sick Bay, and I'll be there as soon as I get an account of everyone else and if they need to make the trip as well. Don't worry, you'll be fine." She nods to the private when Ceres is on the stretcher and snaps her fingers at an NCO to go with them.

Phin's bird is lowered down the elevator, for the deck crew to go over at their leisure. The Viper will need a healthy amount of repair work on the body and controls, but it's still in more or less one repairable piece. Nothing is on fire or threatening to be on fire. Phin himself is in a daze, and will need prodding out of his plane.

"It's weird," Ward murmurs to Cassie, following along with her but repeatedly glancing towards Ceres, "I saw all of this earlier today. That's, what? Half an hour before everyone else? An hour? Two, maybe? Seems kind of old hat to me in a way. I already had my breakdown in the CIC." He looks at himself and his bird, both without a scratch physically, "Maybe it's just shock, though. I don't know."

Sera doesn't say anything. At least, not for a few seconds. She just holds her hands out for Bennett's clipboard. "You don't have time to think about it right now, Captain," Sera advises her hoarsely. It seems to be her own method of 'cope'. Just pretend it's not happening. Her own eyes are dry and her jaw is set, though there's a slight tic in her cheek. "I'll get Josefus to do your post-flight."

Duke continues watching Ceres as she stands, trying to leave the Viper behind. Since Augie is there, he allows himself to look around a little more, see what the situation is for each of his Pilots. The man takes a deep breath, marching towards Ward and Cassie, and he nods to them "Are you both ok? Any injuries?" he doesn't wait for a reply "If you have any injuries, report to Medical, don't stand around" And with that, he leaves, marching towards someone else. His attention drifts towards Phin's Viper and he calls out for her "I need help here with this Viper!" calls out Duke, now taking a moment to look at that Viper, knowing that, doesn't look all that good. Now, onto Bennett's Raptor "Captain…" calls out Richard Duke.

There's some shuffling and post-flight clicking and shutting-down of systems. Lola does her due diligence, taking her time, and taking over for her backseater, what with his somewhat hasty exit and all. The hatch stays up, and the blonde takes the private moment it affords her to precisely check every darn readout.

Holtz tries to just sit and catch his breath for a moment, but his feet have other ideas. He sighs again, running a hand through sweat streaked hair as he pushes himself off the wing and starts hobbling down the flightline, making at best a half hearted effort to stay out of the deck crew's way.

"I think I'll have my melt-down after I get to my bunk." Cassie looks at the fast-moving Duke as he approaches, talks and then leaves again, reminding her of a flittering hummingbird. She's fine so just continues talking with Ward. "I just don't get it, you know? What happened? Why did they… you know."

Jess only gives it a moment, and then she's in motion again, heading first towards the nearest viper that's still got a pilot in it. "You alright in there, Dolly?" she asks the littlest viper pilot, "Banged up or just— hanging? Deck crew's gonna need you out, get your post flight down and come on down." She pushes his clipboard at him and leans off the ladder, looking over her shoulder at the Raptor unloading nextdoor, "You and Stand-Up okay in there, Buttons?" she asks Zander as he wanders out.

Pulled out with the DCO's help, Ceres is seated on the edge of her bird, waiting to get hauled down. She leans into him but stops, trying to get that latch around her helmet off when Cassandra approaches. The pilot gets a little growly. "I can frakkin walk! Its just my hand!" Snappy! Poor Cassandra. But the gloves is nearly fried to her hand and its shaking as she catches her breath. "Frakkin Toasters.." She shudders and mutters, trying to get that damned latch off from her neck to free her helmet.

Bennett pauses to fumble for a pen in her flight suit, a shake of her head as Sera mentions handing it off to Josefus. "No, I've got it, Rutlii. I'm fine, I've got it." She touches the younger woman's shoulder lightly, then brushes past to begin making her notes. Tick, tick, tick. Damaged aft vent, damaged port aileron, repaired communications relay. Her eyes flick Redux's way for a long moment, then alight upon Duke as he calls out to her. No answer, just a brief meeting of gazes before she returns to her work. He's going to have to join her, or wait.

Holtz's path carries him past Phin's Viper, though he nearly doesn't realize it until he notices the name painted under the cockpit. He bangs on the side of the fuselage with his fist. "Hey, kid, you all right in there? Sound off, why don't ya." He looks at Jess, and then back to the parked fighter.

Augie knows better than to try to interfer as Ceres works off her helmet, and only helps her by lifting it up when she breaks the seal. "Yer goin to medical." he says to Ceres. There's no room for argument in his voice, and it wasn't exactly a question, either. "I'll be down to see ya when we get things cleared up in here." he looks down at her hand, and frowns. He's seen wounds that bad before.

"I understand you can walk. Procedure states that we have to take you on a stretcher. Just come with us and enjoy the ride. We need to begin treatment, and its better if you're in a stretcher," Cassandra patiently explains even as the private and NCO try to help her into it. "If you want to save the hand, get in the stretcher and will get it fixed," she says, also trying to help her onto the stretcher so they can begin running her to the Sick Bay.

"I'll tell you what I told Sandwich," Ward sighs, blinking as he watches Duke come and go, "Robots are frakked. Maybe they finally decided that something about humans doesn't compute." He pauses to watch Ceres being tended to before glancing back at Cassie, "I'll talk to her later. Doubt she wants to hear me going on about how I'm sorry I gave her a bumpy ride. Want to go for a walk?"

"Breathing." is the only answer that Buttons tosses in Nags' general direction. He doesn't have the energy to lift his head up and actually look in that direction, as he's too busy sulking up a storm. It is hard for Zander to keep his composure, wearing his emotions on his sleeve as of this moment. He does stop, though, in case things are asked of him in a more official capacity. He's going to game HARD after all this dust settles.

The banging jars Phin out of his little reverie, and he pulls himself together enough to offer a hasty nod to Holtz. "I'm good, Storm." Good enough to actually hop out of the plane after the deckie is done unsealing him, at least. He hangs around to do his post-flight, dumping his focus into that. There's a comfortingly mundane quality about the task.

No time to join Bennett, also no time to wait, there are others around the Deck and Duke will check on them as well. The man just turns around and makes his way towards the other birds, checking on each Pilot, on each ECO. He narrows his eyes again, just looking at Medical doing their job. Ok, ok, they are doing what they can. When he covers pretty much everyone, he slows down now, walking towards one of the crates slightly away from that entire area. He leans against it and just looks, still checking on things, but perhaps taking a small moment for himself…to think about what just happened.

Looking bewteen Cassandra and Augie, she breathes heavily, damp hair sticking to her face and a feverish glint of pain her eyes. "TALKSHOW IS DEAD!! I think I can frakkin well walk! I have my legs at the very least." That said, she jerks back and does that. "I will get to sick bay." But man, Redux is on a rampage, now on solid deck and not drifting, she aimes her way through the thick of it.

The fire control teams continue to work their magic on the wounded Vipers and Raptors. Augustus stands there for a moment, realizing what just happened, and his expression slackens. "Frak." Bastard may have hated him, but that doesn't mean Augie still doesn't note the loss and what it means to Ceres. With that, he turns to the teams. "Rutlii, most of the fires are under control."

"Yeah, we can go for a walk, Dropout." Cassie starts to lead him off, her expression losing more and more of its stony mask the further away from the hanger they get.

And that is the cue for those who have already checked out the pilots and have seen that they don't have anything wrong with them to head towards the doctor. "Restrain her and get her on the stretcher before she hurts herself more," the Doctor tells others as she also steps forward to start the attempt on restraining the pilot and getting her on the stretcher for treatment. "Frakking follow the goddamn procedures and get on the frakking stretcher," the Doctor orders the pilot, before she yells, "Somebody get me a frakking sedative!"

The squadrons have been back for several minutes before Petra emerges from the hatch into the hangar bay, only getting a few steps inside before taking a sidestep to get out of the way and linger by a support strut. His eyes sweep over the mass of pilots and crew, lingering on the argument around Ceres, but for the moment, just stands and soaks it in with a light frown on his face.

"For frak's sake, sir..just let me walk…." Restrain?! "Redux looks about fit to be tied. "YOu know what, don't even…" She doesn't look at all pleased and even starts to push one of them away with her good hand, hissing as she bumps her left into one of the medical personnel. "Hades take you all.." She grunts and tries to break free of them, tries to find her own way and then finally, perhaps out of exhaustion and pain, she is held still.

Jess nods to Holtz, stepping back from Phin's bird as he gets back into gear and nodding at Zander as he replies. "Right," she says. She lingers another moment, and then heads on her way, back to check on her viper again or harass Duke, probably.

Bennett notices, as she rounds the back of her raptor, that Lola's is sitting on the deck with the hatch still up. Neither hide nor hair of the pilot. Frowning slightly, she tucks her clipboard under her arm and peels off toward the other bus. BAM BAM BAM as she smacks her open palm on the bird's flank. "Convict? Convict, you in there?"

Justice (the NPC ECO) steps back to the open door to his and Convict's raptor and says something low. He's already turning to haul his ass to the Head to pray (to the porcelain in peace/clean himself up) when Lola calls from inside her bird, "One sorry's all you get, Chunks." She steps out of her raptor a moment later, stuffing a truly gargantuan handful of gummi bears into her mouth. Sugar. Binge.

"No bumps? No holes?" Holtz presses. He examines Phin as if the younger man were a nugget back on the parade ground. Seemingly satisfied, the older pilot nods. "Good." Stepping away from the Viper, he looks around the bustling bay until his eyes fall upon the DCAG leaning against a crate. Holtz takes a step towards the senior pilot, but then stops, apparently not wanting to intrude on the other man's reverie. Instead, he just stands for a moment, eyes again swiveling from Viper to Raptor to Viper to deck and so on and so forth.

Sera doesn't say anything to Garrido. She just jerks her thumb towards the blast doors as she's climbing the ladder to hop into a hole blown in the side of a Viper. "If anythin' explodes, it's your ass," she mutters, but he probably can't hear her, muffled by layers of metal and smoking parts. After all, it's not like she hears well under the ear protection and those stupid helmets.

"Look, its faster on the damn stretcher if you'd just get on it," Cassandra says, she sounds exasperated. When Ceres finally stops fighting it, they get her on the stretcher, and assuming she still isn't fighting they start running her towards the Med Bay.

Duke does notice that Holtz is coming his way and then stops, and he just nods his head and pushes himself away from the crate, marching towards the other Viper Pilot "Storm." the man says, nodding his head. For a moment, his attention moves towards Ceres again, narrowing his eyes as he sees what's going on there. Ok, things seem to be… He takes a deep breath and looks back at Holtz "Are you injured?" He looks at the man now, trying to define that very detail but then, he just starts looking around.

Augie was about to just step in and bodily carry Ceres to medical. As the doctors subdue her though, he turns his attention back to the bigger task at hand. "I'll be down in a bit." he promises and goes to start assisting more towards the fire control, as he joins near Sera, working on another downed bird. "This explodes, and you won't have a chance to blame me!" he calls back out to Sera as he takes an extinguisher to one of the smaller fires on a Raptor.

"I'm good," Phin repeats to Holtz and Jess. And, though he doesn't sound it, he didn't even get a scratch in the firefight. His eyes tick up to note the presence of a tactical officer on the Deck. He approaches Petra. Then seems to mentally stop himself from immediately bothering the man. So he just kind of hangs out on the sidelines, still looking half-dazed. He turns his head to watch Ceres being taken away, inhaling deep and exhaling slow, but he still lingers.

Lola gives Bennett a chin-up kinda nod as she's summoned by the banging. "Mellow urr." That was probably a 'hello, sir' through the mass of gummi corpses in her maw. She's unscathed, but her pale bangs are a bit messy and damp with sweat. Her eyes are maybe a little bit too bright. Otherwise, the littlest raptor pilot seems right as rain. Crinke. "Ummy airs?" The bag of jewel toned mammals is offered up to the Captain.

Her hand, its only her hand and Ceres' mind is wild with why the hell she needs a stretcher. "Fine! …fine.." its a more dull reply at the end and she closes her eyes, allowing them to half help her onto the damned blasted thing, laying out on it as she places that hand over her stomach, resting the torns up appendage with an attempt at resilience in the face of adversity.

Petra shifts his gaze to focus on Phin when the man starts towards him, one brow slowly going up when his course seems to divert at that last moment. Its something to focus on other than the chaos on the deck, actually, leading Petra to clear his throat and murmur in a subdued voice, "What is it, son?"

Zander keeps himself to the side and out of the way of everyone that needs assistance or help or something. To be honest, the Buttoned Up didn't get hit too hard with anything. So, in a way, Buttons is one of the lucky ones. If anybody can be considered lucky in this situation. He starts to looking longingly in the direction of the Vipers. Not just the pilots, but the ships themselves. "Think it's time I made a Class change." It is one of those vengeance whispers of doom.

"No, thank you," Bennett replies to Lola's offer of gummi bears. "Please come down, Ensign. Should I get a technician to handle your post-flight for you?" Blue eyes are locked upon the young woman with thinly veiled concern.

Holtz inclines his head in return as Duke approaches. "Bumper," he replies. "Wounded?" His limp is still noticeable, but it's improving already. "It's nothing, sir. My foot slipped. Almost forgot what a high-g turn felt like," he adds sardonically. "Just need to walk it off, I'll be fine in a few minutes." He tilts his head. "You all right, Major?"

Duke looks down at Holtz's foot and then back at the man, nodding his head "Alright, but get it checked…it doesn't have to be /right now/, but don't take time" Now, he takes a deep breath and narrows his eyes as he looks at the scene around them, finally looking back at Holtz when he asks that "Yes. Yes, I'm good…" He probably isn't but he does an outstanding job at hiding it. His look is focused. "We have a lot of work ahead of us, Lieutenant" says Duke now and then just nods, firmly. Oh yes, lots of toasters to hunt down.

Lola shakes her head in reply to the technician question. She lifts one shoulder in a shrug, and silently jerks her thumb over her shoulder. One could read this as many things, but likely she's saying she already did the post-flight. Her helmet is left behind, but she does shuffle closer to the edge of the wing, and the gummis disappear into the low V of her partially unzipped flightsuit. Through the part, almost half of the Caprica Buccaneers logo is visible, along with the letters SEA BUC. Any fan, or hater, let's be honest, might recognize that as the classic (vintage) GO SEA BUCKS! tee. Her boots thumb as she jumps to the deck. "Five by five, sir."

"Yeah, sir, I'll do that," Holtz replies with a sigh. "I'll let 'em deal with the serious cases first, though, I think," he adds a moment later as he watches Ceres get shipped off the deck. A brow raises slightly in disbelief as he turns back to the DCAG, but he sure as frak isn't going to press the major if the major says he's fine. Not his problem. His expression hardens at Duke's last words. "Damn straight we do, sir," he replies, his voice dropping to a low growl. "Blood calls out for blood." That's the Tauron speaking.

Bennett does not look convinced at all. Having served in combat situations for as long as she has, she probably knows the smell of bullshit from a mile off. "Okay," she answers gently, giving the girl's shoulder a squeeze. "You might want to grab a shower or a bite to eat while you can then, in case we've got a debriefing in the works." The C Bucs tee is noted, but the obligatory comment not made. "Buttons, Storm, could one of you accompany her while I finish my pre-flight?"

Eventually, Sera wiggles her way — backwards — out of the Viper she was crawling around inside of. No repairs being made. Not yet. Not even close. But she is taking full inventory of the birds that have come back and what needs doing, and the notes for this one get added to her clipboard before she stops for a second and rubs at her eyes. Grease-stained hands, balled up into fists, bury themselves in so deep that her skin starts to turn red. It's only once she's dropped them that she dares to look around at what's left of the incoming Air Wing.

Augie is exhausted. He's got black marks covering him, hands just as greased up, and he just shakes his head. "Frakkin' day from Hades." he murmurs, and glances over at Sera. He exchances looks with her for a moment before he simply nods his head and tosses her a two-fingered salute as he starts to wind down the damage control teams so that triage and recovery can begin.

"Oh, uh, hey sir," Phin stammers, when his skulking is noticed by Petra. He finally manages to ask what he's clearly dying to ask. "I was just wondering if the Marines'd been sent into the planet, sir. I've got a brother in Dog Platoon and…umm…?" He trails off, not really wanting to ask whatever the logical follow-up is to that.

Blood calls out for blood? These words bring Duke's attention back to Holtz and the DCAG looks at him. He presses his lips together and says "We'll see, we'll see what the situation is like" Although, the situation is pretty clear right now. Now, he looks back at Bennett and then Lennox, then looking back at Holtz "If you want, by all means" Offers the DCAG, taking a step back, adding some room. This is of course, related to keeping Lennox some company like Bennett just requested. With that said, Duke lifts one hand and sets it on Holtz shoulder, nodding his head at him before wandering towards other Pilots.

"Yes Sir." comes from Zander's lips as he's already moving in the direction of the Convict. After all, they do share some of the same taste in Pyramid Teams or something. Who knows. He's just following more orders. Orders that haven't helped people that were actually living their lives until they got yanked to seven levels of Hades by some stupid frakkin' robots or whatever the Hades… grrrrr. Either way, though, Zander is closing in on Lennox pretty quickly. "Hey." This is not really a good time to 'make conversaation' but… there it is.

Lola shakes her head slightly, like she doesn't need a sanity sitter. "I know my way to the Mess, sir. I got a deal with one of the cooks." Oh wait, no one was supposed to know about that. That's the look on her face when she closes her mouth. Lola turns toward Zander, seemingly unaware of the DCAG's impending arrival. "Hey, Buttons," she says, in that 'haven't talked in forevs, man' kind of way. "You feel like some crusties from the edge of the jell-o pan?" You know, the skimmy skin bits everybody ends up with when they don't cling film their jiggly desserts.

Petra hrms to himself at Phin's question, hesitating for a moment before he offers, "The Marines are out. We're due to scoop them back up shortly, so no, they aren't back yet, but they aren't due back either. We're holding at the jump point their buses are supposed to meet us at, right now." He pauses for a moment, studying Phin's face, then lowers his voice a little, "I'm sure the Sergeant is fine, Ensign. Takes more than a toaster to kill a Marine from this boat."

Ygraine has been sitting off to the side, quiet for now. She got over her rabbiting by the time the raptor made it back to Orion, but she's been quiet since, her helmet tugged off and dangling from curled fingers. Mostly she watches everyone with a furrowed, freckled brow, as if analyzing what everyone's doing and how everyone's reacting.

Bennett pretty much ignores Lola's assertion that she's fine, and doesn't need a babysitter. The captain returns to her post-flight, slim fingers run through the wreck of her bun once, twice, before they give up and yank out the elastic. Scribble, scribble as she returns to making notes on her clipboard, with an occasional glance tossed Convict's way.

"Sir." Holtz nods to Duke, meeting the other man's eyes for a moment befor turning towards Bennett. "Yeah, sure, I can do that, Cap." He shuffles over to the Raptor next to which Buttons and Convict are standing. He doesn't really know the two Raptor jocks, but he offers a nod and a thin smile nevertheless. "Buttons. Convict." It's easy enough to guess their identities, following Bennett's lead. Holtz gives them each the same up-and-down lookover he gave Phin earlier. "Everything all right over here, Convict? You get your bell rung out there?" He sounds concerned, but tries not to hover. He'd just as soon not play sanity sitter if he didn't have to.

It's obvious that Sera is listening to what Petra is saying. It answers the question she was going to corner one of the pilots to ask. A shaky breath is dragged in, the only sign of upset she's yet shown today. "Do you… do you know anything yet, Major?," the deckhand cuts in quietly. This can't possibly be the same girl in a short skirt trying to bully him into dancing with all her lady friends, is it?

Phin runs a hand through his sweaty hair, shoving it out of his eyes and nodding to Petra. "Yeah, Major. Right. Bear's solid. I'm sure he's fine." It lacks conviction, but he says it like he wants to believe it. "Ummm…thanks." He doesn't seem to know what else to say, so he wanders back off to the side, to leave Petra for Sera to harass.

With Sera moving off to talk to the Major, Augie sighs. Someday, maybe, they'll find a truce. And with that, he moves to head off down the hall towards medical.

"The Last Crusty Standing, actually." Zander is attempting to try and Level Up for Convict here. He knows that there's a lot of stuff going on. There's always going to be a lot going on at this exact moment. This exact moment is a moment that's going to last for the rest of their lives. "But I think so long as us crusties cling to each other, we'll make it out of the frying pan and… okay, I'm totally losing my ability to make this analogy seem coherent." And that's when Buttons notices Holtz in this particular moment. Zander doesn't even realize it but his own feet pull him closer to Convict as Holtz draws nearer. Almost in a silent 'dibs' fashion or something. Weird. "We're good. We got each other, right?" A glance is tossed over in Lola's direction with his query.
As he heads out, Augie notices Bennett and offers her a slight smile. "Glad to see ya back." he comments honestly, but he's off quick like a bunny before she can respond.

Petra glances for a moment over in Bennett's direction when he sees the Captain working on her post-flight, but his attention only deviates for a moment, returning to shifting back between Sera and Phin. To Sera first, he shakes his head, "We wont know anything until one of their buses comes back, or ends up overdue. They'll be here. We have some of the best from the Corps and the Navy on this ship." He watches Phin wander back off, and takes in a deep breath, letting it go with a sigh.

Duke makes another attempt to contact Bennett, only that this time, he steps inside the Raptor with the Captain. "Everything alright here, Captain?" and with that, he looks at the woman, at what she is doing. His attention turns to Bennett and he does see what she has with her. "She's strong…more than she knows" But then again, not every day you get to see your Colony get nuked, knowing that your family…well. Now, he runs his fingers over his hair, attention drifting towards the ECO station and then out, looking for Milkshake.

For her part, Ygraine's contemplating seems to be done. As Phin walks away from Petra, she gets to her feet, walks up, and hugs him. It's not I need a hug, it's you need a hug and it's going to be okay.

Lola's gaze turns to Holtz. She blinks and says, "No, no. I mean, I did make my ECO puke, but I told Justice not to eat an energy bar he found under the emergency patch kit in back." Her ease in addressing this as the news of the day alone is indication that maybe all isn't one hundred percent copacetic up there in Lola-headspace-land. "Pretty sure that brand's been defunct for at least ten years." As Zander draws closer to her position, the little blonde crooks an arm in his. "I got no idea what you just said, but you know the cheats on that space zombie bunny babe massacre console game-thing, right?" Good thing she's distracted, otherwise overhearing Duke's commentary on Caprica might rattle her cage just a little bit.

Bennett looks up briefly as she spots Augie heading off the deck, cocks a brow slightly at his drive-by greeting, then returns to her post-flight. And then it's Duke's turn to interrupt her. "No, sir, everything's not all right," she answers softly. "But I'm going to finish my post flight, and go take a hot shower before I start to stink." Real classy girl. "What do we know about the other colonies?" She looks askance to Ygraine, then back to the DCAG.

Sera nods once, sharply, to Petra. There's a thick swallow, before she manages any sort of reply. "Thank you, Major," she says, clutching her clipboard tightly to her chest. And with that, she scurries back to her post, though she should've long been relieved of duty by now. Teeth sink into her lower lip, which she worries at while she continues taking a full inventory of needed repairs.

"Just breathe, Buttons," Holtz says mildly. Easy there, killer. He manages a sharp chuckle. "Guess no one told him you should never eat mystery cockpit food, huh?" The pair of Raptor jocks gets one last lookover, but after a moment Holtz seems satisfied that he's done his duty by their commander. "Right, then." And he limps off once more, leaving the pair to each other.

"Hey, Yggs," Phin mutter mechanically when the ECO approaches him, not really looking at her. Then he is hugged. The gesture surprises him, but only for a second, and he hugs her back. Tighter than she might expect, or really want under normal circumstances. But he really did need a hug. His head sort of falls to rest on her shoulder and he just stays like that for a moment.

Petra nods slowly at Sera as she says her thank yous and heads off. He stands there for a few moments longer and takes a slow, deep breath, letting it go as he half turns towards the hatch and considers it.

Duke doesn't mention anything on Bennett's first reply, but when she asks the last, he shakes his head "No specifics, but…" he sighs and just shakes his head "I don't know, something like this. Full assault…this…" he shakes his head, she'll understand what he means. About the whole concept of taking a shower, he nods "We should all do the same, to be honest…" About her stinking or not? That, he doesn't comment about. "Ok Captain, I'll leave you to yourself" says the man now, offering a faint nod, then stepping away from the Raptor.

Ygraine lets the hug hang for a few moments, and then lets go. "Gonna be okay." she says, meaning him, his brother, everybody. She looks over her shoulder and can't help herself, her tone pitches tensely and loud enough for Duke to hear, "When are they gonna tell us? We ain't gonna lose our shit, but we all got families."

"I know whatever you want me to know, right now, Convict." Zander actually leans against Convict the moment that her arm is hooked in his. It's a moment of kinship or something more. Who knows. Zander's brain is a very weird place and that's why he's thinking a whole mess of things right now. Some thoughts are even too happy to be thinking right now. But still… he's thinking it. "You wanna' get outta' here and play with each other?" is asked directly of Lennox.

Bennett's jaw tenses as Duke speaks, blue eyes skimming his face for some sign of.. well, the gods only know. "You're serious," she voices quietly, and a little breathlessly. A swallow, a nod, and she falteringly finishes off her post-flight. Her signature's scrawled at the bottom and the clipboard's shoved at the nearest available tech before she strides off for the hatch. "Good work back there today, Milkshake," she tells her backseater in passing, though her smile lacks feeling.

Holtz tenses up at Ygraine's mention of families. His expression stricken, he first glances at her, and then at Duke. He looks for a moment as if he badly wants to add something of his own, but he just purses his lips and stays silent.

Noble arrives from the Main Corridor.

Madeline arrives from the Main Corridor.

"Yeah, it'll be fine," Phin repeats to Ygraine in that same kind of leaden way. At mention of families on the colonies, he just swallows and looks at the floor. Though his ears are definitely tuned in Duke's direction for word on…anything.

Lola's gaze wanders over to Phin and Ygs as they commence pilotlurve. She smiles just a little bit, and leans against Zander's side. "You're real agreeable." She nods, lifting her free hand to brush sweaty bangs up off her forehead. She smells like day old pilot. "Okay, but let's rendezvous in fifteen. You get snacks, I'll get drinks. I dehydrate easy."

Cruz arrives from the Main Corridor.

Bennett leaves, heading toward the Main Corridor [MC].

Very very late to the game, a single Raptor comes up on the deck. It's unscathed, and as it opens, civilians, Marines and other survivors are pulled out. One of the last out is Madeline Cervantes, on a stretcher, unconscious. Her chest barely moves and she is completely pale, her entire front stained in blood and trickling the side of her porcelain jaw from her mouth.

Cassandra arrives from the Main Corridor.

"That ain't good enough, sir." Ygraine's voice is as respectful as it can be under the circumstances. "They're who we're fighting for, don't that mean we got a right to know? Doesn't anyone up in command now? Can't you find out?"

Next out of the clown car that is the Raptor is a blood-splattered Simon Noble. Walking on his own with a rifle over his shoulder, he limps off of the bird and makes his way grimly towards the hallway.

Duke does hear Bennett's comment and then looks at her. Then again, his attention is stolen by Yggy who speaks loud enough with that and then looks at Phin. All of them wanting for answers, and it's to be expected really. He walks towards Milkshake now, nodding his head at her "I don't have an answer for you, Milkshake…" the man takes a deep breath "What the CO said before we launched, that as is all I know in this matter" However, he offers a firm nod "But we'll find out, I promise" And with that, he starts heading out, potentially going to find out what the frak.

On Noble's heels is a pale, shaking Andromeda, her face screwed up into an expression of grim determination. "We have wounded." She calls as loudly as she can, "Do we have anyone to run them to Medbay?" And she sways, catching herself on the wing of the Raptor. Her chest and face is splattered with blood, her armor torn to pieces with signs of serious wounds barely stabilized.

Soon after it, other Raptors begin to arrive, unloading Marines and the survivors of Avery Hall. None of them are seriously damaged, but they are loaded to the brim with survivors.

Zander is probably risking a hand getting chopped off at this moment, but he's already lifting his one not arm hooked hand towards the V of Lola's flight suit. Bucks fan, definitely. But he's more intending to reach for the gummies. "Got the snacks." He's just going all in at this point, it would seem, since he's just trying to make the conversation happening around him not happen in his own head. He's not sure he can make it another fifteen.

Cassandra and her hordes of medics swarm over the Hanger Bay yet again as the red head works tirelessly to get everyone back to health so they can… do it all over again. But hey, fun times. The Hordes of medics come equipped with stretches and ensure that folks are taken care of, and taken to the Sick Bay

Bridget steps over to Andromeda, wounded as well, and offers an arm. "Let's… go together," she mutters, shaking a little, bloodied and singed.

"Safties." Hollered from inside the bird that has recently arrived. As some civilians pile out, amidst the wounded- A rather tall marine is soon to step out. Arkadios Cruz, pauses, letting a stretcher get past him, as he continues doing head count. The Staff Sergeant merely nods once before he's shifting his stance. "Wounded, to Sickbay. Everyone else head to the Armory and stations.." As Andromeda goes to catch herself on the side- Cruz is quick to offer an arm. "Hold up.." his voice soft there. "They'll be taken care of-you need to go on to med too."

"Ensign, that's enough." Holtz has gone and broken out the Instructor Voice. Still seems to work after all these years. "We all want to know about our families. Where they are, if they're safe." The way he says it, Holtz definitely is including himself in 'we all'. "But we're fighting for our own lives right now. It doesn't do any of us any good to worry about it. Focus." And then the Raptors land with more wounded. Holtz mutters a line of florid Taurian cursing as the bloody and battered Marines start to get rushed off the deck

Petra turns his attention back when the sound of the raptor everyone's been talking about, arrives. There's a notable tension in his form as he watches wounded slowly get unloaded, but when they dont seem to discuss death, he seems to relax a little, instead turning his head towards Holtz and Phin for a moment.

Sera leaves, heading toward the Main Corridor [MC].

"The Admiral said we weren't just going to abandon people, Yggs," Phin says, reaching out to put a hand on her shoulder. That is probably not a perfect synopsis of what the admiral said, but it's the part he summons up just then. When the Raptors land with the wounded he tenses, and practically holds his breath while he watches them unload.

Knox climbs out of a Raptor, a small round on his neck bleeding. It looks worse than it is and it takes just a second or longer look to determine that. Rifle carried by his side by the handguard, he drops to the Deck floor and steps away from the Raptor. More than anything he just looks very very pissed off.

Jess leaves, heading toward the Main Corridor [MC].

Bear arrives from the Main Corridor.

Noble, grunting in response to Cruz, steps forward on a continued path towards the main hallway and catches sight of Petra. His eyes turn to the man and delivers to him a long, muted stare. Eventually, Noble passes and ends the stare with a nod.

Noble leaves, heading toward the Main Corridor [MC].

Holtz gets a glare, but not a verbal response, perhaps lending to the fact that Ygraine isn't entirely stupid. She doesn't shake off Phin's hand, but she does move the hell out of the way when injured marines start moving through. Her nose is twitching fierce, though.

Lola's just seen Caprica blown up or whatever. Zander's reach into her flightsuit might normally result in his pulling bag a nubby little hand the likes of which would never roll another die, but today is a different kind of day. "That is damn lazy," comes Convict's reply. She glances over to see the sardine can full of marines offloading, and she all but drags the be-gummied Buttons toward the hatch. No more blood, no more blood, please. "I like your style. Hey, I'm good at this game." She turns her eyes away from the wounded. Go, go, go. "I hope you like going down."

It's probably a fair indication of how injured Andromeda is that she doesn't growl at Cruz and tell him to shove it and that she needs to get her boys and girls treated first. She just grunts at him. Take it as agreement on getting her treated.

Duke leaves, heading toward the Main Corridor [MC].

Cassandra's medics swarm over as the Doctor herself finds the two most seriously wounded people on the ship home: Andromeda and Madeline and begins to work on making sure that Madeline will survive the stretcher ride to the Sick Bay. Her eyes looking over the wounded while she works, when she hears Cruz tell people to go to somewhere other than the Sick Bay the Lieutenants voice rings out, "Everyone to the sick bay. If you were planetside you may have been exposed to radiation. More shots, folks."

Afton arrives from the Main Corridor.

Petra silently watches the bus unload, scanning the faces as they file out in various stages of consciousness. For whatever reason, he catches on Knox and lingers there, studying the Sergeant's face for several seconds, much longer than the rest. It is finally stolen away to glance over Cassandra's medical brigade as they make their way in.

Bridget moves over to hover near Madeline, carefully staying out of the way but still trying to stay close. "Can I help, Doc?" she asks, looking at Cassandra. She knows it's likely useless, Corpsmen are triage and nothing more, but she's trying to stay close to the former starlet.

Zander Sava is no longer in control of his own body. In fact, he's not even capable of moving on his own. Not right now. Because he is currently being Convict-ed. "Game On." He'd smile but… Caprica. High Score?

Having unloaded with the rest of the marines, Afton is attending to and helping those injured. She has a fair bit of blood on her, but possibly not her own as a few strands of blonde hair stick to her neck, caught there by the drying lifeforce. She rolls her shoulders back, feeling them pop before she touches her hand tot he light wound at her stomach, armor dented and grating against her skin underenath. Rifle stripped, the PJ begins to drag off the armor to be free of it, giving room for the doctors to tend to the wounded.

Holtz shakes his head as wounded continue to be brought out; the lull that had started to fall back over the hangar is gone as deckies and medics are once again scrambling about. He finally shambles towards the hatch, ducking aside once, and then again, to avoid running into corpsmen with stretchers.

Cruz barely glances to the Doctor, before he is passing off Andromeda to a couple of medics. "Chest wound, from a raider." Which means a KEW round, ripped into her. There's a brief look over as the PJ starts moving and taking off her armor. Someone mutters something and the Staff Sergeant turns his head. "Once they are clear by medical, find a large storage room to get em in. Anyone who wasn't ground side can drop off a god damned cot-for all I care-then stations." apparently something must be done with the civilians.

Holtz leaves, heading toward the Main Corridor [MC].

Cassandra looks over at Bridget and says, "Keep pressure on the wound while I deal with Andromeda," the El-tee states. Triage is still in effect, til they get them to the Med Bay, where they can be dealt with more properly. "I'll be right behind you, just stay with her. I need to make sure the both of them will make it to the Med Bay." She heads towards Andromeda with another stretcher team behind her. "On the stretcher Petty Officer. I'll be your Doctor for your stay in the our lovely Med Bay. I just need to make sure you're squared away and stable so that I can take care of the other one. She's a little worse off than you, but nothing I can't take care of," Cassandra says with a smile, before nodding towards the stretcher team to start heading out towards the Med Bay, severely wounded in front of her and behind her.

Bridget steps in close to Madeline, nodding to the LT, and pushes on the wound as she's been taught, taking slow breaths and staring at Madeline. "Madi, baby, you're not allowed to leave me," she murmurs very quietly, taking a deep breath and looking around. Goddamn emotions getting in the way of everything. Bridg tosses her half-loose hair out of her eyes and exhales sharply.

Andromeda growls and fusses, but lets herself be lowered. "'M stabilized." Andromeda tells the doctor, closing her eyes briefly. "KEW to the chest." She confirms Cruz' verdict, face going paler once she's on the stretcher. "See to the Marine. She's worse off."

Madeline can't pose more than being hooked up to an IV and the attempts to be stabalized. The bullet ripped through her thankfully, so there won't have to be a probe to go looking for it, but there's numerous shrapnel wounds in her back from the explosion of her radio and the wound just under her left breast that has caused that lung to collapse. Simply put, her swimsuit modelling days are over.

Knox meets PEtras eyes, shakes his head, and just keeps on walking. The man is seething with anger and probably needs to return thatrifle to the armory.

There is a sort of numbe acceptance to the PJ, going through the motions quickl to finally let the torn armor drop. Her hands press to her stomach, rubbed raw by the rending of the armor. Green eyes lift, watching the injured and marines pour out. With such a minor wound, the PJ seems loathe to follow, instead choosing to stay and take care of her gear, reachind down for her rifle and rising as she slings it to her shoulder. She watches at the others are carted off though, yanking at her blonde braid and then shaking her head. But she stops, pausing as she notes the picture on the ground, having fallen out of her pocket.

"C'mon." Ygraine says abruptly to Phin. "Lemme help you go find Bear."

Petra sets his jaw at the look he gets from the Sergeant, but does not say anything or try to stop the man. Instead it would seem he's finally watched enough, turning to head through the hatch and up to the stairwell, to return to CIC.

Cruz glances back towards Afton. Only there does he move. His long legs easily eating up the small space of deck. Numbly, the large marine bends and stoops to pick up the fallen picture. Once up from the deck, he's glancing at it, before passing it to her. "Here." Ark says softly. If there were more words there, he doesn't rifle them. "Get your rifle to the armory before you hit medbay. It's likely swamped."

"Yeah," Phin mutters to Ygraine, filing out of the hangar bay. He'll check in at Sickbay, to make sure his brother isn't among the wounded. And hang out there for the duration, if he is.

Half way to bending down to get the picture, Afton stops and then rises again, reaching out to take it. A faint smile is offered as she keeps whatever is bothering her at bay. "Thanks.." Its a soft murmur and she tucks the small worn picture away. Her hand tigthening around the rifle. "I planned on that, besides, I hardly call my wound worth waiting around there to be treated." She lets out a long breath and then nods to him, "You came out unscathed." She says faintly, hoisting her armor and gun so that she start for the stairs.

"Too big to hit." Cruz offers with his own grin. "Or Mithras was watching me." said before he is releasing the picture. "My boys are on Picon." said plainly-nothing follows there, as if he doesn't know what to say or how to say it. "Your sister?" he asks with a raised brow. Some stuff folks know, but don't talk about. And likely today of all days-is when folks are going to talk about it.

Ygraine heads off with Phin to go find Bear! She's still looking pretty fierce, which with freckles and braids, might not be as fierce as it should be.

Nodding her head faintly, Afton finally adds, "I am sorry..that they are there and you are not with them. The two most precious things to me were on Caprica." There is a faint smirk. "Took all my will not to go running when we touched down." She shifts the rifle and tilts her head, making a motion to the stairs. "I wouldn't mind the company." Especially at a time like this. The PJ begins to make her way out.

"Their mother is with them." Which means something. Still-he nods as he looks back to her. "I'm sure that's good." After all they were living on base. If the Yards got hit at Scorpia, and the docks at Picon-he can only imagine one of the larger marine bases was leveled out too. "Sure." Cruz says after a moment. "I need to turn in my gear, before I can find out if I am going out again." Likely he will. Right now the ship needs Marines, regardless of if they are corpsmen- or Military Police. "I'm sure they're fine." he means of her sister, and boy.

There is a look of compassion, stowing her own ragged feelings for the moment. Afton puts on a look of support that he may not admit to needing. Which they all really need. "I would suggest getting something to eat, you may not feel like it, but you are going to need it." She just nods to his reassurance and it doesn't seem to chip away at anything. She seems to be dealing with most things in stride at the moment, the PJ shouldering the weight like everybody else.

"I'd go to the chapel. However, I suspect I am not welcome there." Cruz adds, before he rolls one thick shoulder. "But food sounds good." Of course he needs to be checked for radiation-and likely he has some. But, not enough to murder him. Rad pills and a shot will do it-and they'll send him along. "You need to eat and rest. Likely they'll send you back out with us, if we're landing somewhere. Andromeda and the other one were injured.." meaning of the usual medics he sees palling around with the marines. "Least they went quick." So odd to think of it like that.

That curious statement about the Chapel causes Afton to linger and she tilts her head, "Why is that?" Taking up the walk with him to the stairs, its nice to have something to distract the mind from the unbidden thoughts of what has happend and keep reappearing. "Perhaps its good…but it helps us none and to have corpman down?" The PJ shakes her head and that fraying blonde braid sways. "Three corpsman down…" She says faintly, her lips forming into a thin line. "I think its settled though, we are going to the mess after checking in gear." They leave the hangar bay.

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