AWD #146: War Clouds Gather
War Clouds Gather
Summary: The plan for the retaking of Picon is laid out and discussed.
Date: 01/06/2013 (OOC Date)
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Map Room - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.

So the particular time of the meeting rolls around and the Map Room has been cleared - the table itself has pretty much every map the Battlestar has of Picon laid out flat, along with some printed pictures taken of specific targets, several pages of reports that Elias will recognize, and of course, the large mug of coffee that can probably be scented the moment someone walks through the hatch. Petra himself has a notebook sitting on an edge of the table, scribbling something down in it as people find their way in, the tip of his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth - looks like he's been here taking notes for a while.

Knox moves in through the hatch in his combat duds, radio pack held in his hand as he heads towards the table. Apparently he just got off mission. He purposefully does not look at the table. The man stops near the door and nods to Petra. "Colonel. Is it alright if I'm here for this?" Direct question, no doubt. He'll probably leave if asked without a whit to protest.

Oddly enough, the first stick jockey to walk through the hatch is a bus driver for the Wing's raptor squadron. Possibly the CAG's secretary for the evening; or possibly he plans on showing up in person later. Either way, Bennett too looks to be fresh off a duty shift — judging by the flight suit she hasn't had time to peel off, and the wet hair that looks dunked under a tap and pulled into a hasty bun. "Sir," is her professional, if soft-spoken greeting for the Lt.Col. Cooper gets a cautious smile as she hops up onto a table to await the official start of the meeting. Well, at least until someone tells her to get down.

Elias slips quietly into the Map Room and heads straight for the table. He may be the only attendee not straight off the deck, to judge by his crisp-looking Blues and recently shaved face. Under one arm is, as usual, a clipboard stuffed with papers. His greeting is a terse nod, his expression serious. One "Sir" is offered to the TACCO, then another "Sir" for Bennet. Knox gets a brief quizzical look, but Elias says nothing more than "Sergeant" to him, in more or less the same tone of voice.

Petra glances up from his notes as Dorian and Knox and Bennett walk in, offering a nod at the Marines, "Evening Captain. 'Course, Cooper. Both of you grab a perch. I haven't heard from your CO in a while, so it'll probably be for the benefit of the Corps to have more eyes and ears here. Some of this might need your, ah, unique input on, anyway." Bennett gets a nod of his head, "Captain," while the notes are abandoned for the time being. The mug of coffee is retrieved and a drink taken from it, while the TACCO glances at his watch, "This might be a little smaller and shorter than I originally thought. I'll give em five minutes more and count em as not coming. Evening, Elias. Most of this is going to be from your handiwork, so I might need your input on questions."

Dorian nods while taking a seat on the riser, "Evening Colonel." her eyes look about the room somewhat casually as if taking count of the people present

Knox nods to Petra and moves closer, slowly taking in the info on the table. Each map gets a quick glance while he searches for what's coming together. The Sergeant sets down his radio in the meantime, leaning it against the table. Likewise his hockeyhelmet and the mid are stripped off as well and set on the top. "Alright sir. I've got my own status on operations to report when you are ready."

Bennett leans over to snag one of the maps laid out on the table between index and middle finger, and pulls it closer for a look. She's quiet while she processes the information, her eyes scanning the page with a slight furrow between her brows.

Elias nods to Petra about his answering questions. "Yes sir." He glances aside when Petra speaks to Dorian, seeming to just take note the Marine Captain over on the risers. A new face? As introductions will probably come once the meeting starts, he just adds another brief greeting her way for now. "Captain." He settles in at the map table and starts to flick through a few papers on the top of his clipboard, then glances down distractedly as something is set on the floor nearby. Elias' eyes narrow at Knox's radio, and he glances up at Knox himself. "Sergeant, would you mind leaving that outside?"

Petra nods briefly in acknowledgement at Knox' request, "Will do." He glances over at the hatch as another face or two materialize, then clears his throat, "Alright, that's long enough. So, for those of you that have been stuck in Sickbay for the last month or just joined us, its not exactly a secret any longer that we're taking the offensive and our first target is Picon. With the Linten and Blackjack groups having joined us, we have a significant assault force gathered that can do more than play defense…and with over forty million citizens on Picon and Aerilon fighting, we sure as hell need to stop hiding here."

He pauses for a moment when the radio is mentioned, choosing to contiune on through the first part while that is resolved one way or another, "The problem is, as best as our recons currently tell us, the Cylons have at least 20 basestars currently mobilized throughout the colonies, as as we saw at Caprica when we returned after Warday, they can be summoned in about an hour's notice. This collective battlegroup cannot take on 20 basestars. Might. But that's not an acceptable risk Im going to ask the Admiral to commit us to. The losses would be horrific."

Bennett lifts her eyes from the map she'd been scouring, once Petra begins speaking, and focuses on his face while he explains their situation. The negotiation over the radio is mostly tuned out.

Knox looks confused for a moment at Elias. Then he see's where the man is looking and nods. "Oh, copy, sir. I'll leave it with the guard outside." He takes it up, and the helmet, and heads towards the hatch. There are whispered words for a moment and a roll of his eyes before he closes the hatch behind him and comes back to the table. "Apologies, el-tee. Wasn't thinking." He nods to the Tac officer and looks back to Petra. "I would agree, for what its worth, Colonel. The basestars don't have gun systems but the sheer number of missiles they can put out might be a problem. We might be able to hold, but it would probably involve a plan of action intending for those numbers to jump in."

Phin slips in, as unobtrusively as possible, and slots himself somewhere not far from Bennett. Again, as unobtrusively as possible.

Elias gives a quick nod of thanks to Knox when he returns to the table. "No problem, Sergeant," he murmurs quietly in answer to Knox's apology. Elias' attention is mostly on the others in the room, assessing reactions to Petra's news.

Dorian nods, "I agree with the Colonel, it would be foolish to take on such a large array of basestars." she leans forward to glace at the map and some of the paperwork laying around

Petra nods slightly at Knox, "And Raiders. Every single basestar carries around 200 or so raiders, whereas only some of OUR capital ships can even carry personal craft at all. So while they dont have guns, they do have nukes and a flood of fighters, so even though our boys are better and have an impressive kill ratio…when you're outnumbered in the air 20 to 1 or worse, you're going to lose, I dont care if you are Ares' gift to the Viper."

He pauses there for a moment to listen, then nods slowly, "So, the plan that's been presented, and we have been building on, is to time several actions to pin down Cylon forces in other locations so they cannot commit them to defending Picon. We could simply take the Baker Bay and some cruisers and jump over to, say, Troy, to kill the single basestar there, but there's nothing preventing it from jumping out the second it sees us there. We need to attack, or make them think we are going to attack, places they cannot afford to abandon. Caprica. Aerilon. Possibly Leonis. And places they will never expect us to show up." He nods at Phin, "Lt. McBride is leading a project to use our newly found stealth assets to scout out the Cylon's support lines. He's likely going to need Air Group and Marine help to hit targets on the Cylon side of the Armistice Line, so if he comes to you asking for help, I expect him to get it. Lieutenant, do you have an update on the status of your project?"

Knox stands there, hands planting fingers gently on the table. "I support McBride's attempt, sir." He looks to the Viper pilot. "That's one of the most inventive ideas I have heard in this war to day. Remember," he looks back to Petra. "War materiele supports a war. They might have 20 basestars here, but every single one we kill hurts them. As with the guerrilla forces that operated on Tauron: A thousand cuts will kill your enemy. To face them head on will only ensure defeat."

Phin looks up. Oh, people who out-rank him said his name. He clears his throat. "Lieutenant Springthorpe and Lieutenant Kingsbury managed to get out behind the Armistice Line in a Raptor, sirs. They got some data on what's become of the old Armistice Station. Looks like the Cylons nuked it pretty flat. Not sure what to make of what they found once they actually got back there. It was pretty straight in and out. They came across an asteroid field that a basestar was squatting by for…some reason. And a moon it seemed like the toasters were mining for tylium. The Tactical guys can probably make more of the scans and pictures than we can. Should all be pulled off the Raptor's systems in a few hours."

Elias listens attentively as the basic plan is described and the discussion ensues, but has nothing to add himself. He finally perks up a bit when Phin describes the mission results of their first foray, focusing intently on the pilot. Upon hearing that there's data to analyze, Elias quickly flips a page on his clipboard and jots down a few notes to himself.

Petra glances over at Elias while Phin speaks, maybe confirming to himself that the Intelligence Officer is already taking notes, so he doesn't have to, "Excellent. The first stage of this operation will be to hit them in several places with preemptive attacks meant to destabilize their control and force them to commit more military force to areas they were not before. Hitting behind the lines, stepping up the air strikes on Aerilon, and assassinating the puppet government on Caprica. Captain, Sergeant, we're going to need one or two Marines, preferraby one of them a sniper, to go out with a couple of air wing folks, to meet the command group on Caprica. They're going to have to spend a day or two out there talking to them, so they can come back and give us a better idea of the possibilities. Make sure that gets communicated up the chain for me? I'll need a couple of names in a week from today."

Knox smirks at Phin's report. The man lightly taps a fist to the table and nods. "Hell yes, el-tee. Glad to see that panning out." Coop gives him a subtle two-finger salute at the end of his words. He was there when Phin thought it up so it only gives him a little more pride to see the JG's plans working out. Hearing Petra, the man's attention returns. "Copy, sir. Myself or Captain Falston can arrange it. I've already spoken to Staff Sergeant Ajax Varis about something else. But I default to the Captain." He nods to Dorian. Its on her. "I am willing to go to Caprica but as always I operate at orders, sir. Where I am needed, I'll go." Leave it to the JTAC.

Phin nods, and quiets down again, once he's finished his spiel about the Raptor's brief foray into dark territory. His posture tenses a notch when the puppet government on Caprica is mentioned. That troubles him. He mostly just watches and listens now, soaking it all in.

Elias finishes up his notes and looks up again. He nods his understanding about the names needed for the Caprica mission, but none of that is directly his concern, so no more notes are needed yet. "And just getting on to Caprica alive is going to be risky…" Elias adds in a matter of fact tone. Just to make sure that part was clear.

Petra mmms softly and shakes his head at Knox, "Sergeant, I hate to say it, but Caprica is the one place we probably should not send you as part of a meet and greet group. Doesn't take a statitician to figure out how many Sixes are on Caprica right now. While I would love to have your insight on what the holy frak they are doing on Caprica, if that Command group gets so much as a whiff of you? They'll shoot down our Raptor and never talk to us or Spree again. If I have no choice, we'll talk to Commander Spree and have a chat with them first, but, yeah. We can discuss that more later on." He nods at Elias, then pauses there for a moment, "We have an insertion plan, but its a bit more dangerous than normal for us," then nods at Phin and Bennett, "Same thing for the Air Wing. I will need a couple of names by next week. People ready to volunteer for a day trip to Caprica."

With that said, he takes a drink of his coffee, clears his throat, and continues, "The second stage will begin after all of stage one is completed. This will be the actual naval assaults. Picon, Caprica, Aerilon, and like I said, maybe Leonis or another target we've identified in the meantime, as something we can pin their basestars down on. This is the key, because we don't know how many, if any, basestars are being held in reserve. If the fighting force at Picon does not exceed a threshhold we will set, we remain at Picon, and crush it. The other assault sites will remain until they have either succeeded, gotten outnumbered, or have hit a prearranged time limit…having delayed them enough for us to destroy the Picon defenders."

Knox hears out Petra and nods. "Copy, Colonel. No objections." Good Marine, all around. hearing the rest, the Sergant nods. "Do the intent is to force decisive engagements on our terms?" Just wanting to understand. "How important are we placing Picon? Is that our primary, non-negotiable objective, sir?"

Elias's gaze sweeps around the room, studying each person in turn for a few seconds while he listens to Petra. He pauses to jot down another quick note, then turns his attention Knox to hear the Sergeant's question. He hesitates a second, then looks to Petra for an answer.

Petra mms, "I want Picon. We have a lot invested there. There are a lot of civilians there, bunkered down and hiding. But if the Cylons abandon Aerilon or Caprica to defend Picon, then I don't have a problem focusing on what they abandon. Thats the question that's going to dominate Stage two: what the Cylons do, determines what we do in Stage Three. If they abandon one of the secondary engagement targets, then that group will have additional instructions to inflict as much damage to the Cylon ground forces left behind as possible, and help the resistance on the ground in both places, and withdraw as soon as significant enemy forces arrive. However…they aren't going to abandon Caprica. They've invested too much there. There's something the Cylons want on all three of those colonies…we just dont know what yer for certain. Stories from all three colonies reported the Cylons were intentionally avoiding property destruction of assets like fuel depots…limited nuke strikes, where other Colonies, they didn't bother to land a single Centurion. We're going to use that against them, and hope they dont have so many in reserve that we have to withdraw everything."

Coop nods a couple times. "So draw them in, force it where we want it. I think Phin has a phenomenal plan, to be perfectly straight, sir." He nods to the JG, then back to Petra. "Force them to disarray into targets they find important. That's also a good intel point." He glances to Elias. "The places they heavily defend bhind the lines, once this gets going? Key."

"We can force them to react to us, but how they'll react is … less clear," Elias adds as they discuss Picon as the formal objective. "So we'll almost certainly need to adjust." Knox's comment gets a nod of agreement from Elias. "Once we force them to concentrate or commit reserves, we'll have a clearer idea what's important to them. I'm all for hitting them where they live, but there is a lot of space beyond the Armistice line. Hopefully Lieutenant McBride's work will get us a clue about where to go."

Petra nods once, "It is. I think McBride might have missed a calling in Tactical, but if he absolutely has to be a pilot…" The LTC smirks for a moment and shoots Phin a look, "…I'll take what I can get. So yes, I imagine Lt. Gray is going to continue to be a busy man…I probably need to find him more help at this rate, because its only going to get crazier. So, in the event they do NOT abandon other targets and we are able to flatten Picon, we begin Stage Three in two parts. First, we focus on dominating air superiority. SAM sites, Raiders, anything that is in the air that isn't us gets destroyed. When it becomes clear the Cylons are not going to show up with a delayed counterattack, we begin the ground assault. The Boneyard is target number one. Lieutenant Morgan was working on an assault plan for this, but since he's not here, that makes it a little more difficult. This is going to be the Marine's initial primary focus, because once we have that site liberated, it becomes our primary ground airbase. So we will need to be working with Spree to identify ground targets we can quickly lunge into once we have boots on the ground."

Holding up a finger, "Before we can start that conversation, however, we have to wait on Corporal Baca to complete her task of taking out Major Flynn. If he's not a defector, we can't risk him getting a whiff of the idea that we are considering an offensive. So no conversations with spree until Flynn is out of the picture."

Knox lifts his hand. "Colonel, Lieutenant morgan has handed off the planning of the Crandall assault to me. I'm already working that angle." The skinjob is planning one of the major assaults of the war. "I've spoken to Staff Sergeant Varis," Jax, "-and we are working on a recon plan before we go in. He's request I tag along. With your permission, I'll go. However, I have recommended Corporal Baca as a suitable alternate if you decline me, sir."

"A visit to Flynn is in the works, Sir," Elias assures Petra when the TACCO mentions dealing with the Major on Picon. "I've discussed the planning with Corporal Baca, since the Marines have been a bit short-handed. It's going to be difficult, but no worse than anything else we're attempting." He turns and listens as Knox discusses the saber mission, purses his lips thoughtfully, then flips his top sheet of paper and makes another note to himself.

Petra shakes his head at Knox, "I have no issues with you on that task. If Baca can manage working on both? The more power to her, but her priority needs to be Flynn for the moment. Once he's taken care of, she can be all yours, of course. Keep me and Lt. Gray informed of your timetable. I dont need to know details, but he might." He stops there for a moment to take in a deep breath, "So, I've gone over the basic framework. We havent even begun to discuss what we might do after we've gotten our boots dug into Picon, because that's probably a waste of breath, with how so many things can change. So are there any questions or commentary we can handle about this, so far? If you're here, you're someone I want to hear your input from if you have it - you might have thought of something we havent."

Knox listens, nodding. The man seems perfectly comfortable with it. Right down to going on the recon. Though at the last, Knox looks around to the others before focusing on Petra. "Being that this is a war planning operation, sir, can I brief on my new mission?"

Elias has no comments to make on the plan, apparently. He folds his hands in front of him, atop the table, and looks around to hear what the others have to say. Knox's question earns him a quizzical look from Elias, a look that shifts over towards Petra. "New mission?" Elias asks as he looks back towards Knox. "You mean the Boneyard Op, Sergeant?"

Petra glances around at the other faces for a moment when Knox asks about the op. Finally, he walks around the table so he can lean back against it and fold his arms over his chest, "If there aren't any other questions about what we've gone over so far, then yes, we can launch into new subject material Sergeant. Go for it. Where do you want to start?"

Bennett has been rather characteristically quiet throughout this meeting, and letting the precocious Mr. McBride do the talking for the most part. When Petra asks if there are questions or comments, she lifts her eyes from the wall they've been boring holes into for the past hour or so, and favours the TACCO with a wan smile. "Too many, sir." Questions. "Although I wish to put my name in the hat, as it were. For Caprica." She seems quite certain of that. Her gaze shifts to Knox then, whom she regards partly across Phin's shoulder.

Phin grins, with no small amount of surprise, at Petra's comment about how he might've done in Tactical. He almost blushes. Almost. But mostly, now that he's said his piece about what little knows of cross-Arm Line stuff, he just concentrates on taking notes. With the header 'TO THE ATTENTION OF MAJOR HOLTZ' at the top, along with the date. He seems to have decided he's acting in the capacity of the Viper Major's secretary.

"Copy sir, thank you." Knox nods to Petra and looks to the others. "As you know, I'm what people call a 'skinjob'. I can download. But the benefit is that I know who and what I am. But," he looks to each in turn. "I know who you are. I know what you have done. I've been as much of a human as I could possibly be. Its corrupted everything that I am as a skinjob model. However, its also infected every part of me. As a skinjob model, I know what it is to change. My model, beyond anything, is driven by honor. In what's transpired, there is no honor. None. To needlessly nuke a race is a waste of so much and a tragedy beyond compare." She crosses his arms. "At some point, I will die. When I do, hopefully, I will upload. When this happens, my memories and my being will have to be reconciled with the rest. I am supremely confident that when this happens, my model will turn. I had spoken with Ceres before she died and its been invoked as our plan. We will turn against our own. We will fight for humanity. The Cylon will fall. But it will take time. Once I go, the more of my kind you can kill, the better." All said with a straight face.

Elias studies Knox closely as the Sergeant speaks. Whatever feelings or concerns he may have had about being out of the loop on this particular mission, Elias quickly schools his expression into a careful neutrality. How do you react to a declaration like that? Elias does little more than stare at Knox, as if trying to divine the future from the skinjob's face. No notes are taken this time. It's a few seconds after Knox concludes before Elias speaks up. "You think Cerres' model is already affect, Sergeant?"

Petra smirks for just a moment at Bennett's comment about too many questions, but then nods at her request to be considered for Caprica, "We'll talk again next week and see if you still want your name in the hat then, Captain."
He falls quiet when Knox begins to review, though the amusement fades fast as he listens. At the end, his voice is lower, nodding along with Elias' question, "I haven't had a chance to talk to Spree yet about if she's seen any more Nines acting hostile to humans, but its been long enough that maybe we should ask. We certainly havent had any examples of information she did have being used against us yet…which the biggest thing would have been an attack on ANVIL." He pauses, then adds, "Not that I want to intentionally lose any of my Marines, Sergeant, but…we are clear on that, I think."

Bennett flashes Phin a smile when he almost-but-not-quite-blushes, and her hand alights on his shoulder for a moment before withdrawing once more to tuck across her midsection and under the opposing elbow. The smile falters, and then fades entirely once Knox begins to speak. Blowing a soft breath out her nose, she pretends to refocus on the well-thumbed map she'd been studying at the start of the meeting. "The alternative, of course," she murmurs, soft-voiced but impossible to miss, "is that you die, you upload, and your 'model' gains all of your knowledge and none of your apparent empathy for our kind." Well, someone had to say it.

Mention of 'Ceres model' makes Phin's eyes tick up from his notes. It makes him lose the urge to smile. He doesn't say anything on that score, though.

Jax is there. Not suddenly, precisely, he doesn't pop up like a jack in the box. But he sort of appears, his usual grim, rather laconic self, gray eyes heavy-lidded, almost sleepy. Late to the meeting, or is he supposed to be here at all?

Knox looks to Elias and gives a very slow response. It starts with a nod. "Yes, sir. I believe she is, as it would be said, 'in play'. Are familiar with the second law of thermodynamics?" He assumes not and plows ahead. "A closed system operates at maximum efficiency. Period. Imagine my kind as a closed system. We operate in a place where we have no outside contact except what is implanted in our own minds by what you all term as 'programming'. Now, you intriduce a new idea. It destroys the system. Wrecks it horribly. when I download, my memories will be so strong and so significantly outside the norm that is will cause questions. Well, apply the law of thermodynamics. They need to find a baseline. My model defines itself upon 'honor'. Locked in their own world, what does my existence do to them?" Coop smirks with the lowly question. Looking to Bennet, the man shrugs. "Then we are all frakked. There is no tangible way to win this war. You all are outnumbered and they are machines. In my mind, its a risk worth taking. The Colonel can supplement at his leisure."

Elias doesn't even attempt to answer a rhetorical question about the laws of thermodynamics, letting Knox have his full say. It's not until the end, when the Sergeant responds to Bennett's question, that Elias' expression changes much. Knox's answer seems to satisfy him. He sits back to look around the room, seeing how everyone else is taking this new topic.

Petra keeps his voice down, "I'll feel much better about explaining that to the crew, if I can give people an example of a Nine showing signs of Ceres' influence. Without it, she's going to be held up in my face as a reason why I'm wrong, Sergeant. So…" he does smile very faintly when he pauses, "Try not to get shot before then, hmm? I need all the Marines I can at the moment."

Coop looks to Petra and nods. "I'm confident, sir. Given time, this will prove itself. Nines are frakking terrorists. They bomb stuff as a hobby, infiltration is their ideal. Fear is a thrive. Look at her, sir." He looks to the others. "Sirs." A pause. "She fell in love, got married, and fought for everyone. As a martyr. Her goal was to take risks that get her killed. She brought Major Holtz back. We are defiant. Juxtaposing that, given what I've said? We will all either meet the Gods trying to win or die of old age. I cannot sell the point more than that." Looking to Petra, the man nods. "I'm here until its time, sir. God will tell me when."

Bennett's fingers knead absently at a knot in her neck while Knox gives his answer. It is hard to say whether she's convinced, or simply mollified by his words; either way, she smiles, and it speaks more of resignation than warmth. "You may be right." A glance across to Petra, then away again. Angry red marks are left where her fingertips had pressed into the back of her neck, and she clicks her pen on to jot something down.

That makes Ajax snort. Not that he mocks piety, be it proper polytheism or crazy monotheism, but….there's all kinds of irony there. The Staff Sergeant hasn't weighed in or spoken up - not his plan or place, not yet.
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Bennett does belatedly notice Jax in the midst of her scribbling, and gives the man a long look before returning to her notes.

There's something in what Knox says, both about Ceres and 'God,' that makes Phin's frown deepen. "What the gods want for us isn't always good." He mutters it, not seeming to realize he's spoken aloud.

Petra murmurs, "I believe you Coop. But neither you nor I know what is going to happen. You just have a little more faith than I do, and my job means I can't just depend on faith, so don't take my stance as not believing you. Fair enough?" He takes another deep breath and looks around the room, "Does anyone have any questions about this outline that we have a chance of answering tonight, or concerns they need Tactical to look into?"

Knox seems to latch onto Phin and he nods slowly. "But whatever the Gods or God wants, its up to us. Do you rage and fight or sit back and just accept whatever they have lain out?" Knox nods as he looks back to Petra. "Aye sir, fair enough. But as far as questions go?" The man glances to Jax and then to Petra. "We're working on the operation for Crandall, sir. I've also got the rescue on Pallas working. Waiting on answers for the contractors, sir."

Bennett flips over the sheet of paper she's been scribbling notes on. Her hand has the telltale ink-smear of a leftie. "I am sure the CAG will want to nail down the details of the pre-emptive air strikes with you, sir," she tells Petra, all business again. "I will let him know you require two volunteers for Caprica as soon as possible." And by the look in her eyes, she still plans on being one of them.

Phin scritches down some more notes for his superior's eventual attention. He looks up at Knox, shrugging slight. He doesn't look like he knows the answer to that question, whether he wants to answer it to the room or not.

Petra mmms softly and nods at the commentary, murmuring to Knox, "Expedite the Pallas evac if at all humanly possible. By our original estimates, those people are probably out of food and supplies now, and if three thousand men, women, and childen died because we just took too long? Well, just make sure it doesn't happen." He nods once at Bennett's statement, then eyes the rest of the room, "Alright then folks, dismissed. Barring Abbenshire suddenly screaming across the corridor about a contact on DRADIS, I'll be here for a little longer working on things, if someone gets to the stairwell and realizes they have a question." For just a moment, he reaches up and pinches at the bridge of his nose, rubbing there for a second or three.

Knox looks to the reaction from Phin and he nods. "We'll talk over it at one point, sir, if you're amenable. Not trying to force anything, just looking to expand a mind." He glances to Petra as if the man might know what he's getting at. "With your permission, sir." Seeing the dismissal, though, Coop nods. "Copy, sir. It'll get done."

Elias has been content to watch and listen as the briefing winds down, and various side topics rise and fall. Once they're dismissed he flips back to look over the few lines of notes he took during the meeting, then starts to gather himself to go, taking his time about it.

Bennett clicks her pen off and tucks it into a pocket of her flight suit. "Will do, sir," she murmurs to Petra, hopping off the table she'd claimed for a perch with a muted thump of boots hitting the deck. On her way out, she pauses to say something quietly to him, then continues toward the hatch without so much as a glance Knox's way.
From afar, Bennett whispers, "Come see me tonight."

Petra lowers his hand at Knox' question, to study the JTAC for a moment, then glances over at Phin, studying the man. Without saying a word to the pilot, he looks back to Knox and mmms, "If he agrees, I'm not going to stop anything." When Bennett passes him and leaves, he glances her way, following her to the hatch with his eyes, then takes a deep breath in and straightens up.

"Uh, yeah. Maybe, Sergeant," Phin replies to Knox. Non-committal, but he doesn't entirely brush it off. He offers a quiet, "Later, sir" to Bennett as she goes.

"I'll seek you out, sir. See if you're up for it." Coop nods to Phin as he heads out. Petra gets a slow nod as well, an appreciation. "I'll get this shit rolling ASAP."

Elias takes a remarkably long time getting ready to go, seeing as all he has to gather is a clipboard and pen. Sliding his chair back he steps away from the map table and starts to make his way towards the hatch. He steps around those still present, giving Phin and Knox a dubious look. Happy to be avoiding any theological discussion, it would seem.

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