AWD #343: We Need to Consult
We Need to Consult
Summary: Elias talks to the Six before he departs.
Date: 30/5/2016 (OOC Date)
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Elias Dropkickst 
Hangar Deck
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.

The Six has already been scheduled for his return trip to Picon. Seems Jameson wants to get him off the ship so he can get back to business. The Six arrived with nothing but the clothes on his back, so he's not leaving with much more except some bandages and antibiotics in a small care bag prepared by medical - intended for civilians. He's standing in a less-used section of the hangar bay where the Raptor is being prepared for departure. The MP assigned to guard him stands nearby but seems less than concerned about this detail. The Six isn't cuffed, but also hasn't proven a reason to need it yet. By all reports, the guy has been a gentleman - except to the Twelve. That went a little differently than some may have expected.

Elias arrives in the hangar just as the Six is preparing to depart, and there's a nod to skinjob as the Intel officer strolls up. The Major has his clipboard in hand, as usual, as well as a small audio recording device. "Six," he greets the man, giving him a brief moment of study. "I could use a moment of your time. If you don't mind talking on the ride back to Picon?"

The Six looks over and returns the nod. only one hand is doing anything and he uses it to hold the pack strap on his right shoulder. The question has him glance to the Raptor, then back. "This looks like it might still take a few minutes, Major. Might as well start now. I'm not going anywhere just yet. I think someone forgot to load a new chaff/flare bucket. I kinda doubt any of the pilots want to fly back to any colony without a full one."

His glance strays to the Raptor in question, then back to the Six. "Mmm." Then Elias holds up the small device in his hand. "Mind if I record this?" If the Six agrees, the Major starts recording before he speaks. If not, he'll rely on memory. But he does seem to be keeping his voice low as he begins, counting on the usual Deck noise to keep it from being easily overheard. "What would you be willing to tell me about your history? Not your personal history per se, I mean the Lines themselves."

The Six shakes his head easily. "No, sir, go right ahead and record whatever you need to. One of the guards told me I starred in a very popular movie that's been going around the ship, too. Seems that recording me might become a regular thing." There's a subtle smile with it. No, this is certainly not Knox. "No a lot, unfortunately." He actually does look regretful with it. "Major, see, there's sort of a problem that we've figured out. We're pretty sure our memories have been tampered with at the base level. Even if I could really tell you everything, I'm not even positive it would be accurate." He looks back to the Raptor. "Our histories are assumed to be true because they all line up. Before Knox had even downloaded, the Nines had found out that something wasn't right. A few of the Sixes were already looking into it. When we know what's going on, we'll sneak you what we can."

Once the recording is rolling, Elias listens with a keen interest. And while there's a pained sort of smile for the mention of the leaked video of the Six's meeting with the Twelve, he looks even less amused with the answer to his question. "I see." Not an entirely unexpected answer, but a disappointing one. "Do you believe that the Twelve is telling the truth about why he's come here, and what he wants?"

The Six doesn't seem amused by any of it, either. While he isn't volunteering information, he is answering questions willfully. And presumably they are truthful answers. "That shitbird? Yeah, I think he's probably telling the truth. See, the problem is that the Twelve came here with a plan. He was expecting to talk to Knox. See, they all know Knox is a soft-spoken fella who has a soft-spot for humanity and following orders. They were not expecting to talk to a brash asshole who isn't afraid to frak them and their line by feeding them a few memories." The Six says it all as he looks back over, voice casual. "I'd bet he is being cooperative because you have something he wants. My money is that its Piraeus." Elias may suddenly realize that this Six hasn't asked to visit yet.

There's a quick nod of agreement for the Twelve's likely objective, and Elias doesn't seem to make any special note of the Six having passed on a visit to Piraeus. He already has Knox's memories, after all. "Yes, I assumed as much. He says he wants to visit the planet, to 'stand in the light of the star.' Do you think he can gain any useful clues to the lcation if allowed a daylight visit to an unknown location on Piraeus?"

The Six seems to suck on a tooth for a moment and consider it. In the end he shakes his head. "Make sure he doesn't see any stars. The problem is that if he memorizes constellations he may be able to get a half-way decent fix on this location. Daytime, though? He can identify the star type but that's about it. Billions of stars just like it in the galaxy." His eyes drift down while he considers more. "No, I think it should be fine. I know Knox and Ceres made an effort not to look at the stars and memorize them. Harder for Ceres for obvious reasons. But keep him away from windows and it should be fine. It might even do those arrogant fraks some good. Come tothink of it… That's strange. I wonder if they're trying to sabotage their own line."

"That I don't know," Elias admits he's less than certain of the Twelve's ultimate goal. "But I appreciate your insight. My plan is to sedate him for transport both ways, and allow him a brief time on the surface in daylight." There's a pause as the Intel officer considers, and then he adds, "He claims he wants to 'confirm a feeling Knox had.' Does that make sense to you?"

"Sedation doesn't work as well as you'd hope. But I'm pretty sure you've figured that out by now. Think of it like trying to handcuff one of us." The guy gives a low, wry smile as he glances back to Elias, then back towards the Raptor. "Yep, I know exactly what it means. Piraeus means something. It creates an unusual feeling we can't define, but it sort of seems to awaken something inside. We're not sure if it's the magnetic core of the planet or something else. We just know its something strange. Getting the Twelve to feel that probably isn't going to hurt your fight, either." He looks back. "One of the MP's mentioned you all had a Nine in custody that was in a coma. Have you tried taking her to the surface at all?"

"Mmmm," Elias says again, though it looks like at least some of what the Six says is new information. "So it sounds as if you do think the Twelve should be returned to his line?" The subject of the comatose Nine cause the Intel officer to quirk a brow. "Yes. And no, I wasn't aware there was any … profound implications about your kind visiting Piraeus. Not until the Twelve made it one of his core demands. But I'll arrange it." There's a thoughtful pause from the young Major. "Our people have been reporting some … strange experiences on the planet. Hallucinatory experiences. Is it possible this is the result of a Projection?"

The Six waggles his hand a little. "i'd say use your best judgment on whether or not to return him. All I can suggest doing is watching him and his reactions. I'm pretty sure you don't need me to tell you the risks to returning him. But if you don't return him, you're probably going to side the Twelves with One." The guy drops his hand back to hang loose by his side. "Yeah, Knox never would have mentioned it. Ceres neither. I doubt your eleven would, either. We aren't sure what it means but it does have an effect. It's something words really lack to describe. But it doesn't provoke homicidal tendencies, so you're probably safe." He shrugs. Probably. The idea of strange occurances and hallucinations has a sudden look cut over from him. There's a few different things there, including curiosity and some subtle alarm. "No. That's not possible. We'd need to have direct contact with a person - so unless you have multiples of us there, each one touching without your knowing it, I would say that's not possible. Would you be willing to share what it is that your people are seeing and experiencing?"

"I'm inclined to return him, unless he's learned something we can't risk," Elias says. And while not surprised by the Six's answer about Piraeus, he's also less than pleased. As for what he is willing to share, the requires some thought. "The reports vary," he says carefully. "but it seems to be some sort of ghost-like humans. They're reportedly very … supportive, however."

The Six doesn't seem disagreeable to that point. Returning the Twelve doesn't seem high on his list of things to protest. And as he already said, that's something he can't render a judgment on. But the description of what people are seeing there has him stare. This obviously doesn't settle well with him, but doesn't bring out fear so much as general wonderment. "I'll note that you're talking about them as if they were a race of people." He rubs at his face, thumb and forefinger spread across his chin as he looks down. "Look, I'll just go ahead and be upfront with you about this rather than screw around with half-truths. I know more than I can say. You probably figured that but I'd rather just say it than let this fester. We need to work together, not find divergent paths." The hand drops and his eyes flit back. "But this is something I wasn't expecting. Honestly, it's going to take some time and discussion to go over with the Sixes before we can decide what to share about what we know. But for now- I can assure you that this is not a malevolent effort on our part. I assume you're treating them with respect until you know what you're dealing with."

"I'm talking about them based on second hand reports," Elias clarifies. "Which vary from 'hallucination' to 'religious experience.'" And then there's a faint frown at the Six. "When you have something you're willing to discuss, you know where to find me."

"Ah. Well, my mistake on interpretation then. But hallucinations to religious experiences." The Six continues to stare. "This is definitely not a projection. We can do a lot of things, that's not in our toolbox, though." The guy nods to the last, though. "I will. If I can, I'll try to have Knox here in person so you know who you're talking to. I'm pretty sure the rest of us will decide that we need to open up about a few things."

"Is there reason you expect a race of people to be involved in these … visions?" Elias asks, "Or is that a topic for another day?" It sounds like the Intel officer expects the latter. Then there's a curt nod for the possibility of future openness. "In the meantime, the war goes on." The young Major gives the Six a long, considering look, frowning to himself. Whatever he's thinking, all he says is, "Good luck."

"Yeah, but I'm afraid its not as exciting as you might hope. Just the logical deductions. You're exploring a new colony for settlement and it's a highly secret location that you all discovered." The Six just looks right at Elias. "You're baffled as to what's happening enough to consult me. If they're not your own creations and this is an alien planet you've never been to, then the logical deduction is that this is a different race. Probably of human-like people considering what you've said and not said. Considering that there's a dig site that was radiological in nature then.. then.." His voice drifts and he straightens. He looks away. "Okay, I need to get back. Right now."

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