AWD #587: War Crime Recon
War Crime Recon
Summary: The team is charged with recon-ing an area too far North for Caprican Resistance, and Randy is charged with bringing the pain to the APF if they are committing mass atrocities towards civilians.
Date: 29/01/2017
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Northern Caprica
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The recon from Caprica returned at a time that defies definition as 'late' or 'early.' Nobody was awake except fireteam patrols and the liaison training officer who had been out flying. The call went out within half an hour. People were being woken up for a rapid reaction force to investigate. Randy had been called up to speak with Jameson on this personally, too. It was not supposed to be a routine mission. Knox had briefed the group on the ROE and what they could and could not do. Gear was handed out. Then 'hurry up and wait settles in.' Once the Raptors were armed and fueled, however, the Marines were put aboard and sent packing.

Jumping into Caprican airspace, the Raptors lurch suddenly with appearing in atmo. Shockwaves spread around them, banging the air and letting everyone within twenty miles know that something had just jumped in. Possibly multiple somethings, anyway. Out in front of the trio of Raptors they can see half a dozen smoke columns rising, each one made up of several smaller fires. The horizon is littered with them. Up here in the mountains, that's saying something. The smoke rises over the ridgelines and mixes with other fires, hitting the jet stream at 20,000 feet and turning into a flat and sickly yellow/black swirl and spreads over everything. Those who have seen the recon pictures of Scorpia might know just what it reminds them of. The plan is to head towards a town beyond the line of fire and set up shop. Observe. Report to the Raptors that will be parked in orbit and trying to avoid attracting Raiders.

Kelsey looks tired, like she hasn't slept much. If at all. She isn't flying on this one, no. She's still in her liaison role and sitting in the back of the Raptor, but right behind the pilot seat. Its the only position she can handle for very long without freaking the F out. Something about too many wrecks. But she has that far away look to her. Eyes staring at the empty co-pilot seat, she's dressed for combat and has all her gear set up properly. The rifle is held with the barrel down between her knees, that vacant expression staring at the distant smoke clouds.

This will be Miri's first time on Caprica and she can't see a damned thing. Figures. She winces as the Raptor hits atmo, breathing through her mouth to try and keep her lurching stomach in line.

Penta is up near the cockpit as well, working with the co-pilot to catch video of everything they're seeing. His rifle is slung, barrel down, on his shoulder. He seems almost bored by the entry into atmosphere, focusing on gathering what intel they can from the air before they ever touch down.

Angelis is sitting as far away from Kelsey as she can possibly manage in the confines of the Raptor. She too is dressed accordingly, and has been obsessively checking her gear and chowing down on an energy bar. A little trick she learned from Kapali. Tabi doesn't look out the window to see where they are, and compared to the last major jump she did, well, the sudden appearance in atmo is really nothing. Doesn't even blink. A small frown creases between her eyes as she checks over her weapons, making sure they're all squared away properly and mostly just quiet and focused. Soldier-Tabi is in the house.

Leaning back in his seat, Fischer has his eyes closed during most of the trip. As they start approaching the area, he checks over hiw weapon a few times, also looking over what he can see of his armor. There's a brief pause as heglances around at the others, expression a bit thoughtful.

Geared up and kitted out like everyone else who works for a living, Kapali is doing what she normally does while in transit from point A to point B; her eyes are closed and her helmet is angled slightly forward to shade her eyes. If the time in transit stretches out, Kapali will fall asleep.

It had been an interesting first day for Oliver Bell, and he had looked forward to making the cushiony warmth of his bunk. Sadly, his rest was to be interrupted when the crew was rounded up and sent out on this assignment. He sits in the back if the ship, his arms crossed over his chest while he blinks sleepily at the floor.

By now this has become old hat for O'Connell who has been on more than her fair share of missions. She's sitting towards the back, geared up and quiet, looking for the life of her like she could fall asleep. It isn't until the sound of their arrival that she seems to rouse, her eyes fluttering a bit as if she has been jarred awake. There's a second where she wants to make the 'are we there yet' joke but that has been done to death and now is not the time to make jokes anyhow and Bina remainds quiet.

Randy is decked out in her Colonial uniform with a Piraean armband, her Piraean tech rifle she's adopted, and her newly issued sidearm. It feels right taking the same gun into battle each time. She has two frag grenades and her EOD field kit slung down to rest on her hip. The Marine keeps her rifle in front of her and does some last checks, including on starting her headcam recording, before calling out over short range comms, "Ynyr, Penta, you're out first." She doesn't feel it's necessary to tell them standard procedure in clearing and finding appropriate cover. "Bell, you're last out with me. Everyone else find a home in the formation. Protect our medics like they protect your arses."

Lleufer is quiet, dressed in his camo kit with body armor. Strapped in the back of one of the Raptors, the MP Sergeant is quiet and relaxed, but alert. Ynyr has his rifle hanging down the front, muzzle down between his legs as he's seated. He's already hydrated and eaten some before lift off and is as ready as he can be. His pale eyes skim over the others to keep tabs on how they are doing, groups of them split up between the birdies. Lleu waits and listens, unable to see much of what's going on outside yet. He doesn't doze this time and smiles faintly at Kapali catching a pre-mission nap.

"Acknowledged." Lleu gives Flynn by way of reply over his com.

"Frak me…" is Mallas' comment upon being awakened. He gears up with the usual body armor, Karlstov G48 rocket launcher, a container of three extra rounds, and a sidearm. Might as well put that heavy weapons training to some use. Non-regulation kit? He has that covered too, sporting his bootlace necklace of Centurion fingers and a new logo chalked on the front of his helmet: WRONG ALLIES FRAKHEAD. Once they're strapped into the Raptor and riding, the Private shuts his eyes, leans back, and goes quiet. It's not until Randy starts to give orders that he looks around. There's a nod of acknowledgement, and then he helpfully points something out to the new Ensign. "Hey sir, didn't you hear about the new high-vis officer patches? Supposed to really help with our morale."

Penta looks to Mallas with a grin. "I did, but your morale is slightly less important than my not dying," he quips.

"You mean by getting me shot?" Randy retorts to Private Mallas with a chuckle.

"Don't get shot," comes the female medic's voice over the coms. "Seriously. I'll kill you."

Cracking one eye open at the com chatter, Kapali aims a wry half curve of a smile at Lleu as she unslouches, twists slightly to shoulder bump Kelsey then does one last - calm - pat down of her gear.

There's a shake of Fischer's head as they get closer to their destination. He doesn

The Raptors continue on towards the target objective. The town doesn't even really have a name. Its a gas station with five or six homes around it at a crossroads. There's also a general store and a post office. Pine trees grow thick here and there's plenty of them in between the buildings and homes. Thankfully the ground altitude changes in the valleys. The trio of Raptors break off and reapproach their target from a different direction and come in to drop the Marines just on the other side of a high ridgeline. The Raptor's seem to have picked a natural gas pipeline cut through the forest, an access road to allow the above-ground pipeline to be fixed without too much effort. When the Raptor touchdown, the doors open fluidly and the ECO's call for everyone out. The ridgeline, only 100 or so yards away and up the hill, should provide a decent overwatch on the site.

There's a shake of Fischer's head as they get closer to their destination. He doesn't say anything for now, focusing on being ready to head out again now. As the calls to get out, he gets up, moving to the hatch and hurrying outside, ducking down a bit as he waits for further orders.

Kelsey slow-blinks, eyes swinging down then over to Kappa's knee. She looks there a moment before looking back at Kapali. The expression is flat and unreadable. Her eyes go back outside while they wait for touchdown. Once the ECO starts yelling, though, she's up and moving. Position taken up by a tree, she aims her rifle outward and waits for orders.

"Don't you want the bad guys to know who to shoot at?" Mallas answers back with a smirk. Then he turns to look out the front window of the bus, and what little he can see of Caprica. There are intact towns? "Man. Rough life they've got down there." Then when the Raptors touch down, he's out the hatch as soon as his turn comes, running low for the treeline and some cover.

Penta moves out with his chalk, ducking his head down so he doesn't hit it against the hatchway before bringing it up again. His rifle is up, and he's scanning for targets as he listens for Randy's orders, but his finger is well away from the "boom switch", as his DI at boot camp put it.

Angelis piles out of the Raptor with her fellow marines and makes for the treeline, positioning herself up near the front, eyes scanning the forest around them, doing her best to ignore the amazing scent of the pines inspite of the acrid smoke filling the air. She's careful to position herself in such a way that she's nowhere near the 'liaison', but where she can keep an eye on the woman too. Taking a knee, there's one final check of her gear and weapons, then she waits quietly for further orders.

When the ECO gives the signal, Miri is on her feet and out of the Raptor, dashing for the treeline. She picks a spot where she can keep an eye on all of her ducks, peering out over the greasepaint on her cheekbones.

Boots hitting the ground a half beat later, Kapali moves in tandem with Kelsey as their Bird disgorges Marines like a mamma bird to some waiting raptorlettes, she taps Kelsey on the shoulder to get her attention. "You're with me," she reminds even as she's scanning the terrain with the cynical look she is known for.

"You heard the ECO. He's kicking us out," Randy teases even as people are already unclipping and heading out. She's right behind them, last out of the bird. She nods to the ECO and pilot before moving up with the rest, signaling for everyone to move on towards the ridge. She takes cover behind a tree and looks onward to scan the terrain and possibly move into a better position, using her rifle scope if necessary. "Kappa watch our six." Time to see what's going on.

Oliver is up and on his feet with the rest, his eyes wide and moving along to the hatch and off of the Raptor with his comrades. His feet carry him along and eventually circle him toward Miri, sticking next to his fellow Corpsman.

Lleufer is quiet once he's acknowledged orders over the com. There's a glance shared with Kapali and as they come in to touch down, he unstraps, "Let's go people. I'm out the door first. Take cover, stay frosty." The LMG is hefted and as soon as the Raptor door is opened, Ynyr does a quick look before he jumps out and makes for rocks and trees. Soon as he doesn't see any imediate threat, he waves the others to come on out. There is a double take and a quickly sucked in breath before he toggles his coms, "Flynn, they've put us down near a natural gas pipeline, I think. We aren't going to want to stay too close to that." But, also good to know it's there in case /they/ need it.

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Flynn, they've put us down near a natural gas pipeline, I think. We aren't going to want to stay too close to that."
[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Flynn. Copy that. Careful with your shots and firepower boys and girls."
[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Roger that, Sir, on six. Wescott, with me."

The three Raptors lift back up in place and pivot around. They fly right back down the cut in the forest and down the backside of the ridgeline. Seems they want to stay out of sight. The ECO's have plans to keep their comms open, though. The pipeline travels roughly north/south, though, and if they peek the ridge they can see just how far into the distance it goes - over the horizon.

Moving off and away from the pipeline, the group can parallel the ridgeline for a couple hundred meters before they would lose sight of the target crossroads. Once they get up on-line, though, they have a rather commanding view. The intersection is just over 1/4 of a mile away and there's a roughly 800 foot drop in altitude. Without power, there are no lights but also none needed at this time of afternoon. There's four APF technicals parked at the gas station, though. Two look like old school buses converted into flatbed trucks with sandbag walls. Another is a jeep with a couple antennas. The last one is a pickup truck with a .50 in the back.

<FS3> Penta rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Angelis rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Oliver rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Mallas rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Miri rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Penta pushes the push-to-talk button on his radio and speaks as softly as the radio can hear. "Penta. I see five technicals at the intersection. Two look like transport vehicles, one looks like a command vehicle, one looks like it has a .50 in the back. One looks like a backhoe, being run by an adult, being a house." Meanwhile, he's pulling out a pair of binoculars and is looking through those to get more information.

Angelis settles down on her stomach once they reach the ridgeline, focusing through the scope on her rifle. "Eyes on the kid on the fourth tech…" She murmers quietly into the comms. He's on a fifty and looks like he's holding a bunch of kids as prisoners or something." Tabi keeps her voice low, eyes focused on the scene in front of her, apparently not really caring that these are kids, they're really not that much younger than she was when she joined up. They're the enemy.

[Into the Wireless] Miri says, "We've got at least one civilian in the area. I heard an infant just now."

Oliver tosses Miri a nod as he walks past her location, heading more toward the front of the procession of soldiers. His eyes scan left to right, watching for any indication that there may be danger coming for them and eventually settle on a curious sight. Toggling the control of his radio unit, he lowers his voice and says, "Check, I see two adult males being held at gunpoint by three APF's. Looks like they are making them do shit for laughs."

Kelsey nods once to Kapali and mouthes 'sorry' when Randy calls for them to bring up the rear. But she dutifully does her job and takes up a position to keep the flank of the recon group covered. She isn't even trying to get up there to see what they are seeing. Given the timing, she may have been the pilot that flew the recon. There's a one in fifteen chance and she was slated for an overnight to Cap. But she keeps her quiet and aims the rifle down the slope, staying near Kapali.

Mallas sits down near the ridgeline as they reach the top, catching his breath from hauling his kit up the slope. He arms the ready round in the G48, then clambers up to the ridge to sight down towards the crossroads. The magnification on the sight is some help scoping out the area, but not a lot. He shakes his head and chimes in on comms.

[Into the Wireless] Mallas says, "Movement in the garage of that gas station. Looks like a beat down or a rape."
[Into the Wireless] Penta says, "Penta. I see five technicals at the intersection. Two look like transport vehicles, one looks like a command vehicle, one looks like it has a .50 in the back. One looks like a backhoe, being run by an adult, near a house."

Pivoting toward the rear of the group, Kapali takes a knee in the dirt, the soft crunch of real terrain under her boots and indenting under the curve of one knee brings a startled almost smile to her face. She exhales, long and slow as she shares a sidelong look with Wescott, nodding as the Marine takes up position beside her. Kapali focuses forward again, scanning the treeline, the slope, the path behind them, sweeping her half of the arc she and Wescott are guarding.

Lleufer is hunkered down and watchful as he listens. Like others, he pulls out his field glasses and no doubt wishes he'd already gotten certain augmentations that are pending, but Ynyr has to make due with the traditional visual boost. Spread out a bit on the ridge, they each have slightly differing angles of perspective on what is going on down below as it unfolds. He waits for the coms reports to dwindle, then adds something low.

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Ynyr here. I also count maybe three down. One AFP and two civs, looks like."

Pausing as he hears what's said, Fischer nods a little as he looks around. There's a brief pause, before he speaks into the wireless as well, looking around rather carefully.

[Into the Wireless] Fischer says, "Can't see what the one at the backhoe is doing, unfortunately."

"Copy all. I've got people ransacking a house. We need to take out the jeep and the .50 cal. If we can get down to the houses without being seen, we can take out the ransack detail and get closer to the gas station. They're looking for something or someone. We need to move quickly," Randy says over comms. "Hold the heavy fire power till we've blown our position…./if/ we've blown our position. Lets head towards the homes people."

Miri gives Oliver a small, reassuring nod before going back to watching her charges. She moves out on Randy's order, sticking to the center of the formation so no Marine is too far away.

"Hold…hold…actually, I want Ynyr and Angelis on point, stealth takedowns at the houses if possible. Team we follow close enough behind to cover and move in. Then we regroup and position to take out the technicals. If cover gets blown…we go straight for the techs," Randy explains before motioning to move out.

Angelis lets out a slow breath at Randy's orders and looks sidelong to Lleu. "Copy that, Sir." She murmers quietly into the comms before she starts to move forward, waiting to fall in behind the Sergeant as they head toward the houses, moving as quietly as possible. She barely breathes, moving low through the trees, keeping her profile as small as possible, each footfall carefully placed. Eyes constantly switching focus between the ground and their target. Focused.

Lleufer is spread out a bit so he's not clumped up. That makes it easier to keep himself concealed and harder to spot in amid the trees. He waits, listening and is about to start moving when Randy's orders come through. The LMG is repositioned back along his pack and secured so his hands can be free and he can move more easily, but where he can still grab it in a hurry if needed. A low murmer over his coms and looking for Angelis, Lleu moves carefully to start making his way down.

The Aerilon Sergeant goes carefully, angling his approach along the best route of cover around towards the houses. There are frequent brief pauses to have a look and listen before he moves again, careful. Ynyr is cautious to keep his distance from Angelis, giving her a hand single to spread out, mindful to keep tabs on anyone in or around that Backhoe.

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Ynyr acknowledges."

Randy takes point behind Ynyr and Angelis, keeping enough distance where they can fire to cover the two, but also to allow them to not be heard so easily or detected like going in the path of some dude or anything. She also is moving as quietly as possible down down down. By taking point, it allows her to command using hand signals and she signals back to the group that the main group should maintain radio silence right now. A helpful reminder. She points out various positions for people if they can get to them quietly.

Penta moves out alongside Randy (a few paces behind and to the right of Randy), after making sure his binocs go back into the case. His rifle comes up, and the safety is firmly in the off position as he moves to the first piece of cover he can find between him and his target location, where he stops to look and listen.

Hearing Randy's orders, Mallas acknowledges with a quiet bit of grousing. "Here we go again." He waits for the point to get clear, then 'rolls' over the ridgeline and slithers down backwards on his belly, dragging the G48 behind him. Once he's far enough down to stand, the Private hoists his weapon in his arms and picks his way warily downslope.

Once Ynyr and Angelis have moved out, Miri grabs her rifle and follows Randy's lead, keeping low, her head on a swivel. She looks around for Oliver and positions herself so there is relatively even medic coverage.

Oliver waits long enough for Randy to pass him by, and then follows along in her wake, staying near the front of the group and ready to run to assist if needed.

Fischer moves out with the others, making sure to keep his attention on their surroundings. Continuing to look around as he does, while moving as stealthily as he can.

Waiting a beat as the rest of the team moves forward, Kapali rises from where she'd crouched and begins moving in an odd sideways manner. Turned like so, she can keep an eye on their Six while not tripping o er anything as she moves forward.

Moving over the ridgeline, the entire team moves up and leaves the elevated terrain and overwatch position in the rear. With Brina, Kelsey, and Kapali bringing up the rear, everyone moves down the slope in one unit and circles around towards the houses on the right. The trees provide them plenty of cover and the rocky terrain enforces moving slow. Luckily nobody twists an ankle or knee. But as they approach the edge of the woods, the small one-story rambler homes seem to be build out of brick and morter. One of them is a trailer with flimsy siding, but visibility down here is very limited to just the houses. They can also hear the sound of a baby crying, but its coming from the gas station. There's also the smell of a fire that's since been lit, but its hard to pinpoint where its from. The trees don't allow for a lot of sky view. From this new position they can only see the backyard of the single house with maybe 30m of open grass to the back door or a run around the side. The house across the street is the one where they had seen the people being forced to dance. Other than the baby they can hear random screams in pain, male and female, from different locations in the small ville.

Once they are down and he has a better view, Ynyr can see the trailer is a bit off a ways and they have come around behind one of the houses. No backhoe here, just an open swatch of grass. Lleufer waits for Angelis and then gives her signal directions to head up the right side in what cover is left, then head for the door, while he'll go up the left. He attempts to convey that she needs to be mindful of the windows, which are dark enough within with daylight that they can't see in through without getting close.

Nothing is spoken out loud. Lleu waits a moment to see if she seems to understand his step by step, and if she does, then he starts moving. Towards the left side, staying to cover, until he's got to crouch low and cut towards the house hopefully through the shortest open space he can manage. The Sergeant heads fast towards a wall and staying low, stops there a second to listen before he'll proceed closer to the door.

Despite her focus on the buildings and the ground in front of her, Tabi is still mindful of Lleu. She catches his signals and nods her understanding, flanking to his right as she moves up on the house directly in front of them. She does her best to stay in whatever cover is available, and when that runs out, makes her way as fast and quietly as possible to the wall, dropping into a low crouch. Positioning herself in such a way as to keep the best view on her surroundings and to watch Lleu's approach to the door as well.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Angelis rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Mallas gets down to crawl the last few meters to the edge of the tree line, and worm his way in behind a big pine. Then he rises to one knee and hefts the rocket launcher. With no targets for the heavy weapon he's waiting and watching, at least able to provide another set of eyes.

Moving along with the rest of the group, Oliver crouches and takes slow steps over the rocky terrain as he weaves himself down the hill and between the trunks of trees. Once to the edge of the tree line, he takes a knee being one large trunk to use as cover as he peers around to mark the forward pair's movements.

Having found himself a place behind a tree, Fischer keeps his gaze on what's out there, rather carefully. Lettingout a few brief breaths as he looks out there.

Miri makes her way down the hill and crouches behind a tree. One hand reaches for her medical kit, a gesture somewhere between reflex and prayer.

Moving at the rear of the group, Kapali is studying the terrain over which they are traveling, eyes sweeping for tracks (human, vehicle or animal) and spends as much of her time pausing to listen as she does looking around. Selecting a tree as her target, Kapali keeps up that sideways movement until reaching the tree and putting her back to it and sighting back up along the inner slope of the bowl of the valley.

Once Angelis is across, Ynyr doesn't risk a look in through the windows. Very carefully he tries the door and finding it unlocked, they get it open very quietly. One after the other they slip into the house without causing a stir.

Once inside, Lleu stays low. A kitchen and a cellar door ajar, which he's mindful and makes sure Angelis is aware of in case someone's down there. When they see what's in the family room, a dead older couple and a pair of APF kids with their pants litterally down and going at it, Ynyr draws his Ka-bar knife. He makes a gesture to Angelis that he's going to take one (the boy) and she'd better be ready for the other so the girl can't cry out and alert them on the street.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Melee+2: Good Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Melee-3: Good Success.

Whatever happens in the house, it's quick and it's quiet. In not more than a couple of minutes, Lleu carefully opens the door and he and Angelis slip back out. Ynyr heads for the woods, quick, quiet and low as before. His own face is grim and set. His Ka-bar has already been wiped and sheathed, a tiny bit of blood on his combats that may not be noticed. Only once the pair of them are out of the house safely and hunkered down back up in the trees does Ynyr open his com to speak low into his radio.

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Ynyr here. Two dead elderly civs in the house. Took down two drunken APF. There are approximately 15 more armed APF outside on the street, drinking and eating."

"Flynn. Copy that. Were there any civilians in the street. I'm thinking frag," Randy gives Lleufer an idea of what kind of question she's asking so he can zero in on the important consideration. "Mallas," she starts, remembering seeing his position as he came down. "Is there any tree cover that would allow us to get round the 'back' of the technicals?" The word back is said awkwardly…as if she knows the word doesn't quite fit, she re-communicates with cardinal bearings. It should be pretty clear she's angling for them to get take down the technicals in as surgical way as possible.

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Ynyr, Flynn. No civs in the street, but aren't we supposed to be on recon? Do you want direct, loud, confrontation? What's our objective here? Get the vehicles?"
[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Sir, idea. Dress in the uniform of the dead APF and walk out, drunken style, and slap a charge on the vehicles and mosey off. They're drunk. Whats one more drunk in the mix? I volunteer to try it."

Fischer listens in quiet for a while, expression a bit distant. He doesn't add anything to the conversation right now.

Miri's eyebrows raise at the suggestion, but she holds her comment. She looks over at Kapali and gives her a nod, appreciating the idea/

Mallas is listening and keeping alert, but there's nothing much to see or hear until Lleufer and Angelis return. Then he cocks his head towards Randy, listening the officer. He considers the layout he remembers from above, then gives a shrug. "You mean the guys the Sergeant says are out front? Yeah … think I can get a shot from the corner, but it will be like … fifty meters. Pretty frakking close, sir." He doesn't sound excited about the prospect.

[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Flynn, Ynyr. We are ordered to protect civilian life on this mission. Right now I see they've already killed civilians and they've got plenty of them coralled for more. I'm not waiting till they decide to waste them. Kapali, that's too risky right now. This group would know someone who isn't them pretty quickly. Let's head along behind the trees for cover, but we need to be careful of patrols. I want to take out the .50. Then I want what looks like that truck with satellites down. Last thing I want is them calling in local air support. We 'nade the street if someone has a clear view that it isn't going to hit a civvie."

Lleufer is just following orders but it is clear that he's confused. Randy's orders don't seem to be the same as the mission briefing orders. Ynyr frowns and sits tight, watchful and listening as he waits to hear what she decides. The LMG has been unstrapped from beside his pack so he has it back in hand.

As soon as the order goes through, Oliver picks himself up from his crouch and begins to creep along the treeline. He peers into each backyard that they pass, mindful of any enemy presence that may be watching the treeline.

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Yynyr here. Yeah, I'd go for that .50 and get those prisoners freed. If the shit hits, you can use the .50 on the street if you have to. Who's our spotter up on the ridge? (Lleu doesn't know we didn't leave one)"
[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Kapali here, Copy that. Sir, should I backtrack to ridgeline to provide overwatch? over."
[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Affirmative Kapali. Flynn out."
[Into the Wireless] Miri says, "Zahav, Flynn. What priority should injured civilians have for treatment?"

Fischer frowns as he listens, expression a bit thoughtful. He doesn't say anything right now, just moves along the trees, eyes open and looking around carefully.

[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Kapali here, Roger, wilco. Over."
[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Soldiers first Zahav. We need our fighters. Civvies after combat is dead. Flynn out."

Pushing off the tree she was braced against, Kapali signals Wescott to join her and sets off at a brisk ground devouring pace, making sure she and Wescott make as little noise as possible.

Mallas waits, listening to the chatter over the comms, and takes the time to set his weapon down and get a drink from his canteen. Seeing Kapali and Kelsey heading for the rear, he quietly grumbles, "Man, why didn't I think of that." Then he squares up and shoulders the G48 again, moving to follow Randy.

Kelsey listens to her radio and people talking. She is in charge of the rear so that's where she looks. Hearing the radios like this, she frets before looking to Kappa. When they're finally told to withdraw to the overwatch position, she takes one last look to the Marines she's leaving and moves off running with Kapali. Alllll the way back up the big hill. At least she isn't huffing like she used to. She just needs water and to sit for a minute.

Penta listens with a deepening frown. This mission is beginning to scream "HI I'M A CLUSTERFRAK" to him, and do so obviously. At the orders for the rear guard to withdraw, he nods, but remains silent. Nonetheless, he watches from his position amidst the trees.

All right then. As things get cleared up and orders are issued, Lleu acknowledges, "Ynyr copies." Kapali and Kelsey move out and after a glance around to check the positions of others that he can see, he starts moving to reposition and begins to make his way through the trees, still on point until Flynn should order otherwise. Slowly and carefully Lleu heads around in an arc to come around towards the gas station well on the other side. Silent, he is watchful for patrols as he goes and makes sure he's not getting too far along without the rest of the team.

[Into the Wireless] Miri says, "Roger. See you on the other side. Zahav out."

With everybody withdrawing, travel takes time. They can't just run the fastest way around and plow blindly through the forest. It takes about another fifteen or so minutes to get around to the flank of the gas station. Crossing the road is the most dangerous part, but they manage to do it far enough down the road that its performed with minimal danger. Coming up on the flank of the gas station, time has passed and the screams around the town have mostly stopped. The sound of the baby crying from this area ceased just after they started moving this direction.

The front of the gas station faces the center of the crossroads intersection. There are 8 gas pumps out front under two awnings. The former school buses are pawrked under the awnings with the antenna'd Jeep parked in front of the door for entry to the interior. The pickup with the soldier and the .50 is on the far side of the station and difficult to see - but he can be made out through a narrow cut between a bus and the building. Behind the station? That violent action that was witnessed is over with. It looks ot have been two people - adults. A man and woman. Both have been lynched up by their necks and left to hang from the rear garage door. Signs pained with 'Colonial Dog' have been left to hang around their necks and slumped heads. There's voices from inside the station - maybe three or four. They sound like adults and maybe some of the older kids. There's laughing and the sound of flesh beating flesh.

<FS3> Kelsey rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Alertness: Great Success.

[Into the Wireless] Kelsey says, "Wescott. No sign of civilian adults near the street. Seeing signs of drag marks towards the house with the backhoe."
[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Sir, new nose count! 11 unfriendly in front of gas station and two more are being led up the street at gunpoint. Gas station may be a rally point, over."

After the quick paced climb back to elevation, Kapali is not the only one who

[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Sir, new nose count! Eleven kids corralled in front of the gas station at gun point and two more being herded there as well."

After the quick paced climb back to elevation, Kapali is winded but steady as she finds the best vantage point and brings the binocs up to get a new gander. What she sees has her speaking immediately into the com.

"Alright guys, here's what we're going to do. Mallas, I want you to have that big boy on the street. "Penta, see the two being taken to the station? You take the left, I take the right. The rest of you on the .50, comms truck, hostages. Do not be afraid to use your smokes if necessary, but remember it will blind /everyone/. Once we take the .50, whoever is manning, we need to move it from the fuel lines. It's a sitting duck at this station and so are we. Alright…" Randy waits for Penta to take up position with her and line up his shot, but not long. She gives the signal. "Weapons free, on my shot." Time is of the essence. Then she takes it.

Penta is with Randy, and, after taking up position, aims where directed. Controlling his breathing just like he'd learned as a young ROTC cadet, he aims and fires at the directed target. One shot only.

Mallas gives Ensign Flynn a hard look, then just nods. Right. Fine. The Private crawls a bit through the trees to find a firing position where he won't be hitting the rest of the group with backblast from the G48. He lifts his head to peek at the brick building across the street, but that crowd of enemies has moved on. Well, that comms Jeep is /pretty/ far from the gas pumps. And they need to take that out anyway…

Kelsey watches through the binoculars, hearing the chatter on the radio. She looks down, then over to Kappa. Then back to the streets. "I was hoping I might be able to prove myself before I departed. I kinda shot myself in the foot with that, didn't it?" she whispers quietly to the Sergeant beside her. Keeping it off comms. She is watching, though.

As the orders come through, Oliver picks himself up and begins to cross, hoping to get to the side of the gas station and hug the wall for cover as he makes his way to the front of the station. When he gets within an open sight, he will bring up his rifle and try and take a shot at the kid manning the .50 cal.

Fischer nods as he hears what's said, letting out a brief breath, before he readies his rifle. Glancing to the others as he does, then looking out towards the targets out there. He takes aim for the one manning the .50, but holds his shot as he watches Oliver move into position.

Holding her position, Miri raises her rifle and waits. All hell is about to break loose and she doesn't want both of the team's medics to be targets.

Yynr moves off with Oliver but splits away using cover as soon as he's able so they aren't too close together. Lleu sticks close to the wall, then tries to use a buss to keep out of line of sight. He has the LMG in hand and inches forward looking for a good place to shoot so they can hopefully take this guy by surprise before he sees anything. Ynyr glances back to make sure Oliver is in position and ready.

"The only person you have to impress, Marine, is yourself," Kapali reminds with a smile aimed sidelong at Wescott. "Always remember that. Situations like this? They're fluid and slightly insane. See something? Say something."

<FS3> Oliver rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Oliver rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Mallas rolls Gunnery: Good Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Penta rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Firearms: Great Success.

Oliver hustles along, noting Lleufer coming up alongside him. He returns the other soldier's look when he gets into position and then pulls up. He levels his weapon, sighting in on the kid with the .50 Cal, and then when Randy takes her shot, Oliver follows straight after. His wound catches the boy high in the ribs, not a kill shot but still a good one. Then the Corpsman pulls his weapon down and is running for the kids to try and get them away from the front of the gas station.

Randy's shot rings out first, but with how everything goes down, it's hard for the naked human ear to really tell who goes next after Randy. Marines know how to throw down an ambush, even if they've taken their time maneuvering around the area. The bullet lands on it's mark, one of the APF dragging a civilian into the gas station. It's a solid shot, and the APF kid soldier goes down immediately, but is still moving and trying to choke out a sound. He maneuvers his gun, disoriented and still on the ground, unsure of where the shot came from as he scrambles to apply some kind of futile pressure on his wound.

Lleufer lifts the LMG but he's real careful to take aim and then shoot off only a short burst right for the guy manning the .50 on the top of the pickup truck. There is the sudden rip of the machine gun discharging and shell casings ejected! The moment the guy is clearly hit, Ynyr starts running for the truck. He jumps up into the back and with his Ka-bar drawn, moves to make certain the gunner is finished. Make damn sure the APF kid can't make a last effort and shoot the Corpsman in the back. No way. Soon as that is done, Lleu hops out and moves to the front cab to see if he can find keys. If he can start it, Ynyr's going to move that .50 away from the gas pumps so he can get a clear line to fire down the street and support Mallas while the others take care of whoever's left inside of the station.

Kelsey holds th binocs, laying on the ground and watching. "That's what I meant, Sar'ent. Prove myself. To me. That and I'm up here. With you. They're all down there. Again. I wanna be down there." She signed on for this for a lot of reasons. It does come off a bit complainy due to the whispered level of it, but after the discussion they had in the sims, Kappa knows better. She doesn't want pity. There's something else far deeper. that's made her like this. "Oh. They're fir- oh wow." She slides her bnoculars towards the rest of the street and what else is happening down there. Overwatch has a job after all.

*BANG* In case anyone was wondering if they were under fire yet? The sound of Mallas' G48 going off should clear that up. The rocket flies true and impacts the side of the command jeep, the fuse detonating a fraction of a second later. *WHUMP!* The vehicle explodes once, and then a secondary explosion, far larger than the rocket warhead, sends the rear of the jeep up into the air. The vehicle end-over-ends twice and comes to rest right against the garage, leaving burning fuel in it's wake.

Penta fires at the same time as Randy, his shot hitting the kid who's his target in the ribs, right around the aorta. It's a gory, bloody wound, with blood spurting everywhere, but the kid will die. Eventually, anyway. Meanwhile, the young Ensign is running, now, eyes trying to take everything in. "Watch it!" he says into his comms. "We got burning fuel about!"

When the jeep suddenly explodes, Randy does a controlled fall to the ground out of instinct, her hands over her head. Okay former EOD, it wasn't /that/ close, but she can't argue with her muscle memory, so she hops back up and keeps running, hoping to make her way to the driver's seat of the truck the .50 cal is mounted to. "Overwatch. Report!" She calls out over comms with ragged breathing.

Well, shit. No keys, not tucked up in the sun visor, not in the ignition, not on the dead kid in the back. Ynyr can't move it and there's no time to rip open the steering collum to try and hot wire it, even if he knew how. "Frak. Must be in the station." Lleufer has no choice but to climb on up to the .50 and man it himself where it is, but that jeep goes up and sends him crouching for a few seconds before he gets up there. "That's still a bit too close!" That for Mallas, you bastard. Ynyr slews the .50 around, though he may not be able to use it long with things already burning.

[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Overwatch. Report"

<FS3> Kelsey rolls 3: Failure.
<FS3> Kelsey rolls 3: Success.
<FS3> Kelsey rolls 3: Success.
<FS3> Kelsey rolls 3: Success.
<FS3> Kelsey rolls 3: Failure.

"I know," Kapali's answer is both simple and all encompassing. "The job we're doing needs doing. That's all there is to it. " Ant hill," she breathes and doesn't take her eyes off the swarm. "Call it in" said as she snugs the rifle in close, exhales and opens fire at the APF in the lead of the group trying to cut the Marines off.

<FS3> Kapali rolls Firearms-2: Good Success.

[Into the Wireless] It's kinda hard to hear Kelsey over the gunfire in the background. "Shortstop, Aegis in Overwatch! Three-five plus infantry rushing your position down street! Add one-zero infantry moving in woods and will cut off withdraw! Total four-five inbound, ETA two mikes, over!"

The crack of the rifle is heard a moment or so before two of the APF bully boys drop like rocks. Kapali speaks in a low voice while lining up and firing as swiftly ad she can accurately do. "If you can make the shot, take the shot. Lwad the target and fire where he's going to be."

As soon as he found no keys, Lleufer climbed up to man the .50 now things are exploding close by. He looks down the street and at the gas station and then slews it around to whichever is the more immediate threat. As all hell starts to break loose, the Sergeant is ready to blow the shit out of things and send them to Hades!

Kelsey finishes out her radio call and hauls up her rifle. She finally gets to fire it in anger! Fingers push her helmet up out of her eyes and she squints down the peep sight. No firing yet. She's taking a breath just like people taught her. She suddenly sueezes the trigger a couple times.

<FS3> Kelsey rolls Firearms-2: Failure.

Swing and a miss. Kelsey just mutters to herself angrily.

Mallas drops prone after firing, coughing in the dirt and pine needles the backblast from the Karlstav kicked up. He cracks the case on his spare rounds and slips one free, then unfastens the rear of the launch tube to start reloading. It's not fast process, taking several long seconds before he has a second round ready to fire. The Private says a prayer while he works. "Ares Lord of War … you who teach fear to the fearless, death to the deathless, let me be your hand…"

Oliver gets all of the children on their feet and crouches down yelling at them over the sounds of explosions and shots fired, "It's okay kids! I'm here to help. Just stay with me and don't look back, okay? Alright, come on!" With that, Oliver begins to head back in the direction he came, to where Miri and the rest wait, and then there is Keley's voice in the comms reporting enemies in the woods. "Shit," Oliver curses, skidding to a halt and considers before charging on in that direction anyways. "Don't look at that," he growls, referencing the lynched adults that hang by their necks. Once he reaches the treeline, he pulls all of the kids in and says, "Down here, now. You guys lay here in the leaves. Cover yourselves up and /do not move/ until I come back for you. Don't make a sound." He even pushes one of the smaller children into position and shoves some leaves on top of them before charging back into the tree line to try and help Miri and the others.

[Into the Wireless] Oliver says, "Bell here. Be advised, rescued children hidden at the base of the tree line. Keep."

Even as Randy gets to the .50 cal truck, she glances towards one of the buses, then to the station, and hisses, "Frak. Flynn. Let's go. We blow this station Mallas. Everyone fall back to take out the ten and have cover in the trees. Let's get out of Mallas' way." She tells Lleu, "Frak the .50 cal!" Then she relays on comms she'll give Mallas the signal when he has clearance to fire at will. This is a run for your life!…so she doesn't exactly stop to tell Oliver exactly what to do with all of those lovely little hostages.

Having ducked down, Fischer is now up in place again. There's a momentary pause as Oliver brings the kids over, and he offers them a very brief smile. "It'll be okay," he offers to them before he moves forward slightly, to get in place to help take out the incoming ones.

Their rescued civilian prisoners have to be the primary concern so when Ynyr hears Wescott saying something over the coms about Oliver's group about to be cut off, and all the rest of them too, Ynyr swears. He pulls that .50 around to see if he can see targets to mow down but no, nothing yet. Lleu abandons is even as Randy starts shoutig new orders, "On it, Flynn!" Out of the pickup truck and boots hitting the pavement, Ynyr gets the LMG back into his hands and starts heading for the trees, "Let's MOVE IT people!" Flynn can watch their butts to be sure nobody's piling out of that station to shoot their asses as they pull out.

When Randy gives the command to fall back, Miri runs, keeping an eye on her ducks. She'll worry about those kids later, and she will fire as soon as she sees enemy bodies moving toward her. The freckled Corpsman has her rifle at the ready.

[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Flynn, Kapali. Stay put or find cover? over."

They can all hear the shouting coming from up the street. Its a lot of voices and a lot of them sound pretty angry. Someone shot up their gas station? It doesn't help that a lot of the teens are drunk. Some are still trying to get dressed and back into their armor. They're just edging into vision about 100 yards or so down the street, the first one or two. But meanwhile the Jeep, leaned against the gas station, crumbles the wall. The wreckage of it collapses the whole section inwards, causing a partial implosion of the customer service area, as well as part of the garage. Some voices of anger cry out from within and a few faces stumble out. A couple girls, about 16 and 17, stumble out in uniforms and are obviously injured. They don't have their rifles, but they have pistols out and are trying ot escape the flames that the Jeep is spreading. They take a few steps away and look over towards Oliver and Fischer. One of them cradles her arm and starts that direction with an angry look. "'EY! EY!! What in the hell do you think you're doing!?" the brunette yells. The blonde just hauls out her pistol from her hip and tries to ignore the headwound thats bleeding. Meanwhile in the trees, between Overwatch and the Gas Station? There's movement. Just a few bodies, but there is movement. Cut-off is imminent.

Oliver stalls in his running to help the fighting, he glances back to where the kids are trying to do what he told them to do. He growls under his breath and runs the few steps back and says, "Change of plans kids, on your feet." He points at Miri's back where she can be seen in the trees. "Go to her, run! Follow her!" Oliver shouts at them. He looks toward the woman that is coming out of the gas station and pointing her weapon at Fischer and himself and raises his weapon to pop off a shot at her before turning tail and running, ushering the children along before him.

Ynyr makes it to the trees and at once he's looking out for both his own people and the incoming 10 who think to cut them off. The prisoners are somebody else's problem at the moment and may have to fend for themselves and make a run for it. Lleu is doing as ordered, falling back and trying to get up slope so he can see what is going on, see if he can get into a good position to set up and give his people cover so they can fall back too.

Penta moves to fall back with Randy. Falling back being the operative phrase. With kids, without kids, he doesn't care. He just wants to be alive and uncaptured at the end of this. If need be, he fires his weapon. Otherwise, it's cover to cover time, moving as quickly towards the ridgeline as he can in a vaguely orderly fashion.

Miri stops only for a moment to wave her arm when she hears Oliver point her out. Then? Back to running.

<FS3> Penta rolls Firearms: Success.
<FS3> Miri rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Oliver rolls Firearms: Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Firearms: Great Success.

"Frak…" Fischer mutters to himself as he stops moving forward. Instinctively, he lifts his rifle and squeezes the trigger, before he turns to run along with the others. Time to get out of here, isn't it.

<FS3> Fischer rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Firearms-2: Good Success.

Randy is already high tailing it out of there. She wasn't as deep in as some, but she's run from Centurions before. That didn't turn out so well. Still, this crowd is bigger, so she doesn't even turn around or look over her shoulder when she hears the girl APF soldier saying something to her? Someone else? It doesn't matter. She shouts an answer finally to Kapali, "Overwatch. I need results on Mallas' action. Stay where you are, over. Get ready to call in raptors with doorguns." It's about that time that Randy gives the all clear for Mallas. "Fire at will."

[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Flynn, Kapali. Roger. WilCo."

Kapali's hands are steady as she works the rifle, glad as ever for the sweet addition of the technology they have at their hands, literally. Maintaining position, and using every scrap of cover possible, Kapali's voice is low but clear to Wescott. "Break off. Scout our way back to the rally and exfil point. I want no surprises on our six. You use every damn inch of cover you can and don't you -dare- get caught. Copy that?" she demands as she continues to lay down covering - if not just plain old fashioned distraction - fire.

As soon as it looks like the rest of their people, sans Mallas, is out of the immediat area of the station, Lleu turns and keeps heading up slope as fast as he can. He keeps a sharp eye out for the prisoners Miri and Oliver are trying to get uphill, but more he's watchful for the 10 APF out this way. Ynyr's breathing is rough as he moves at an angle up the slope towards the ridge. It's a hard climb and it makes his left leg ache, slipping sometimes, but Lleu keeps his wits about him and keeps moving.

Kelsey looks over at the order and looks like she wants to punch something. She shot and didn't even get to actually hit something. "Aye, Sar'ent." he slinks down from the ridge and rolls onto her back before sitting up. "I can't get caught, Penny." There's a low smile. "I'm under orders to kill myself. I've got a kill order on myself, remember?" And she's going to go scouting by herself. "I'll be okay." Thumbs up, she shoulders the rifle and heads back towards where they landed.

Oliver keeps huffing along up the uneven terrain, always staying behind the group of twelve children that he risked his neck to save. His eyes are constantly scanning the treeline, but as one of the smaller children yelps and falls to the ground, Oliver slings his rifle over his shoulder and bends to pick the kid up and throw him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Eyeing the others making their way slowly along, grips another by the back of the shirt and begins to lift and shove the kid before him. "Come on guys, gotta go faster than that. Run." he breaths, his face turning red from the effort of keeping up the frantic pace.

"Frak Frak Frak," Kapali says as she hears the kaboom and see's Marines heading up slope, at speed, and shoves to her feet a bare second later. "Frak," is huffed before she hits the comm. "Flynn. Kapali. Wescott and I are scouting ahead to exfil. Repeat. Scouting ahead to exfil. No over watch or incoming UNfriendly fire. Copy." and she beats a path in Kelsey's wake, hauling ass to catch up with the younger marine liaison within a few moments of hard running.

[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Flynn. Kapali. Wescott and I are scouting ahead to exfil. Repeat. Scouting ahead to exfil. No over watch or incoming UNfriendly fire. Copy."

"KIDS! MOVE! NOW!" Comes the surprisingly booming voice of Specialist Zahav, turning to project her voice as she scrambles up the craggy hillside. Godsdammit. These kids.

Randy is moving along with Lleufer. He can move quicker than her in general, but she's got a good hustle on. She shoots an APF out of the corner of her eye, clipping him in the shoulder as they move among the trees. "On our left flank!" she shouts out. Frak comms. Then she tells Kapali to give Raptors the first ETA. Five to seven minutes out. Randy might be frakking that estimate, but maybe the sight of Raptors circling in, and doorguns? She pauses and pivots to shoot the same guy again, this time he's going down and she engages in a volley with one of his friends. "Keep running! Laying down covering fire!"

Penta keeps moving. Unlike Randy, he's not stopping to engage unless forced - he's just hauling ass and getting the frak outta there.

"Run like…" Fischer begins, not stopping to fire or anything, just moving up the hill. Get out of there, that's the main thing in his mind now.

[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Kapali, this is Flynn. On our way with kids. Ten just found us. Relay ETA for raptor and if they can, doorgun configuration. This is going to be close. Tell them to stay out of line of sight if possible till ETA 2 minutes. We don't want APF knowing where we're going."

<FS3> Mallas rolls Gunnery: Good Success.

Once they are getting up the slope and it looks like they may have slipped by those who were trying to cut them off, Lleufer slows up to suck some breath. He's limping, having strained his left leg but he's still up and mobile. He lifts the LMG and fires into the trees where some of the APF are moving to keep those sons of bitches off of Oliver and Miri with the freed prisoners. A quick look to Flynn, "How the hell are we going to fit all these kids on the Raptors? I hope to hell we don't have to board'm up by that pipeline." If so, well, pray a lot. Soon as more APF show movement, Ynyr is firing away again. Then he's moving upslope to keep things going up. Should be topping that ridge any time now, he hopes.

[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Flynn. Kapali. Roger. Will relay."

Reaching the ExFil point in tandem or maybe just a few steps or so or thereabouts ahead of Wescott, Kapali links to the hovering Raptors and calls them down to their evac point with the time table that Flynn requests. She repeats the time table to get a clear confirmation from the waiting Raptors then pivots, yet again, and drops to a knee and signals Wescott to do the same. "Be advised, we are going to be heavy 10 kids. Repeat, heavy by ten additional cargo."

"They don't weigh much." In fact, it's almost as if someone knew they'd have people along. Sure it's crammed, but it's not /that/ crammed on weight right? Randy grits her teeth and swears as she continues to fall back…up actually. "Tell the Raptors to dump excess shite," is all Randy can get out between bursts of fire on the com. "We're overloading them or someone's staying behind." She doesn't say who.

Everyone is running but him. Mallas grits his teeth and has a few choice thoughts for Ensign Flynn. But he's in the middle of praying, which given the situation, seems like the priority here. "…Guide my fire, and lay waste to my enemies…" A quick glance around and even the Private can see the gas station has had it already, and the crowd of APF coming up the street is thickening. A quick twist of the fuse setting, to get the warhead to burst at the right distance, and he brings the G49 around. *BOOM* His second shell flies down the street and detonates about twenty meters beyond the leading elements of the APF kids, sending fragments in all directions. Mallas doesn't wait to see the result. He turns and high-tails into his own backblast zone, and after the rest of the unit.

[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Flynn to Kapali. Tell the Raptors to dump excess shite. We're overloading them or someone's staying behind."
[Into the Wireless] Kapali says, "Flynn, Kapali. Copy. Relaying."

Kapali speaks into the com in one breath and flips channels to relay with the next breath, scanning the tree line and then up to the sky and back again, counting it down one excruciating second at a time. Holding the mission clock all of a sudden has her sweating bullets.

When Ynyr gets up slope, he stops, "I'm not leaving without Mallas. We've been through too much shit together for too long. I'm covering his ass." Out of breath, it takes an effort to even get it out. Lleu sets up the LMG and lays himself out prone to give their people cover as they make for the Raptors, "Come on buddy. Hurry your ass up." The last is offered more quietly, not directly to Flynn.

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Ynyr to Mallas, get your /ass/ up slope, buddy. I'm wait'n to cover you."

Oliver is a large man, standing a good amount taller than Randy, but the climb is wearing on him with a kid on his shoulder. He huffs along in the wake of the eleven other children and grumbles out, "Ohhh, son of a bitch this is a hike. Move your little asses!" He looks forward to Miri as she leads the way and once they make the extraction point, he sets the little kid back on the ground and says, "There, go to that one!" He points ahead at Kapali before he too begins to stumble forward.

There's a bit of a juggling act at first, as Mallas tries to run and sling the Karlstav across his back at the same time. Then he gets his sidearm out, and makes a proper run of it. Circling around, he crosses the road beyond the blazing wreckage of the gas station, then charges through the woods, huffing and puffing up the slope.

Kapali quickly flips the rifle around so that it's slung across her body from the carrying strap and waves to get the attention of the kids that are coming up hill with the big medic whose name she doesn't actually know as yet. Medic, Marine, nuff said. "This way!" she calls out in an urgent but trying-to-be-friendly-not-scary-marine voice.

[Into the Wireless] Mallas says, "tac4 Frak … you … coming!"

Miri reaches the rally point and sees Oliver and the kids following behind. She raises her rifle, ready to lay down cover fire if necessary.

"Not long left…" Fischer stays by the medics and the kids, once in a while turning to fire a burst towards where the enemies were. Turning, as he sees people seems to have made it back, he comes to a brief stop, taking a few moments to catch a few breaths. "Good…" Keeping his rifle ready to cover the rest now.

Penta helps too, once he reaches Kapali. "C'mon kids, come to us!" He says this in his best "cuddly-big-brother" voice. Not that he had any younger sibs, but hey, he had younger cousins! Anyway, he's trying to calm the kids. Because nervous kids do not a good ride home make. Meanwhile, his rifle is pointed outward, scanning the treeline.

The sound of Raptors breaking cover and angling in for a landing is not one that is easily ignored, the first one touching down a few moments later with a quick upwash of heated air that smells of ozone and mechanical stuff and oil, and fuel, something always smells like fuel. The hatch pops and the air crew are heaving anything out that isn't bolted down AND isn't marked with KILROY WAS HERE onto the ground and waving IN the first batch of kids and marines. "Marine, grab a kid, get on the bird," is Kapali's orders to Wescott and she literally picks up the first kid she can lay hands on, shoves kid to Wescott and points. "Everyone, grab a kid, get on board." The First bird will lift off as soon as it's as heavy as it can get and lift, the clock is ticking.

Kelsey has problems moving this quickly over awkward terrain. Too many shrapnel injuries to her hip and leg. She may not scar anymore, but deep tissue injuries are a little different. Especially on bone. She does look pained as she grabs a 12 year old boy and hauls him up into the Raptor with her, jumping in with. Climbing in on all fours, she clambors for a seat near the front and rests her head back, panting and clearly in pain.

Randy posts up a little further from Lleufer so he can leap-frog back with covering fire when Mallas makes it up. "Ah. Thank the gods," she whispers as she spots Mallas. She scans the trees for any remaining of the ten APF, taking off a few bursts. "Come on Mallas we're waiting on your arse," she teases, leaving her post only when they've gotten up close to where she is. She allows Lleufer to get setup again before making a mad dash for one of the Raptors.

Penta grabs a little 10-year-old boy and dashes onto the first bird out. Once aboard, he puts the kid down, directs him to sit where he can, and heads forward to the cockpit, ready to supervise the evacuation from the air.

Oliver takes just a few seconds to compose himself, to swallow the vomit that threatens to surge from his guts, and then he makes the last few steps toward the Raptor. He stoops and picks up a kid which as fortune would have it is the same little jerk that he just carted through the forest and he pats the kid on the thigh as he says, "Alright, looks like we're finishing together." Oliver hops onto the bird and moves forward to his seat, dropping the kid onto his knee and then adjusting the safety harnessing to strap him and the kid in.

Mallas comes jogging up the slope, sucking air but not slowing his pace. The occassional crack of passing APF bullets and the sound of raptor engines inbound encourage him along. Spotting the pipeline cut, he makes a beeline for the cleared area and crowns the ridge, stumbling quickly down the back side.

Once Penta and his cargo are on board, Kapali waves first Brina and the kid she selects and then Ang and the kid she selects and literally hands off a fifth kid to the air crew before she gets the signal from said crew that they just hit the max and takes SEVERAL healthy steps back to give the Raptor room to lift off again, which is does. Possibly with some inventive invective from the air crew but it's up. Heavy. But up. The 2nd Raptor lands a few seconds later and Kapali waves forward the next batch.

Oliver takes just a few seconds to compose himself, to swallow the vomit that threatens to surge from his guts, and then he makes the last few steps toward the Raptor. He stoops and picks up a kid which as fortune would have it is the same little jerk that he just carted through the forest and he pats the kid on the thigh as he says, "Alright, looks like we're finishing together." Oliver hops onto the bird and moves forward to his seat, dropping the kid onto his knee and then adjusting the safety harnessing to strap him and the kid in.

"I'll catch the next one," Miri tells Oliver as he boards. She doesn't want both medics to be on the same Raptor, just in case. In the meantime, she helps wrangle the kids and get them paired up with Marines and boarded.

When Randy tells him to fall back and she takes a turn covering Mallas's exit, Ynyr gets up and does so. He's stiff and sore but he pushes to limp on up, gritting his teeth and still managing to move it, move it, move it! Then he takes up one last position to cover those getting into the Raptors. "Hurry up, man! We've got presants to deliver before next Saturnalai, shit." As soon as Randy and Mallas are up the ridge, Ynyr can start helping to pick up and toss kids up into the next Raptor and sling his LMG into one too. Somebody can take that, right? When they are finally going to want his ass up into a bird, Lleu can man the door gun. But not until he's sure Mallas is gonna make it too.

Waiting for a few moments, Fischer finally makes his way into one of the Raptors, taking a few moments to look towards the kids that might be in that one. "Hey, it seems we're travelling together," he offers to them, with a smile. "I'm Fischer, but most people call me Fish. Who might you people be, then?" Offering them a quiet smile as he does. "See, we'll all be quite safe soon, okay?"

Randy continues to cover until Mallas has made the ridge, then she goes up herself, not wanting to leave him uncovered. The crowd of APF have been tearing through the treeline and up after them since Mallas exploded them. She hustles after and up as the second Raptor is finishing loading. "Go go go!"

Soon as the 2nd Raptor is heavy with as much cargo as it can carry, it too dusts off leaving the last of the marines and civilian kids blasted by the dust and flying debris of it's lift off. "This one is is, boys and girls, party bus is leaving," Kapali calls into the com and shields her eyes as the last raptor angles in and touches down. More stuff is heaved out the side and the crew wave in the marines with a 'lets not dally' sort of attitude to the waving. Kapali grabs a kid and passes it to the air crew and takes a knee, sighting back along the way that they've all evacuated and points Miri toward the Raptor. "Up!"

Kapali doesn't have to tell Zahav twice. She grabs an eight-year-old girl by the arm and hauls her along up into the Raptor, strapping herself in and telling the girl, "Get on my lap and put your arms around my neck. Takeoff's going to be a little shaky, but I've got you, okay?"

When Kapali gives the order, she doesn't have to tell Zahav twice. The Corpsman grabs an eight-year-old girl by the arm and hauls her along up into the Raptor, strapping herself in and telling the girl, "Get on my lap and put your arms around my neck. Takeoff's going to be a little shaky, but I've got you, okay?"

Randy closes the gap on the LZ and hauls arse into that Raptor. She covers the ground, heart rate through the roof from that never ending Hades of stairmaster PT, "Pile-of-shite-extra-steps-too-short," she heaves between breaths before giving herself one last burst of energy to hop up into the Raptor, just grabbing a tieline since there really are no seats.

Handing up the last of the kids into the last raptor that's waiting, Kapali turns toward Flynn and shares a single look before she nods and gets into the Raptor, squeezing in beside the confused and scared looking kids. She doesn't have to actually hear Flynn say 'First in, last out' because it's probably something hammered into officers in OCS, or in one of those books that Flynn has been reading. The hatch on the Raptor is closed as soon as Flynn is on board and the Raptor is actually lifting off AS the door closes. "Marines, we are leaving," she says into the com channel then leans back, remembering somewhat belatedly to stop bossing everyone around now that they're on board. Hey, passenger again! Time to close eyes and pretend to sleep until they get back to the Orion.

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