MD #195: We Have Told You The Truth
We Have Told You The Truth
Summary: Adeliza comes to talk to Atticus after he's spent several days in solitary
Date: 20/10/2017
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Adezlia Atticus 
Brig - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Solitary confinement cell.

Adeliza is wearing her blues, ones that look like they haven't been worn that often, but she's checked her sidearm with the MPs before she entered. She carries a folding chair, which she stands back from the cell, holding it angled slightly so that when she opens it and sits, her left side will be facing him a little more. She stands with the chair still folded, leaning against her hip while her palm rests on the top of it while she assesses the occupant.

Given that the only human contact Atticus has had in the last four days is the silent MP who delivers his food, it's fair to say that Adeliza's arrival get his attention. He's bored as frak given the tablet he'd been given to read books on was taken away and not replaced with any substitute. Around two weeks’ worth of beard growth is now adorning his chin, giving testament to how long it's been since he was trusted with anything sharp, but other than that he looks to be keeping up with his ablutions. Mostly though, he just looks a little worn, the kind you get when you're tired because you're not quite sleeping right. Recognising Adeliza from medical he searches for a name but fails to find one and has to greet her with a wary "Lieutenant," as he pushes himself to his feet and slowly pads across to the bars that separate them.

A single nod greets his use of her rank, and she pauses, still not choosing to set out her chair or sit, yet. "Knight," she replies. She gives him a longer look, then tucks her hair behind her right ear and speaks. "I understand you wish to speak to command about your future." She gives another nod. "I'm here. What do you wish to speak of?"

Atticus has to think back, even if it was the last conversation he'd had, it still doesn't come easily to mind. "I've been told different things," he starts, running a hand down his face to try and focus better. "First it was that when my leg was healed I'd be interrogated, then sent home. Then people started saying I wouldn't be sent home, that I'd get dumped on a planet somewhere and left to die, or your Clerics would wipe my memories, or that I'd simply be executed as an enemy." He folds his arms across his chest as he works through the list of what he can remember, although his right hand does fidget with the material of the PT jumper he's been given to wear. "Sergeant Ynyr said it would be up to your Commanders to decide, and that he couldn't say."

<FS3> Adeliza rolls Alertness: Success.

Adeliza waits patiently as he thinks. "I will be honest. I am not sure where the interrogation and release idea came from. As I'm sure you are aware, the decision to bring you aboard was made for sentimental reasons. The hope that we were rescuing the son of a man we admire, not realizing how much you loathed that connection as you were unconscious at the time." She lifts one shoulder. "So, you will understand that your vitriol towards your father, and towards us, has been a stumbling point, and made it difficult to decide just what to do with you." She sets the chair down, but doesn't sit in it just yet. "In our society, /Lines/," she emphasizes the name used to differentiate between humans and synthetic humans, "do not touch people's minds unless a person asks them to, asks them for help. Which you have not done." She pauses. "The only exception to that rule is to erase memories of our existence, but never to wipe a mind entirely." There's another pause. "We are also loathed to just summarily execute a person in custody. However, as we cannot continue to feed you without you earning your bread, because are stores are limited as we are in space; something has to be done."

"Sergeant Ynyr said it," Atticus replies, referring to the plan he'd been aware of, "when I was in medical. Maybe someone else afterwards, but he said so first." There's a pause as he looks uncertain for a moment, then says, "but now he says not. That you're more likely to just kill me, or if you did send me home that you'd wipe my mind first." He seems to put a reasonable amount of weight on what Lleu says, but is clearly uncertain as to just what is going to happen. He's still fidgeting, but at the moment it's his left hand rather than his right. "I know the Machines attacked you, which means they want Lady Emily back. If you're worried about stores then give them what they want." The way he says it indicates he's not entirely convinced it'll work, but then he's known for a long time that Colonials can not be reasoned with. He tries though, just in case.

There's a slight twitch at the corner of her lips when Atticus mentions the Machines attacking to get Lady Emily. "Emily Benning is a woman. In your society, women exist only to be grateful to men for providing them with food and shelter, and to show their gratitude by bearing children and cooking meals. Is there such of shortage of women on your planets that they would risk an attack for one single woman?" she asks, and gives a shake of her head. "That's not logical. If the Skath attacked us, it was not a rescue mission."

<FS3> Atticus rolls Mind+mind-2: Good Success.

"She is a member of the Royal house," Atticus replies, eyes narrowing just slightly, "her capture might be taken by some to be a sign of weakness. Weakness is not tolerated by King Kendrick, nor Queen Madilyn. You say it is illogical, I would disagree." He catches the 'if' in her last sentence though and tilts his head slightly, trying to figure out just what she is implying by that. "You mean you were attacked by some of your own?" Infighting amongst desperate people wouldn't surprise him, but he still hadn't expected it. "By Romo perhaps? The marine who's kin to Lady Emily?" He's probing now, looking to see what hits and what misses, but it's makes a logical sense to him.

"King Kendrick has a fleet of fighters, then, does he? That he can send at his command anywhere in the space?" There's a doubtful raise of an eyebrow at that refuting of logic. Then Adeliza laughs outright, a laugh that isn't in any way forced and is genuinely amused. "Now you really /are/ grasping at straws. I'm sure you'd like nothing better than for us to destroy ourselves for the Skath benefit. However, as we would not deny access to anyone who might happen to be related to Benning to see her, there would be no need for such an attack." She sits down, still smiling, and gives another little chuckle to herself. "So, does this mean you believe that Benning's mother is your Queen and that she was once named Kelly Romo?"

"No," Atticus replies shortly, stopping his fidgeting to look at her almost unbelievingly for a moment, "of course not. But he has the support of the Machines, and they do." She'd didn't get such a simple logical step? Well, that just reinforces his opinions nicely. He sets that aside though, it's not worth arguing with a fool. "No, Queen Madilyn is not Lady Emily's mother, not her birth mother anyway, but her adopted one. She," Emily, "said she had family who was a marine, something to do with this Kelly Romo, but she wasn't exactly clear how and Sergeant Ynyr denied all knowledge."

"Hmmmmm…" that bemused little smile plays about her lips. "I see." She's not at all perturbed and seems even more amused at the argument of the Machine's support." She nods slowly as he goes on. "/She/" referring to Emily, "said that her mother was Kelly Romo, and she told your Queen's name was Kelly Romo before the Cleric touched her. Therefore, if /you/ are going to believe Benning to try to find her kin, of course Sergeant Ynyr doesn't know a marine named Kelly Romo, as she is no longer named Kelly Romo. She is now Queen Madilyn of House Benning." Adeliza tilts her head. "What is it to you, anyways, that you would want to try to understand who Benning's kin are?"

"Now it's Atticus' turn to laugh, the new contempt he has for Adeliza not hidden. "Her mother may or may not be Kelly Romo," he notes, as if explaining to a child, "but that is what she believes. Tell me this though, if she were the Queen's daughter, why go through the hassle of adoption? It's unneeded, unnecessary, and pointless. She would not have been the King's daughter, but that makes no difference to her status now. No, this idea you've got in your heads is fanciful at best, farcical more likely though." He shakes his head slowly, arms dropping down as his confidence returns a little. "What's it to me? I mention a name and suddenly I'm locked in a box for days with no contact with anyone? Of course I want to find out why."

"Unnecessary, unneeded and pointless; unless you wish to make sure someone is so indebted to you that they dare not make a mistake lest you change your mind about giving them such a prestigious position as daughter of royalty. It's a very powerful hold to have on someone, 'everything you have is because we are kind enough to give it to you and we can take it away just like that if you step out of line'," Adeliza muses. Then her eyes light. "Ah, I see. I did not realize that you were so dim as to think it was mention of a name that put you on solitary. It should be evident that your behaviour and continued insistence that you are our enemy would be the reason. We have been lenient on you as an enemy for Benning's sake, because she pleaded your case, and the late Major General's sake. Otherwise you would have been here from the beginning." She stands and folds her chair. "I see that your claim of trying to understand had nothing to do with trying to create a constructive communication with us, or out of actual concern for Benning. That's all we really need to know."

"Did you actually listen to anything I said?" Atticus asks. He's watching Adeliza very carefully, trying to decide if she's deliberately missing the point to frak with his head, or she just doesn't get it. "I am trying to understand, or I wouldn't waste my breath asking questions, but all I'm getting back is contradictions and blatant lies? Please though, do tell me what in my behaviour has upset you? Have I attempted escape? Assaulted a guard perhaps? I gave my word to Lady Emily that I would not make trouble, and I haven't. Is it just that I say things that make you uncomfortable? Are you too afraid that my words might turn others to the truth that you hide even your guards away from me? I have kept my word, and I have cooperated. When people ask me questions, I answer then, and get nothing in return but harsher and harsher conditions. Whose behaviour is it then, that’s so reprehensible?"

"Atticus Ommanney," Adeliza enunciates. "We have told you the truth, but you refuse to believe it. So you ask again, and we tell you again, and you still do not believe. We will /not/ ever, ever force anyone to believe what they do not wish to believe. That does not mean we are lying." She tucks the chair under her arm. Tilting her head slightly. "Your very argument works against yourself. Your words of truth turning other people, as you say, would constitute as making trouble. Not that you have a snowball's chance in a pot of boiling water of doing anything to turn anyone, but just that you think you can indicates a wish to cause trouble, therefore breaking your word. You are fed, unharmed, and sheltered, with your own mind intact as it was the day you arrived." With that she turns her deaf ear, literally, to Atticus, and walks to the door to be allowed out.

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