MD #207: We Need To Know
MD #207: We Need To Know
Summary: The Master-at-Arms pays the CAG a visit to discuss the need to test EMP mines and collect samples of Skath for research for a possible up coming op.
Date: 01/Nov/2017 (OOC Date)
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Niko Lleufer 
CAG's Office, Deck2, Battlestar Orion
This nine by nine space is largely dominated by filing cabinets and a desk. A coffee maker is perched atop one cabinet, but the others are rather barren of decor or personal items. There are a pair of uncomfortable, molded plastic chairs facing the desk. The last vestige of open space is occupied by a lounge chair. It's one of those old, well-loved beasts that was likely pulled off of somewhere on Piraeus.
Sat May 19 18:40:19 2049

The hatch to the CAG's office stands open, which is SOP for Niko, and the Lieutenant Colonel is seated behind the desk in his blues. Niko has both elbows on the desk, one fist propping up his chin, as he leans over his datapad. The paperwork has left a frown of concentration on his face.

The Master-at-Arms arrives and Lleufer is wearing his usual MP uniform with sidearm, cuffs, taser and the like. The Arpay modified Marine also carries a folder with him and raps his knuckles on the hatch frame before he steps in, "Colonel, Sir. I really appreciate your making a few minutes time for me. I have a somewhat urgent little project that your people might find to be a little change of pace that harkens back to the last war." Lleufer stops and waits to see if Niko will motion for him to take a seat, but until then the Gunnery Sergeant stops and stands attentive.

Niko's eye flick up toward the rapping and settle on Lluefer. He then slides his datapad aside and straightens up to beckon the Marine inside. "Gunnery Sergeant." And hearing a veteran ground-pounder describe the topic as 'harkening back to the last war' earns a chuckle from the CAG. "All right, you've got my attention. Take a load off. Give me the details."

"Yes Sir." Lleufer closes the hatch first and once it's sealed, he takes a seat and opens up his folder he's brought with him. "So, we have a spac station to take in a limited amount of time with a limited number of Marines, against an unknown quantity of Skath and Clerics. A very /large/ station, as you know." Ynyr knows Niko's been in on those memos from Mara. "Problem is, we do NOT know if the EMP mines will work on the machines. It's not been tested. So, we require some test subjects. Live ones. On top of that, we also need to some viable pieces to bring back so my specialists and the Engineers can work on figuring out what kind of shielding the Skath are equiped with, Sir."

The Gunnery Sergeant looks to Niko as he leans back in his chair. "Do you think we can set up a scenerio to get to some Skath in a modestly isolated area, drop EMP mines on them, with some of my people observing? Then, whether the EMP works or not we need to knock down the Skath and bring back some pieces, whatever we can lay hands to that isn't obliterated. And we need to do it before the Oss op."

"Yeah…" Niko sounds a little dubious of the whole space station plan. "I mean, not that your people aren't good at killing Skath, but there's got to be thousands on that station. At least. I don't see how we have the numbers." The mention of EMP mines raises the CAG's eyebrows though, and he sits back to think that over for a moment. "You'd think the Arpay would have tried something like that already. Still, can't hurt to test it out. And it's not like we don't know where to find Skath." He gives a shrug. "The trick is going to be isolating a few, you know? Maybe if we can set some kind of trap for them. Say with that fish transport we stole off Aquaria."

Idris gives a slow nod, "You are right. I don't have nearly enough Marines to do it if it comes to brute fighting. So we have got to be very smart and make plans, and backup plans, and do some tests. Try to lure the largest numbers of Skath to the bays and vent them, maybe. But there will still be a great many to deal with so we are investigating our options. I don't know if the op can be pulled off or will be scrapped, but I need to be as prepared as possible for the of upcoming meeting to discuss it."

The Master-at-Arms flips thorough his notes, "It's not difficult to rile up a few local Skath on any the more rural worlds they control and get them to chase some of my Marines to lure them into a set up. Question would be where and when, Sir."

Niko thinks things over, then gives another small shrug. "I'd say some backwater world where they feel pretty secure already. Maybe we can get in, do the test, and get out again without a major fleet action. That Bonminaire place maybe. Or some place like it." Which brings to mind the events that happened, for them, just before their twenty-year jump to the galactic core. "I wonder what happened on those planets we were hitting since then." Then he shakes his head, dismissing the speculation for the problem at hand. "Even if all our tricks work, I think we're going to need more than the company aboard Orion to pull this off. If only we had some …" And abruptly, the CAG lets out a laugh. "What do you think about getting some Cylon cannon fodder for this job? See just how game they are to help us."

Lleufer grimaces, "But our jump drive was damaged in the attack, wasn't it? And our wormhole option was knocked out. Have those been repaired, Colonel?" Whoa. The CAG stops the Gunnery Sergeant in his tracks. Ynyr takes a second to digest that suggestion, "Do you think they would? I was on Aerilon at the end of the Second Cylon war when we were dealing with the APF who refused the Cylon order to stand down from their caches. The Cylon did fight side by side with us and provided a shield wall for us. More than one of them took bullets for me personally, to my utter and complete surprise, Sir. How do you think they could help us in this matter?"

"I don't know what the status of the wormhole drive is," Niko admits, "But if it's out of action forever that's news to me, and we won't be visiting Oss if it is anyway." Being out on the galactic rim, Arpay is a long way from anywhere. Then the Colonel laughs as his idea stops Lleufer in his tracks. Will the Cylons help? All Niko can do is shrug in answer. "Frak if I know, Gunney. They were pretty eager to get in on the dogfight over Leonis. They helped with Piraeus. I don't know what deal Command made with them, but if we can get their Centurions to fight the Walkers for us? I call that a win-win."

Well now. That does have Lleufer thinking. He backtracks, "Far as I know the wormhole drive isn't out for good but I don't know if it's repaired yet. So we need to know what the status and time frame is on it but I can't imagine Command would go forward with the Oss op without the Orion and other ships to back things up outside of the orbital station." Please dear Gods. A slow deep breath, "As for the Cylons? I can ask but that's completely outside of my Marines. When Lieutenant Rook calls us back for her meeting we can bring it up as a possible idea." Ynyr's dataslate beeps softly with a new message that has come in. Lleu takes a second to skim it's topic and who it's from and looks back to the CAG, "I strongly suspect the Rally Point Station op will be delayed for this other higher priority matter. If so then that would be good because we need time to plan this and a couple of weeks just isn't enough. Will you keep me posted if you find out anything that may effect my planning, Sir?"

The CAG's pad pings at the same time, likely for the same reason, and Niko leans over to see what he's got. He's not as quick at reading but he looks up to nod agreement with Lleu. "Yeah. This mystery ground team looks like top priority. But yeah, I'll keep you in the loop, Gunney." He grins at the Marine as another idea comes to him, and then chuckles to himself. "You know what? If we can get the Cylons to fight the Skath for us, maybe we can get the Skath to fight these Hater assholes. Throw that at Lieutenant Rook when you see her for me, will ya?"

Ugh, -that- idea clearly doesn't land well in Ynyr's lap. Lleu grimaces, "Maybe, Sir. We may want to gather more data before we go trying to sick the Skath onto anyone else. We don't even know if they are human, or who they are fighting or why. Be real nice if we can find a way not to hand over yet another green world to the Skath because we are quickly running out of options on where else we can go." Still, it's an idea one can't discount entirely. The Gunnery Sergeant is back on his feet, "I read the Commander's memo and get out of your hair, Colonel. The Game's afoot, as they used to say." Ynyr waits a moment longer to see if the Colonel has anything further to add before he withdraws.

"Those assholes tried to kill ever last one of us," Niko reminds the Marine. A huge nuclear attack has not left the CAG feeling charitable towards the Haters, whoever they are. "If they wanted to talk, they could have not executed our raptor crew before saying 'hello.'" Then there's a grim nod to the Marine, and Niko reaches for his own datapad. "Good luck out there, Ynyr. We'll be here when you guys need a ride."

"True, so very true. We lost a lot of good people and we certainly couldn't afford to loose them. Especially now. I haven't forgotten that." A curt nod to Niko, "Thank you, Colonel." The Master-at-Arms opens up the hatch and a moment later Lleufer is heading back to Deck 3 and his own office.

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